The Lung Of Maharashtra, Gadchiroli!

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Gopika VC

This city, known as the state's lung, is famous for its dense forests. According to records, Gadchiroli has 35% of Maharashtra's forest area.

This city camp lets visitors experience elephants' playful side. If you bring kids to the camp, they'll have a great time.

Kamalapuri Elephant Camp

Allapally Forest Range is the exact location of Vanavaibhav. You need to travel to its 76th compartment in order to reach the destination.

Vanavaibhav Allapally

Popular for heritage resort stays and hill station weather. There are also a couple of temples in the location reflecting the religious traditions of the place.

Mutnur Hill Station

Binagunda, a village in Gadchiroli, is historically significant. So, you can indulge in the village's history if you visit this waterfall.

Binagunda Falls

The grasslands of this wildlife sanctuary enable you rest in nature. The grasslands of this wildlife sanctuary enable you to rest in nature. its beauty.

Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary

Even if it's just a project, the site is beautiful, so take your time to enjoy it. Solo and group picnickers will enjoy this spot.

Dina Irrigation Project

Baba Amte founded and developed this project. His goal was to raise the Madia Gond group, which made up the majority of the region's inhabitants.

Biradari Project Hemalkasa

This is basically a complex of temples where people can go on pilgrimages and practice their spirituality in different ways.

Prashanti Dham Temple

Considering how big the fort is, it is not that important. However, there are a lot of things that make the fort interesting to tourists who visit the city of Gadchiroli.

Vairagarh Fort

The principal deity of this temple is Markandadev, who is also the incarnation of the Hindu Deity, Lord Shiva.

Markandadev Temple