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Unveil The Charm Of Gadchiroli: A Hidden Gem Of Maharashtra!



Unveil The Charm Of Gadchiroli A Hidden Gem Of Maharashtra!

Gadchiroli can be your destination for a short vacation in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This city is also the administrative headquarters of the district of Gadchiroli in the same state. This particular city can be seen on the eastern side of the state of Maharashtra.

Dense forests are the major attraction of this particular city and this is also the reason why it is often referred to as the lung of the state. According to the records available, almost 35% of the forest area in the state of Maharashtra can be found in the district of Gadchiroli.

So that if you are a forest lover or enthusiastic about the biodiversity surrounding the forest region, you will fall in love with this place. Below we have listed a few best places to visit in Gadchiroli.

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Kamalapuri Elephant Camp

If you would like to visit the elephants in the region of Gadchiroli, this is the perfect location to add to your itinerary. The playful vibes of the elephants can be enjoyed by visiting this particular camp in the city. Also, it is a well-liked tourist location in the city.

Kamalapuri Elephant Camp

If you have kids along with you while visiting the camp, they can have an exciting experience from the destination. Yet, the camp’s maintenance is not very remarkable. You can also have the chance to interact with the friendly elephants in the camp and even click pictures.

Accessibility to this particular camp in the city can also be a bit difficult since the roads to this location are not in a good condition. 

Vanavaibhav Allapally

This is a special forest region found in the city of Gadchiroli in the state of Maharashtra. If you are someone visiting the city solely for its forest richness, this is one such destination that you should not miss out on at any cost. Vana Vaibhav Allapally is also known as Glory of Allapally.

Vanavaibhav Allapally

Allapally Forest Range is the exact location of Vanavaibhav. You need to travel to its 76th compartment in order to reach the destination. From the town center of Allapally, there is a distance of 16km to Vanavaibhav. This forest region is preserved under certain strict protocols in order to leave the area for environmental studies.

1953 is marked as the year of the establishment of this particular forest region in the territory. You can explore a total of 6 hectares of forest by visiting this location. 

Mutnur Hill Station

Just like the name of the place suggests, this is a hill station destination located in the territory of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra. People visit this location in order to experience the cozy hill station weather and some heritage resort stays.

  • Mutnur Hill Station
  • Mutnur Hill Station
  • Mutnur Hill Station

Moreover, there are also a couple of temples in the location showcasing the religious traditions of the place. The architecture of the buildings and constructions of the location is also quite attractive for the tourists visiting.

From the city center of Gadchiroli, you may need to travel a distance of around 70km in order to reach the destination. Hence accessing this particular hill station would not be an easy task but it is definitely worth it. You can also get to see some mesmerizing waterfalls by visiting this village destination in the city. 

Binagunda Falls

Binagunda waterfall is also a prominent tourist destination in the city located in its rural outskirts. Binagunda is a village of historical importance in the city of Gadchiroli. Hence if you are planning to visit the location of this particular waterfall, you can also indulge in the historical aspects of the village.

  • Binagunda Falls
  • Binagunda Falls

Bada Madias comprise the majority of the human population inhabiting this particular village in the city. You would also be able to interact with them and understand the cultural peculiarities of their life. The valley of Abuzmad adorns the waterfall attracting quite a lot of tourists to this particular location.

If you would like to visit this destination it is better to avoid the monsoon months of the year since the exploration would become dangerous due to slippery ground. 

Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the most sought-out tourist destinations you can find in the territory of the city of Gadchiroli. This sanctuary is spread over a distance of around 140 km so a complete exploration of the sanctuary would not be possible in a day.

  • Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary

However, visiting this wildlife sanctuary can be a pleasing experience since there are a lot of grasslands in between, helping you relax in the lap of mother nature. Proximity to the hills of Markhanda and Pedigundam are also some of the best features accentuating the beauty of the sanctuary.

Pranhita river also contributes to the natural wholesomeness of the location of this particular wildlife sanctuary. The confluence region of the rivers of Wardha and Wainganga also attracts a lot of tourists to the destination. This sanctuary is also popular for its biodiversity and its exoticness. 

Dina Irrigation Project

If you are considering the city tourism side in the territory of Gadchiroli, the location of this irrigation project would suit you the most. Regdi Village is the exact location of this irrigation project.

Dina Irrigation Project

The major purpose of the construction of such a project in the village is to provide water for the agricultural requirements of the region.

Even if it is just a project, the location is quite picturesque and you can enjoy the surroundings mindfully by taking your time. This location suit both the tranquil vibes of solo travelers and also the picnic moods of groups.

You can also take some of the best pictures of your Gadchiroli vacation while visiting the project location. It is better to visit the place during the golden hours of the day to avoid the scorching sun. 

Biradari Project Hemalkasa 

Lok Birdari Prakal Hemalkasa is the full name of this particular social project in the city of Gadchiroli. Maharogi Sewa Samiti is the society behind the management and operation of this project.

Biradari Project Hemalkasa 

Even if it can be visited while you are on vacation in the city of Gadchiroli, the location falls in the district of Chadrapur in the state of Maharashtra. Under this particular society, a hospital, an animal orphanage, and a school are functioning.

1973 is the year of the establishment of this particular social project in the location. Baba Amte is the man behind the establishment and development of such a project. His intention was the upliftment of the marginalized community called Madia Gond, which formed the majority of the population in the region. 

Prashanti Dham Temple

This is a popular pilgrim region you can explore while traveling to the city of Gadchiroli in the state of Maharashtra. This is basically a temple complex where there are multiple options for pilgrimage and the practice of spirituality.

  • Prashanti Dham Temple
  • Prashanti Dham Temple

Shirdi Sai Baba temple is one of the most prominent temples in this region and is mostly visited by a majority of tourists touring the city. This particular temple can be spotted on the Ujjain-Indore road. The lush green surroundings also make the complex visit pleasing to both your body and soul.

The temples found in the complex have their main deities as Lord Shiva, Ganesh, Durga, Hanuman, and so on. You can also enjoy some peaceful vibes while traveling through the destination. The occasional sights of peacocks make the complex location much more picturesque. 

Vairagarh Fort

This is a historically prominent destination you can consider visiting while on a trip to the city of Gadchiroli. Considering the size of the fort, it is not that significant, however, there are a whole lot of factors making the fort captivating to the tourist crowd visiting the city of Gadchiroli.

  • Vairagarh Fort
  • Vairagarh Fort

The confluence region of the rivers such as Khobragadhi and Satnalas can also be found near this particular fort in the city. It is located in a village called Vairagarh and is found on the rural outskirts of the district of Gadchiroli. However, this fort is in its ruins now, protected by the Government of India.

1818 is the year in which the fort got demolished. Laterite stones form the majority of construction material used for the fort. 

Markandadev Temple

This is another Hindu pilgrim destination you can visit while traveling through the city of Gadchiroli in the state of Maharashtra. Markandadev is the presiding deity of this particular temple and it is also the incarnated form of the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.

Markandadev Temple

There are pilgrims who travel to the city of Gadchiroli just to visit this particular temple, do their respects, and nothing else. This marks the prominence of this temple in the pilgrimage locations in not just Maharashtra but the whole of India.

From the city center of Gadchiroli, you need to travel to the Chamorshi Tahsil in order to reach the destination of the temple. The presence of the Wainganga river makes the temple and its surroundings much more scenic and wholesome. 

Best Time To Visit Gadchiroli

October – February

How to reach Gadchiroli?

Nearest airport: Nagpur Airport

Nearest railway station: Wadsa Railway Station (WSA)


Best location to explore forests, pilgrimage, heritage, wildlife, and so on.

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