The Top Attractions To Visit In Patnitop!

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Gopika VC

Patnitop is defined by its lovely climate. Patnitop Park is a venue for enjoying the weather and relaxing. The park is situated in the heart of the city.

Patnitop Park


The Naag Mandir is a pilgrimage site in Patnitop. This Hindu temple at Patnitop is dedicated to the snake lord in community myths.

Naag Mandir


Sudh Mahadev is a holy site located at Patnitop. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva.

Sudh Mahadev


Skyview is a must-see sight during every vacation to Patnitop. Adventurers have their fair share of experiences.



A short hike is required to reach the Natha Top, which will be a memorable part of your trip. The Patnitop region offers yet another breathtaking vantage point.

Natha Top


Across the Chenab River, the Balihar dam is constructed. The Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation has authority over this hydroelectric power plant.

Balihar Dam


The Sanasar Lake is in close proximity to Natha Top. The most notable aspect of the location is its tranquilly. This is a wonderful picnic location for families.

Sanasar Lake


Another location that will please the trekker inside you. Here, dense pine forests would set the scene and excite you with the beauty of the forest.

Shiva Garh


Billo ki powri is a site of worship in the region of Patnitop. Steps etched into the rock face are the primary tourist attraction of the location.

Billo ki powri


Patnitop's geography and terrains offer the best skiing in Jammu. So, skiing in Patnitop is an unavoidable obligation.

Skiing in Patnitop


If paragliding interests you, the finest spot in Patnitop is Dawariyai. Paragliding is only possible if you are willing to climb around 400 steps to reach the Dawariyai site.