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The Top Attractions To Visit In Patnitop!



The Top Attractions To Visit In Patnitop!

Patnitop is one of the gems of hill stations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The exact location falls in between the town of Udhampur and Ramban. You will pass the place on the National Highway of Jammu-Srinagar. The geographical positioning of the hill station on the plateau of Shivalik of the Himalayas is its peculiar feature of it. The Chenab river has also got flowing route through the hill station. More than the places to visit, most of the tourists visit the location to feel the vibes of the exotic weather here.

Extreme temperatures are experienced in the location that is winters with freezing cold and summers kind of scorching compared to other hill stations in North India. It is better to plan a 3days vacation to experience the location in its entirety and make the most out of it. Most of the visitors to this location are honeymoon couples. The weather in the location is perfect to boost the romantic moods and incite love and merry. The experience can be enhanced with the adventure activities made available in the location. The name of the place has also got some delightful romantic vibes into it with its translated meaning as, “the pond of the princess”. Get to know some important sight visits and activities in the town. 

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Patnitop Park

As mentioned before, Patnitop is all about its pleasant weather. Patnitop Park is a location where you can enjoy the weather and chill. The ambiance and setting of the park are the best to elevate one’s mood and bring the joy of spending some quality time with nature. The park is located right in the center of the city of Patnitop hence you can easily get into the park.

Patnitop Park

Therefore, this is a location in your Patnitop vacation that is quite easy to access and something that gifts a bunch of memories that won’t be quite easy to forget. Apart from just chilling and enjoying the vibe, the park has made available a lot of activities to make the visitors engaged and excited. This includes ropeway, sightseeing, horse riding, and a lot more. The location park is at a higher altitude hence making it a perfect location to indulge in the picturesque views of Patnitop city. 

Naag Mandir

Naag Mandir is a pilgrim destination in Patnitop city. Even though extensive tourism can’t be found in the location, tourists visiting the city, pay a visit to the temple also. This Hindu temple in Patnitop is devoted to the serpent lord in the mythologies of communal belief. The temple is not a location that has got its prominence from the religious significance but from the greenery and environment where it is situated in.

Naag Mandir

The snowy mountains, chilling breeze, and vegetation set a different type of mood for the visitors. The temple has been through a lot especially many turbulent natural calamities over the years. But the temple has magically survived all the challenges and still stands with its glory and pride. The atmosphere of the temple is ideal if you are looking for something deeply calming and has a meditative effect. Hence seekers of peace and spirituality regardless of religion are mostly seen in the location. Naag Panchami is the festive time of the year for the temple. During this time, locals and tourist devotees create moderate crowds in the location. 

Sudh Mahadev

This is another pilgrim spot found in Patnitop city. This is also a Hindu temple with Lord Shiva as the main deity. According to the mentions in Hindu mythology, this temple is where Lord Shiva killed his devotee by mistake. This happened when the lord was trying to protect his counterpart, Goddess Parvati. The surroundings of the temple are quite calm and pleasant giving you the perfect relaxation in every aspect. There is a fountain present inside the complex of the temple believed to have certain divine magical powers. Therefore, pilgrims and devotees take a dip or make a splash with the water in the fountain to wash away the sins they have committed in their life and also to fulfill their wishes.

Sudh Mahadev

Most of the time, the temple would be empty so that you can have a relaxed visit if something like that would interest you. You can also enjoy scenic views from the location of the temple. The Trishul of Lord Shiva broken into three pieces can be seen embedded in the ground of the temple in its interiors. This excites the spiritual curiosity of pilgrim tourists visiting the temple. 

Skyview Patnitop

This is a must-visit location on your entire trip to Patnitop. Here there is everything sought by every kind of tourist. Adventure seekers have their share of things. If you are looking for something that is more nature-kind, you will enjoy the best here. Imagine you are just planning to have some leisure time around and you can go nowhere better than Skyview. The earth and nature appear in their most magnificence in the location. Humanity just gets better with the vibes that the location spreads. The adventure activities available in the location are safer and are constantly inspected and properly maintained.

Skyview Patnitop

The service offered by the people here would amuse you and feels competitive to those of global standards. The premium facilities available in the location are also worth enjoying. The infrastructure set inside the destination is in association with international brands and hence radiates those luxury vibes. Meanwhile, such enhancements have not yet adulterated the purity of nature here and hence work hand in hand with the earthy charms. The location on the valleys of the Himalayas makes it an ideal spot to hang out on your Patnitop vacation. 

Natha Top

Another spectacular view you can explore is the Patnitop region. To reach the location a short trek is required which would be a great experience in your Natha Top visit. Winters are the most beautiful season of the year to visit the region if you are a fan of snow-clad mountain tops and freezing temperatures. Skiing is one of the widely available adventure activities in the region. The feeling of skiing on the snowy grounds of the region would be exhilarating. Paragliding is another such activity practiced in the region and this is the most high-in-demand activity available here.

Natha Top

If you could conquer the peaks of the Natha Top region, the Himalayas would unfold before you with all the charm and elegance. The elevation of Natha Top is around 2711m. Moreover, the street food available in the valleys of the region is delicious and perfect to please your body in cold weather. Nature lovers form a major percentage of visitors in the location. If you are visiting the place during the summers, you can see the valleys and peaks covered with lush green grasses and its vibrance would certainly be mind-filling. 

Balihar Dam 

This is a hydroelectric power project of the government. However, the tourism importance of the dam can never be ignored. The dam is constructed across the river of Chenab. This is a hydroelectric power project that comes under the authority of the Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation. The plans and discussion over the project began in the year 1992.

Balihar Dam 

In 1996, the plan succeeded to get the approval from the government to actually begin the construction in 1999. It was our former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who opened the dam through a formal event. You can reach the location of the dam in just a travel of 1-2 hours from the city center. If you would like to see the dam in its proximity you need to take an entry pass from Chandrakote. You can also prefer seeing it from a distance which is also a great view. The noise of the gushing water of the dam is an amazing experience and this can only be felt if you walk up to the top of the dam. 

Sanasar Lake

The lake is almost near the location of Natha Top. So, if you have plans to visit one, try visiting the other too on the go. Serenity is the most prominent quality of the place. The lake and its surroundings are a haven for tourists visiting the Patnitop region. The lake has made available facilities for boating so it will also be engaging and delightful. For adventure lovers, ziplining can also be a great option.

Sanasar Lake

Paragliding and horse riding make the location much more lively and happen throughout the day. Apart from all these activities, you can just visit the lake and have some time to chill with your inner peace and contemplate. This is also an ideal picnic spot for family visitors. You can click a lot of pictures from the banks of the lake and save those Patnitop memories. However, to reach the lakeside, you need to trek a distance of 500m which would be something great, especially in an area of exotic vegetation and biodiversity. If you are visiting the location during the summer months, remember to have a pair of shades handy to protect your eyes. 

Shiva Garh

This is another location to satisfy the trekking lover inside you. Here thick pine forests would set the mood right and excite you with the magnificence of the woods. The location is near a lot of popular mountain ranges. This proximity also makes it ideal to start your trek. If you would like to reach the top of Shiva-Garh remember to keep a whole day devoted to it since you have to climb an altitude of more than 3500m. In between the trek or in the beginning, you can have a lot of free space to spread your blanket and have a nice picnic experience.

Shiva Garh

Herds of cows and goats are some of the views you can see during the picnic. Such views talk aloud about the agricultural abundance of the people living in the location and their close intimacy with nature. Try having a walk through the meadows this would be one of the most refreshing experiences you will ever have in the Patnitop region. There is also a temple that ruins the region. You can also have some snacks and drinks from the local vendors finding a livelihood in the location. 

Billo ki powri

This is a place of worship located in the Patnitop region. The steps carved from the face of a rock are the major tourist attraction of the place. There is a total of 400 steps in the rock face. After climbing all these 400 steps, you will reach a place called Dawariyai. This point offers exemplary paragliding activities to the adventure seekers visiting the location. Chenani a former king of the region is believed to have ordered the construction of the carved rock stairs. This stair has also served as a shortcut to reach the town called, Batote.

Billo ki powri

The artistic skills and perfection in the carving are much appreciated by the architects and engineers of the contemporary age. But now, the lower quarter portion of the stair is in its ruins caused by the time rolling. Now there is a total of 270+ steps being functional in the stair. More than the slope of a staircase, the carvings resemble a ladder with a greater steep. 

Skiing in Patnitop

The geography and the terrains of Patnitop are just perfect to gift you the best skiing experience in the whole of Jammu. Hence skiing in Patnitop is an inevitable activity you must engage in. Apart from just experiencing the activity, you can also take courses and training in attempting the same from the professionals deployed here for the purpose. The slopes of Patnitop are not that extreme so the moderateness sets the best atmosphere for skiing.

Skiing in Patnitop

If you are a group of beginners, intermediates, and advanced ones in skiing, you better choose the Madha Top, to experience the activity since this region provides activities for all levels. Moreover, the views you get from skiing the planes and slopes are extraordinary and sufficient to fill your mind and body. The weather in the Patnitop region is also too friendly for skiing. You can also seek the services of certified ski instructors deployed by the Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir. If you are solely excited about this popular activity, you can choose from the varieties of staying options set near the skiing location which can make your training and experience more convenient and fun. 

Paragliding in Patnitop

This is also one of the most compelling joyrides if you are in the Patnitop region for a vacation. The elevation of the rides would exceed an average of 2024 meters which can boost your adrenaline levels the most. Dawariyai would be the ideal location in Patnitop if paragliding interests you. But this paragliding experience is only possible if you are ready to ascend around 400 steps to reach the Dawariyai point.

Paragliding in Patnitop

You can certainly be assured of the safety measures taken by the service providers while engaging the visitors in the activity. On-demand, they will also take good-quality pictures and videos of you having the most fun and thrill in the activity. The difficulty levels of this activity lie from moderate to high hence evaluate your health and fitness conditions before venturing out for the activity. The landing point of most of the paragliding experience in the region will get over in a place called Kund. 

Best time to visit Patnitop

Patnitop is one of the best in North India if you wish to spend a holiday in a hill station with less crowd and more peace. Summers are the best season of the year to visit the location due to the friendly weather conditions. You can choose any month from April to June for your trip. 

How to reach Patnitop?

Nearest airport: Satwari Airport 

Nearest railway station: Udhampur (UHP)

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