Sangli: Top 10 Places To Visit In The Turmeric City Of Maharashtra!

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Ruchika Mandora

Audumbar is Dattatraya's holy place. It was created in honour of Nar-Simha Sarasvati, an Indian saint and Dattatraya avatar.

Shri. Datta Mandir


This site is located at the border between Kavathe Mahankal and Miraj. Sangli is around 34 kilometres away.

 Dandoba Hills Forest Reserve


This Darga is located near the Miraj train station and serves as a place of worship for both Muslim and Hindu people.

Meerasaheb Darga


It's also called 'Bagetil Ganapati' and is in Sangli on the Krishna River. Thorle Chintamanrao Patwardhan established the Ganpati idol in 1843.

Ganapati Temple


Sangli's Sangmeshwar Temple is popular among Hindus. This temple is located in the Sangli District village of Haripur, at the confluence of the River Warna and the River Krishna.

Sangmeshwar Temple


The fort is located in the city center of Sangli. The late King Chinamanrao Patwardhan II donated the property of the Patwardhan family of Sangli to the Indian government.

Sangli Fort


It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sangli. This location is also known as Kumbhojgiri. Here is a statue of the saint Bahubali that is around 28 feet tall.

Bahubali Hill Temple


This is one of Sangli's most popular tourist attractions. Previously, this site served as a wildlife sanctuary. Now, the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve is in its southern region.

Chandoli National Park


The Gokak waterfall is located approximately 34 kilometers from Sangli's main city. This waterfall is approximately 177 meters deep.

Gokak Waterfall


Sangli is roughly 47 kilometers away. The Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is primarily separated into the tehsils of Walva, Khannapur, and Palus.

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary