Top Places In Kanpur For Budget-Friendly Vacations

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Gopika VC

The second-largest city in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is situated on the banks of the holy Ganges River. It is known as the "Leather Capital of India" because to its number of tanneries.

Kanpur Zoological Park, commonly known as the Allen Forest Zoo, is the largest zoo in all of Northern India. It is located in Kanpur and spans 76.56 hectares.

Kanpur Zoological Park


Phool Bagh is a lovely urban park located on Mall Road in Kanpur. The park's original name was The Queen's Park, today also known as Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Udyan.

Phool Bagh 


The Juggilal Kamlapat Temple, popularly known as the J.K. Temple, is one of the most well-known temples in Kanpur. It is located on the Govind Nagar road in Sarvodaya Nagar in Kanpur.

J.K. Temple


Architecture, bronze artefacts, antique musical instruments, and ivory sculptures are highlights. The museum's Zoological Gardens are well-designed. Botanical Garden has tropical trees.

Jain Glass Temple


Nana Rao Park, sometimes called Company Bagh, is a public garden on Mall Road. It was built in Nana Sahib's honor after Indian independence since he fought bravely in 1857.

Nana Rao Park


The Ram Janki Mandir is a Hanuman-dedicated temple located on Subji Mandir Road in Barra.

Ram Janki Mandir


The Kanpur Memorial Church, formerly known as All Soul's Cathedral, was built in 1875 to honour the British soldiers who perished at the Siege of Cawnpore in 1857.

Kanpur Memorial Church


The Kanpur Museum is a large hall-style structure with a lavishly adorned ceiling and a clock tower that was originally built as a European-style ballroom.

Kanpur Sangrahalaya


ISKCON Temple, also known as Sri Sri Radha Madhava Mandir, is a Lord Arjuna Hindu temple located in Kanpur's Bithoor area.

Iskcon Temple


The Ganga Barrage, also known as the Lav Kush Barrage, crosses the magnificent Ganges and is a well-known city landmark. It is also known as Marine Drive in Kanpur.

Ganga Barrage


Jajmau on the Ganga is 8 km from Kanpur. It has temples like the old Durga Mandir of Jajmau and Sufi saints' tombs.

Jajmau Fort


The Japanese Garden, also known as the Japani Garden of Kanpur, is a stunningly landscaped attraction located about 4 km from the city center.

Japanese Garden


The Valmiki Ashram is located on a holy hilltop in Bitoor, Kanpur. This is the setting of the Ramayana, a classic Indian epic and Hindu mythology.

Valmiki Ashram