Visit Navsari In Gujrat: Twin City Of Surat!

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Ruchika Mandora

Navsari is a treasure mine of architectural gems, old temples with a Middle Ages past, and other heritage landmarks that will present you with a life-changing experience.

Jamshed Baug, which was built in 1849 in the Navsari district of Gujarat, is a well-known and important religious site for tourists.

Jamshed Baug

One of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in India is in the village of Dandi in the Navsari district of Gujarat, India.

Dandi Beach

Bandar is a lake in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is in the Navsari district. This place is a great place to go on the weekend for a picnic with friends and family.


Some of the oldest things in this library are from 1323. If you are interested in history or books, you must go to this old but beautiful library in Gujarat.

Dastur Meherjirana Library

The Unai Hot Water Spring is supposed to cure disease if bathed in with faith. It's a must-see for spiritual people or those with diseases or pain.

Unai Mata Temple

This place is a must-see for people who like to meditate, as this dham has a very peaceful and positive vibe that calms the body and mind.

Baba Swami Dham

The 1765-built Desai Atash Bahram is India's second-oldest fire temple. It is one of the world's nine Zoroastrian temples that house the holy fire of triumph.

Desai Atash Bahram

The Andheshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and quiet places. Every corner of the temple gives you a sense of peace.

Andheshwar Mahadev Temple