Who Is Brodha? Everything You Need To Know About Him!


Abirath E V

Vighnesh Shivanand, sometimes called Brodha V, is a Bengaluru-based rapper, hip-hop musician, lyricist, and music producer from India.

He was born on March 27, 1990, in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. At the young age of 18, he began his rapping career.

Brodha V became famous quickly after he added a Carnatic touch to rap in his own way. His unique blend of fusion hip-hop is another thing that makes him stand out.

Aathma Raama, Vainko, Aigiri Nandini, Way Too Easy, and Vaishnava Jana To are chart-toppers by Brodha V. Storypick calls him "one of the best rappers"

Brodha V is one of ScoopWhoop's top ten Indian hip-hop musicians. He has 7,035,000 YouTube subscribers and 1,79,000 Instagram followers.

Brodha V rapped at age 18. In 2008, he rapped on Google's Orkut. 'Insignia Rap Combat' was an Orkut forum founded by Speed Ice and D'Brassic.

The family of Brodha V is Tamil. His family members are not mentioned in any subsequent publicly available information.

Brodha V earns money via rapping live, singing in motion pictures, and using social media. The estimated value of Brodha V's net worth is $125,000.

Brodha V signed with Sony in 2013. Then came "Aigiri Nandini." The Sony Music partnership didn't last. Brodha quit in 2015, claiming creative differences.