Who Is Jio Joseph? Know More Facts About M4 Tech Jio Machan!


Abirath E V

Jio Joseph is a technology, travel, and food YouTuber from the little village of Poyya in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

Jio Joseph explains how abandoned electrical or electronic equipment can be transformed into goods that are extremely helpful in everyday life.

M4 Tech, Jio Joseph's YouTube channel has a staggering 82.6 lakh subscribers, making it a social media sensation. Moreover, he is an Instagram influencer with 688k followers.

Jio Joseph's mother is Listy and his father is Joy Joseph. He has a sibling named Jalbi as well. She is studying for the OET as a nursing student.      

Recently, Jio got married to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a craft enthusiast and the owner of a social media profile devoted to bottle arts.

Jio Joseph completed his education at AKMHS Poyya. Later, he earned a certificate in electronic engineering technology from Model Polytechnic College, Kallettumkara.

The YouTube and Instagram videos of Jio Joseph generate approximately Rs. 4 lakhs per month in net worth. Jio Joseph won the YouTube best creator award in 2020.

In the early stages of his career, Jio Joseph held a full-time job in Qatar within a different industry. He began uploading DIY technology videos to YouTube at that time.

Jio Joseph broadened his area of influence to include education, travel, and food. Jio Joseph has created an educational channel for children called M4 Edu.