Zuluk: Visit These 13 Places For A Memorable Holiday!

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Ruchika Mandora

All year long, the weather in Zuluk is nice. If you want to see snow, the best time to visit is between October and February.

Firetail Sunbird, Parrotbill, Himalayan monal, Red panda, Musk deer, and Brown goral live here. A Nag Devta pilgrimage is 200 metres away from here.

Ganek Viewpoint


Those who want to see Mount Kanchenjunga's dawn should arrive early. Lord Shiva's shadow on Mt. Kanchenjunga is the highlight of sunrise.

Shiva Sunrise Point


The height of the Thambi viewpoint above sea level is 11,200 metres. From this lovely vantage point, you can see Mount Kanchenjunga in all its glory.

Thambi Viewpoint


From Thambi above Lungthung, you can see Kanchenjunga and the winding roads. Bhul Bhulaiyaa is a twisting route through the hills that obscures a car's path.

Bhul Bhulaiyaa


Lungthung's natural beauty is worth seeing. They have homestays where you can imagine yourself on a hill, surrounded by clouds and the ocean.



Every step toward this viewpoint offers a new view of Aritar, Phadamchen, Sillary Goan, Pedong, Pakyoung airport, Rangpo, etc. This place has wonderful birds and butterflies.

Bhala Sur Sunset Points


The small lake near Laxman Chowk is beautiful and makes you feel awestruck. This lake is also called the India map lake because it looks like a political map of India.

India Map Lake


The pass connecting Sikkim, India, and Tibet is 13990 feet above sea level. They link India and Tibet for trade.

Jelep La Pass


The Laxman Chow was built in honour of LT. Col. Laxman Singh, who secured the watershed opposite Chinness in Dokala in 1965.

Laxam Chowk


Nathang Valley, called as "Ladakh of East India," is 13,500 feet above sea level. Nathang valley is on the old silk route.

Gnathang / Nathang Valley


Nathula, the Indo-China border and start of the Mansarovar yatra, is one of the world's highest motorable roads.

Nathula Pass


Nestled between India, China, and Bhutan at 13000 feet on the Doklam frontier. The Kupuk Lake, also known as Elephant Lake (Bedang Tso), reminds you of nature.

Elephant Lake