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Best Places To Celebrate Holi In 2023!



Best Places To Celebrate Holi In 2023!

Holi is one of the most eventful cultural festivals celebrated in the territory of India. The major part of the celebration is nothing but the colors. You can definitely celebrate this festival in the comfort of your home and neighborhood, but if you would like to feel the authentic cultural vibes and festive mood of the same, it is better to visit certain places in the country and feel the exhilaration firsthand. There are many places to celebrate Holi.

This particular festival is also connected to the season cycle happening in India. Spring the season of colors is welcomed with Holi by playing with color powders and color water. Joy and playfulness are the basic moods behind the rituals and customs of the festival of Holi. There are a lot of places in India, where you can be a part of the festival with unforgettable memories, and some of them are the following. Here are the best places to celebrate Holi in 2023 in India.

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Goa can also be regarded as a party capital in the territory of India. Most of the festivals are celebrated with the maximum vibrance in the location of this particular state. It does not really matter if the festival is western or ethnic in origin.

The Portuguese colonial past and the Indian roots have molded the populace of Goa to celebrate a wide variety of festivals with the same wholesomeness. Moreover, the clubs, shacks, and dance parties happening in the state would also be quite active during the season of Holi. Thematic parties based on colors would be the major attraction during this season. 


How to reach Goa?

Nearest airport: Dabolim Main Airport 

Nearest railway station: Madgaon Junction Railway Station (MAO)


Mathura is a holiday destination situated in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in the state of India. On account of the cultural peculiarities of the location of Mathura, you can experience a ritually authentic Holi celebration in the location of the city. The Hindu God, Sri Krishna is believed to have been born in the city of Mathura adding more prominence to this particular location for anything related to Hindu cultures and customs.

Apart from the celebration, the streets of the city of Mathura will be overwhelmed with the chants and prayers that are supposed to be done on the eve of Holi according to the set traditions. Dwarkadeesh temple found in the location of the city is also quite significant when it comes to the holy celebrations in the city. 


How to reach Mathura?

Nearest airport: Agra Airport

Nearest railway station: Mathura Junction Railway Station (MTJ)


Vrindavan is another city perfect to celebrate Holi with the cultural and playful elements hand in hand. Just like the city of Mathura, the city of Vrindavan is also connected with the Hindu Lord Sri Krishna. Hence the spiritual and religious aspects of the festival of Holi would also be relatively higher in the city of Vrindavan. This particular city is located on the banks of the Yamuna river, providing a magnificent backdrop for the celebration in the location.

Lord Sri Krishna is believed to have spent his boyhood days in the city of Vrindavan making the city acquire a more playful and innocent vibe inherently. So devotees of Lord Krishna and Hindu pilgrims, in general, prefer to celebrate Holi in the location of the city of Vrindavan. 


How to reach Vrindavan?

Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

Nearest railway station: Vrindavan Railway Station (BDB)


Barsana is also a city situated in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India. This is a location you can choose to spend your Holi time if you would like to see and indulge in a lot of exciting customs and rituals other than colors during the eve of Holi. The rituals and traditions performed in the city during the Holi time are usually set in the mood of a game perfect to bring back those innocent memories of our childhood.

The streets of Barsana would be filled with laughter, fun, and joy during the period of Holi. People forget all the disparities and boundaries to be one and enjoy the happiness of the festival. 


How to reach Barsana?

Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi 

Nearest railway station: Mathura Junction Railway Station (MTJ)


Delhi is one such location where Indian culture is so evident but the urban and sophisticated nature of the national capital makes the celebrations and festivals a bit unique and impressive. Delhi being a cosmopolitan city, you can see Holi celebrations in a multitude of ways happening in the location.


Over the years, the way people celebrate Holi in the capital city has evolved much on account of this mixed population. However, there are communities that celebrate the festival in its authenticity as possible. Usually, the celebrations in Delhi are seen to have a duration of around one week. 

How to reach Delhi?

Nearest airport: Delhi Airport

Nearest railway station: New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)


People of Agra make it a point to celebrate this radiant Indian festival with all they have. The ritualistic dramatic events and performances are a usual sight in the city of Agra during these times. Moreover, the concept of the victory of good is also given much importance in the Holi celebrations that happen in the city of Agra.

Hindu pilgrims are also seen visiting the location of the city to take part in the festival with much devotion and abiding by all the traditions. The architectural excellence and other elements of national significance make this city an ideal place to celebrate the festival. The Mughal traditions and their history have also contributed to the distinctive Holi traditions in the city of Agra. 


How to reach Agra?

Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

Nearest railway station: Agra Cantonment Railway Station (AGC)


Jaipur is one of the most vibrant cities you can visit in the territory of Rajasthan. So that the vibrant celebration of Holi compliments well with the cityscape of Jaipur. Jaipur is known as the ‘pink city’ where most of the buildings and structures are pink in color. The city of Jaipur has not got a unified way of celebrating the festival of Holi.

Different parts and communities in the city celebrate Holi in different ways making the celebration diversely beautiful. You can also get to know a lot of different traditions where there is a list of customs other than smearing colors, popping color balloons, and prayers. 


How to reach Jaipur?

Nearest airport: Sanganer Airport

Nearest railway station: Jaipur Junction Railway Station (JP)


Pushkar is another city situated in the state of Rajasthan in India. ‘Chowks’ are the major destinations from where the festival of Holi is celebrated in the city of Pushkar. Just like many other states and cities in the territory of India, throwing ‘gulaal’ is one of the most important traditions in the city of Pushkar too. Bhaang is an intoxicating drink used widely by locals and tourists during the Holi season in the city of Pushkar.

Dancing being high in the effects of Bhaang is a common sight in the streets of Pushkar. Psychedelic trance music and parties are also common in the city during the Holi time. So that if you are someone who is fond of the electrifying vibes, you can definitely consider celebrating Holi in the location of Pushkar. 


How to reach Pushkar?

Nearest airport: Sanganer Airport

Nearest railway station: Pushkar Terminus Railway Station (PUHT)


Holi in the city of Hampi would undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind experience you can have in the territory of India. Culture, fun, music, dance, and thrill would integrate themselves to give you a power-packed festive feeling in the city. Adventure activities would also attract you while being in the city of Hampi for the celebration of Holi.

Even if adventure is not a part of the Holi celebration traditionally, it has successfully evolved to be one of the best things you can do as a part of the same in the location of Hampi. The landscapes of the city as well as the heritage remnants also contribute to a picturesque celebration in the city. 


How to reach Hampi?

Nearest airport: Hubli Airport

Nearest railway station: Hospet Junction Railway Station (HPT)


Udaipur is yet another Holi destination to choose from in the state of Rajasthan in the territory of India. The architecture and royal grandeur of the city of Udaipur are so cool and magnificent letting the celebrations have a pride and classy feel altogether. In certain parts of the city of Udaipur, the celebration of Holi is also known by the name, ‘Dhulandi’.

Moreover, the lakes found in the city of Udaipur can give you the best experience for color showers. The dinner set as a part of Holi celebrations in the city of Udaipur is also quite impressive. 


How to reach Udaipur?

Nearest airport: Maharana Pratap Airport

Nearest railway station: Udaipur City Railway Station (UDZ)


India’s most colorful festival, Holi can be celebrated from a lot of different locations according to your preferences in the festive moods. This article will help you to choose the best place to celebrate Holi in 2023. If you are someone looking for some devotional and spiritual aspects of the festival, there are destinations that have got your back. Party lovers, landscape lovers, and experience lovers have also got their choices.

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