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Banswara: Discover The City of Hundred Islands!



Banswara Discover The Cherrapunji Of Rajasthan!

If you are looking for a naturally pleasing vacation destination in northern India, Banswara would be an ideal option for you to try your hands on. This is a city in the southern portion of the state of Rajasthan. This particular city is unlike the other dry cities in the state. The water availability and also biodiversity are comparatively richer in the city considering the other cities nearby.

Moreover, the city of ‘Banswara’ is known as the ‘Cherrapunji of Rajasthan’ on account of the highest rainfall received in the city. It has also got the name ‘City of Hundred Islands’. The name of the city is derived from the name of a ruler named ‘Bansiya Bhil’. The historical side of the city of Banswara is also quite rich and interesting. Major tourist destinations in the city of Banswara are discussed below. 

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Anand Sagar Lake

Anand Sagar Lake is a must-visit destination in the city of Banswara. This is an artificially made one and it is located on the eastern side of the city. Apart from the picturesqueness of the area, this lake and its premises have also got a lot of spiritual and Hindu mythological connections. The holy text of Ramayana has got mentioned this place in it. People are also quite interested to visit this particular destination in order to meet their spiritual interests during the visit.

The sides of the lake are surrounded by rows of spiritual trees also known as ‘Kalpa Briksha’ making the entire location much more spiritual and calm. Other than spirituality lovers and devotes you can also spot a lot of solitude lovers in the destination seeking those tranquil vibes. 

Anand Sagar Lake

Anandeshwar Parshwanthji

This is a pilgrim destination for the believers of Jainism in the city of Banswara in Rajasthan. This particular temple is situated quite far away from the city center of Banswara. So you may need to travel a distance of around 40km in order to reach the exact location of the temple. The beauty of the temple is derived mainly from its location on the top of a hill.

The idol kept in the shrine of the temple is also a major factor of attraction in the temple. The ancientness of the idol is also remarkable dating back to the 12th or 13th century. According to the local talks, it is said that the idol was found by the farmers of the region who were digging in the ground. 

Anandeshwar Parshwanthji

Dailab Lake

Dailab Lake is one of the most colorful destinations in the city of Bnaswara. You can travel to the location, click some pictures, and have a playful time around the premises of the lake. Apart from the tourists, you can also spot a lot of locals in the surroundings since it is also the best destination for them to chill and relax during their weekends. You can have peace of mind and enjoy the pleasing visuals around you while visiting the lake.

There is also a beautiful palace nearby the lake making the premises feel like a royal garden set up. The name of the particular palace is ‘Badal Mahal’. This palace has got significant historical connections but now it is used as a summer resort attracting a lot of tourists every year to the location. 

Dailab Lake


Arthuna is a pilgrim town located in the city of Banswara in the state of Rajasthan. Among the tourists visiting the location of this particular town in the city, most of them would either be history enthusiasts or pilgrims belonging to the religion of Hinduism or Jainism. Apart from these categories of tourists, a lot of architecture and design buffs are also seen visiting the destination of the town.

Most of the Hindu and Jain temples in the town of Arthuna are currently in a ruined state so a functional pilgrimage won’t be that practical during this visit. But you would be able to collect a lot of information about the cultural and historical aspects of the town. ‘Utthunaka’ was the older name of this particular town. 


Mahi Dam

Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam is the full name of this particular dam in the city of Banswara. This dam has got a lot of state significance apart from the tourism aspect of the city of Banswara. The length of the dam is one such factor making it the longest one in the entire state of Rajasthan. Apart from the length, the size is also quite gigantic making it the second largest one considering the rest of the dams in the state.

From the city center of Banswara, you may need to travel a distance of around 16km in order to reach the destination of this particular dam. The construction of this dam happened in a period between 1972-1983. The purpose of this construction was to supply water for a lot of domestic and commercial projects and also to generate electricity. 

Mahi Dam

Abdulla Pir Dargah

This is a worship place for the believers of Bohra Muslims. This is one of the most beauteous locations for Islamic pilgrim tourism in the city of Banswara. Apart from Muslims, a lot of casual tourists are also enthusiastic to visit the location since they can indulge in the aesthetic cravings in the marble walls of the Dargah.

It is also recommended to visit this Dargah during the festival days of the year so that you would be able to enjoy the vibes of this place to the maximum. However, a significant crowd is also experienced during the other times of the year. Dargah of Abdul Rasul is the other name by which the destination is known among the people. 

Abdulla Pir Dargah

Madareshwar Temple

Another Hindu pilgrim destination located in the city of Banswara. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Lord Shiva. This temple is also quite geographically special since it is located inside a natural cave. This natural cave is found in the insides of a hillock region. Taking a pilgrimage to the location of the cave and the temple can be a bit difficult since you may need to walk barefoot through the difficult path.

Pilgrims remark that in this aspect, the Madareshwar Pilgrimage and Amarnath Yatra have got similarities. The exact location of the temple comes on the eastern side of the city of Banswara. Maha Shivratri is one of the most auspicious occasions celebrated in the temple. You can feel the spiritual vibes the most by visiting the temple during this special occasion. 

Madareshwar Temple


This is also a Shiva temple located in the city of Banswara in Rajasthan. The temple is an aesthetic location where you can visit and indulge in the craftsmanship of the sculptures in the temple. The exact location of the temple comes in the town of Partapur in the city. From the city center of Banswara, you may need to travel a distance of around 25km in order to reach the destination of the temple.

The Nandi idol of the temple is also quite impressive and attracts the attention of the devotees visiting the temple. Surrounding this particular temple there are a lot of other temples also devoted to Lord Shiva. So if you are truly into pilgrimages by visiting the city of Banswara, visiting this particular temple can serve you with multiple benefits. 



Talwara is a village worthwhile of tourism in the city of Banswara. It belongs to the division of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. From the city center of Banswara, you may need to travel a distance of around 17km in order to reach the location of this particular village. Diversity in the cast population is the other thing prominent while talking about the town of Talwara.

You can see a lot of pilgrim destinations in the village belonging to different beliefs and sects. So, if you would like to explore the harmonious lifestyle and cultural peculiarities of the city of Banswara, visiting this village would be an ideal choice. Apart from all these, you can also visit the commercial and industrial side of the city of Banswara by visiting this particular village in the city. 


Tripura Sundari 

This is another Hindu temple located in the city of Banswara. From the city center of Banswara, a distance of around 16km would help you reach the destination of the temple. Umrai is the exact location of the temple in the city of Banswara. The ancientness of the temple is the most attractive feature of the location grabbing the attention of a lot many history enthusiasts to the location.

It is believed that the temple was constructed during the first century. The main deity of worship in the temple is the Hindu Goddess Maa Vidya. Moreover, it is also considered one of the Shakthi Peeths found in the Indian subcontinent adding to the spiritual prominence of the temple

Tripura Sundari 

Best time to visit Banswara: August – March

How to reach Banswara?

Nearest airport: Maharana Pratap Airport

Nearest railway station: Udaipur City Railway Station (UDZ)


The best Indian vacation destination for nature, multi-religious pilgrimages, spirituality, and more.

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