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Visit The Breathtaking Travel Destination Of Bhuj!



Visit The Breathtaking Travel Destination Of Bhuj!

Bhuj is the directorial center of Kachchh District, Gujarat’s major district in terms of land size or geographical place. It is situated in northwest Gujarat, nearly 400 Km from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, the state capital. Bhuj is deliberately imperative for regional development because it is centrally situated in the district and is the second-largest city across Kutch. Bhuj is well linked by road and rail to the main other cities in Kachchh and Gujarat. It is a noteworthy trade and commerce center region. Rao Hamirji originated in the city of Bhuj in 1510, and Rao Khengarji was made the state capital in 1549.

The cornerstone was laid openly as the state capital on the 5th day of Magha (nearly January 25, 1548) around the Vikram Samvat calendar. From 1947 to 1956, Bhuj attended as the state capital of Kachchh, and Kachchh became a segment of Gujarat state after 1960.

Bhuj is unquestionably a place where one may find amity and make memories. Bhuj, the infertile region city, has deep roots in India’s affluent records and different civilizations. Bhuj is showered with architectural wonders from the epochs of Naga chiefs, Rajputs, Sultans, and the British Raj. The following are a number of the maximum better-known locations in Bhuj.

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Vande Mataram Memorial

Vande Mataram Memorial is a museum and a popular visitor lure in Bhuj. The museum was constructed to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by soldiers throughout the Revolt of 1857 and the 1947 Freedom Movement.

The museum, an imitation of the Indian Parliament, took four years to construct. The museum has 17 rooms and is well-known for its 4D projector, which presents different historically momentous Indian sagas. The property involves a park and a wonderful statue of Bharat Mata. The Vande Mataram Memorial is one of the fine locations to go to in Bhuj for families, and it is suitable for individuals of all ages.

Vande Mataram Memorial

Prag Mahal Museum

Located in the suburbs of the traditional town of Bhuj, Prag Mahal is one of the architectural wonders of India and is a conceit of Bhuj Tourism. Constructed during the 19th century, the impressive palace boasts Gothic-style windows and Corinthian pillars.

Constructed mostly out of red sandstone, one can find sumptuous carvings on the walls and spectacular art on the jharokhas at this wonderful palace. Other than that, the luxurious Mahal is one of the best Bhuj famous places as it has the 2nd tallest clock tower in the country which proposes an astonishing view from the top.

Prag Mahal Museum

The Aina Mahal

The Aina Mahal palace, or ‘Hall of Mirrors’ was constructed during the flamboyant rule of Lakhpatji during the middle of the 18th century. The accountability of engineering, architecture, and embellishment was permitted to Ram Singh Malam – a mastermind of an artist who took his training around Europe for 17 years but came back to India looking for name and fame. He was asked by the king to generate this palace of dreams for him, and thus the Aina Mahal came into prevalence.

However, what once stood conceitedly with glittering glasses, historic clocks, and exotic tile works was shaken and disheveled during the 2001 earthquake that hit Bhuj. The loss was disastrous, but it has now been improved and renovated for people to visit securely again. The Aina Mahal is at the northeast corner of Hamirsar lake, effortlessly walkable from most of Bhuj. Be sure to discover the rest of the compound outside the palace, with its attractive carved doorways, sumptuous window boxes, and balconies.

The Aina Mahal

Hill Garden

Also named ‘Hanging Garden’ in Bhuj, the Hill Garden is among the great Bhuj places to visit for nature admirers and those who are looking for something unusual and creative across this city. This unique garden is situated on top of a hill and is scattered over an area of over 22 acres. The major highlight of the garden involves an 85 feet long skeleton of a dead Blue Whale which attracts thousands of visitors here every month.

Other lures include a massive merry-go-round, a giant wheel, different Tom Tom games, as well as fun car and bike rides. There is also an intense cactus garden bearing over 550 variabilities of cacti that was recently opened to the public and made this park one of the great things to see in Bhuj.

Hill Garden

The White Desert

The White Desert, frequently referred to as the Great Rann of Kutch, has become the face of travel in Gujarat. This white sand seashore lures site visitors from all across the world. This massive expanse of immaculate white salt is famous for its natural attractiveness and ecological implication. The White Desert is likewise the most imperative salt-barren region.

The White Desert is a snapper’s dream, with different wildlife sanctuaries and wetland protection locations. Observing sundown at this place is one of the most remarkable activities a traveler can have. The Rann of Kutch is the location of the state government’s 3-month-long Rann Utsav. The White Desert must be on your listing of aspects to do in Bhuj.

The White Desert

Kutch Museum

The primogenial museum of Gujarat, the Kutch Museum boasts of its assortment of the extinct Kutchi Script and ancient coins. Tribal relics are also a part of the museum along with different other kinds of objects on display displays of embroidery, paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculpture, and valuable metalwork.

Kutch Museum

Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park

Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park was advanced with a vision to preserve, restore and encourage the arts of Kutch and make them available to the masses. Hiralaxmi Craft Park complex is located at Bhujodi village in Kutch and is scattered over 10 acres of land. The artisans have carried the opportunity to present their art wherein they can sell their products to the masses.

Apart from a well-established and arranged forum to display and sell their wares, the artisans are carried with meals, boarding, and lodging free of cost. In order to carry the exhibition and display the opportunity to all art forms and artisans, a timetable based on a monthly rotation of artists has been controlled. 

Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park

Bhuj Haat Market

Bhuj is better known for its embroidery, handicrafts, and regional cuisine. It is a one-stop shop for travelers who want to return home with a few traditional presents and mementos. Those seeking these items should go directly to Bhuj Haat Market.

Haat Market should unquestionably be added to the shopping locations in Bhuj. The Haat Market is a government program motivating local artists and improving the state’s industry. The shops and craftspeople are unbelievably welcoming, so visitors need not worry about being overcharged or ragged off by the locals.

Bhuj Haat Market

Shree Swaminarayan Temple

Originally built during the year 1822, Shri Swaminarayan Temple was the first of different Sampradey Swaminarayan temples.

But the 2001 Bhuj earthquake devastated much of this temple, except for the several divine deities, and thereafter, a new temple was built where all the heavenly idols were moved. Situated in Bhuj, Near Hamirsar lake, it is an architectural masterpiece constructed from marble and is a spectacular place to visit. The wholly white structure of the temple is confidently going to be a treat to your eyes.

Shree Swaminarayan Temple

Hamirsar Lake

At a distance of nearly 4 km from Bhuj Railway Station, Hamirsar Lake is an artificial lake situated in the heart of Bhuj city in Gujarat. It is the greatest manmade lake in the Kutch region and one of the best places to visit in Bhuj.

Called after the founder of Bhuj Rao Hamir, this 450 years old lake was constructed throughout the reign of Rao Khengarji I (1548-1585). The mound of Lake Hamirsar was made during the reign of Pragmalji II and further advancements done during the reign of Khengarji III. The primary determination of the lake was to fulfill the domestic requirements of Bhuj during ancient times. Hamirsar Lake was well improved with a channel and tunnels that were utilized to carry water from three rivers to fill the town’s water reservoirs. This water system was injured during the earthquake of 2001 across Gujarat. The municipality and individuals of Bhuj restored the water system to its original form once again in 2003 and the water of Hamirsar Lake became filtered.

Hamirsar Lake

Best Time to Visit Bhuj

To visit Bhuj, the winter period is the best time. The temperatures are moderate, varying from 8 – 35 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach Bhuj?

There is no direct mode of transport to make a connection between New Delhi and Bhuj. The inexpensive way to arrive from New Delhi to Bhuj is by train to Palanpur Jn, then bus to Bhuj which takes nearly 25h 25m. The fastest manner to arrive from New Delhi to Bhuj is a flight to Rajkot Airport, then rent a cab to Bhuj which takes nearly 7h 9m.


Bhuj is a beautiful place and to say the least; there is something for everyone in this place to discover. You can calm, laze across and unwind in Bhuj amidst the attractiveness of nature. 

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