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Getaway To Murudeshwar? Top Places To Visit In Murudeshwar 2023!



Getaway To Murudeshwar? Top Places To Visit In Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar, a coastal town situated in Karnataka state, India, is a fantasy land for staunch supporters of Lord Shiva. This temple town is celebrated for the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva located atop a small hill supervising the Arabian Sea.

Another prevalent landmark in Murudeshwar is a 22-story tall Rajagopuram. Besides the temples and mythological chronicles attributed to Murudeshwar, this town is also perfect for tourists seeking adventures such as trekking and water sports, involving snorkeling and scuba-diving. 

We comprehended that even if you are non-religious, Murudeshwar is an eccentric place to visit. Murudeshwar is a must-visit place near Gokarna and is often battered with other places to visit near Gokarna. This blog will serve as a travel guide to Murudeshwar and highpoint all the things to do and places to visit in Murudeshwar.

Table of Contents

Best Places To Visit In Murudeshwar

  • Shri Murudeshwar Temple
  • Murudeshwar Fort
  • Murudeshwara Beach
  • Jali Beach
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Basavaraja Durga Fort
  • Kollur Mookambika Temple
  • Netrani Island
  • Maravanthe Beach
  • Mirjan Fort

Shri Murudeshwar Temple

Situated in Karnataka, this wonderful shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is among the not to be missed places to visit in Murudeshwar. This temple boasts the second-highest statue of Lord Shiva around the world, and the sheer high-mindedness of the statue will fill you with a sense of awe. This temple is constructed on Kanduka Hill which is enclosed by the Arabian Sea on 3 sides.

Places To Visit In Murudeshwar-Shri Murudeshwar Temple

The major Shri Murudeshwar temple’s entrance, also named the ‘gopura’ stands at 123 feet and you can experience the breathtaking view of the Shiva statue from the topmost of the gopura. The complete surface of this temple is enclosed in the most intricate and comprehensive carvings that you will ever see.

The compound of the temple has been modernized except for the sanctum sanctorum, which recalls its original form. The temple’s main deity is the Sri Mridesa Linga, which is believed to be a part of the original Atma Linga. The Shiva statue here is quite inspiring and will surely leave you with an unassuming sense of tranquillity. This wonderful statue is a perfect praise to a God who is held in great reverence in lands far and wide.

Murudeshwar Fort

This is one of the important places to visit in Murudeshwar. The mighty fort of Murudeshwar is believed to be a construction of the Vijayanagara period. The magnificent past of our country is imitated in these structures which stand tall even today.

About Murudeshwar Fort

The popular fort has its roots in the ancient duration of the Vijayanagara kings and is said to have been modernized by the sovereign of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. This attractive structure is situated behind the temple complex of Murudeshwar and can be effortlessly reached by autos and taxis.

Murudeshwar Beach

Soak in the tranquility of one of the most serene places to visit in Murudeshwar Murudeshwara beach. The beach attends as a supreme picnic spot and is a refreshing getaway for the tourist as it proposes a broad range of exhilarating water adventures.

About Murudeshwar Beach

Correct from bird watching to boating business there is everything at this beach to spend superiority time with your friends and family.  Something that one must not miss is the sunset view as at this time the sun displays attractive color and contrasts with sparkling water, which will just melt your heart away. 

The beach supervises the Lord Shiva statue and caters as a flawless relaxing spot. The surroundings of the beach are enclosed with lush green foliage and the sparkling golden sand is rounded by coconut grooves that add up to the attractiveness of the beach.

Jali Beach

If you are a beach lover, this is one of the places to visit in Murudeshwar. Located in the quaint fishing town of Bhatkal is the serene beach of Jali. Away from the crowded places and pollution, noiseless roads would lead you to this clean, primeval beach.

About Jali Beach

Relax under the calm shade of the tall coconut trees or take a walk along the coastal shore as this picturesque town charms you with its peacefulness. The trekkers can find some trekking trails along the craggy coastline of this beach. The place meets all its travelers with loads of warmth and enthusiastic hospitality.

Jamia Masjid

Tourists frequently visit Jamia Masjid, which is known as one of the oldest mosques in the area. This is a 3-story structure with a basement alone, reflecting the charm of history which makes it one of the best places to visit in Murudeshwar. It is located in Bhatkal town and people from all over the world travel here to pay their homage to the divine.

About Jamia Masjid

The mosque exhibitions elegant question inscriptions and innumerable other relics of the ancient period. This mosque is one of the old Heritage feelings of pride of India and is the 2nd Jamia Masjid after Delhi.

Basavaraja Durga Fort

At a distance of 1 km from Pavinakurva village, 48 km from Gokarna, 12 km from Honnavar, and 36 km from Murudeshwar, Basavaraja Durga Fort was an island stronghold located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Honnavar Taluk around Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka.

About Basavaraja Durga Fort

The fort was built in the 16th century throughout Vijayanagara rule. Shivappa Nayaka, the Keladi ruler seized the fort and gave it the name of Basavaraja Durga in reminiscence of Keladi Prince Basavaraj. This fort is enclosed by a robust fortification raised by gigantic laterite blocks also this fort has 8 ruined straddling guns.

Basavaraja Durga Fort is constructed at a height of 50 m above sea level and the island covers a total area of 19 hectares. The inner section of the fort is nearly empty and only the external part is endured today. The top of the island is a plateau enclosed with dry grass and trees. 

Kollur Mookambika Temple

Suspended on the banks of the Souparnika River, this temple is addressed as one of the 7 Mukti Stalas which were built by Parashurama. It is one of the most prevalent places to visit in Murudeshwar in the valley of Kodachadri Peak.

About Kollur Mookambika Temple

The popular place of pilgrimage fascinates many devotees throughout the year because of its time that is enthusiastic to Goddess Parvathi. It is said that this is the place where Goddess Parvathi slayed the demon Kamsasuran after he was made dumb by Veerabadra, Ganesha, and Shiva and got to be named Mookasuran.

Later, the Goddess came to be better known as Mookambika and the place where he was killed got prevalent as Marana Katte. The temple is better known for housing the Panchaloha (five metals) that are a gift of Adi Shankaracharya along with a Shiva Lingam which is adored here.

Netrani Island

Also, better known as the ‘Pigeon Island’, Netrani Island in Murudeshwar is situated off the coast of Karnataka. Views from above carry this island the arrival being heart-shaped. Growing above the serene and azure waters of the Arabian Sea, this heart-shaped island is tallied as one of the best sites for scuba diving.

About Netrani Island

This island is a popular tourist spot and a famous pilgrimage town with silvery sand and the western ghats as a backdrop. Located nearly 10 nautical miles away from the blessed city of Murudeshwar is an abandoned island of Netrani, locally better known as Netragudo. An electrifying boat ride of 70-90 minutes will take you to Netrani Island from Murudeshwar.

Better known for its irresistible experience of the underwater world, you will get a chance to come face to face with an assorted variety of fish life common to the Arabian Sea as well as other variabilities such as Napolean Wrasse, Stonefish, Cobia, Black Tip Sharks, Great Barracuda, Turtles, and Stingrays, etc. With a soothing effect on your nerves, this excursion underwater is perfect for diving and appropriate for certified divers of all experience levels.

Maravanthe Beach

Better known for its vast spread of white sand, Maravanthe is one of the most attractive beaches in Karnataka. With an impressive backdrop of Kodachadri Hills, this beach on the Konkan coast proposes a pleasant excursion for all nature lovers. It is a place where you can celebrate the amazing weather throughout the winter which makes it an excellent getaway for travelers.

Often also named Virgin Beach, Maravanthe Beach is a must-visit for all beach lovers.
With its pristine white shores, Maravanthe Beach attracts everyone with its attractive cottages and hotels which propose a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.

About Maravanthe Beach

At Maravanthe Beach, you can soak in the sunshine for hours, watch the swaying palm trees and gaze at the clear blue skies. If you are a fan of road trips, a drive along the scintillating shoreline promises to give you memories for a lifetime.

For adventure lovers, this beach proposes opportunities like scuba diving and snorkeling that will assist you in observing the breathtaking beauty of marine life and coral reefs. If you are looking for some tranquil activities, you can also enjoy a laid-back stroll, meditation, yoga, or swimming. Some of the prevalent places which you can visit nearby Maravanthe Beach are St. Mary’s Island, Baindur, and Ottanane.

Mirjan Fort

Suspended on the peaceful river banks of River Aghanashini, Mirjan Fort is one of the most remarkable places for history buffs among tourist places to visit in Murudeshwar. Extensive over an area of nearly 4 hectares, it is a spectacular reminder of the past. It is said that many battles throughout the sixteenth and 17th centuries were fought here. 

The fort is better known for its architecture that will transport you to another time. If you are an architecture lover, you will esteem the beautiful canals, moats, secret passageways, etc. Enclosed in a carpet of green grass and moss, this fort assists you relish that old-world charm. It is said that the fort was once an imperative place that allowed trade in spices.

About Mirjan Fort

Professed as one of the safeguarded monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India, this fort is constructed of laterite stones. It is supposed that the fort was home to Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa who governed here for 52 years and later became prevalent as the Pepper Queen. 

It is said that the fort served as an imperative center for the trade of spices with the Dutch, Portuguese, and Britishers. Incorporated by a lush green landscape, Mijan Fort is greatly visited after the months of monsoon in Murudeshwar. 

Best Time To Visit Murudeshwar

To visit Murudeshwar From October to May is the best time. MahaShivaratri is an imperative festival here and is renowned with great enthusiasm. It classically occurs during the month of February or March. Pilgrims from different places visit this place and even consider it holy to a convincing level.

If you are planning to visit Murudeshwar precisely for scuba diving, then a visit from November – January might be a good time and it is characteristically a good idea to find out if scuba diving is active or not as pretty often, it is closed owing to different reasons.

June-September experiences weighty rainfall and should be evaded. The weather in this sacramental town is identical to those of most tropical Indian regions, and the best time to visit is the Winter season owing to the discreetly cold temperatures.

How To Reach Murudeshwar? 

Murudeshwar is a coastal town around Karnataka in the Uttara Kannada district. It is located nearly 200 km south of Goa and 140 km above Mangalore city. A protrusion named Murudeshwar Island (though technically not an island) is a foremost attraction of this town as it houses some beautiful monuments.


Mangalore Airport, situated about 140 kilometers away, is the closest airport to Murudeshwar. From Mangalore, you can conveniently hire a taxi, take a state-run bus or take a train to Murudeshwar.


Murudeshwar railway station is linked to all trains running on the Western Rail lines or the Konkan Rail line. Hence, it is well-linked to Bengaluru, Mangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Goa.


Different government and private buses operate from the foremost cities to Murudeshwar. Private taxis can also be rented from the surrounding foremost towns which help you get to the best places to visit in Murudeshwar.


Murudeshwar is positively a treat for those who want a bolstering vacation for the mind and soul and looking at all the astounding things and places to visit in Murudeshwar, it is positively a must-visit destination. So, when are you staying at this seaside abode of Shiva? If you’re scheduling anytime soon then take a look at the customized Murudeshwar holiday with popular service providers and celebrate a weird holiday in South India.

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