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Javadi Hills: A Must-Visit Destination For Adventure Seekers



Javadi Hills: A Must-Visit Destination For Adventure Seekers

There are a lot of travel destinations you can explore in the Western Ghats region. But Javadi Hills are those who travel a bit odd in order to experience and discover the rare things around. Javadi Hills is a part of the Eastern Ghats ranges situated in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the eastern part of the territory of Tamil Nadu.

It is also a natural barrier separating the districts such as Tirupattur and Tiruvannamalai. Javadhu Hills is another name attributed to this particular hill range in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are also other pronunciation variants attributed to this particular hill such as Jawadhi Hills and Jawadhu Hills.

There are a lot of viewpoints in this hills range and you can witness mesmerising sunsets and sunrises by visiting them. The valleys and villages visible from these viewpoints are also quite visually pleasing.

During the era of colonisation, Europeans found this place interesting and the mention of these hills can be seen in many of their pieces of literature. Javadi Hills is also perfect for astronomical studies and observations. 

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Javadi Hills: A Perfect Natural Getaway!

Eventually, it has also become an ideal vacation destination for both domestic and international tourists travelling the southern side of India since there are a lot of tourist destinations in and around Javadi Hills.

A couple of picturesque waterfalls around the hills make it an engaging location for those who are travelling in groups either with their friends or family. It is also a perfect destination for your natural getaway. Spending some time in this tranquil location can help you reconcile with the roots of mother nature and be in absolute peace.

Adventure lovers are also seen visiting this destination in order to engage in activities like trekking, hiking, and forest explorations. You can also have the chance to experience and understand the culture and lifestyle of the natives in the region by having a visit to the villages found near the hills.

Agriculture and agricultural produce in the region are some other things worthwhile to explore while you are touring this region in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also important to note that agriculture is one of the main means of livelihood for the natives in the area.

It also contributes primarily to the economy of the place. There is a lot more to explore and experience in this hill station destination and they have been mentioned below. 


As mentioned earlier, Javadi Hills is situated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in the territory of India.

It is spread in the districts such as Vellore and Tiruvannamalai in the same state. Considering the state territory of Tamil Nadu, this particular location can be found on its northeastern side. 

Climatic Conditions 

Unlike the other hill stations, Javadi Hills won’t be a great destination for your summer getaway. The climatic conditions during the summer months of the year can be much more pleasurable but the sceneries and landscapes during the summer won’t be as picturesque as they would be during the other months of the year.

Monsoons can also be great here since this location receives comparatively higher rainfall which leads to thick blooms and lush greens. The winter months of the year experience the best climatic conditions here accompanied by the best sceneries ever. 

History Of Javadi Hills

The historical importance of Javadi Hills is surrounding Paravathamalai, a monolith found in the location of the hills. Surrounding this location, a lot of inscriptions, structures made of rocks and artefacts in various other forms have been discovered from here.

These pieces of evidence and remnants have also been able to throw light upon the royal dynasty of Cholas, Vijayanagara Rayars, and so on. 

Best Time To Reach Javadi Hills

October – March 

How To Reach Javadi Hills?

Nearest airport: Vellore Airport

Nearest railway station: Katpadi Railway Station (KPD)\

Attractions At Javadi Hills 

Enjoy The Waterfalls 

There are a couple of waterfalls in this particular hill station area in the state of Tamil Nadu. These waterfalls make the visit much more engaging and happening if you would like to take a plunge into the streams of the waterfalls and swim in their crystal clear and chilling water.

Enjoy The Waterfalls 

Beemanmadavu Waterfalls is one of the picturesque waterfalls you can visit in the location. This waterfall is also known as Bheema Falls among tourists. There are also provisions to indulge in activities such as boating while you are in the location.

The beginning of monsoons can be the best season to indulge in the waterfalls and the streams nearby. During the peak monsoon months, the water is found dirty and not appropriate for tourist recreation. 


There are a bunch of comfortable trekking trails in the location of Javadi Hills. You can easily choose from them if you are an adventure enthusiast and would like to explore the same while touring the Javadi Hills region.


Jamanamarathur-Amirthi is one of the most popular trekking trails in the location. You can also explore tribal villages and their lifestyle while trekking through the trail. The visuals from the peak are quite breathtaking making all your efforts worthwhile and more.

Explore The Flora And fauna

Even if you are a biodiversity enthusiast or not, exploring and observing the varieties of wildlife and species in the location of Javadi Hills can be an unforgettable experience.

Since the species found in the region are specific to the Eastern Ghats, you would definitely feel a kind of distinctiveness in the exploration.

This can also be highly educative so taking children along with you can be beneficial in this regard. 

Attractions Near Javadi Hills 

Kavalur Observatory 

Even though this observatory is popularly known as Kavalur Observatory, the official name of the same is Vainu Bappu Observatory.

Kavalur Observatory 

Since the region of Javadi Hills is quite appropriate for astronomical studies, the Kavalur observatory got established in the same region. 

Beemanmadav Waterfall 

This is one of the popular tourist landmarks to explore while you are in the Javadi Hills region for a short vacation. There are a total of 3 decks for this particular waterfall. People are seen enjoying the streams and pools nearby the falls by bathing and playing.

Beemanmadav Waterfall 

If you are travelling from the village of Jamanamarathur, there is only a distance of around 5 km in order to reach the waterfall. You can also get to see a lot of sandalwood trees and rich forests surrounding the fall area. 

Komutteri Lake

Kolappan Lake is the other name by which this particular lake is known among the people.

Komutteri Lake

Considering the other water bodies in the Javadi Hills region, this is the biggest among them all. Boating and other tourist activities such as picnics are quite active in this location. 

Amirthi Forest 

Amrithi Forest is a worthwhile destination to explore if you are a forest and wildlife enthusiast.

Amirthi Forest 

There is also a zoological park in the location. It was in the year 1967 that this park got established in the region. 

Things To Remember While Visiting Javadi Hills

Tourist activities are limited to boating and picnics here. So make sure your primary aim is to get a reconciled experience with nature and have detoxification from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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