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Top 10 Must-Vist Tourist Attractions in Dinajpur 2022



Tousist attractions in Dinajpur

In Dinajpur, there are 19 tourist attractions. This represents 20% of all tourist attractions in the Rangpur Division. Landmarks and natural attractions are the two main categories of tourist attractions included here. In Dinajpur, there are also amusement parks. This article is a list of the top tourist attractions in Dinajpur.

Dinajpur district is located near West Bengal border. Dinajpur has a very long history. It is rich in culture and heritage. According to specialists, the soil of Dinajpur is closely related to the soil of areas that are millions of years old, such as little Nagpur, and Vindhya mountains. 

The name of this region is claimed to have originated from the Dinajpur dynasty. The Dinajpur dynasty was founded by someone called Dinaj or Dinaraj.

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Top 10 Popular Tourist Attractions In Dinajpur Worth Visiting

At the start of the East India Company’s rule, Dinajpur was one of the first district cities to be built. Eight years after the Battle of Palashi in 1765, the English troops seized this territory. It was designated as a district in 1786. 

Dinajpur city has grown since then. When Bengal was split up in 1947, a large part of Dinajpur became a part of West Bengal, India. This area was called West Dinajpur. In 1984, the Thakurgaon and Panchagarh subdivisions of Dinajpur were split up and made into their own districts.

Ramsagar and Kantajew Temple are the most popular tourist attractions in Dinajpur.

River Dhepa, Mata Sagar, Setabganj sugar mill, Dinajpur Palace, Dinajpur music college, Ghughudanga Palace, Jora temple, Nayabad Mosque, Shopnopuri Park, Sukh Sagar, Sura Mosque, and Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited are some additional tourist attractions to visit in Dinajpur.

10. Karnajora Museum And Park

North Dinajpur’s tourist attractions include the Karnajora Museum and ceramic crafts, as well as terracotta statues. It is well-known for its collection of unusual flora and wildlife.

Karnajora Museum And Park

It has its railway station, North Dinajpur Railway Station, which connects to West Bengal’s major cities. It is located on the main Kolkata-Darjeeling railway line. Buses go from Kolkata’s Esplanade bus terminal to Raiganj.

9. Nayabad Mosque

The Nayabad mosque is another archaeological gem in the Dinajpur area. It is believed that the temple’s founders were Muslims who built this mosque as a place of worship during the time. The temple may be reached on foot in about 30 minutes.

Nayabad Mosque

Nayabad Masjid was built on 1.15 bighas of land in the Nayabad hamlet of Kaharol Upazila, 20 kilometers from the district center of Dinajpur. The Nayabad Mosque was built in 1793 during the reign of Emperor Shah Alam II, according to a plaque on the mosque’s wall.

At the time, King Vaidyanath was the last living member of Dinajpur’s royal family.

According to locals, the mosque was built by Muslims who assisted in the construction of the Kantanagar temple in the middle of the 18th century. The Nayabad Mosque’s roof features three domes and four octagonal minarets at each corner. The mosque’s wall thickness is 1.10 meters.

8. Lichu Tour In Dinajpur

Dinajpur is famous for several things, one of which is the delectable Lichu (also known as Lychee). If you want to try Lichu straight from the tree, this is your other option.

Lichu Tour In Dinajpur

You may purchase Lichu directly from a farmer’s garden. You’d discover how they gather Lichu from trees, choose it, and pack it during the procedure. The greatest time to do it is in the latter two weeks of May. So plan your Lichu vacation appropriately.

7. Shopnopuri Amusement Park

The Shopnopuri Picnic Area lies in the Dinajpur district’s Aftab Ganj of Fulbari Upazila. This place is around 2 – 2.5 hours by bus from the major metropolis. As a result, this trip will take the entire day.

Shopnopuri Amusement Park

This amusement park is nicely built and offers a range of attractions. This spot is popular for group picnics and educational outings.

The Shopnopuri Picnic Spot was built on 400 acres of land in Aftab Ganj, Nawabganj Upazila, and Dinajpur district. Dinajpur and Shopnopuri are around 52 kilometers apart by road. 

The picnic area at Shopnopuri includes artificial lakes, hills, gardens, diverse vegetation, flower gardens, various portraits, children’s parks, zoos, artificial animals, flower gardens, artificial fountains, brickfields, horse chariots, shawls, Hansraj sampans, play platforms, prayer places, Kunj, various sculptures, earthen huts, Dak bungalows, markets etc.

Shopnopuri provides full picnic and event-organizing services. The overnight Shopnopuri picnic location consists of five cottages: Sandhyatara, Nilpari, Nishipadma, Rajnigandha Methoghar, and VIP Kunj.

A range of burners, pots and ornamental things are available for rent as part of the food system. There is no need to worry about security in Shopnopuri because security measures have been put in place by the authorities.

6. Twin Temple From Gopalganj

The Gopalganj Twin Temple comes next in our list of top tourist attractions in Dinajpur, which comprises two Hindu temples, it is located in the village of Gopalganj, some 6 km to the north of the Dinajpur district seat. 

Twin Temple From Gopalganj

A chronology offered by David J McCutchen shows that one of the two temples was completed in 1743, and the other in 1754. The structure of one of the twin temples is made up of 25 spires (ratnas) with 12 facets. 

The other temple is a quadrangular structure with five spires. The temples, on the other hand, are in ruins.

The temple buildings are now unstable because temple blocks were taken apart and used in the nearby homes. 

A stone inscription in the Dinajpur Museum is thought to have been taken from one of the two temples. Though it is unclear which of the two temples it refers to, the nature of the characters in the inscription suggests that the temples were contemporaneous with the famed Kantanagar temple (1772-1752).

The twin temple also known as the Twenty-five-Ratna Temple, is built on a 12ve-sided, 0.91m-high pedestal. The twelve-sided temple rises in three phases, with each arm measuring around 4.04m in width. Each side has a multi-cusped arched entryway. A 1.83m wide circumambulatory tunnel goes inside the garbhagriha.

The center chamber has three entrances on the north, south, and west sides. On top of the first and second tiers, there are twelve shikharas, one in each corner. A central shikhara crowns the third tier. All of the shikharas are octagonal, fluted, and decorated with terracotta. The parapets are slightly curved.

5. Ramsagar Dighi

Ramsagar Dighi is the biggest Dighi, dug by locals in the Dinajpur district’s Tezpur village. Ramsagar Dighi covers an area of around 437,492 square meters and has an average depth of approximately 10 meters.

Ramsagar Dighi
User comments

On the western bank of Dighi, there is a ghat. Ramsagar Dighi is roughly 7 kilometers from Dinajpur. With Ramsagar Dighi, a gorgeous Ramsagar National Park has been established. Camping by the Ramsagar is another great way to enjoy the full moon. According to legend, King Ramnath dug the Dighi before the Palashi conflict to meet the water needs of the nearby villages.

The Dighi was given the name Ramsagar Dighi after King Ramnath. The tourist department is now the charge of Ramsagar Dighi. Ramsagar has constructed a contemporary rest house to beautify Dighi and attract tourists.

4. Ramsagar National Park 

Ramsagar National Park comes next on our list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Dinajpur. The park has its own small zoo where animals like pythons, monkeys, and some deer have found a safe place to live. For the enjoyment of youngsters, there is a charming children’s park nearby.

Ramsagar National Park

Ramsagar has seven picnic areas to offer a picnic experience. In addition, on October 10, 2010, a library called Ramsagar Library was established in Ramsagar National Park as part of a full-fledged individual project.

3. Kantajew Temple

The Kantajir temple is a well-known building in Dinajpur. This temple has several names, including Kantajew Temple and Kantanagar Temple.

 Kantajew Temple

In contrast, many people refer to the Temple of Kantajir as the Navratna Temple. The temple is near a small village called Kantanagar. It is on the banks of the Dheepa river, about a mile west of the road between Dinajpur and Tetanlia, and about 20 kilometers from Dinajpur.

According to the inscription on Kantajir Temple, the temple was founded by Maharaja Zamindar Prannath Roy at the time. After Prannath Roy passed away in 1722, his son Maharaja Ramnath Roy finished the temple in 1752. 

The Temple of Kantajir was 70 feet tall at the time, but it was destroyed by the 1897 earthquake and is now 50 feet tall.

The square temple features around 15,000 terracotta tiles or terracotta plaques with stories from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and other tales engraved on the exterior walls. The three-step temple is surrounded by an inner deity. Many grooved arches can be seen at all first-floor doorways, and two brick pillars have been set in succession and separated.

The pillars are beautifully decorated. The temple has 21 doors on the first story, 27 on the second floor, and 3 on the third. The stairs going up from the verandah are located on the westside of Kantajir temple.

2. Rosemary Church in Rajarampur

Rajarampur, a hamlet in the Dinajpur district, is home to the Rosemary church. This is not a tourist site, but due to the shortage of churches in Bangladesh, it is feasible to visit. The great majority of folks who come to pray are Christians from Shaotal (Santal).

Rosemary Church in Rajarampur

Rajarampur Rosemary Church is located in Dinajpur’s Rajarampur village. This church is available to the public after 9:00 a.m. You are not permitted to enter before that hour and also not permitted to photograph the church.

1. Kulik Bird Sanctuary

The Kulik (Raiganj) Bird Sanctuary is situated alongside National Highway 34 on the banks of the Kulik River in the North Dinajpur District of West Bengal. Since the Kulik River runs alongside the refuge, it is frequently referred to as the Kulik Bird Sanctuary.

Kulik Bird Sanctuary

It was established in 1985 as the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary and covers 1.30 square kilometers, with a core area of 0.14 square kilometers and a buffer area of 1.16 square kilometers.

The Kulik sanctuary is becoming a popular tourist attraction in Dinajpur due to the enormous number of migrating birds that visit there. The Kulik forest is Asia’s second biggest. According to a census, 91,540 birds visited the region in 2008, and 70,000 to 80,000 migrating birds visit the refuge each year.

Every year, a variety of migrating birds arrive from South Asian nations and coastal regions. 

The number of people visiting the sanctuary grows year after year, as the number of migrating birds visiting the sanctuary grows. Kulik, one of Asia’s greatest bird sanctuaries, boasts Asia’s largest colony (heronry) of Open-billed storks.

The sanctuary, which is home to 164 bird species, welcomes migrating birds from the end of May to the first week of July, including Asian Open-billed Storks, Egrets, Night Herons, and Cormorants.

They depart from the middle of December until the end of January. Nesting occurs from July to August, and egg-laying occurs from August to September.

How To Reach Dinajpur

By Air

South Dinajpur is about a two-hour drive from Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is the closest international airport. 

The airport has direct flights to Frankfurt, Bangkok, Paro, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, and Yangon, among other significant cities. Domestic flights to cities like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are also available.

By Rail

It has its railway station, South Dinajpur Railway Station, which connects to all of West Bengal’s main cities. It is located on the key Kolkata-Darjeeling railway line, which connects it to cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore, Lucknow, Chennai, and Puri.

By Road

South Dinajpur is 13 kilometers from Hemtabad, 19 kilometers from Itahar, 32 kilometers from Karandighi, 111 kilometers from Balurghat, 236 kilometers from Darjeeling, 307 kilometers from Darbhanga, 314 kilometers from Durgapur, 327 kilometers from Asansol via West Bengal State Road Transport Corporation (WBSRTC) and some private travel services.

Final Words

Dinajpur, the largest of west Bengals’ northern districts, has been home to numerous objects and occurrences from ancient times. 

The city is a ‘heartthrob’ for millions since it is rich in standardized culture, customs, and original historical narratives.

One of the most notable incidents in the city’s history is the 1947 partition of India, which resulted in the inclusion of Dinajpur’s sections in West Bengal, which became known as the West Dinajpur District. 

This charming city is home to colorful street markets that spread their charm all over the place, as well as very pristine lakes and beautiful rural vistas. We hope that this article was helpful in providing information on the  tourist attractions in Dinajpur

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