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Brahmapur: Explore The “The Silk City” Of India!



Brahmapur Explore The The Silk City Of India!

Brahmapur, also known as Berhampur, is a city in the Indian state of Odisha. This city is on the eastern coastline of the Ganjam district of Odisha. This business hub offers a wide range of things that attracts tourists to this city. Brahmapur is the third-largest city in Odisha.

Brahmapur is also known as the silk city, as it is renowned for silk sarees in multiple colors and patterns. Apart from all these, Brahmapur is well known for its vibrant culture, temples, beach, and much more that attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

The city is a lot more than what you really think. So, if you are planning to backpack your bag and go for some well-spent days on your vacation, visiting Brahmapur will surely be a worthy experience.  It will help you feel, witness, and know the diversity of the place you have never experienced before.

A visit to Brahmapur will never leave you feeling disappointed, as it offers you a chance to blend with nature and other sights surrounding the city.

So, here are the details of the best places to visit in Brahmapur.

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Best places to visit in Brahmapur

Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur, the town in Brahmapur, is now known for its famous sea beach. Gopalpur was once a commercial port with many houses and people. The Gopalpur beach is the cleanest and the bluest beach in Odisha, so is an ideal destination for all those who wish to travel and explore nature. 

Gopalpur Beach

Situated on the Bay of Bengal coast, Gopalpur is 16 km away from the commercial hub of Brahmapur. The clean water, fresh air, and cool sand make Gopalpur beach a perfect spot to hang around with your friends and family. If you are looking for a calm place to unwind, you can surely visit Gopalpur beach and spend hours sitting and admiring the pure beauty of the sea. 

Furthermore, Gopalpur beach, with a variety of water sports, is an ideal spot for all who love to have a great time in the water. The water sports at the sandy beach help the mind and body stay in a stress-free state. Some of the top things you can surely expect on the Gopalpur beach include: Windsurfing & Scuba Diving, Paddle Boat, Water Scooter

Apart from exploring in the water, a public park which is 10 mins away from the beach, is a noiseless space where you can take your family and kids around to enjoy the beauty of the migratory birds and the surrounding evergreens.

Nirmaljhar Hot Spring

Nirmaljhar Hot Spring is a hilly place situated 58 km away from Brahmapur, Odisha. The perennial waterfalls make this hilly place a place to explore by tourists. The natural waterfalls create a pool of clean, crystal-clear water.

Nirmaljhar Hot Spring

The water flows from the Badaghati mountains, and this place is located right beside the temple of Lord Vishnu. To reach this place, Nirmaljhar has both rail and road links. 

Khallikote station is the nearest railway station to the Nirmaljhar Hot Spring, which is 9 km away from Niramaljhar. This natural scenery is a must-visit place in Brahmapur.

Rambha Lake

Rambha Lake flows 45 km away from Brahmapur. This lake is situated on the side of Chilika lake, Asia’s largest freshwater lake abundant in natural beauty. So, by visiting Rambha Lake, you can even see and enjoy the scenic beauty of Chilika lake, which is really mind-pleasing.

Rambha Lake

The boat service available in this place will help you take a move to enjoy the sight covering all areas. Also, a lake viewpoint on the bank of Rambha lake is a great spot to capture the beauty of the lake without losing its beauty. Another highlight of Rambha lake is the lighthouse.

The tourists are taken to the lighthouse via boat. Winter is the right time to enjoy this spot, and during this season, tourists are offered a wide variety of facilities. 

Taratarini Temple

Taratarini Temple is an interesting pilgrimage site in the Ganjam district situated on the bank of Rushikulya, the holy river. This oldest temple of goddesses Tara-Tarini is a religious place around 35 km away from Brahmapur. The temple is covered by a green forest as it is in the Kumari hills.

Taratarini Temple

This temple is renowned to be one of the four ancient Tantra Peetha and Shakti Peethas in India. The stone idols of the goddesses are adorned with a mix of silver and gold ornaments. Throughout the year, a massive flow of tourists walks into this temple to get blessed.

Chaitra Parba or Chaitra Mela or Chaitra Yatra is the festival conducted in this temple between March and April. As the temple is situated on the top of the hill, the visitors will get a completely exotic view of the temple and its surroundings.  The best time to visit the temple is the months of October to February. 

Berhampur City

Berhampur City is in the Ganjam district and is situated 180 km away from Bhubaneswar. This city, which is near the Southeast Coast railway line, is Odisha’s largest city with a high tourist flow.

Berhampur City

Renowned by the name Silk City, this city is well-famous for silk sarees of various colors. Visiting silk city makes you explore multiple silk fabrics and a variety of brass wears. The city holds a unique culture and has many temples.

Once every two years, a festival named Thakurani Yatra is celebrated in this city. During this time, the city witnesses a large crowd of devotees and tourists. Visiting the city during the festival will make you experience their unique culture. 

Narayani Temple

Narayani Devi Temple is a prominent place in the eastern ghats. This temple of Maha Devi Narayani is situated on the top of the hills and is around 71 km from Brahmapur town. It is believed that the Narayani temple was developed in the 18th century A.D.

Narayani Temple

Other than the yearly festival, Devipuja is conducted in this temple frequently. Devotees from Odisha and other parts of the world come here to worship the goddess with power. 

Jaugada Fort

Jaugada is an early historical fort town of Odisha. This is a historical place in the Ganjam district situated 32 km away from Brahmapur. To this land of remains, tourists flood in all seasons to see, study, and research.

  • Jaugada Fort
  • Jaugada Fort

The images of the five Pandavas crafted in stones are one of the many attractive points for visitors. This fort in Brahmapur is the center of Saivism and Buddhism. 

Aryapalli Marine Beach

Aryapalli Marine Beach is situated 31 km away from Brahmapur. This long sandy beach that lies on the coast of the Bay of Bengal is one of the many favorite spots of tourists. The beach near Brahmapur city is clean and is surrounded by fresh air that cools your mind and body.

Aryapalli Marine Beach

The Aryapalli Marine Beach is the most picked spot for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots. The fresh blue seawater and the lovely sunset and sunrise make this place a perfect spot to capture great moments with your camera lens. 

Pati Sonapur Beach

Pati Sonapur Beach is located about 30 km away from Brahmapur. This perfect site with a deep blue sea and clean sand makes this place a perfect spot for visitors to explore. Pati Sonapur Beach is on the border of Andhra Pradesh and runs across the river Bahuda.

Pati Sonapur Beach

The sea and the river get connected over the bridge, and there is a space reserved for the fishermen to fish. Pati Sonapur Beach is one of the cleanest and best beaches in Odisha. The sunset, sunrise, and lake view are surely the place to visit in Brahmapur. 

Mahuri Kalua Temple

Mahuri Kalua Temple, or Maa Mahuri Kalua Temple, is situated 17 km away from Brahmapur. The goddess worshipped in this temple is the lord Kali or Kalua. Kalipuja is a famous festival conducted in this temple.

Mahuri Kalua Temple

All the local devotees and people from other places come here to take part in this festival and worship the goddess Kali. This temple which is situated at the center of the green forest and hills will be a great treat for your eyes and mind. 

Budhakhol Temple/Waterfall

Budhakhol Temple is located 73 km away from Brahmapur. The god worshiped in this temple is the lord Shiva. To enter this Shiva temple, one should walk approximately 1000 stairs.

  • Budhakhol TempleWaterfall
  • Budhakhol TempleWaterfall

Renowned by the name Panchu Mahadeva, the temple is associated with a nearby waterfall, which is really beautiful. This temple which is located at the foot of the hill makes the visitors a great place to visit that makes you completely enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Ghodahada Dam

Ghodahada Dam is located 47 km away from Brahmapur and is built on the river Ghodahada. This dam came into being in 1978. Ghodahada Dam is one of the largest dams in Odisha.

Ghodahada Dam

This dam attracts many visitors throughout the year. River Ghodahada is surrounded by hills and is a must-visit place in Odisha.

Rushikulya, Olive Ridley Turtles

Rushikulya is the place to visit in Odisha’s Ganjam district. Coming to this place, one could visit lakhs of endangered Olive Ridley turtles at the river mouth of Rushikulya. These turtles flock to the place every single year.

Rushikulya, Olive Ridley Turtles

The best time to visit this place is from the third week of February to the first week of March. This nesting site in Odisha is the largest nesting site in the world. The authorities come forward to ensure the protection of the turtles during this period.

Birds Island, Rambha

Birds Island is 50 km away from Brahmapur. This small island, which is filled with the beauty of nature, is located in the middle of Chilika lake. This ideal place is the spot that most visitors choose for a picnic.

Birds Island, Rambha

The boat service allows visitors to visit the place without missing any eye-pleasing scenes. To this island, many birds of different breeds migrate during the winter season. So the best time to visit Birds Island is in the winter season. 

Best Time To Visit Brahmapur

Odisha, one of the most beautiful Indian states is the best place to visit throughout the year. As all the destinations attract visitors 365 days you don’t need to wait for a particular time or season to visit Odisha and its ideal destinations.

Anyway, choosing winter will make it an ideal time as the climate remains pleasant, cool, and calm. Odisha has witnessed tourists from across the globe during summer and monsoon. 

How To Reach Brahmapur

Reaching Brahmapur in Odisha is hustle free. This destination place of India is a state that is well connected to all the transportation facilities. You can reach Brahmapur via road, rail, or air. Regardless of your current place in the world, you can reach Brahmapur without any difficulties. It’s finally up to you to choose which transportation medium suits you the most.

If you prefer reaching Brahmapur via air, know that Biju Patnaik International Airport in Odisha is the airport that connects to various nations of the world.  Traveling by rail will give you a great experience witnessing the true rustic India and enjoying its real beauty.

Though reaching Odisha via road is quite challenging, if you love traveling long for hours then you can surely choose the national highways. 


Now that you know the best places to visit in Brahmapur or Berhampur. If you are looking for a great time to spend your vacation in India, then Odisha is the perfect place you cannot skip. All the destinations in Odisha are places that you can visit with your family and friends.

If you are planning for great moments this holiday, then set your map to Odisha where you can enjoy the real beauty of nature without draining your pockets. If you are a peace lover, you will love the places in Odisha for sure. 

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