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Dharwad: Explore The Geological Terrain In Karnataka!



Dharwad Explore The Geological Terrain In Karnataka!

Dharwad also better known as Dharwar is a known city located in the Dharwad District of Karnataka State, India. Dharwad and Hubli are the twin cities of the state commonly named ‘Dharwad-Hubli’. Dharwad is situated about 18 km northwest of Hubli and nearly 429 km from the state capital city Bangalore. 

Dharwad District is enclosed by Haveri district in the south, Gadag district in the east, Belgaum district to the north, and Uttara Kannada district towards the west.

Dharwad is situated between 15°21′42″ N latitude and 75°05′06″ E longitude and is positioned at an altitude of 670 meters. The Postal Code of Dharwad begins from 580001 and the district occupies a field of 4265 km². Below this article, we have mentioned a few best places to visit in Dharwad.

The Dharwad Municipal Council came into presence on 1 January 1856 and is the greatest municipal corporation in the state after Bangalore Municipal Corporation. Dharwad is very popular for its educational institutions and Dharwad University is one of the foremost universities in Karnataka State.

Table of Contents

The Unkal Lake

Being one of the most explored famous places in Hubli, this lake holds an imperative religious and historical significance in the pages of history. One can celebrate boating and delight in the view of the statue of Swami Vivekananda which is located at the center of the lake.

The Unkal Lake

Most individuals visit this lake throughout the evening times as it proposes captivating views where one can calm down, and spend some quality time. Varied species of birds can be speckled from the watchtowers positioned at the river banks. This is one of the best places to visit in Dharwad.

This is a well-known family picnic spot where the locals are found ambling in the park. Tempting views of the sunset and the serene atmosphere across the lake make it one of the best places to visit in Hubli for couples.

Banashankari Temple Dharwad

The Banashankari Temple was constructed in the 13th century by the Chalukyas. Once again the beautiful temple is a marvelous example of the Chalukya period art and stone sculpting prowess. It is a stone-carved masterpiece and is enthusiastic about the Hindu deity Shiva.

Banashankari Temple Dharwad

The beautiful temple pillars are marvelously carved out of granite and are presently undergoing restoration. This is also one of the attractive places to visit in Dharwad.

Chandramouleshwara Temple

This temple is situated in the heart of Hubli and is enthusiastic about Lord Shiva. The temple has attractive architecture and is a foremost tourist attraction in Hubli. A 900-year-old temple, the Chandramouleshwara Temple is a must-see for any history admirers and architecture fanatics.

Chandramouleshwara Temple

It is said that the beautiful temple has a natural underground stream that flows through it, and the water is considered to be blessed. 

Sadly, the temple is not encouraged as much as it should be and is often overlooked by travelers. Make sure to add this astonishing Temple to your list of places to visit in Hubli!

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden is the foremost tourist lure of Dharwad houses a large glass building alike the Lalbagh of Bangalore. We have added Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden to our list of best places to visit in Dharwad.

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

The entry fee to the Garden is Rs.5 for children and 10 Rs. for elders. The Garden entails a small Toy Train. ‘Musical Fountain’ is a musical program held every weekend in the park and is also one of the foremost attractions of the park.

Siddharoodha Math

Siddhoroodha Math is a beautiful monastery that was established by the followers of Sri Siddharoodha Swami who took his ‘Samadhi’ in 1929. The math has seen prominent visitors such as Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi.

Siddharoodha Math

The Swami Sri Siddharoodha was a prevalent teacher of the ‘Advaita’ philosophy and is best visited throughout the car festival during the Hindu event ‘Mahashivaratri’.

Navagraha Teertha

One of the religious tourist locations in Hubli and a very prevalent pilgrim spot, Navagraha Teertha is sacred and a foremost pilgrim spot for the Jain community.

Navagraha Teertha

The temple features a 61 feet high idol of Shri 1008 Bhagwan Parshvanath which is the tallest statue of the divinity in India and weighs 185 tons. There are other slighter statues of the other 8 Jain teerthankaras. 

Nrupatunga Hill

Discover Hubli’s natural beauty and floral extravaganza in this beautiful park generated on the Hubli Dharwad hills. From bird watching to breathtaking views and even fun parks for kids, this enormous park can be explored by only paying some nominal fees.

Nrupatunga Hill

Since you have to climb fairly high to admire the full view, you can even benefit from transport options if the stairs seem too problematic for you. Throughout autumn and winter, this park becomes nothing short of heaven, erupting in vibrant hues while misty soothing air calms your mind.

Tapovana Dharwad

‘Tapovana’ stands as a yoga center, and meditational. It is 5 km. Away from the town towards Haliyala Road, Dharwad was originated by the Internationally well-known Kumara Swamiji during the year 1965. This center is a spiritual of the shore for the aspirants. 

Tapovana Dharwad

Shambulingeshwara Temple Kundgol

The earliest Shambulingeswara and Brahma temples are here. The imperative ancient temples such as Rameshwara, Basavanna, Kalmeshwara, and Siddalingeshwara originate in “Vadolli” which is 8 km from Kundagol. In the essential of the Rameswara temple an enormous star-shaped statue of ‘Shivalinga’ has been fitted.

Shambulingeshwara Temple Kundgol

This town is the birthplace of Rambhau Kundgolkar (Prevalent as Pandit Sawai Gandharva), a well-known Hindustani musician. Gangubai Hangal and Bhimsen Joshi were his believers. Kundagol also comes under the core field of the Western Chalukya Empire.

The presence of the 11th-century Shri Shambhulingeshwara temple assists this claim. Before 1948, Kundgol was a non-contiguous part of the generous state of Jamkhand. 

Sadhankeri Park Dharwad

Sadhanakeri is a park honoring the prodigious Kannada poet Dr. Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre. There is even a beautiful Kannada song’ Baro Sadhanakerige”. This destination is in Dharwad, maybe a half-hour drive from Hubli.

Sadhankeri Park Dharwad

It is very well preserved, with a big attractive park, lawns, statues, and many others, and in the center, there is a lake where you can go boating. Sadhankeri is a park surrounding a lake.

This lake was once the source of encouragement for poet laureate Dr. Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre located contradictory to the late poet’s residence at Sadhankeri Layout (South Dharwad), has an imperative place around the world of Kannada literature and culture.

This park has a thick cover of mango trees. Lake has boating amenities. Every Saturday and Sunday a musical fountain is played here and this is one of the major attractions of this park. Children can celebrate rides such as see-saws, merry-go-rounds, slides, swings, and others.

Best Time To Visit Dharwad And Hubli

The most favorable period to visit Hubli is in winter, from October to February. The weather is enjoyable enough to pamper in sightseeing and adventure activities which are not suggested during other seasons, as the city observers hot summers and humid monsoons.

The average temperature throughout this season is nearly 16 °C, so light warm clothes will do. You can also get a foretaste of the culture of the area by appearing at festivals such as Dharwad Utsav, renowned in November.

How To Reach Dharwad – Hubli? 

By Air: Hubballi Airport is a local airport serving the twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad. It is 20km away from Dharwad and also closer to the Bypass highway NH4. Another one is Sambre Airport at Belgaum, which is nearly 78km from Dharwad.

Hubballi airport was advanced recently to match the demands of international flights too. It was the long pending demand of the individuals of north Karnataka to have a full-fledged international-level airport in Hubballi. Airbus aircraft also function from here.

Airport sources say the new 3,600 square-meter terminal, which is centrally air-conditioned, has the volume to handle 300 peak-hour passengers at a time. The airport is also accomplished of handling different flights, they add.

This Airport is situated on Gokul Road and is nearby to National high way 4 that passes through Hubli.

By Rail: Dharwad railway station is a foremost station under the Hubli railway division of the South Western Railway zone of Indian Railways. Dharwad railway station is linked to Hubballi, Mumbai, Belgaum, Bangalore, Pune, Visakhapatnam Hyderabad, Gadag, Bijapur, Solapur, Bagalkot, Bellary, Davangere, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, Mysore, and Tirupati.

The closest alternative railway station is Hubli junction. Hubli Junction is the center place for transportation of public and commercial in Karnataka by linking northwest to Mumbai (460 kilometers (290 mi)), South to Bangalore (410 kilometers (250 mi), west to Goa (160 kilometers (99 mi), and east to Hyderabad (450 kilometers (280 mi)) with weighty mass transportation. It is the eventful railway station in Karnataka after Bangalore City.

By Road: Dharwad Bus Stand is situated in the center city of Dharwad. It has bus facilities for different districts.

The road journey takes nearly 6 hours from Bangalore (410 kilometers). The distance from Mumbai is a little over 580 kilometers. There are several private buses from Bangalore to Dharwad and Mumbai to Hubli. State transport has a divisional head N.W.K.R.T.C. at Hubli, so thus it delivers bus services between interstates such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa, and Chennai.


Hubli Dharwad has something to propose for all. No matter what type of traveler you are, you will not be disenchanted. The city is always energetic and warm and its hospitality will fill your heart with pleasure. So, forecast your next trip here and you will never be brief of things to do!

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