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Jamshedpur: Discover The Charm Of India’s Steel City!



Jamshedpur Explore The Steel City Of India!

Jamshedpur is an ideal vacation destination for those who are searching for an all-in-one package during their trip. The city is also attractive and impressive considering its spacious geography too. It is known as the Steel City of India. Surrounding steel manufacturing, a lot of various associated businesses and industries have developed in the city.

So expect some industrial vibes during your entire visit. However, there are also destinations that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and cater to you some soothing and exhilarating experiences.

Jamshedpur is also often referred to as ‘Mini Mumbai’ since it is also the grooming ground for a lot of TV artists and the production center of many movies. Some of the major best places to visit in Jamshedpur are listed below.

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Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

If you would like to explore the wildlife and biodiversity side of the city of Jamshedpur, this is where you should go. The celebrity species of this sanctuary are the elephants. ‘Elephants of Dalma’ is quite a renowned elephant species among wildlife enthusiasts.

  • Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Attacks caused by these elephants on the locals in the region have been reported frequently. 1975 is the year of the establishment of this particular wildlife sanctuary in the city of Jamshedpur.

It was Sanjay Gandhi who inaugurated this particular wildlife sanctuary. You can also indulge in the sights of a variety of bird species present in the sanctuary.

Tree species in the sanctuary are also quite popular. Proximity to the river of Subarnarekha also accentuates the charm and vibes of this place. 

Dimna Lake

Dimna Lake is a picturesque tourist destination where an artificial water reservoir is built. The location of this lake comes close to the wildlife sanctuary of Dalma. So that you can plan both visits on the same day of your vacation.

Dimna Lake

From the city center, you may need to travel a distance of around 15km in order to reach the destination of Dimna Lake. During the older days, water scarcity was quite intense in the city of Jamshedpur, and the lake of Dimna is built to resolve the issue.

Tata Steel is the company that took efforts and initiatives to build such a reservoir in the city. 1944 is the year of the construction of this particular lake reservoir. 

Hudco Lake

Another naturally pleasing and vibrant location you can visit while on a vacation at Jharkhand. This particular lake is set in a hillock location making the entire surroundings of the lake lush green and cooling. If you are someone who would fall for the beauty of the viewpoints, Hudco Lake can give you the most beauteous visuals of the city of Jamshedpur.

Hudco Lake

If you are traveling to the location along with your friends and family, you can also consider spending some quality time with them picnicking or just chilling in the location. 

JRD Tata Sports Complex

This is basically a sports stadium set up in the territory of the city of Jamshedpur. If you are traveling to the city, make it a point to visit the destination, since it is quite a remarkable landmark in the entire city of Jamshedpur.

JRD Tata Sports Complex

Most of the significant sports matches and athletics have their venue in the location of this particular stadium in the city. This is also regarded as the home stadium for the football team, Jamshedpur FC.

It has also got a spacious gallery to accommodate a lot of spectators during matches and competitions. Just like the name of the stadium suggests, TATA is the owner of this particular sports complex in the city. 

TATA Steel Zoological Park

Come back to the natural vibes of the city of Jamshedpur, by traveling to the destination of this particular zoological park in the territory of the city. Jubilee Park is the exact location of this zoological park. It was in the year 1994 that this park got established in the city of Jamshedpur.

  • TATA Steel Zoological Park
  • TATA Steel Zoological Park 1

This zoo is spread over a total area of 62 acres and you will be amused with the varieties of animal species preserved inside the zoo. If your children are accompanying you on the journey, they are sure to get an adrenaline-pumping experience during the visit.

Recently certain modifications have been brought into the zoological park and it got again inaugurated on the 7th of January 2022. 

Keenan Stadium 

Keenan Stadium has got more prominence as a sports stadium in relation to the other stadium mentioned above. This stadium is mostly the venue for international cricket matches and national football matches happening in the city of Jamshedpur.

Keenan Stadium 

Moreover, archery competitions also do take place in the location. It was in the year 1939, that the stadium got established in the city of Jamshedpur. Again, the ownership of the sports complex goes to Tata Steel. But all the operational activities of the stadium are carried out by Jharkhand State Cricket Association.

The name of the stadium ‘Keenan’ is derived from the name of a general manager who worked at Tata Steel. You may need to travel to the Bistupur region in the city of Jamshedpur in order to reach the location of the stadium. During the Ranji Trophy matches, the stadium falls usually in the spotlight. 

Parsee Fire Temple, Jamshedpur

This is a pilgrim destination for the Parsee believers visiting the city of Jamshedpur. Apart from the Parsee believers, casual tourists are also seen visiting the temple to see different kinds of religious customs and traditions practiced inside the temple.

  • Parsee Fire Temple, Jamshedpur
  • Parsee Fire Temple, Jamshedpur

Moreover, the presence of the holy fire in the location of the temple makes it more interesting and sacred for the devotees. The picturesqueness and charm of the temple are also quite attractive making the Jamshedpur tourists take a visit to the temple. The architecture and construction style of the temple is also quite magnificent.

It is located near the JRD complex increasing its accessibility. Even if you can enjoy the premises, entry to the temple is restricted only to the Parsee believers. 

Jubilee Park

The best destination for family or friends is hangouts in the city of Jamshedpur. If you have kids accompanying you during the visit, there are a lot of games and activities available inside the territory of the park making you engaged throughout.

Jubilee Park

Apart from that it is also the best location to take a stroll and just enjoy the sights of the park. If you are a team looking for the best picnic locations in the city of Jamshedpur, you can undoubtedly consider this park on your list.

Apart from these kinds of tourists, locals are also extensively seen in the location doing cycling, jogging, and other workouts. This spacious park is spread over a vast area of around 225 acres. 

Jubilee Lake

Another scenic lake destination you can visit while on a vacation at the city of Jamshedpur. The laser light auditorium nearby the beach is the major attraction of the location. Moreover, you can just visit the lake and indulge in its addictive beauty. It is also close to the zoo by TATA Steel, discussed above.

Jubilee Lake

The ownership and management of the lake also belong to TATA Steel. If you are someone who would like to enjoy the sights of the major attractions of the city of Jamshedpur by indulging in various activities, this lake can satisfy your interests to the max.

Here you can avail of boating services and enjoy fishing in the lake under the guides’ supervision. 

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

This is a pilgrim destination in the city of Jamshedpur for the believers of Hinduism. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Bhuvaneshwari. The location of this temple comes on top of a hill having an altitude measurement of about 500 feet.

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

This location has also got another peculiarity of being the highest elevated point in the entire city of Jamshedpur. Since it is quite high, you can have a panoramic view of the temple from the location of the temple. The south Indian style of architecture used in the construction of the temple will amuse you with its top-notch aesthetic quality.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is also high having a measurement of about 32 feet. The eight pillars found in the temple are also quite significant attracting tourist attention. 

St. Mary’s Church, Jamshedpur

This is another pilgrim destination for the believers of Catholicism in the city of Jamshedpur. Moreover, the ancientness of the church is also quite impressive. Considering the other churches in the city of Jamshedpur, this is the oldest one among them all.

St. Mary’s Church, Jamshedpur

The crowd of devotees in the church and its premises also signifies the importance of the church in the tourism sector of the city of Jamshedpur. If you would like to travel to the destination, you may need to travel to the Bistupur region. 

Best time to visit Jamshedpur

July and September 

How To Reach Jamshedpur?

  • Nearest airport: Sonari Airport
  • Nearest railway station: Tatanagar Junction Railway Station (TATA)


A perfect industrial city vacation you can have with pilgrim and wildlife experiences.

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