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Mizoram: Visit In Evergreen Hills And Dense Bamboo Jungles!



Mizoram Visit In Evergreen Hills And Dense Bamboo Jungles!

The hilly terrain, the green valleys, and the winding rivers are common features of all the northeastern states of India. Mizoram, one of the Seven Sisters of the north, is a small attractive state nestled in the blue mountains and continuing hills. Earlier it was started as a union territory, but later the state was formed during the year 1986.

Mizoram tourism proposes an inordinate opportunity to discover nature at its best. The unusual flora and fauna, the bamboo forests, the gurgling waterfalls, and the attractive paddy fields call all nature enthusiasts to visit the valleys of Mizoram. Chhimtuipui or Kaladan is the greatest river flowing in the state.

The key tourist attractions of Mizoram Pala Lake, the biggest lake, and Tam Dil, or the lake of the mustard plant are two key tourist attractions of Mizoram Tourism. Aizawl being the capital of the state is an imperative tourist destination.

Lunglei is another key tourist destination. There are different ancient caves that carry tourists an opportunity to discover the origins of Mizoram. There are different wildlife sanctuaries such as the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, and so on. We have added a few lists of beautiful places to visit in Mizoram.

Mizoram is a trekker’s heaven and the Phawngpui Mountains are one of the best trekking places to visit in Mizoram. Paragliding is a prevalent adventure sport around the region. There is a paragliding school that organizes paragliding activities and festivals in connotation with the tourism department of Mizoram.

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The accurate meaning of Lunglei is ‘the bridge of rock’ and the place resulting in the moniker from a bridge-shaped rock that can be seen along a tributary of the River Tlawng called Nghasih.


The quaint little town is celebrated for its natural splendor and picturesque setting. Situated nearly 170 km from the capital city of Aizawl, this is one of the best places to visit in Mizoram if you are on the viewpoint for an offbeat destination.

Besides nature watching, you can indulge in a diversity of other adventure activities here such as trekking, bird watching, and camping. For wildlife fanatics, this biodiverse region has 2 wildlife sanctuaries, the Horangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, and Saza Wildlife Sanctuary.


Deceitful at a height of 1132 m above sea level, Aizawl is a picturesque city and the capital of the state of Mizoram around northeast India. Principally registered by the Mizo Tribe, Aizawl, and its surrounding areas are lush with rolling hills and plentiful greenery.


The city, along with the majority of the state is better known for its agricultural introduction and cultural handicrafts and apparel. Aizawl is well linked via roads and air connectivity to other foremost hubs of northeast India such as Silchar and Guwahati in Assam.

An imperative thing to note is that an Inner Line Pass or ILP is compulsory for entry into Mizoram which is accessible in Guwahati, Silchar, Shillong, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

Among one of the oldest cities in the northeastern region of India, Aizawl, pronounced eye-zone, is a faultless place to relax while relishing the local food and culture. Home to the Mizoram State Museum and a few other tourist complexes, tourists have few selections to relish in a sightseeing tour in the city. Apart from these, one can take a tour of the adjacent hilly areas of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake, and Chanmari.


This is one of the best places to visit in Mizoram. The crystal-clear waters of River Tlawng and the Tamdil Lake would carry the experience to remember for a lifetime.


The lavish green hills at the backdrop and the crystal-clear water from these two water bodies make it a picture-faultless destination. So, this is one of the top Mizoram visiting places.

Reiek Mizoram

Want to celebrate a better view of the picturesque setting and beauty of Mizoram? Come to Reiek. This is one of the most beautiful tourist places to visit in Mizoram. You would be awestruck by the all-encompassing view of the lovely valleys. Sip a cup of tea and celebrate the mesmerizing sunrise amidst the attractive backdrop of the hills and valleys.

Reiek Mizoram

Do not forget to seize the moments in your heart as well as in your camera roll to appreciate them forever. You can also invigorate yourself while strolling in the village and discover the day-to-day life of Mizo tribes.


The fourth largest district in the state, Mamit is also better known as the ‘Orange Garden of Mizoram’ for the massive orange orchards here. Situated nearly 95 km from Aizawl on its western side, the district is better known for its natural bounty and wonderful scenery. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mizoram, particularly for wildlife fans and adventure seekers.


The Dampa Tiger Reserve situated here is one of the most renowned natural protected places in India. The state’s lengthiest cave network in Pukzing is also a part of this district and an excessive place to discover if you are a thrill seeker.

Being a mainly agricultural hub, Mamit presents a vibrant atmosphere, especially throughout the annual harvest festivals of Chapchar Kut, and Mim Kut.

Phawngpui Peak

The uppermost point in the state, Phawngpui Peak is an admired mountain among the tribes of the state. The attractive blue mountain situated some 300 km south of Aizawl is a delightful place to be and to bring out the adventure enthusiast in you.

Phawngpui Peak

The peak is situated within the Phawngpui National Park and oversees an astounding landscape full of deep crevices and wonderful cliffs. Trekking to the summit of Phawngpui is an experience no adventure paramour can let go of.

The highest mountain across the state at 2100 meters, Phawngpui Peak is measured to be the abode of the goddess of the Mizo tribe. The peak is situated within the Phawngpui National Park and oversees an astounding landscape full of deep crevices and astounding cliffs.

Trekking to the summit of Phawngpui is an experience no escapade lover can let go of. Being here between the enormous mountains and the sky makes you feel rejuvenated, happy and nonviolent at the very least.


Hmuifang Tlang or Hmuifang, as it is prevalently known in these parts, is a hill station situated at a distance of nearly 50 km from Aizawl. It is one of those Mizoram tourist places that fascinate nature lovers and wildlife fans from all around the country.


Placed deep in the heart of Mizoram, the unharmed beauty of these hills of Hmuifang proposes much in the form of wildlife and audacious activities. The site is also well known for hosting a local festival- Thalfavang Kut, that is shown by the Tourism Development of Mizoram.

If you have a chance to attend the festivities, you can get a deep understanding of the local traditions and culture, particularly with dances such as Sawlakai, Cheraw, Siktuithiang lam, and Chheih Lam. 


Serchhip, situated in Mizoram, is one of the places in India that is better known for having the greatest educational attainment, and it is a site capable of carrying you with an atmosphere that is both special and audacious. This little town has the ability to carry its visitors with the feeling of living in a slighter hamlet, comprehensive with the vibrant energy, interests, and colors that characterize village life.


Silchar is home to the adjoining airport, while Aizawl is where you will find the nearest train station. To arrive at Serchhip, you may take a bus, or you can hire cabs. It is conceivable to travel to and from different cities in Mizoram by bus; however, the rides tend to be packed and disagreeable.

Vantawng Waterfalls

Watch the uppermost waterfall in the state cascading down in mighty magnificence along the Mizo hillsides. The Vantawng Waterfalls

are among the most prevalent places to visit in Mizoram for the royal sight it presents. Primeval white frothy water of the falls lunges down amongst the lush greenery of the Mizo hills.

Vantawng Waterfalls

It is the thirteenth-highest waterfall in the country and positively one of the most charming in the whole of the northeast. The Vantawng Waterfalls is a concealed gem amid the mass of attractiveness that Mother Nature has sanctified Mizoram with.

Tamdil Lake

Tamdil or Tam Lake is a wholly man-made water body that developed into one of the most noteworthy additions to the Mizoram tourist places. Tamdil interprets ‘Lake of Mustard’ in the local language. It proposes a place of absolute relaxation amid wonderful landscapes, a peaceful atmosphere, and crystal-clear waters.

Tamdil Lake

Tam Lake is enclosed on all sides by evergreen forests and moderately sloping hills, making it a perfect spot for catching a breath of fresh air away from the stir of city life. You can select to go boating in the lake or picnic by the water’s edge or merely lie under the shades of a big tree sopping in the tranquility. 


The town of Champhai on the eastern border of Mizoram near the Indo-Myanmar border is the organizational headquarters of the Champhai district. It is situated at a distance of 188 Km from the capital of Aizawl and is deliberately and commercially imperative for the state of Mizoram as well as for India.


Champhai and its surrounding regions are principally known for their natural beauty and massive valleys of rice fields. It is better known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’ owing to being a key region of rice cultivation. Also, its vivacious seasonal orchids lend it a certain romanticism and appealing appeal.

Murlen National Park

For the adventure spirited who likes to discover the wilds and wilderness, Murlen National Park is one of the best places to visit in Mizoram. It acknowledged the status of a national park by the Government of India in 1991.

Murlen National Park

Murlen is sometimes indicated as the Amazon of India due to its assorted and vanishing flora and fauna, precipices, rivulets, and caves. The eruption of colors that will welcome you is enthralling, from the verdant greens of the foliage to the bright hues of a broad variety of orchids.

Take a jungle safari to advert wild animals as well as birds such as the Hume’s pheasant, brown wood owl, hill myna, peacock pheasant, and hornbills, among several others.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve, an impressive Wildlife Sanctuary, is situated amidst the deep and dense forests of Mizoram in India. The forests are situated about 125 kilometers from Aizawl and are rich with the variability of flora and fauna that draw tourists and nature lovers to the Northeastern state of India from all fragments of the world.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

The name Dampa was resultant of the lonely bachelors (Dam Pa meaning Lonely Men) left around the region after the passing of a majority of the female population. The Dampa wildlife sanctuary refuges a sprawling area of over 500 square kilometers on the western side of Mizoram and traces the international boundaries of Bangladesh.

Best Time To Visit Mizoram

November to March is the best time to visit Mizoram with the mercury dipping to a relaxed range between 11º and 29°C. The sky is a bright blue and the morning mists wrap the valleys between the hills bestowing a visual treat. This is an attractive time to go trekking in the hills and also see nature at its very best. The rains come from May to Mizoram and endure till September making the region very wet and steamy. So, it may be best to evade travel here at this time of the year. 

The Mizos rejoice in an agrarian festival named ‘Kut’ and it is renowned thrice a year – March, September and then again in November. The festivities are linked with the planting, plowing, and harvesting of crops. Christmas is also celebrated with fervor all over Mizoram.

How To Reach Mizoram?

Aizawl is the only base of Mizoram. It is well linked with foremost cities such as Guwahati and Kolkata by air, road, and rail. Here is how to arrive at Mizoram.

BY AIR: Aizawl has a domestic airport and is well-linked to different cities such as Guwahati, Imphal, and Kolkata through consistent daily flights. Flights to Agartala and Dimapur also function from Aizawl.

BY TRAIN: Mizoram is linked through its rail head in Nairobi in Kolasib District.

BY ROAD: Mizoram is linked through National Highway 54 from Silchar, Assam. Mizoram State Transport buses ply frequently from Aizawl to Guwahati, Silchar, and Shillong.


There are more tourist destinations in Mizoram. More captivated by the beauty of the land, we toured lesser than we had originally intended. We would come back with more when we get there next time. In the meanwhile, contributions from individuals of the land and those who have toured the state would be most comfy.

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