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13 Best Beaches In Kerala: India’s Tropical Malabar Coast!



13 Best Beaches In Kerala

Kerala has got a spectacular coastline on account of a lot many supportive geographical features. This beauty has been attracting thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the vibes and feels of the beaches. Moreover, the beaches in Kerala are never alike. Every beach is quite distinctive from the rest and thus making every visit a fresh and warm experience.

From Drive-In beaches to offbeat beaches, there is room and space for every category of beach lover on the coastline of Kerala. If you are interested to get touched by the rustic fishermen folks and their lifestyle in Kerala, there are also a lot of beaches catering to the experience. In this article, we have listed a few Beaches In Kerala

You can also opt for beaches with that happening tourism and commercial vibes if something like that is gonna match your interests in exploring the beaches of Kerala. The proximity of several beaches with some estuaries and backwaters is also ideal for a nature lover to indulge and enjoy. Some of the countable beaches and their attractive elements are listed below. 

Table of Contents

Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram 

Kovalam Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Kerala loved by international tourists and domestic tourists alike. Commercial tourism is the most focused activity in the region. Every amenity and setting is intended to engage the tourists and make their visits as comfortable as possible.

Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram 

Instead of the rustic beach vibes, all you will get from the visit to the beach would be some European cultural touch. The lighthouse on the beach is also a factor of attraction of the beach. The view from the lighthouse is a must-watch if you are planning to hit the location.

If you are interested to travel in the surroundings of the beach, apart from the sandy shores, you can also consider visiting the fish harbor nearby. This would amaze you with the aquatic wealth gained from the beaches on the Kerala coastline. Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium is also a nearby attraction on the beach if you are fond of learning the technology integrated into the pearl production units. 

Best time to visit: November to February

Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport

Nearest railway station: Trivandrum Central Railway Station (TVC)

Kozhikode Beach

This is also one of the beaches with the most rushing crowds on the Kerala coastline. Unlike the majority of international tourists found on the other beaches, domestic tourists are found in large numbers on the beach. There is also a lighthouse near the beach where the view can be quite breathtaking.

  • Kozhikode Beach
  • Kozhikode Beach

The Lions Park found near the beach is one of the favorite spots for the kids visiting the beach. If you have that quest for knowledge and aquatic wealth, you can also visit an aquarium nearby the beach. The pavements of the beach are also quite impressive with aesthetic sculptures set up by the local governments.

These sculptures make Kozhikode, “the city of statues”. Apart from the statues, you can also enjoy graffiti walls on the southern side of the beach in which regionalism stands high with all the pride and privilege. 

Best time to visit: October to March

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode Railway Station (CLT)

Alappuzha Beach

Another happening beach in Kerala with a lot of natural and commercial elements to enjoy. The proximity to the picturesque backwaters of Alappuzha makes the beach a bit more beautiful and mesmerizing. The 150 years old pier that can be found on the beach is significant to the history and heritage of the city.

Alappuzha Beach

This spot has also been a beautiful backdrop for beach photography in the area. Tourism is also quite active in the surroundings of the beach. You can consider visiting the beach during the festive times of the year to spice up your experience altogether. Apart from the happening tourism, fishing is also an active sight on the beach.

The fishing boats, their arrival, and departure would give you the vibes of life at the seaside of the beach. The beach is not that maintained well by the authority in terms of waste management and cleanliness. So if you are looking for that tranquil vibes and cleanliness, this won’t be your place. 

Best time to visit: November-February

Nearest airport: The Cochin International Airport

Nearest railway station: Alleppey (ALLP)

Bekal Beach, Kasargod

Bekal Beach is one of the beaches situated on the northern side of Kerala in the northernmost district of the state, Kasargod. Tourists regard this beach as the best one you can visit in Kasargod. The architecture of the forts constructed near the beach during colonial times is something worthy to visit in terms of aesthetics and grandeur.

Bekal Beach, Kasargod

You may not be able to find good restaurants and cafes near the beach. However, this is one of the best beaches you can visit to spend some quality time with your loved ones in Kerala. If you are looking for a picturesque place to relax and refresh, this beach is also perfect for the same.

Recreational activities like camel rides and horse rides are also possible on the beach making your kids engaged in something hilarious. Zipline services are also available on the beachside inviting adventure tourists to the location. 

Best time to visit: October-November

Nearest airport: Mangalore Airport

Nearest railway station: Kasaragod (KGQ)

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur

Apart from the beauty of nature and the rush of tourists, the popularity of the Muzhappilangad beach is acquired from being one of the best drive-in beaches in the territory. When it comes to the entire drive-in beaches in Asia, this beach occupies the first position in the longest ones.

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur

Moreover, the popular media, BBC has also ranked this beach among the “6 best drive-in beaches in the world”. You can easily access the location of the beach from Kannur Railway Station. 4 km is the total length of this drive-in beach in Kannur. If you are someone who loves to enjoy a ride through the golden shores of the Kerala coastline, a visit to the beach would be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Adventure enthusiasts are mostly found in the location of the beach with SUVs and similar automobiles. Photoshoots are also rampant in the location of the beach making it one of the best sought out picturesque beaches in Kerala. 

Best time to visit: October-May

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport

Nearest railway station: Thalassery (TLY)

Varkala Beach

This is one of the trendiest beaches in Kerala with a lot of international tourists and European-style cafes and eat-outs. Papanasham beach is the other name by which the beach is known among the locals in terms of the mythological grounds associated with it. Varkala beach is situated in the district of Thiruvananthapuram in the state.

Varkala Beach

The cliffs of the beach are also quite popular among the tourists visiting the place. Tourists make it a point to visit the cliffs to get themselves immersed in the mind-blowing views possible from the location. You should definitely try out the distinctive seafood eateries in and around the beachside serving you the most delicious cuisines and tastes out there.

You can also go street shopping in the location of the beach and buy some crafts and arts that testifies to the skills and aesthetic sense of the local artists of the region. These pieces are also beautiful pieces that can be saved as souvenirs to remember your Varkala beach vacation for a lifetime.

Best time to visit: October-February 

Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport

Nearest railway station: Varkala (VAK)

Cherai Beach, Kochi

This is one of the beaches situated on the rural outskirts of Kerala. It is located in the district of Ernakulam in Kerala. Even though it is in Kochi, you need to travel a total distance of 25km from the city center to reach the location of the beach.

Cherai Beach, Kochi

The exact location of the beach comes on an island called Vypin. You can spot this beach at the northern end of the island. The crowd you can find on the shores of the beach is never low if you are expecting a less crowded beach on account of its suburban location.

You may find difficulty in parking if you are taking your vehicle to the beach. The evenings on the beach are pretty attractive with a lot of options to relax and rejuvenate. People mostly flock to the location of the beach to indulge in the mesmerizing sunset views possible here. 

Best time to visit: October-March

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport

Nearest railway station: Idappally (IPL)

Neendakara Beach, Kollam

If fishing is your major interest to watch and indulge in, this can be your favorite beach in the entire Kerala coastline. You can access the beach at just a distance of 8km from the city center of Kollam. The fishing harbor is the major feature attraction you can find in the location of the beach.

Neendakara Beach, Kollam

You must watch the views of the beach and its surroundings from the bridge of Neendakara which would be a wonderful sight during your whole visit. This view will let you enjoy the magical communion of the lake of Ashtamudi and the ocean from the best-ever angle.

The sunsets of the location are also quite beautiful so you can also consider hitting the beach, particularly during the evening hours of the day. The British engineering of the Neendakara bridge built in the year 1877 is also quite attractive and worth appreciating during your visit to the beach. 

Best time to visit: August-March

Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport

Nearest railway station: Perinad (PRND)

Marari Beach, Alappuzha

This beach is located in a village setup in the district of Alappuzha. You need to reach the village of Mararikulam in Alappuzha to reach the location of this beach. This might take you a distance of 11km from the city center of the district.

Marari Beach, Alappuzha

Even though it is quite distant from the city center, the tourism and amenities active on the beach would deconstruct your expectations. The food options available here are quite extensive and you must get yourself into the spicy tangy Kerala seafood cuisine to experience the most out of the location.

However, if you are searching for a beach for playful swimming, this won’t be the ideal place for it. Unlike the other tourist beaches mentioned above, the waves in the Marari beach can be a bit more powerful which might not be safe especially if you are not that experienced with the activity. But the cleanliness of the beach should be much appreciated. 

Best time to visit: September-May

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport

Nearest railway station: Alleppey (ALLP)

Kappad Beach, Kozhikode

Another beach in the Malabar coastline in the state of Kerala. This beach is situated in the district of Kozhikode with quite a lot of historical significance to it. This is one of the cleanliest beaches in the state of Kerala.

Kappad Beach, Kozhikode

When it comes to the local pronunciation, the beach is known by the name “Kappakadavu”. This beach is not in the heart of Kozhikode city. You need to travel to the northern side of Kozhikode district to reach Koyilandy and then to the beach of Kappad.

The beach is marked by the historical fact that the Portuguese colonizer Vasco da Gama and his landing. The landing is marked on the sands of the beach by constructing a stone monument. The monument has also got an inscription that reads, “Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498”. There were a total of 170 fellow travelers along with him during the time of landing. You can also see a lot of vintage resorts in the area the beach. 

Best time to visit: October-March

Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode Railway Station (CLT)

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

Payyambalam beach is one of the most rejuvenating beaches you can visit in the district of Kannur in Kerala. It is considered one of the best beaches for couples. Evenings on the beach can be much more relaxing and delightful.

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

Taking a stroll along the pavements of the beaches can also be quite interesting and refreshing during the evening hours of the day. You can also spot small snack shops nearby to relish the local cuisines of the place. Views of the place are also quite mesmerizing in the location of the beach.

When you are looking for Kannur beach in Google, you will come across a series of 5 beaches in the district. The Payyambalam beach is one among those 5 and thus attains popularity from a different angle too. You can also visit a lighthouse near the beach to feel the completeness of visiting the location. Surfing and other water sports are also active in the location if you are more into the adventure side of beach visits. 

Best time to visit: October-April

Nearest airport: Kannur International Airport

Nearest railway station: Valapattanam (VAPM)

Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur

This is one of the rustically vibing beaches in the district of Thrissur in Kerala. You need to travel to the municipality of Chavakkad in order to visit this beach. From Guruvayur Temple, the most popular landmark in the district of Thrissur, it will take you a distance of 5km to reach the location of the beach. this is also one of the best Beaches In Kerala

Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur

The estuary found in the location of the beach is another feature attraction. Hence nature lovers, particularly beach lovers often visit the beach to indulge in this confluence. It is also a famous spot to enjoy the golden sunsets and spend some time relaxing on the cool sands of the beaches.

Car parking facilities are quite spacious in the location of the beach. Hence you don’t need to worry much about taking your vehicle to the beachside. The cleanliness of the beach is also appreciable when it comes to other popular beaches in the state. 

Best time to visit: March-September

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport

Nearest railway station: Guruvayur (GUV)

Shankumugham Beach, Thiruvananthapuram 

This is yet another tourist beach you can visit in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. From Trivandrum International Airport, the beach is quite near. The statue of a mermaid is the most popular attraction in the city. The statue becomes the best backdrop for Instagrammable pictures in the location.

Shankumugham Beach, Thiruvananthapuram 

Groups of families and friends are found chilling their time on the beach. Weekends are usually the most crowded in the beach surroundings. A mix of international and domestic tourists can be found in the location of the beach. Also, you don’t have to worry about the parking facilities available near the beach.

Access to decent restaurants and snack shops also make this beach quite convenient to spend your quality time. The incident of sea erosion was quite newsworthy regarding the beach. You can also consider visiting the Hindu pilgrim location of Attukal Bhagavathy Temple nearby the beach if you are inclined to the spiritual aspects. 

Best time to visit: October-February

Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport

Nearest railway station: Kochuveli (KCVL)


Beaches in Kerala are best for every kind of tourist since they have provisions for adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, photoshoots, and a lot more.

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