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A Voyage To Keylong – Bucket List Places To Visit



A Voyage To Keylong Bucket List Places To Visit

Keylong is the managerial headquarters of the Spiti and Lahaul districts of Himachal Pradesh. Among the brown and white mountains in the region, Keylong Stands out as an oasis of greenery across the district. It is the most populated place in Lahaul region, positioned at a height of 3440 m. There are nearly 250 houses, and all government offices exist across the locality.

This is a foremost hub for Lahaul region as buses to the other destinations begin from here. The other special thing concerning Keylong is that it is the only place in Lahaul with a consistent market. Additionally, Keylong lies on the bank of the Bhaga River where Bhaga Valley, Chandra Valley, and Chenab Valley intersect. Manali-Leh highway is 7 km from Kelong. River, Valley, mountains, and green insight makes Keylong a scenic destination.

Keylong follows Buddhism culture and every festive celebration involves the participation of Lamas and monks. The annual Lahaul festival celebrated during July is quite famous among Buddhists and locals. Numerous cultural activities are organized throughout the festival and fascinate tourists. 

Table of Contents

Kardang Monastery

It has been more than 850 years since the Kardang Monastery was established in the foothills of the Himalayas. Kardang Monastery is one of the oldest possessions of the Drukpa Lineage. The monastery is historical owing to it being a part of Kardang village which was once the capital of Lahaul. The Monastery is positioned at an elevation of 3500 meters above sea level, on the bank of Bhaga River.

About Kardang Monastery

As per the facts, the monastery was established during the later parts of the 12th century but was wholly ruined after a while; later during the 20th century, it was built again by 2 lamas- Lama Norbu Rinpoche (died during 1952) and Lama Kunga. In addition, the monastery is prevalent all over the globe for its religious significance and alluring architecture.

The monastery houses a phenomenal assortment of paintings, murals, Thangka paintings, frescos, old weapons, and instruments such as flutes, horns, drums, and many more. Kardang Monastery is an imperative educational center as well. The library of Kardang monastery is a vault that comprises some of the good books belonging to the bygone era. An imperative center of Buddhism, this charming monastery can edify the tourist which its architecture and breathtaking surroundings!

Triloknath Temple

Triloknath Temple is positioned in the Udaipur sub-division of District Spiti and Lahaul of Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 45 km from Keylong. The ancient name of Triloknath temple was Tunda Vihar. This divine shrine is revered equally by the Buddhists and the Hindus. Hindus measured the Triloknath deity as “Lord Shiva” while the Buddhists consider the deity as ‘Arya Avalokiteshwar’.

About Triloknath Temple

Tibetan language-speaking individuals named him ‘Garja Fagspa.’ It is concerned as the most sacred site after Mansarovas and Kailash. The uniqueness of the temple lies in the fact that it is the only one in the complete world where both Buddhists and Hindus pay homage to a similar deity.  

In addition, here one can see a divine sculpture of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Inside the temple, there is a stone picture of three faced Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, who is riding on the Nandi Bull. The shrine also has sculptures of Goddess Sharda and Goddess Narda, along with that of few other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. 


The village is positioned above the confluence of the rivers Bhaga and Chandra around the Pattan Valley. Tandi, nearly 8 km from Keylong is one of the valley’s beautiful positions, with abundant of natural beauties and legendary legends. 

About Tandi

The naming and confluence of the Tandi Rivers are several stories. From this path, the brothers Pandav and their bride Draupadi started to go up to heaven. Draupadi slid away from a similar location and perished in human form and could not reach the sky. From that time on Tan Dehi has well-known, meaning in the human form and the Tandi term is a similar version. 

Another myth regarding the junction of the 2 rivers states that the two offspring Sun and Moon, who wished to marry, consequently, were Bhaga and Chandra. Both took their distinct way, reached Tandi, and finally got married. The confluence recalls a mythological love story that advances its attractiveness.  


Udaipur is an exotic tourist destination positioned at nearly 53 km from Keylong in Himachal Pradesh. Located at an elevation of 2523 m above sea level, Udaipur is placed at the intersection of the Mayar Nullah. Earlier the place was well-known as Markul or Margul, and later during the year 1695 it was called as Udaipur by Raja Udai Singh of Chamba. 

About Udaipur

The complete village is surrounded by Kail (blue pine) forests. Being positioned on a low altitude, dry fruits such as apricots and walnuts, and apples grow here. During 1939, Hermann Goetz, the renowned German composer, who visited the place, complimented concern the natural beauty of the village and associated its scenery with Swiss hillsides. 

Lahaul Valley

Lahaul Valley has become the most prevalent tourist destination of Himachal owing to its easy method after the opening of the Atal Tunnel, Rohtang. Every day, thousands of tourists come to Lahaul Valley to take in its breathtaking beauty. Lahaul Valley, which further has several small valleys, is home to beautiful insights, a deep valley, towering peaks, rivers, hanging glaciers, a mix of Hindu-Buddhist cultures, and winding roads. 

About Lahaul Valley

Manimahesh Lake

Manimahesh Lake (also better know as Dal Lake) is in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, in the Bharmour subdivision of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Nuzzled at an elevation of 4,080 m, it is measured only second in implication to Lake Mansarovar in Tibet. Manimahesh accurately means “Shiva’s Jewels.”

About Manimahesh Lake

The Mythological Association of Manimahesh Lake is that it is measured that Lord Shiva, one of the 3 Gods in the Hindu Trinity identified as Lord Brahma the Creator god in Hinduism, Lord Vishnu the Protector god in Hinduism and Lord Shiva the demolisher stays at Manimahesh Kailash.

Supporters of Lord Shiva visit Manimahesh Kailash during Shivaratri and several other festivals connected to Lord Shiva to obtain the blessings of their beloved Lord Shiva. It is powerfully supposed that taking a dip into the Manimahesh Lake would bring peace into one’s life and wash all their past sins. 

Rewalsar Lake

Vast, apparently sparkling, and unending blue, the Rewalsar Lake on a sunny day is a rare beauty. The lake remains calm all year round and truly comes to life when the mercury augments throughout the stifling summer. Surrounded by rugged mountains on all the sides, this scenic lake is positioned at an altitude of 1,360 m above sea level and nearly 22.5 km away from Mandi. The lake is square in shape and sprawls over a location of 735 m. 

Measured as one of the most sacred lakes of Himachal Pradesh, Rewalsar Lake is revered by individuals of dissimilar religions- Sikh, Buddhist, and Hindu. Tibetan Buddhists call it by name of Tso-Pema, the lotus lake.Overlooking the Rewalsar lake, there is a 12 m-high statue of Padmasambhava, which is the major attraction of the area. Next to the lake, there are 3 temples that are enthusiastic to Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, and the sage Lomas.

About Rewalsar Lake

The Rewalsar lake is also home to the Drikung Kagyu Gompa which is an academy for Buddhist studies and houses a Sakyamuni statue. Beyond that, there is a Gurudwara enthusiasm for Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of Sikhism. The Guru Gobind Singh Gurudwara was constructed in 1930 to honor Guru Gobind Singh ji’s visit during 1738 to Rewalsar.

Other imperative pilgrimage sites neighboring the lake are Padmasambhava Cave, Naina Devi Temple, Zigar Drukpa Kagyud Institute, Drikung Kagyud Gompa, Jigar Monastery, Kunt Bhyog and 6 other lakes which are linked with an epic episode of Mahabharata where an attempt was made to kill ‘Pandavas’ in the palace of wax.

Every year, the place shrugs off its calm throughout the months of the Sisu and Baisakhi festival. If a tourist wants to step away from the city for an inaudible getaway, then they must involve Rewalsar Lake in their Himachal tour guide.

Baralacha La Pass

Baralacha La, well-known as Baralacha pass is located in the Zanskar range. It is a high mountain pass positioned along the Leh-Manali highway that links Leh district in Ladakh and Lahaul district across Himachal Pradesh. The barren sceneries without any obstacles of shops or hotels here look truly attractive to the onlookers. Just a few kilometers away, you can also view the Bhaga river which amplifies the breathtaking sceneries across the pass.

About Baralacha La Pass

Baralacha insecurely translates to a summit that has countless crossroads. Lahaul, Zanskar, Ladakh, and Spiti are a few of them. It is an energetic location where mountain bikers never seem to miss out on their adventures. This 8 Km long pass is also precious by trekkers who are on their way to further climb up to Chandratal lake. It functions as an inordinate pit stop for them.

Pin Valley National Park

Set amongst semi-frozen rivers in the Pin Valley, the Pin Valley National Park is located in the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve located in the Lahaul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh. The advancement of the park varies from nearly 3,500 meters near Ka Dogri to more than 6,000 metres at its pinnacle.

About Pin Valley National Park

One of the most fascinating amenities of its kind, the Pin Valley National Park is home to the sporadic species of famous Himalayan snow leopards and their prey, the Ibex. The National Park is most well-known for its unbelievable trek which is a delight for all its visitors. 

It snows for the most part of the year interpreting the trek as a thrilling and audacious expedition. However, make sure you gain the demanded permits. Also, foreign nations are not enabled inside the park.

How To Reach Keylong?

There are several ways to reach Keylong such as by road, by air, or by train.

By Air: Keylong does not have its own airport. The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu Manali, which is approximately 175 kilometers from Keylong. Private cars and buses are available from the airport to Keylong. The airport is considered difficult for pilots to land at because the only runway is located in a valley surrounded by peaks.

There are plans to improve connectivity by upgrading the airport. Air India Regional and Deccan Charters fly from the airport to Delhi and Chandigarh. The Gaggal Airport in Dharamsala is also close to Keylong. Air India, Spice Jet, and Jagson Airlines all have flights to Delhi from the airport. Dharamsala and Chandigarh are also served by Jagson Airlines.

By Train: Considering that Keylong does not have a train station, those who want to visit this hill town will need to take a train to either Amb Andaura, which is located 131 km away, or Una Himachal, which is located a good 142 km away. Joginder Nagar, which is 250 kilometers away, is another railhead. Ambala is linked to Ambala, Delhi, Una, and the Nangal Dam. The state of Una Himachal is linked to Delhi, Ambala, Amb, Nangal Dam, and Haridwar.

By Road: The Keylong hill station can be reached by a variety of private vehicles. Buses run from Keylong to Delhi, Haridwar, Dharamshala, and Shimla by the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC). There are also several buses that run between Manali and Keylong. The first bus leaves at 4 a.m., and the last bus leaves at 12 p.m.

Buses are not available from October to April because the road connecting Manali and Keylong is closed due to heavy snowfall and landslides. The buses take 5 hours to travel the distance. To get there, you can also use a car service or your own personal vehicle. From Manali, taxi services are also available. Keylong is connected by road to Chandigarh (398 kilometers), Manali (94 kilometers), Kullu (136 kilometers), and Dalhousie (203 km).


Keylong is an ideal place to take a break from the Leh-Manali highway and enjoy nature’s raw, rustic beauty. Keylong, a picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh, is spread across the green Bhaga Valley below the Manali-Leh road. It is the administrative center of Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti districts. Among the region’s white and brown mountains, Keylong stands out as an oasis of greenery in the district.

Every festive celebration in Keylong, which adheres to Buddhism, includes participation from lamas and monks. Both locals and Buddhists are well-known for attending the annual Lahaul festival, which is held in July. . The best time to visit Keylong is from mid-May to mid-October, as the Rohtang Pass is closed the rest of the year due to snowfall.

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