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10 Best Places To Visit In Pahalgam- Kashmir In 2022



Best Places To Visit In Pahalgam- Kashmir In 2022

This hilly town is located in the state of Jammu Kashmir, India. Among the tourists visiting the town, most of them are fond of trekking or any other adventure activities possible in a place of high altitude. Unlike other hill stations, the climate of Pahalgam is not that hostile and most of the tourists find it moderately comfortable in adjusting to the same. The proximity of the Lidder river and its enchanting natural surroundings are some other features attracting tourists to the destination.

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Top 10 Must See Places In Pahalgam

The town of Pahalgam has formed nearby the intersecting point of the two rivers namely, Aru and Sheshnag. Mountains and snowy peaks are also captivating landmarks for tourists who plan their trip to any hill station in North India. There are also folk tales marking the town of Pahalgam as a former village inhabited by shepherds.

Every year on the auspicious occasion of Amarnath Yatra, Pahalgam becomes a haven for the devotees of Lord Shiva setting out for the pilgrimage by serving as their starting point. Considering tourism, the town is well developed and caters to include facilities for all kinds of tourists visiting the place. Here are some of the ideal locations to visit in Pahalgam.

Aru Valley

Aru Valley

This is one of the destinations in Pahalgam with a flourishing rate of tourism. You can reach the valley at just a distance of 12km from the town center. The meadows of the valley giving that lush experience is perfect for a honeymoon couple or a family getaway. The stroll through the meadows is quite relaxing and rejuvenating for your inner self.

The rhythmic flow of the lake underneath the valley, its transparent lake bed, and the pure water will fill your quest to touch nature in its most unadulterated form. The mighty mountains will be a majestic view you can enjoy meanwhile indulging in the goodness of the valley.

If you are planning an adventure trip, the valley is also home to base camps of several treks. Thus you can also make the visit quite eventful and engaging. Skiing, trekking, and heli-skiing are some of the popular sporty activities happening in the place. If you are just curious about the natural marvels and views of the place, we suggest you visit the place during the snow-covered winter months. 

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake is also another location in Pahalgam, where tourists are mostly found. It is also nearby the town center within a 16km distance. But reaching the shores of the lake can be tricky since you need to set out for the Tulian Lake Trek with dangerous steeps and slopes.  Make your mind upon the trek by analyzing your health condition and determination. If you are physically fit and a regularly active person, the trek won’t bother you in a consequential manner.

Ponies are also available to help you with the trekking so that you will be able to complete the 2-day long trek in just a single day. Tranquillity seekers are highly probable to get satisfied by visiting the place. The turquoise color of the lake water is another attractive feature of the destination. Thus it also becomes a perfect spot to click social media worthy photos. You can also visit the place if you are just into sightseeing.

Every nook and corner of the lake is a beautiful natural location with lots of aesthetic elements to explore and enjoy within. Since the lake is positioned between the mountain ranges of Pir Panjal and Zanskar, the hill station vibes and views you can have from the place are unlimited.

Kolahoi Glacier 

Kolahoi Glacier 

The mountain ranges of Sind, Lidder, and Amarnath make place for the glacier of Kolahoi to stand in between them. The melting ice from the glacier is seen flowing into the stream of the Lidder river.

By traveling around 24km from the valley of Aru, you will be able to reach the location of Kolahoi glacier. Kolahoi glacier is a mystery of Himalayan nature that can be conquered only through trekking. Usually, the trek starts from Aru valley. The semi-circular segments of the valleys of Kolahoi glacier are a significant tourist attraction.

The glacier provides a different experience for the tourists visiting it at different times of the year. The shape and size of the glacier also change throughout its routes. Unlike the above-mentioned treks, Kolahoi glacier welcomes trekkers of all experience levels with relatively lesser risks involved.  It may take a duration of 6 days to complete your trek to the glacier. Trekking is possible in this location almost around the year except during the extreme winter months. 

Golf Course

Golf Course

This is a sports club in the Pahalgam area, especially intending the tourists visiting the place. The picturesque location of the club is one of the major reasons why people prefer visiting the club during their vacation. The club stands at a high altitude with all the possible premium amenities for tourists.

The pine forests and the snow-clad mountain peaks visible from the location followed by the appreciable hospitality make the spot listed among the top priorities of your Pahalgam vacation. The positioning of the club creates the feeling of a plateau with the Sheshnag river and Aru river beneath it.

The golf is now 18-holed which was 9-holed when it was established. The upgradation was done to satisfy the rising tourist demands for the place. Several championships are often conducted from the place, attracting flocks of tourists and even locals to it.

The club also provides golf caddies and other equipment for rent to the tourists. There are also provisions for hourly games in the club with reasonable pay. You can also visit the deer park nearby the golf course. This can be a paradise for biodiversity enthusiasts visiting the place. 

Sheshnag Lake 

Sheshnag Lake 

Calculating in distance, Sheshnag Lake is just 17km from the Pahalgam center. The lake is popular for its aquatic wealth that amuses tourists both international and domestic. Brown trout is the celebrity variety of fish found in the waters of Sheshnag lake.

Unlike other lakes, the presence of algae in this waterbody is much lesser making its water the purest of all. The accessibility of the Sheshnag lake is also through trekking. The paths you will cover in this trek are the most scenic with the exotic floral blooms of Kashmir, flora, and fauna, and also the majestic mountain ranges.

Terrains of grasslands are extremely soothing and give you a sensation of euphoria in the lap of nature. From the name of the lake, we can be quite obvious about the religious myths that are associated with it. Hence a lot of domestic tourists visit the lake with devotional intentions. Photography is rampant all along the trekking routes and also in the surroundings of the lake. April to September are the months which will give you a pleasant experience in visiting the Sheshnag lake. 

Sun Temple

Sun Temple

This is a Hindu pilgrim spot in Pahalgam. The temple and the complex are an assembly of exemplary artistic skills and the experience of the constructors behind it. The sun temple is formally known as the Martand Sun Temple. The construction credits of the temple go to the former local king, Lalitaditya. The king belonged to the Surya dynasty of the Kshatriya clan.

The temple in its entirety is a tribute to Bhaskar/Sun God. The artworks that can be seen in the temple are reported to be extremely rare and aesthetically supreme by researchers. The work quality of the builders belonging to the ancient Kashmiri Hindus is also praised and admired by the tourists visiting the place even though the temple is in its ruins now.

The intricacies of design methodologies used by the artists or architects of the times are still a matter of study for contemporary scholars across the globe. The snowy peaks serve as a beautiful backdrop for the temple enhancing its beauty from every possible angle. Square-shaped limestones are the major construction material used for the temple. Pillars standing out with some Greek touch are also exciting and noteworthy in the entire construction. 

Lidder River

Lidder River

Lidder river is credited to the glacier of Kolahoi for its origin. The source of water in the Lidder river is the snow melting from the glacier. The length of the river is estimated to be 73km. Pahalgam valley is the flowing route of the river. Groups of families planning a vacation to Pahalgam are often found on the banks of the Lidder river to have an appealing picnic time.

Adventure lovers also seek the location to satisfy their adrenaline pumping. Horse riding, water rafting, and angling are some of the adventure activities loved by tourists visiting the lake. You can also enjoy fishing if you would like to indulge in a meditative yet exhilarating activity. Lidder river along its flow joins the river of Indus from a certain point thus becoming one of its significant tributaries.

The locals of the Anantnag region depend on the river for all their domestic and commercial water requirements. You can also click beautiful pictures from the shores of the river. The crystal blue water of the river is sure to enhance the charm of your clicks and take it to the next level. 

Betaab Valley 

Betaab Valley

Nature in its supreme charm welcomes you to the valley of Betaab. This is a true paradise for every nature lover. The panoramic ambiance of the valley is undeniably beautiful and would compel you to visit again and again after your first visit. If dense forests would interest you, masses of pine and deodar woods are waiting for you in this delightful valley.

With the musical company of the Lidder river, the Betaab valley becomes appealing to every sense of the tourists visiting the place. The valley is quite close to the town center of Pahalgam hence there is no need for any uncertainty if you should visit the valley doubting the accessibility. “Betaab” is actually a Bollywood movie shot in the valley. The valley’s name is thus accredited to the movie. Geographically, the valley is placed in the middle of the places namely, Pahalgam and Chandanwari.

On account of its mesmerizing beauty, tourists often refer to the place as the “angelic valley of Pahalgam”. The soil of the Betaab valley is highly fertile so the locals are able to get a good harvest from the crops cultivated in the valley. Cattle rearing is also extensively done in the valleys since the pastures provide good feed for them. Base camps of many treks are also found in the valley, marking the attendance of adventure-seeking tourists in the location. 



Chandanwari is a neighborhood in the Pahalgam town demarcated by its pilgrimage significance. The place serves as a base for the Amarnath Yatra, a popular Hindu pilgrimage to visit and pay respects to Lord Shiva. The pilgrimage months are from June to August every year.

This is a high-altitude location within a 17km distance from Pahalgam. Offbeat lovers are the tourist majority seen in the location during the months except those on the pilgrimage. Solo travelers can perfectly enjoy the place, immerse in its exotic tranquillity, converse with nature and thus have an irreplaceable vacation experience. You can also be playful with the water of the Lidder river while spending time in the Chandanwari region.

The view of the Lidder river contributed by the melting snow of Kolahoi glacier, is a blissful view to enjoy if you visit the place during the months spanning from November to May. Hiking and sledging are some of the activities offered in the region if you are interested in the motive excitement of the visit. Handicrafts shopping is another tourist activity happening around the Chandanwari region. 



The credit of the name of the location, Awantipora goes to Avanti Varman. There is also a temple in the location devoted to  Avantiswami. Lalitaditya, the Surya dynasty king had also built several sanctuaries in the place which is now found in its remains. The remains are now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and are open for tourists to visit.

Awantipora was the capital of the region ruled by king Avanti Varman. There are also many temples devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu on the premises of Awantipora. Hence this region stands out on the map of Pahalgam with its unique mythological and socio-cultural prominence. Many mysteries and facts related to the place are still not unearthed and are under serious study by excavators and scholars.

If you would like to stay in this historic neighborhood of Pahalgam, do try out mountain homestays that are economical as well as matchless in hospitality and exotic vibes. The Chashme Shahi Garden is a perfect location if you would like to enjoy a picnic in the location with blooms and their happy moods filling our hearts.

The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is a red feast to our eyes if visited during the season times. You can also find service providers offering pocket-friendly trekking options in the Awantipora region. Bike riders to the Himalayas are found meeting up in the region. 


Comparatively the hill town of Pahalgam has a lot many adventure options, picnic spots, and more, involving fewer challenges which makes it perfect for family getaways to the Himalayan ranges. Honeymooning in the location would also be a great idea. Hence, the location becomes an ideal destination for productive recreation or just hanging out for a while.

The pristine lakes and the unpolluted nature makes it apt to detox yourself from digital and sedentary corporate lives. In a nutshell, Pahalgam welcomes every class of tourists to it with unlimited options for activities and engagements. On account of its developed tourism sector, you won’t be left astray on the vacation. You can plan your Pahalgam holidays according to your convenience since the location has something or the other to visit and do around the year. 

How to reach Pahalgam?

Nearest airport: Srinagar Airport

Nearest railway station: Jammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT)

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