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Alibaug: Explore The Popular Beachside Destination Of India!



Alibaug Explore The Popular Beachside Destination Of India

If a coastal vacation in western India is your plan, then Alibaug would be the perfect getaway. Alibaug is popular being a mesmerizing coastal town in Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. Alibag is the pronunciation variant of this place. Beaches are the major attractive tourism element of the place. Alibaug has got a beach in the same name as the city as well as beaches like Varsoli. The royal past of the place is also something that will interest you in this vacation by visiting some of the major forts and palaces of the region.

The fort of Kolaba is one among them. The artistic excellence of the locals is also something to be appreciated on the trip to Alibaug. You can also visit some of the legendary temples in the territory since they are the center of attraction of pilgrim tourism happening in the city. Unlike the English colonial invasion that happened in the majority parts of India, this region has remnants of the colonial past left by the Portuguese invaders. This might be because of the town’s proximity to Goa, the prominent Portuguese colony in the Indian subcontinent. Interested to know what is waiting for you more in the territory of Alibaug? Continue reading. 

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Kolaba Fort

This is one of the landmarks and tourist attractions you can find in the territory of Alibaug. Some people refer to this fort in the pronunciation variant called “Kulaba Fort”. Alibaug was a maritime base during the earlier days and this fort was constructed for the purpose of facilitating such activities with ease. But it also stood as an identity of pride of the times. From the beach of Alibaug, you can reach the location of the fort within a distance of 1-2 km. Even though the fort is not functional at the moment, it is protected by the authorities.

Kolaba Fort

Also, tourists visiting the city of Alibaug make it a point to visit the Kolaba fort without fail. It is also known by the name “sea fort” on account of its closeness with the beach of Alibaug. During times of high tide in the sea, you won’t be able to access the fort via road or walking. At such times, the fort will be seen surrounded by water and accessibility would only be possible by boarding a boat. The fort shows light on the period of the reign of the king, Shivaji Maharaj. It was in the year 1680, that the construction activities of the fort began with the order of the king. 

Murud Janjira Fort

Another fort to be visited in your trip to Alibaug, Maharashtra. Unlike the forts in your expectations, this fort is located on an island in the Murud region. Murud is a coastal town you can find near the Alibaug region. It can be seen in the district of Raigad in the state of Maharashtra. This fort also belongs to the category of marine forts in India. Considering the rest of the marine forts in the country, this is one of the strongest of them all. The period of construction of the fort is also quite amazing. As per the records of history available, it was in 1100, that the fort of Murud Janjira was constructed in the region.

Murud Janjira Fort

But there are also claims that mark the year of construction as somewhere in the 17th century. However sufficient pieces of evidence are not yet available to stick to any of these options. Hardly any annexations happened in the fort until it joined the territory of India during the Indian Independence in the year 1947. You can spend a good 45 minutes to 1 hour inside the fort and remember to reach the location before 4 in the evening so that you will get ample time for exploration before the closing time. 

Kihim Beach

If you can never get enough of the beaches and are obsessed with them, the beach of Kihim will give you an unforgettable experience with a different kind of vibe. The rich lines of coconut palms are the major attraction of this beach. Moreover, there are also a lot of wildflower blooms making this beach quite colorful and happy for the tourists visiting the location. From Alibaug, you need to travel to the village of Kihim to reach the location of the beach. Since the beach is situated on the rural outskirts of Alibaug, a distinctive rustic vibe will accompany you in the beach experience possible here.

Kihim Beach

Unlike the other popular tourist beaches found in the city regions, this beach is quite clean and free from all kinds of pollutants. Hence spending some time in the surroundings of the beach will give you a lot of fresh air and also a perfect detoxifying experience. Moreover, the picturesque backdrops of the beach will let you click a lot of pictures from the location that is quite Instagram and Pinterest-worthy. You can also collect a variety of beautiful seashells from the white sand shore of this beach. 

Alibaug Beach

This is the landmark beach of the city of Alibaug. You will be able to feel the pulse beat of the Alibaug tourism by spending some time on this beach. Water sports and other recreational activities are quite lively in the surroundings of the beach. The crowd on the beach is also quite large, especially during the peak season. However, there are provisions for a relaxing vacation in the beach region. If you can visit the beach during the early hours of the morning and the evening hours, beautiful sunsets and sunrises would steal your heart. Couples are also seen enjoying their lovely moments on the beach admiring the scenic visuals and the ambiance.

Alibaug Beach

The culture of tourism on the beach is also much encouraged by the governmental agencies making it an economic hub for the locals. You can see a lot of people depending upon tourism as a livelihood. If you are hitting the destination along with a group of friends or family, you must enjoy the water sports activities available there. Such group activities can undoubtedly add more spices and flavors to your trip. The view of the Kolaba fort from the beach of Alibaug is also something that is loved by the tourists visiting the place. 

Nagaon Beach

Another coastal charisma you can explore in your vacation at Alibaug. You need to travel a distance of 9km from the city of Alibaug to reach the destination of Nagaon Beach. Tourists visiting the city of Alibaug are mostly fond of this beach on account of a lot of factors. Water sports and hygiene are some of the major factors among them. Adventure lovers see no reason to skip the location of Nagaon Beach since here they will be served everything they love. Peace lovers would also fall in love with the empty corners and spaces found a lot on this beach. Hence they can also get their priorities served right and well by visiting the beach of Nagaon.

Nagaon Beach

The length of the beach is measured to be around 3km. Moreover, you won’t be distracted by the hustle and bustle of the city if you are spending some quality time on the beach since it is located quite far from the city. The accommodation facilities available near the beach of Nagaon are also quite serene and vibing with the moods and ambiance you prefer. You can also get the chance to enjoy the charming side of the nature of Alibaug by visiting this beach. 

Khanderi Fort

This is a fort in the Alibaug region having an approximate ancientness of around 320 years. From the main coast of Alibaug, you need to travel a distance of 3km to reach the location of the fort of Khanderi. On the journey to the fort, first, you will reach a ferry point and from there you can have a joyful ferry ride to finally reach the destination. You should not also miss out on the lighthouse nearby if you would like to enjoy the picturesque views from a 360-degree angle. The lighthouse is maintained and managed by the authority known as the Port Trust Administration.

Khanderi Fort

If you would like to visit the fort during your visit to Alibaug, you are required to take prior permission by approaching the Bombay Port Trust before your journey. The year of construction of the fort is marked as 1680. Shivaji Maharaj was the one who ordered the commissioning of the fort. You can also come across the temple of Vetal where the local fishermen folks worship and pay respects before venturing out for fishing in the deep sea. The built quality of the fort makes it stand strong even today with pride. 

Kanakeshwar Forest

If you are interested in exploring the lush green forest side of your Alibaug vacation, a visit to the Kanakeshwar forest is highly recommended. You can grab the opportunity to see some of the most exotic flora and fauna of the location. The richness of this western coastal region in its biodiversity and vegetation is sure to amaze you with all pride. Trekking and hiking in the location are also possible. But the only thing to be kept in mind is that it is never gonna be a walk in the park. Expect the presence of a lot of dangerous and poisonous wild animals and creatures. Make sure that you are protected with all the defense equipment.

Kanakeshwar Forest

Also, it is better to seek the help of a local tour guide so that you will know what to do when an emergency turns up. Snakes, leopards, panthers, and wild boars are some of the creatures that you may come across. While exploring the interiors of the forest, you will not be guided by sunlight even if you are trailing during the morning hours of the day. All the necessary guidance and support will be available from the base if you are planning to do it. 

Brahma Kund

Unlike all the above-mentioned locations that are situated in the state of Maharashtra, Brahma Kund belongs to the state of Gujarat. However, reaching the location of Brahma Kund from the Alibaug region can be quite easy. Brahma Kunt is the pronunciation variant of the location. You can spot the location in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. This can be considered one of the prominent Hindu pilgrim destinations on your trip to Alibaug. You can see some of the aesthetic sculptures of Hindu deities in the location of the Kunt. It is basically a tank consisting of steps. Apart from the religious and mythological significance of the destination, it is also prominent when it comes to the historical aspects.

Brahma Kund

You can also spot a lot of academicians and archaeologists in the location taking a look and examining the sculptures and surroundings of the place. Locals also possess certain conventional beliefs surrounding the region and sculptors of the place. It is said that during the older days, Siddaraj, the king could get relief from his skin ailment from the Brahma Kund. The medieval architecture of the place is another thing that makes the place attractive, especially to those who can appreciate art and construction. 

Murud Beach

Another gem to the beach list you can explore in your Alibaug vacation. Serenity and joy will embrace you on the trip to this beach destination. You can just be yourself and dig all your exhilaration and merry from within. The cleanliness of the beach and the visitors who are also particular about maintaining the cleanliness should be praised with all our heart. Even though water sports and other recreational adventure activities are also possible in the location, littering is comparatively the least on this beach and its surroundings. You can hit the location during the weekdays if you are searching for a much more spacious beach hangout. Weekends are found with a greater crowd and bustle in the location.

Murud Beach

However, comparatively, you can indulge in a higher degree of peace and joy in the location of the beach. Accommodation facilities are also possible near the beach making it a perfect destination to spend your workcation too. If you know how to do spiritual activities like Yoga and meditation, come to the beach during the morning and evening and get soaked in the power of inner peace and joy. Chinese and other street food options are also available near the beach satisfying all the foodies in your gang. 

Mandwa Beach

The final one to the beach options available in your Alibaug vacation. This beach is situated in the Kolgaon region in the state of Maharashtra. Just like most of the beaches mentioned above, Mandwa Beach has also a lot of water sports options available. Domestic tourists are the majority found in the location of this beach. Locals of the region prefer this beach to spend their weekends mostly. Ferry services are also available near the beach. In order to reach the beach, a ferry ride is mandatory.

Mandwa Beach

This ride would also be quite scenic and satisfying. The tranquil vibes in the location of the beach are the most prominent and so if you are one among the group of peace seekers, you will definitely fall in love with the place. This place is also popular for a lot of food options available nearby. So a lot of people come here just to try different varieties of delicious and affordable foods. This location has also got celebrity status by being the location of the Bollywood movie, Agneepath. This is one of the beaches in the Alibaug region that can satisfy most of your needs in a beach vacation. 

How to reach Alibaug?

Nearest airport: Mumbai Airport

Nearest railway station: Roha (ROH)


A location encapsulating the most scenic beaches in the western coastline of the Indian subcontinent. Perfect to enjoy with friends and family.  Best time to visit Alibaug: October-February

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