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Beautiful Places To Explore In Cherrapunji



Beautiful Places To Explore In Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is renowned as the rain capital in the state of Meghalaya, India. The city has got a greater elevation which gives it the enchantment that attracts tourists to the location. The roots found in the city make distinctive bridges forming an exciting natural marvel found in the city. This can be caused by the bio-engineering practices of the locals in the area.

It is estimated that an average of 50 people can walk through these bridges at a time. Cherrapunji is also known as Sohra among some of the natives and tourists. Extensive rainfall is received in Cherrapunji around the year with variations in intensity in different regions and seasons. On account of this extensive rainfall people regard the place as the “wettest town in the world”. East Khasi hills are the exact geographical location of the city.

This unique positioning is also one of the reasons for the exotic weather conditions in the place. Being a town of natural wonders, here are the major attractions that you shouldn’t miss out on during the Cherrapunji vacation. 

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Double Decker Living Root Bridge

This natural wonder of the town is tied along with the adventure activity of trekking. It will also help you explore the beauty and the natural brilliance of the rainbow waterfalls. If you are able to visit the location during the afternoons, stick to that particular time of the day to enjoy the waterfalls in their best colors. You can also enjoy cliff jumping in the location making it a favorite spot for adventure buffs.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

The trekking trip can take a duration of three days so don’t forget to plan accordingly. The homestay before the trekking in the Nongriat village is an unforgettable rustic experience. Since the weather of the place is always humid and moist, you are naturally prone to many infections and diseases hence top-notch hygiene and safety measures are followed during the trek and the activities that follow.

The root bridge is an exciting scenery with dense forests surrounding the area, gushing streams of water accentuating the mood with the perfect musical charm, and the stone steps enhancing the visual charisma of the place. Once you reach the destination of the root bridge, you can also enjoy the fish pedicure from the waterbodies nearby for free. People also enjoy plunging into the chilling waters of the rivers here. 

Seven Sisters Falls

The other popular names of the Seven Sisters Falls are the Nohsngithiang Falls or the Mawsamai Falls. The name “Seven Sisters Falls” comes from the seven segments found in the falls. In the case of elevation, the waterfalls are the fourth highest in the whole of the nation with 315m.

Seven Sisters Falls

The spectacular views possible from the location attract tourist flocks to rush to the location during the seasonal months of the year. Monsoons are the best time to visit the place if you are looking for the majestic view the place has to offer. 

Nohkalikai Falls

This waterfall has the tallest plunge in the whole of India with an elevation of about 340m. Rainwater is the major source of water for falls. The plunge pool found at the foot of the falls is a tourist attraction. A lot many people are found enjoying their time taking a dip in the pool and playing with the splashes. The less common green shade of the pool also gives the best vibes to enjoy. The geographical location of the falls is on the brim of the Plateau of Cherrapunji.

Nohkalikai Falls

This location is also perfect to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the town. The lush green valleys around make the trip ideal to cater to the earthy vibes sought by environmentalists and nature lovers visiting the location.

You can easily reach the location of the falls from the Cherrapunji town center with a cab ride that takes not more than 7km. After the cab ride, you are required to take a hike for a small distance to reach the exact location of the falls. 


Dawki is a village town of Meghalaya bordering its home country India with its neighboring country, Bangladesh. The division of the hills of Khasi and Jaintia can also be found in the location. Most of the foreign trade and transactions between the countries of India and Bangladesh happen through the town. Umngot river flowing through the village is a beautiful view where tourists are mostly found.


This river is also known by the name of Dawki. The clarity of the water of the river is often praised by tourists. The starting point of the Dawki river is perfect for swimming so that you can also the enjoy purity and chill of the waters from the location.

The town of Dawki is also home to several tourist attractions making it the ideal spot to cover a lot many places in your Cherrapunji vacation. Moreover, the serene greens found everywhere in the town make it the most calming inhabitable place in Cherrapunji. 

Mawsynram Village

This is a village of waterfalls in the town of Cherrapunji. Wherever you go in the town, you won’t be spared from sighting a group of waterfalls. This small town in Cherrapunji also owns the rainfall record of the world. The longest cave made of sandstone is also found in the town known as the Krem Puri. The steep slopes of the valleys of the town are also an interesting element of the geography here.

Mawsynram Village

You can always seek the help of a local guide in visiting the village if it is your first time since there are high chances for you to miss out on the subtle wonders of the village no matter how much you research it.

Wildlife enthusiasts would also find the place much more interesting since there are a lot of exotic organisms in the location that find their habitat in the rain-splendid geography of Mawsynraam. 

The Eco Park Cherrapunji

The location of Cherrapunji Eco Park is near the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Bus services are available from the city center of Cherrapunji and you can reach the location with a journey of not more than 3km.

The Eco Park Cherrapunji

2004 is the year of the establishment of the park. This is the result of the deliberate attempts and efforts taken by the travel and tourism department of the Meghalaya government in enhancing the tourism experience in the state and thereby generating better revenue from the natural resources available in the state.

The Shillong Agri-Horticultural society has also made a significant contribution to the construction of the Eco Park by donating several varieties of orchids that are both indigenous and hybrid. You can also gift your kids a playful time in the Children’s Park set inside.

If you are a history buff, there are a couple of monoliths present here. Moreover, this is also a location of enchanting viewpoints in the city. 

Mawkdok Dympep Valley

The valley is located on the Shillong-Cherrapunji road and is best known for the spectacular viewpoints the location has to offer. Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge Viewpoint is the other name of the valley. The viewpoint is facilitated by the government authorities and not a natural one. There is a stair you need to climb down in order to reach the location of the viewpoint.

Mawkdok Dympep Valley

Since the valley is strictly maintained by the authorities without leaving it to the effects of the nearby urbanization, the pristine panoramic view of nature possible in the location is absolutely matchless and outstanding.

The surrealism of nature hits deep if you take that attempt to visit the location on your Cherrapunji vacation. If you are a photo enthusiast, the Mawkdok Dympep Valley gives you the best experience with picturesque locations all around.

You can also try the traditional attires of the Khasi Hills which would be highly Instagrammable in every sense. There are also street vendors in the location serving you Maggi and snacks. 

Mawsmai Cave

This limestone cave found in Cherrapunji attracts tourists to experience the natural look and feel of the geography. The intensive rainfall received in the area is the reason for the extensive cave formations found here. It is estimated that an average of 200 caves or more can be present in the location.

Mawsmai Cave

The Mawsmai Cave is just one among them. The cave is comparatively short with a measurement of 250m. Stalactites and Stalagmites are found in plenty of caves. Calcite crystals giving that glazing finish are also something distinctive of the caves. The location of the caves is 57km away from the town center of Cherrapunji.

These formations can be scientifically enlightening to some and for some, they may create a mysterious environment. The wide entrance which gradually narrows down is a peculiar feature of the caves that are perfect to give some gothic elements to the caves. Expect no natural lighting in the caves even during the daytime. 

Kynrem Falls

You can reach the falls by traveling a distance of 17km from the city center of Cherrapunji. The Kynrem Falls occupies the position of the seventh highest in the Indian territory. 305m is the elevation of the falls. Just like the other falls in Cherrapunji mentioned above, try visiting the falls during the monsoon months of the year.

Kynrem Falls

This is because the torrential rainfall can bring these rain-fed waterfalls to their maximum force providing the best majestic view. If you are visiting Thangkharang park nearby the location of the waterfalls, reach out to the viewpoint in the park to enjoy the most magnificent view of it.

The three tiers of the cascading waterfalls are the other feature of attraction here. You can also swim in the pool at the foot of the falls but only if you are an expert and confident about it. There is no need to take a trek or a hike to reach the location of the falls since you can access the view from the roadside itself. 

Khasi Monoliths

Khasi Monoliths are the exotic view exposing the culture and tradition of the tribes of the Khasi Hills. If you have plans to visit Mawsmai Falls, this is not a place to miss out. You can also explore the passages below the caves which would be an unforgettable lifetime experience. History enthusiasts are mostly found in the location gathering facts and insights from these remnants of the past.

Khasi Monoliths

Locals treat the caves, stones, and artifacts found in the location with much honor and respect as a means to treat their ancestors with love and gratitude. Some locals regard these stones as the posthumous embodiment of their ancestors. This is also a perfect location if you are more into sightseeing.

Apart from all the natural marvels that you can explore in Cherrapunji, the monoliths of Khasi would be a different experience exciting your curiosity for history. 

Ka Khoh Ramhah

The rock boulders of Ka Khoh Ramhah are one of the major tourist destinations in Cherrapunji. Pillar Rock and Mothorp are the other names attributed to the location. The gigantic cone shape of the rocks here is the factor that attracts tourists to the place. If you are planning a Cherrapunji vacation with your family, don’t forget to hit the location since you have a lot of space to spread a picnic mat and have a refreshing time with your loved ones.

Ka Khoh Ramhah

Try to plan your trip during the monsoon season so that you will also be accompanied by the perfect lush green environment during your visit and the picnic. There is also a gushing stream of water behind the rocks providing an enchanting backdrop to the rocks.

The rocks of Ka Khoh Ramhah are also an ideal viewpoint in Cherrapunji offering panoramic views of the town and its splendid natural green surroundings. 

Arwah Cave

The Arwah Caves of Cherrapunji is the better accessible cave for visitors in relation to the other caves in the place. The fossils that can be seen inside the cave are quite impressive and often excites the history enthusiasts visiting the location. Crustacean stones and bones of fishes can also be found inside the caves in a fossilized state on the walls of the caves. If you are new to such sights, try not to miss out on the visit to the caves.

Arwah Cave

The caves are majorly formed of limestone. The underwater streams flowing beneath the caves are also perfect to set that mystic mood on your visit to the caves. The superior sense of aestheticism found in the walls of the caves is quite impressive and throws light upon the artistic brilliance of the ancestors of the Khasi Hills.

You will also come across several exotic vegetation on your visit to the caves. For the purpose of tourism, a viewpoint and a seating area are also set nearby the caves. 

Krem Mawmluh

This is an easily accessible location from the Cherrfapunji bus stand with just a distance of 3.5km. This is a cave worth visiting in Cherrapunji. Mawmluh is actually a pretty hamlet found in the location and the caves found here are the oldest as per the records of history. The cave is around 7km in length and is perfect if you are looking for elements of adventure in your trip to Cherrapunji.

Krem Mawmluh

The length of the cave has given it the title of the fourth longest cave in the whole of India. The pool inside the cave is also an attractive feature of the location. The usual stalagmite formations are also found in the caves. The narrowest entrances and pathways can be quite risky and are prone to accidents. Hence explore the caves analyzing the intensity of your craving for adventure. 

Best time to visit Cherrapunji:


How To Reach Cherrapunji?

Nearest airport: Guwahati Airport

Nearest railway station: Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)


A must-visit location in India with an exotic climate, natural environment, and exemplary natural history. Perfect for adventure seekers, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers.

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