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Top Attractions To Visit In Coorg: The Scotland Of India



Top Attractions To Visit In Coorg The Scotland Of India

Are hill stations a prerogative of North India? If you have a misconception as mentioned, Coorg is gonna prove you wrong. This is a hill station in South India that will give you the perfect vibes of a mountain vacation that you have been dreaming of. Coorg is situated in the South Indian state of Karnataka. It lies near the Western Ghats which provides it with the ambiance of an ideal hill station. It is also known by the name of Madikeri.

Apart from the natural features, this town is also known for its fort and the royal past that comes along with it. It is also a center of temples and monasteries stressing the connection of the natives with the spiritual side of life. Waterfalls and spice plantations enhance the look and feel of the Coorg vacation in every possible aspect.

The coffee plantations that are seen abundantly in the place attract a lot of international tourists and coffee lovers to it. Due to the distinctive topography, climate and nature, the place has also got the nickname, “the Scotland of India”. Here are the top recommended places where you can visit and make your Coorg vacation an unforgettable experience. 

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Namdroling Monastery Bylakuppe 

Namdroling Monastery Bylakuppe 

If you are curious about the teachings and ideals of Tibetan Buddhism, this is a must-visit place for you. Bylakuppe is the exact location of the monastery. People belonging to the Sangha community are the residents of the monastery. Their lamas over a count of five thousand, inclusive of the nuns and the monks reside here. A high school and a college both teaching on religious and spiritual grounds can be found in the complex of the monastery. There is also a hospital as part of the monastery.

Karma Kuchen is the current leader of the monastery and the people inhabiting there. Mipham Anniversary and Losar are some of the festivals of the monastery celebrated with crowds and grant ceremonies. Penor Rinpoche is the founder of the monastery and he is also known in the name of Kyabje Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche.

There are also provisions for you to stay in the monastery if you feel excited to know more about the culture and customs of the inhabitants of the place. Solitude, peace, and spirituality would be the prominent feature of every monastery which will not be unlikely in the Namdroling Monastery. In some references and mentions, the monastery of Namdroling is also known as “the Golden Temple”. 

Tadiandamol Peak 

Tadiandamol Peak 

Searching for the highest peak in the hill station of Coorg? Tadiandamol peak is your place. In height, the peak is in the third position in the whole of Karnataka with an altitude of 1748m. The shola forest patches found in the valleys of the peak are a green feast for your eyes. You can also enjoy trekking if adventure activities are your cup of tea. The trekking will not be that difficult since the records mark the trek with moderate levels of difficulty. Most of the treks begin from Kakkabe and end in Kakkabe with a total distance of about 24km.

Apart from the trek, you need to walk a distance of 4km after reaching the Palace stop by any transport means to finally reach Kakkabe the starting point of your trek. But this peak and its surroundings are not just for adventure lovers, bird watchers and biodiversity enthusiasts are also found in the location seeking their sights of interest. Even the grasslands of the valleys of the Tadiandamol peak are a hotspot of much diverse flora and fauna which will excite nature lovers. The lush greens and the chilling climate of the region would be pleasing to the mind and the soul if you are just searching for a location to relax and refresh. 

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort

The glorious royal past of the hill station of Coorg will get unfolded before you on the visit to the Madikeri fort. This is an artifact to reveal the stories of different dynasties and rulers who have been ruling Coorg during the older days. Now this fort and its surroundings are the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Coorg. This is also a perfect Instagrammable location if you are looking for vibrant photos spreading the joy of your Coorg vacation. Mudduraja is the founder of the fort during the latter half of the 17th century.

The entire fort is built using mud and this is the most interesting fact about the fort attracting flocks of tourists into it. But later the construction was finished using granite stone. The subtle and aesthetic integration of the art and cultures of various religions and traditions get expressed in the fort and its architecture and design. The temple and church found in the location of the fort prove this cultural amalgamation. A library, museum, and prison are also found in various locations inside the fort expressing its grandeur and glory. History lovers are found in plenty of locations gathering all the possible info about their interests and clicking photos. 

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls

The beauty of these cascading waterfalls can be enjoyed at a distance of 8km from the center of Madikeri town. This is the most scenic location you can find in the hill station of Coorg. The soothing climate and the milky stream rejuvenate you in and out and are a rescue from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The visit to the location is also one of the most sensory experiences you can have from Coorg. The lush green sights will feast your eyes when the streaming of the waterfalls excites your ears, the chilling weather touches your skin, and the aroma and the flavor of the coffee plantations obsess your nose and taste buds.

But all in all, you will not be able to find any chaos in the surroundings of the falls. This is the ideal location to chill and relax with the overwhelming peace found around. Abbey Falls is also known by the name of “Abbi Falls”. Photography is also a rampant activity seen here. The picturesque location gives you all the perfect backdrops of your dreams. Honeymoon couples opting for Coorg as their destination are mostly seen in the location due to its peaceful romantic ambiance. 

Barapole River

Barapole River

Excited to feel the turbulence of rivers with all the thrill and fun tightly packed in your mind? Barapole river is where you should go on your Coorg vacation. The river has Class II and Class IV rapid levels in it making the experience overwhelming with adventure and risks. Kithu Kakathu is the origin of the Barapole river or it can also be said that the Barapole river is the tributary of the Kithu Kakathu river.

The river of Barapole flows through the hills of Brahmagiri to finally reach the destination of Arabian sea. Rafting in the white waters of Barapole is the most preferred activity of the tourists visiting the location. If you plan your visit to the monsoon months of the year, the maximum adrenaline rush is assured while indulging in the adventure activity of rafting. You can also get the vibing pictures of engaging in adventurous rafting along with the package on demand.

You can spend a good 1-2 hours in the location to do the activity. It is better to visit the location during the morning hours of the day to experience rafting without the disturbance of the scorching sun. Remember that you need to travel an average of 80km from the Madikeri Bus stand to reach the river bank. 

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat

As the name suggests, this top-rated tourist destination in the city of Coorg is the “Seat of the King”. The name is derived from the historical fact that the location had been the place of visit for many Coorg rulers during the older days. The seat is quite an impressive viewpoint in the entire city of Coorg since it offers a matchless view of the splendid paddy fields, majestic hills, and lush green meadows and valleys. The climate and ambiance of the location are also quite relaxing and rejuvenating to the visitors.

All these luxe provisions set in place by mother nature justify its name, Raja’s Seat. There is a statue in the location which resembles the Raja’s seat. The spot is mostly visited by tourists during the evening time of the day to witness the most beautiful sunsets of Coorg. Surrounding the seat of the king, a beautiful garden and a musical fountain are also set captivating tourists. The floral blooms found in the garden are a charming view satisfying our quest for vibrance. The view of the mighty mountain range laden with mists is a one-of-a-kind experience you can ever have in South India. 

Nishani Motte

Nishani Motte

This is one of the most breathtakingly scenic peaks in the Coorg region. It belongs to the hills of Brahmagiri. “Euphoria” is the translated meaning of the place of Nishani Motte. Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers are frequent visitors to the location. This is kind of an offbeat destination in Coorg which can be regarded as underrated. But it is the offbeat nature making the location elegant and exotic.

The untouched natural beauty of the peak is loved and maintained well by environmentalist visitors. Trekking is one of the most practiced activities attracting adventure buffs to the location. The distance of the trek can be estimated to be 15km. The starting point of most of the treks is Tala Cauvery. This is a hotspot of exotic species, diverse vegetation, and flora and fauna exciting our intimacy with the environment. The pristine nature and the gushing streams in between your trek would be an outstanding experience on your Coorg vacation.

You will also get to see a lot of spice and coffee plantations around you while passing the trekking routes. Apart from trekking, you can also indulge in a wide variety of heart-pumping activities like jungle hiking, river rafting, wildlife photography, and many more. You can also visit the minor religious spots found in between the trek. 

Brahmagiri Hill

Brahmagiri Hill

To get soaked in the love and loveliness of the Western Ghats, Brahmagiri Hills is where you should go on your Coorg vacation. This would be a visit to rejuvenate your spirits and a natural therapy to relearn to live on good terms with nature. The lush green meadows, valleys, and mountain ranges would fill you with the nature positivity that would be quite inevitable for you in your busy lives. Get treated by nature in the most luxurious way on your trip to Coorg by visiting this location.

The spectacular views and the cool weather are perfect to revive your connectivity with mother nature and feel its goodness and purity once again in your life. The flora and fauna, the vegetation, and the rare sights of the exotic organisms, etc. would fill you with the enchantment and delight that you will get from nowhere in the world. The shola forest patches are the signature of the Brahmagiri hills and they would offer mystic jungle vibes during the visit. The Brahmagiri Hills are also extended to the state of Kerala, which is neighboring to Karnataka. The monsoon time of the year makes the location even more dense and rich with a variety of biodiversity and views. 

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should not skip the visit to the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary on your Coorg vacation. You will be convinced of the richness of the nature of Coorg on the visit. The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary has been proposed for the list of World Heritage Sites which speaks out the reason why you have to visit the location without fail. Bird watchers find this location extremely delightful since they can spot a wide variety of species in the location exciting their interests.

If you take your kids to the sanctuary they will have a lot to learn and understand from the sanctuary which will stay as memories for a lifetime. The stroll through the sanctuary would not be just a relaxing experience but a significant insight into nature and its diversity. The lush green views all around set the best atmosphere for your visit and make you visit the location over and over again. You can complete the visit in an average of 3 hours. Keep a camera handy so that you will be able to click pictures of the exotic species that may come across by chance. Public and private means of transport are available to take you to the location of the sanctuary from the city center. 

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

This national park is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The establishment year of the park is 1988. The tigers of India are preserved with keen care and attention in the national park. The major tiger reserve of India, the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is nearby the Nagarhole National Park. The translated meaning of the name “Nagarhole” is “Cobra River”. This refers to a river that flows through the national park. The park comes under the authority of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

The waterfalls, streams, and valleys of the national park are extremely wondrous with their lush greens and biodiversity. The park has also been in the news for the felling of the teak and sandalwood trees which seemed to be scandalous. The national park was a wildlife sanctuary during its early years. The wildlife sanctuary was established in the year, 1955. You can also enjoy Safari and trekking in the national park which would be a memorable experience for sure. But if you are visiting the park during monsoon such services won’t be available. 

Best Time To Visit Coorg

September to June

How To Reach Coorg?

Nearest airport: Mangalore International Airport

Nearest railway station: Mysore Railway Station (MYS)

Coorg is a holiday intersection of adventure and spiritual and environmental experiences. The vacation can be enjoyed by all categories of people especially nature lovers and adventure freaks. 


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