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Best Places To Explore With Friends In Munsiyari!



Best Places To Explore With Friends In Munsiyari!

Munsiyari is one of the hill station hamlets in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand in India. Pithoragarh is the district to which the village belongs. 2200m is calculated as the average elevation of the place. Trekking freaks are the majority found in the location of the village as tourists. The natural beauty of the landscape and the specialties of the climate are the other special features marking the village in the tourism map of India.

You might have been thinking why this location is remarkable when there are a lot many popular trekking destinations in India. This is just because of the altitude of the treks possible in the location. Here, trekkers having a strong inclination toward adventure are mostly seen. Such high-altitude peaks make the winter months of the year and the snowfall during the season mesmerizing to the max.

If you would like to experience the other side of nature from an entirely different aerial angle, Munsiyari is absolutely an inevitable tourist destination in the North Indian region. We have tried to find out the best destinations and sites in the territory of Musiyari village which might interest you in your trip to the place. They are the following. 

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Kalamuni Top 

This is a Hindu pilgrim destination you can visit on the trip to the village. Just like many other tourist attractions in the village of Munsiyari, this temple is also located on the top of a hill at a high altitude. Goddess Kali is the main deity worshipped in the temple. The locals of the village as well as the pilgrim tourists believe in the incredible power of the deity in nullifying all the negative energies in the surroundings and the souls of the devotees visiting the temple.

Kalamuni Top 

The ambiance and atmosphere of the temple are also quite remarkable and calming. We will be energized with an unbelievable flush of positive vibes with a visit to the temple. Fresco paintings exhibited on the outer walls of the shrine are the major attraction of the temple. A lot of international tourists visit the temple just to witness the beauty and charm of these Fresco paintings. Saints and monks are the usual sights inside the temple compound. They are usually seen meditating inside the premises. 

Birthi Falls

This is a picturesque waterfall you can visit the location of the Munsiyari village. Nature lovers and peace seekers would fall in love with this scenic waterfall and its enchanting surroundings. You are required to travel a distance of 35km from Munsiyari to reach the waterfall’s location. The waterfall reaches the ground from an elevation of about 400 feet. You can also travel through the pass of Kalamuni to reach the location of the waterfall. Even if this is a perfect hangout spot for nature lovers visiting the location, trekking would also be required to reach the location.

Birthi Falls

So, you should have a taste for adventure and nature simultaneously to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. However, the duration of the trek is not that longer making it worth experiencing without many risk involvements. You can see dense forest surrounding the region of the waterfall hence if you would like to explore the woods vibe, this place will definitely have your heart. If you are in the location, don’t forget to indulge in the views of the mighty Himalayas. Since the waterfall is located in a high-altitude place, the views from the area can be undoubtedly spectacular. 

Thamri Kund

This is yet another natural attraction significant to tourism in the village of Munsiyari in Uttar Pradesh. This is basically a small pond found in the forest region of the village. The locals of the village depend upon this pond when there is a scarcity of water in the region. You need to travel a distance of 10km from the village center to reach the location of the kund. Similar to many of the above-mentioned destinations, trekking or hiking is also required to reach the location and explore the specialties of the kind.

Maheshwari Kund

This is basically a calm and joyous place providing tranquil vibes to the people visiting. Hence backpackers would fall in love with the moods of the place since they are sure to get an entire rejuvenation and refreshment from the visit. The lush green forests surrounding the location are also great and magnificent for those who can enjoy the beauty of wilderness and rich vegetation. The snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas are the other major attraction you can enjoy from the location of the kund. Most of the locations in Munsiyari are ideal viewpoints too. 

Maheshwari Kund

This is a lake situated in the village of Munsiyari in Uttarakhand. But the lake has got several connections with Hindu mythology hence this place is also popular as a Hindu pilgrim destination in the territory of Munsiyari village. According to the beliefs and legends associated with the place, the lake has been cursed by Yaksha, the demi-god once. It is also believed that Yaksha had stayed on the lakeside for a while. Beautiful vegetation surrounding the lake is also a feature attraction found near the lake.

Maheshwari Kund

The rich biodiversity and trees found in the surroundings, attract nature lovers to indulge in the beauty of the location. Oak trees and Rhododendron trees are the prominent vegetation seen in the surroundings. The location of the place is also a beautiful viewpoint where we can enjoy many majestic peaks that belong to the Himalayan ranges. From the village center of Munsiyari, you can reach the location of the Kund within just a walkable distance. Hence this can be the most easily accessible location you can visit on your trip to the village. However, a small trail of trekking is also present on this route. But it can be ascended by anyone with hardly any difficulties. 

Panchachuli Peak

Just as the name of the peak of the peak suggests, this is not a single peak. It is a series of 5 peaks that belong to the Himalayan ranges. Around the year, five of the peaks would appear snow-laden. The peaks are found at the end parts of the Kumaon region. Darma Valley is where you should go to witness the beauty of these peaks. 6334m -6904m is calculated as the altitude range of these mighty Himalayan peaks in Munsiyari village.

Panchachuli Peak

The peaks also act as a watershed located between the valleys of Darmaganga and Gori. The carved edges and definitions that are peculiar about these peaks are some features making the landscape stand out by attracting a lot of tourists to the destination. These gigantic peaks are perfect to let you realize the might of the Himalayas on the go. During the different times of the day, the color and moods of the peak would change giving you a matchless experience ever. Base camp stays are also possible in the valleys of these peaks. 

Khaliya Top

This is a location perfect for your hiking adventures in the village of Munsiyari in Uttarakhand. This is basically a peaceful meadow where you can spend some quality time to get detoxified and refreshed in your Munsiyari vacation. The snow-capped mountain ranges and peaks visible from the location of the peaks accentuate the enchanting experience possible in the region. The top of this region has an elevation of about 3500m. Sights of the peaks visible from the location are Panchachuli, Hardeol, Nanda Kot, Rajrambha, and Khaliya.

Khaliya Top

Trekking is one of the most-loved adventure activities possible in the location along with hiking. Even during the early summer days, snowlines would be visible during the trekking times. If you are interested in photography, especially in wildlife photography, you will be feasted with content and clicks in the location of Khaliya top. Nature and its rich biodiversity would unfold before you in the location. Bird watchers can also enjoy the location since it is also home to a wide variety of species, particularly the Himalayan landscapes. The woods and the exotic trees present around would also be a magnificent sight around. 

Betuli Dhar

Betuli Dhar is a spectacular garden perfect for tourist visits to the village of Munsiyari in Uttarakhand. Rhododendrons lining the areas of the location intensify the beauty and vibrance of the garden. Winter would be the best time to visit this place. Apart from garden visits and indulging in the magnificence of the garden, you can also get engaged in a wide variety of adventure activities in the location. And the winter months of the year would be perfect for adventure activities in the location due to snowfall.

Betuli Dhar

Skiing is one such most-loved adventure activity of Betuli Dhar. 2748m is calculated as the average elevation of the area. The snowy peaks of the majestic Himalayas can also be enjoyed from the viewpoints found in plenty of locations. It is also good if you can visit the garden during the golden hours of the day. The sunsets and the sunrises that can be viewed from the place are truly enchanting and capture the mind of every nature lover for sure. There is only 7km from the village center of Munsiyari to reach the location of Betuli Dhar. 

Nanda Devi Temple

This is one of the most beautiful destinations possible in the Munsiyari region of Uttarakhand. Considering the pilgrim crowd and also the popularity, the location is also the best and inevitable in your Munsiyari trip. The temple in the location is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Durga. Almora City is where you should travel to reach the temple of Nanda Devi. When someone is planning a Hindu pilgrimage at a whole India level, this becomes a mandatory destination in the North Indian region.

Nanda Devi Temple

“Destroyer of Evil” is the other name or specialty attributed to the Goddess Durga worshipped as the main deity in the temple of Nanda Devi. Locals believe that it is the presence of Nanda Devi that is saving them from all the possible calamities and destructions of nature. You can spend a good 30 minutes in the location of the temple if you have plans to explore the surroundings. The shrine would be open to visitors from the early morning pujas to 10 in the evening. It is believed that the shrine has got an average of 1000 years of ancientness. 

River rafting in Gori Ganga River

Gori Ganga River is the paradise of adventure enthusiasts visiting Munsiyari. The water sports possible in the river are endless and so people love the location to get engaged and have some thrills during the vacation. Every kind of tourist can enjoy and have fun in the activities available in the river. The risk levels of the activities are relatively low so you don’t need to worry about your experience levels in these kinds of water sports. The views and the surroundings near the river are quite charismatic making the experience for a nature lover too.

Skiing in Munsiyari

You can choose any level of river rafting according to your level of experience in water sports. Grade I – Grade IV is the range available in the location. Moreover, the service providers in the river ensure the supervision of expert trainers making you assured of safety and security. You can also avail a lot of accommodation facilities near the river. Even if you are an expert in water sports, try to avoid the monsoon months to indulge in these adrenaline-pumping activities since a lot many accidents have been reported during these months of the year due to heavy rainfall. 

Skiing in Munsiyari

Skiing is one of the most refreshing activities possible in your Munsiyari vacation. Skiing lovers will never feel enough of the fun and thrill from skiing here. Tourist crowds in Munsiyari town are mostly experienced in this location. The mesmerizing beauty of nature is also perfect to indulge in during the activity. The air in the location is so fresh that being here would also give you a perfect detoxifying experience for sure. The proud and pristine Himalayas can also make you intimate with nature.

Skiing in Munsiyari

3860m is the altitude level of this place. Betulidhar is one of the most popular locations where you can experience the best skiing possible during your Munsiyari vacation. Khaliya Top also provides skiing so that you can indulge in the activity if you already have plans to visit the place. These skiing locations are also covered with snow during most of the seasons so if you would like to feel the thrill of the snowy landscape of Munsiyari, this can be your favorite location. 

Camping in Munsiyari

For backpackers and groups, this would be the ideal experience to indulge in during your vacation in Munsiyari. Especially if you have the interest to spend some quality time with your loved ones, or if you would like to interact with some like-minded travelers during your Munsiyari holidays, you can be absolutely satisfied with this camping experience. The campfire and the fun group activities during the time will let you feel relaxed and engaged.

Camping in Munsiyari

The warmth of the fire is also perfect to combine with the chilling cold weather of Munsiyari. Camp Shaama is one such beautiful location you can choose to camp in the territory of Munsiyari. It is located in the Naamik valley which is a picturesque area the place. It is recommended to spend a good 3-4 days in the camp to experience the best vibes. The glaciers and the Himalayas would accentuate your feel of the location. You can also take through the rustic villages in the area to feel the authentic vibes of the place. 

How to reach Munsiyari?

Nearest airport: Patnanagar Airport

Nearest railway station: Kathgodam (KGM)


Hit the location to feel the beauty and majesty of Himalayan nature and biodiversity. Get assured of the adventure thrills and spirituality in the place. The best time to visit Munsiyari: March-May

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