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Top 9 Irresistible Tourist Attractions in Anantnag



Top 9 Irresistible Tourist Attractions in Anantnag

Anantnag is a tourist city in the Union Territory, Jammu, and Kashmir. The geographical location of the city is 53 km away from Srinagar, the capital of J&K. Islamabad is another name of the city, Anantnag. The city also serves as a center of trade and commercial activities in the union territory.

The acclaim of being a popular tourist destination for the city has been earned for centuries, and it still rejoices in the title. The mesmerizing beauty of the Anantnag valley is equally loved by domestic as well as international tourists.

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More About Anantnag

The viewpoints of the valley are mostly occupied by the flocks of tourists who come into the city year-round. Apart from the natural and scenic side of Anantnag, the industrial side is also in flourishing pace since a long back.

The extensive tourism happening in the place turned out to be a favorable factor for the natives here. They could practice and refine their innate skills in handicrafts and weaving to generate revenue from it by setting up a marketplace for tourists. Kashmiri woolen shawls are quite famous around the globe.

Anantnag is a major market center that sells authentic quality hand-woven Kashmiri shawls to tourists. The Kashmiri hand-knotted rugs and Gabbah Carpets are also high in demand in the trade centers here. Now let’s have a look into the hotspots you should include in your Anantnag itinerary to make the trip into an unforgettable experience. 

1. Amaranth Ji’s Cave 

This religious cave is associated with a Hindu temple in Anantnag. The cave in the Lidder Valley would be covered in clads of snow most of the time in a year. During summers, the snow gets melted down and the cave becomes accessible. Pilgrimage to this significant location in Hindu mythology is allowed only during those days.

About Amaranth Ji’s Cave 

Lord Shiva is the idol found inside the shrine. Maha Shivaratri is considered an auspicious occasion for this cave temple. It is said that there are 51 Shakti Peethas in the Indian Subcontinent, believed to be the locations where the body parts of goddess Sati had fallen into. Amarnath Ji’s cave is one such Shakti Peetha.

Among all the Hindu pilgrimages possible in India, the Amarnath pilgrimage is considered the riskiest and most challenging on account of the difficult paths that lead to the location. But wishing the spiritual benefits from taking such a pilgrimage, every year devotees flow to the location.

2. Kishtwar National park 

The geographical positioning of this national park has given it a distinct regard among the national parks of the nation. It is located in a high altitude range and the park is home to a splendid chest of biodiversity. Peculiar mammals and birds are extensively found in the park.

About Kishtwar National park 

Himalayan Brown bears and Musk deer have celebrity status in the park since numerous tourists visit the park exclusively to pay a visit to them. The government built the park so as to preserve snow leopards in the country. The Kishtwar National Park counts as one of the seven “Snow Leopard Reserves” set in the country.

The saffron fields found in the nearby locations of the Kishtwar National Park spread luxurious Kashmiri vibes all around. The harvest seasons are an auspicious occasion for the farmers offering an event of marvel for the tourists as well. Visit the park during the summer season if you would like to be a part of it. Just above the plateau on which the national park is located, Nagin glaciers are found in a guarding mode.

Just below the plateau, the river Chenab flows at its calming pace. Rember to keep your raincoats handy if you are visiting the park during the summers. Also, don’t forget to wear good quality trekking shoes and lightweight clothing during this season. A waterproof windcheater and woolen clothes are recommended for the winter.

3. Aishmuqam Shrine

Aishmuqam Shrine is a popular royal Muslim worship center in Anantnag. The shrine surrounded by a snow-clad floor makes it the perfect location to click pictures for Instagram on your Anantnag trip. The construction year of the shrine dates back to the 15th Century AD. The shrine is a structure of commemoration for Shiekh Zain-ud-din.

About Aishmuqam Shrine

He was one of the disciples of the celebrated, Shiekh Noor-ud-din. It is believed that the hills on which Aishmuqam shrine is situated were once occupied by Hazrat Zain ud din Wali. Hence right from that time in history, the place began possessing a sacred status. Hazrat Zain ud din Wali was a preacher of Allah. For such spiritual activities, he shifted his permanent habitat to the insides of a cave.

This cave is visited by devotees from different parts of the globe during the festive seasons. Urs and Zool festivals are two such occasions. Though the shrine owns a peculiar Muslim architecture and design, people from different religions believe in the legend behind the shrine and find harmony in worshipping the place. 

4. Kherbawani Asthapan 

Beside the mosque of Hazrat Dawood Khaki, you will find the temple of Kherbawani Asthapan. This is located in the Mohala Khaki Shaibaban area. Unlike other temples, this temple worships a spring that has its origin inside the temple complex.

About Kherbawani Asthapan 

The spring has got several religious significance making the natives build a shrine and preserve the spring in a one-storeyed stone temple. The milk and land offerings are done by the Kashmir king Maharaja Pratap Singh to the deity of the shrine is quite famous.

Following his practice, a lot of customary offerings are common in the shrine. Apart from the religious and spiritual specialties, a lot of tourists visit the temple just to witness the color-changing water of the spring. When the devotees observe the phenomenon as a divine marvel, others simply enjoy this natural magic and find pleasure in it.

The temple is a small construction in a vast area filled with chinar trees. A cute little pond in the complex also adds to the charm of the shrine. Idols of Shiva and Bhavani are also being worshipped in the complex other than in the spring. You can also visit the Mansabal lake nearby the shrine on a go. The lake provides boating services to the tourist crowds found in the place. 

5. Imambara Goom

Yet another popular pilgrim destination of Muslims in the Ahmadpora region of Baramullah. However, many Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist devotees are found visiting the Goom without any discrimination. The snowy peaks of the mountains are the major geographical attraction in the location.

About Imambara Goom

The viewpoints found in every nook and corner of the location gift the most breathtaking views of the lofty Himalayas. If you are planning a family vacation to Anantnag, Imambara Goom is a strongly recommended site by the reviewers. For solo travelers who would like to immerse themselves in the spiritual vibes, this place becomes the dream destination.

The scenic landscape and greenery of the area will further soothe the serene spiritual experience you will earn from the Goom. The refreshing rays of the warming sun reaching you after touching and stroking the snow-dusted mountain ranges of the Himalayas is the premium-most rejuvenating experience you could get in the entire world.

If you are a permanent resident of the hustling cities, experience the surroundings of Imambara Goom at least once to feel the freshness of unpolluted air and atmosphere. You will experience the exhilaration of breathing the best for your lungs, body, and soul. Adventure freaks, photo addicts, nature lovers, spiritual minds, picnic groups, and whoever else, Imambara Goom has got room for everyone. 

6. Bandipore

Bandipore is a township in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Bandipore is also a hotspot location for the best natural beauty of dense forests and the mighty ranges of the Himalayas. The landscape just like most of the other natural tourist locations in Jammu and Kashmir is covered with snow.

About Bandipore

Bandipore is situated in the valley of the peak Harmukh. A mesmerizing view of Wular Lake is possible from the location.Wular Vintage Park, Gurez Valley, and Athwatoo together form the tourist-dense spots in Bandipore. Photography is extensively seen in the Wular Vintage Park. In the pre-Independence era of India, Bandipore was famous for its achievements in the trade and literary spheres.

The Bandipore area is formed from the former Baramulla district in the year, 2007. The Wular lake in the region is honored as the “largest freshwater lake” found in South Asia. The drying up of the river in the year, 1950s due to the setting up of the willow plantations nearby has brought the attention of media and environmental activists to the region.

The major inflow and outflow of the lake are the River Jhelum itself. Domestication of cattle and geese, extraction of aquatic plants and flowers, etc. are some of the common rustic sights found near the lake, exciting the attraction tourists visiting the Bandipore settlement. 

7. Sopore

This town near Anantnag is known for its wealth and prosperity. During the older days, the place was known by the name of Suyyapur. Trade and other commercial activities are the major means of livelihood for people in the town. A bunch of colorful hamlets adds that impressive beauty to the town of Sopore.

About Sopore

This settlement in Anantnag is also set at a higher altitude. When analyzing geographically, the valley of Sopore is positioned in the central part of the Kashmir valley. The scenic valley of Lolab and the town of Bandipore are also in proximity to the town.

If you are someone seeking any spiritual or religious gains in your visit to the city of Anantnag, Sopore has got that sacred sufficiency to satisfy your tour goals. Jamia Masjid, a Muslim pilgrimage location is one among them. In the Hindu religious aspect, you can choose from a list that includes Shiv Mandir, Kali Mandir, Bhairon Mandir, and Rishi Peer Mandir.

A railway station is also close to the location simplifying the location in terms of its accessibility. Sopore awaits you with potentially extractable sources if you are interested to explore the financial and marketplace peculiarities of the city. 

8. Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi Shrine

If you are in Anantnag, this destination is something that is not wise to miss out on. The shrine is located in the Danter village of Anantnag. Harda Reshi and Reshi Molu are some other names attributed to the shrine. This is basically a pilgrim spot for the Islamic believers reaching the location.

About Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi Shrine

The dead remains of Baba Hyder Reshi and his disciples around 21 in number are believed to be buried in the shrine.The wide acceptability of Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi makes this pilgrim spot accessible to people from various religions and beliefs.

Devotees pay respect to Baba Hyder Reshi every year during his anniversary by forbidding themselves from consuming food like fish and meat. The saint-like figure was born into a family who was blacksmiths by profession. But the Baba performed marvels that are believed to be divine and spiritual right from the days of his boyhood.

Kashmiri architecture gets indulged in its ethnic authenticity in this shrine. A sulfur spring found inside the mosque is another astonishing peculiarity of the shrine. The spacious prayer hall set inside the mosque speaks loud about the grandeur of the place. 

9. Manasbal Lake 

This is a freshwater lake in the Anantnag region of Jammu and Kashmir. The term “Manasbal” is said to have derived from “Manasarovar”. In all four directions of the lake, a village settlement can be found, namely, Jarokbal, Kondabal, Nesbal, and Gratbal. Boating services are available most of the time on the lake.

About Manasbal Lake 

A lot of exotic aquatic birds can be seen in the proximity of the lake. In some records, Manasbal Lake is also seen stated as the “supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes”. Lotus cultivation is rampant in Manasbal lake. The lotus flowers are extensively sold out in the markets, whereas the seeds of the lotus are processed and sold as “makhana”. 

How to reach Anantnag?

Nearest airport: Srinagar Airport

Nearest railway station: Jammu Tawi (JAT)

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