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A Paradise On Earth, Kodaikanal: Best Tourist Spots!



A Paradise On Earth, Kodaikanal Best Tourist Spots!

A paradise on Earth, Kodaikanal is one of India’s popular tourist destinations, an auspicious and unforgettable vacation for everyone. Often named “Princess of Hill stations”, it greets you with a refreshing and peaceful environment, mesmerizing scenic beauty, exciting activities, and a luxurious stay with all forms of modern comfort and facilities. There are numerous interesting sightseeing places to visit in Kodaikanal.

With natural forms changing from rocks to trekking routes, from beautiful temples to museums and caves, from waterfalls to parks and lakes, the hill station of Kodaikanal presents astounding holidaying choices catering to tourists coming from all over the globe.

Located on the southern crest of the Palani hills under the administrative control of the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, the hill station of Kodaikanal is at a distance of around 120 km from Madurai and is at a highness of 2100 meters. “The Gift of the Forest”, Kodaikanal proposes to everyone a complete tour package with an extensive range of activities to do while holidaying.

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Kodaikanal Lake

Located in Kodaikanal City the Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial lake and is also named Kodai Lake by the locals. Vera Levinge is better known as the man reliable for the assets and inventiveness of this lake amid the Kodaikanal town. This place is situated at a height of 2285m above ocean level and has a normal depth of 3.0m.

Kodaikanal Lake

It is an ideal treat to celebrate your end of the week here, and you can select the extravagant resorts arranged close by to make the most out of your outing here. Later, when you get the choice and save some time, you can sit by this amazing artificial lake and loosen up your day-by-day focus.

Dolphins Nose

Clear skies, jagged terrain, plunging valleys, and natural attractiveness as far as the eye can see. If all these things sound interesting to you, a hike to the Dolphin’s Nose is one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal.

Dolphins Nose

The short 3-kilometer hike is enormously easy and the peak which, as the name proposes, is shaped like a dolphin’s nose, proposes fantastic views of the hill station. The hike feels extra superior on the days the city is blanketed by an enigmatic fog. If you are the kind of traveler that principles soulful introspection over clicking images, inexplicably foggy days are the best to take the hike. Even if you fall into the latter category, Dolphin’s Nose will not dissatisfy.

Silent Valley View Point

Silent Valley View Point is nature’s attractiveness at its best with heart-throbbing opinions of the white cloud-painted mountains. The pea green valley that lies below makes this point among the superlative tourist places to visit in Kodaikanal.

Silent Valley View Point

You can catch the sunrise and sunset in the eyes of the city, and authorize that you are indeed in the ‘princesses of hills’. The winter season blankets the valley with a white mist that links to form a panoramic visual that is unrivaled by anything else you have ever seen. 

Green Valley View

Formerly well-known as Suicide point, the Green Valley View proposes a breathtaking view of the plains, deep valleys, and hills. The enthralling view of the Vaigai Dam is a memorable experience. It used to be known as a suicide point because of the unsafe valley which is dense and deep; below the point of more than 5000 feet drop.

Green Valley View

Situated at a distance of 5.5 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Green Valley View not just proposes a gorgeous view, but is also enclosed by a lot of monkeys. On the way to the point, different shops propose homemade chocolates, ornaments, and an extensive range of flowers.

Pillar Rocks

The regal pillar rocks are what edge the Guna Caves and there is an anonymous put it on the list of places to visit in Kodaikanal. These rocks describe a yarn of a love story that still touches different hearts. Bulging from within the tall mountains, these pillars reach up to a height of 400 feet thus proposing the paramount contour of the hills.

Pillar Rocks

There was once a white wooden cross that reinvigorated on these rocks which was a sign of love, but it is lost with time. Keep your hearts open, for you may fall in love with the place. Pillar Rocks is the best spot for picnics and also has a mini garden to charm tourists further.

Bear Shola Falls

Located at a mere distance of 2 kilometers from the Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls is a prevalent picnic spot in the region. This torrent is a seasonal lure that comes to life to its fullest throughout the monsoons. A stimulating legend behind the exclusive name of this place is that it was a favorite haunt of a bear who utilized to frequent this water body to drink water, hence informing it the name Bear Shola Falls.

Bear Shola Falls

Enfolded with dense forests coupled with the chirping of birds, Bear Shola Falls is a little paradise. Also, the forest area of the Western Ghats situated near the falls is a biodiversity hotspot where you can have an engagement with animals like monkeys and deer in the wild.

The terrain across Bear Shola Falls is slanting and continuous by commercialization, which makes it the accurate destination to go on a trekking adventure. As you approach the falls, you will meet the hill path which you can reach by means of a motored vehicle. From there on, a concrete path leads the way to a petite trek of nearly a kilometer which runs bottomless in the woods.

Canopy Hill, Vattakanal

One of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal proposes you an impressive show of nature with the background music of the birds. The mountain peaks are enclosed with green grass, moving clouds, and fresh air. You get an explanation to do a 15 KM trek in the dense Western Ghat forest while effortlessly spotting some wildlife creatures such as Bison, wild goats, porcupines, etc.

Canopy Hill, Vattakanal

Once you finish the first 10 KM of your trek, you can visit a small village called Vellagavi where individuals are very friendly. You can purchase spices and fruits sold by these inhabitants. They lay down a variety of including oranges, butter fruit, guava, papaya, banana, passion fruit, jack fruit, and many more. 

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

Situated at the southern tip of the attractive Palani Hills, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory was established in 1899 and is owned and functioned by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Its longitudinal position makes it an exclusive site for studying solar behavior. The scientific habitat also houses the most widespread collection of solar data, dating way back to the 19th century. Its unique geography makes the spot predominantly ideal for accurate cosmic observations (especially connected to the sun).

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

Currently, their full-time team comprises two scientists and nineteen technicians, with equipment such as the high-frequency Doppler (for measuring a wave motion phenomenon well-known as the Doppler Effect), a broadband seismograph (an instrument utilized to perceive seismic waves emerging from the Earth), a Watson magnetometer, and the solar tunnel telescope among many others.
In January 1909, an imperative solar phenomenon better known as the Evershed effect was first revealed from the data composed at this observatory.

The pioneer behind this discovery – John Evershed – thus fostered the status of the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory as a premier solar physics lab across the country. Such was the all-inclusiveness of his study of the motion of sunspots that there was little added to the topic for at least a century.

Silver Cascade Falls

If you want to see one of the most attractive waterfalls in Kodaikanal, you must visit the silver cascade falls. The water certainly looks silver in color as it falls through a cataract from a 180-ft-high cliff. The clean crystalline water from these falls will amaze the toughest of critics.

Silver Cascade Falls

Situated fairly close to the city, this is a must-visit location for travelers that want to experience the accurate beauty of Kodaikanal. You do not need to take a complete day aside from your trip to visit the attractive waterfalls as it is simply two km from the city center.

Pamber Falls Kodaikanal

Also, better known as the ‘Grand Cascade’ and located at a distance of 4 km from the Kodaikanal Bus Station, the Pambar Falls are molded by the town reservoir flowing towards the south and forming the Fairy Falls which further endure joining the Vaigai River. The falls can be reached by following a precipitous and greasy path from behind the Pambar house.

Pamber Falls Kodaikanal

A zig-zag stream flows down the Pambar Ravine which falls over some slick rocks during its meandering course. A pond-like development is formed at the bottom which is accurate for bathing as well as swimming, and as you go downstream, you will observe three to four more adjacent falls.

The wild surrounding of the stately falls leads to the expansion of flora and fauna in abundance. Some endemic birds and butterflies are the major attraction of this calming spot. Owing to the beauty and the natural surroundings that the falls possess, it is visited mostly by nature devotees and has been obtaining steady popularity amongst travelers.

Camping Amidst Pear Orchard

Based on the outskirts of Kodaikanal but not very far from the major city this attractive campsite is enclosed by a lot of natural wonders proposing you a prodigious deal of adventure. You can relish plucking pears directly off the trees as it is all you will see neighboring you along with elegant terrace farming at this one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal.
You can go for a traditional bullock cart ride for staining wildlife and birds.

Camping Amidst Pear Orchard

You can even relish different activities likewise trekking, hiking, and mountain biking at additional costs. After all this escapade you can come back to your campsite where your tents would be upright amidst a savory pear orchard. 

Kodaikanal Pine Forest

The Kodaikanal Pine Forest appears much like a painting that has come to life with its impressive colors and attractive feel. This is amongst the favorite places to visit in Kodaikanal on every traveler’s itinerary. It might seem like you are not a part of this planet for the hours that you spend there owing to the long stretch of just trees will not enable you to regard anything else but them.

Kodaikanal Pine Forest

The semblance of the place is eccentric for nature walks, or just to invigorate. The Magic mushrooms border these forests in great densities. It might not astonish you to know that it has been a picture-perfect background in different Indian movies.   

Lake View Point

It wouldn’t be mistaken to call Lake View Point a photographer’s nirvana owing to it being statuesque! You can stand atop Lake View Point, and get an aerial sight of Kodaikanal Lake. Since it comes in the middle of different other local lures, this is a favored stopover to take a break and sip some local tea.

Lake View Point

You can interrelate with the native vendors who sell reliable souvenirs that belong to Kodaikanal. The point is collected with different professional photographers who will enable you to make the most of the background. 

Kukkal Caves

Old rock shelters which are supposed to be the home to the progenies of the Palaiyar tribes who used to wear greenery clothing, the Kukkal Caves are the pendulous slabs of different types of metamorphic rocks better known as granulite and charconite. Until the mid-1980s, more than 30 families lived on the hilltop where a small temple was located as well.

Kukkal Caves

The old hand paintings exist on the walls of the temple designate the existence of the Paliyan tribes. The now camping site of trekkers was once the earliest defrayal of the Paliyan tribals.

Located at the height of 6200 feet above sea level, the Kukkal caves reside at one of the uppermost altitudes in Kodaikanal which is why it obtains a yearlong cold climate along with cloudy and never-ending rains.

The aspects behind the location of the caves when mutually lead to their augmented and unique biodiversity. The great variety of terrain of the Kukkal Caves is another imperative pointer that helps determine the factor which underwrites its unique flora and fauna.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal

The best time to visit Kodaikanal is from October to June, however, the weather remnants a bit chilly throughout December and January. Perfect for a vacation in each season, Kodaikanal is the most colorful in summer and most attractive in monsoons.

If your trip comprises an itinerary that involves a lot of sights to see, then summer is the best time to visit this place, and for those who wish to go trekking, schedule your trip to Kodaikanal between October and February.

How To Reach Kodaikanal?

By Air

One cannot directly reach Kodaikanal by flight. The superlative you can do is to reach an airport close to Kodaikanal and travel from there by means of cabs or other road transportation. The nearest airports to Kodaikanal are Madurai airport, which is 120 km from Kodaikanal. Coimbatore airport is 175 km from Kodaikanal, and Trichy airport is 150 km from the city.

By Train

The train station that aids Kodaikanal is 100 km away from the major town. The Kodai Road station proposes a picturesque train journey, but getting to the town of Kodaikanal from the Kodai Road station can be a long journey. Traveling to Kodaikanal by train is prevalent, and dissimilar individuals opt for this route. One can get cabs from outside the Kodai Road station to reach the city.

By Road

Getting to Kodaikanal by bus is one of the easiest and most multipurpose ways to reach Kodaikanal. There are state-run bus services accessible from most foremost cities in Tamil Nadu. You can conveniently find a bus that ensembles your travel timeline and reach Kodaikanal.

The bus stand at Kodaikanal is also centrally situated and inside the major town premises, conveniently navigable from the bus stand. It is the calmest and least intricate travel method to reach Kodaikanal.


A visit to Kodaikanal can be an electrifying or serene experience, relying on your travel palette and preference. Our guide will assist you to navigate through the different activities you can do in Kodaikanal and assist you to pick your favorites. 

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