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Himachal Pradesh

Explore Manali In 2023: Here Is The Travel Guide For You!



Explore Manali In 2023 Here Is A Travel Guide For You!

Manali is one of the sensational hill stations of the times in India. Its location is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The romantic weather of this tourist destination is quite famous among honeymoon couples. Apart from the masses of couples, solo travelers also find this place quite calming and exciting to satisfy their moods and interests. Adventure freaks can also make the most out of their vacation on the trip to Manali.

Beas River is the main reason for the peculiar characteristics of this hill station town. The snow-laden climate and peaks of Manali are loved by the tourists visiting the town. During the earlier times, the town of Manali was not a tourist destination but a town dedicated to the trading and commercial activities of the region.

If you have at least 3 days to spare in the location, you can visit most of the popular destinations in the town and engage in top-rated activities. Here are a few among them. 

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Solang Valley

This is a side valley located in the town of Manali. You can reach the valley by traveling 14km from the town center. The valley can be spotted if you are traveling to Rohtang Pass from Manali. The name “Solang” is derived from the two local words, “Solang” and “Nallah”.

Solang Valley

If you are looking for a pleasant climate, rush to the location during the summer months of the year. But if you are crazy about the snowy weather and the adventure activities possible in the location, do not miss the winters.

The Solang Valley is also known by the name, “Snow Valley”. No matter if you are advanced or a beginner, you can try and indulge in a wide range of adventure activities possible in the climate such as skiing, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, and so on. 

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a significant landmark in the hill station of Manali. This pass is a part of the mountain range of Pir Panjal. It is located at the eastern tip of the ranges. You need to travel a distance of 51km from Manali to reach the exact location of the Pass.

Rohtang Pass

This is also a pass that connects the valleys in Himachal Pradesh such as the Kullu Valley, Lahaul Valley, and Spiti Valley. The matchless panoramic views are the distinctive feature of Rohtang Pass. You can see and indulge in the epitome of beauty of the hills and mountains in India. Rivers, glaciers, peaks, and valleys will unwind before you with their most seductive charm and grace. 

Chandrakhani Pass

This is a high-altitude pass you can visit on your trip to Manali. 3660m is the calculated height of this pass. This is also a trekking route for many adventure buffs visiting the location. The trek is almost 22km long and can take you a total of 6 days to complete. The efforts and strain you would take in reaching the zenith of the peak would be paid back with the awesome views there.

Chandrakhani Pass

The peaks of the Deo Tibba, Pir Panjal, and Parbati ranges will get impress your mind in the most beautiful form. You can venture out for the trek even if you are not a trained trekker. But keep in mind the distance and the duration of the trek and compare it with the levels of fitness you have. Chandrakhani Pass is also visited by pilgrim tourists since it is also home to such centers. 

Hidimba Devi Temple

This is a temple in Himachal Pradesh for the believers of Hinduism. Hidimba Devi Temple has a rich tradition and it belongs to the century of 1500s. The construction of the temple is entirely completed using wood and this is one of the characteristic features of the same. The location of temple comes in a cedar forest.

Hidimba Devi Temple

The aesthetic carvings and designs found in the temple are highly artistic and prove the craftsmanship of the designers and architects behind them. According to Hindu mythology, Hidimbi is the wife of the Pandava son, Bhima. As the name suggests, the temple is devoted to Hidimbi.

Maharaja Bahadur Singh is the one who ordered the construction of the temple during his period of reign. A cave can be spotted near the temple. It is believed that the Devi, Hidimbi meditated inside this cave. 

Jogini Falls

This mesmerizing cascade of waterfalls is located in the Vashisht region of the town. The surroundings of the waterfalls are impressive with picturesque backdrops. The atmosphere is also extremely calming and tranquil. Nearby the waterfalls a lot many shrines can also be spotted. Even though these shrines are not that important concerning pilgrim tourism, the locals of the region treat them as sacred and pay due respects and honors.

Jogini Falls

You can reach the location of the waterfalls within a 5km distance if you are in the center of the Manali main town. If you are interested to feel the vibe of meditating in the exotic ambiance of a hill station, there are also provisions for the same nearby. Trekking can also be done in the location and the difficulty level of this trek is moderately challenging.

Manu Temple

From the main market center of Manali, you can reach the location of Manu temple at a distance of 3km. As the name suggests, this shrine is devoted to the lord, Manu. Pagoda-style architecture is what makes the temple quite interesting and impressive to visit. King Manu is regarded as the one who initiated the entire race of humans across the world.

Manu Temple

The location of the temple on the banks of the river Beas also adds to the beauty and class of the structure. As per the calculations of historians and academicians, the temple can be 265 million years old. Sandstone is the building material of the temple.

The valleys of the Manu temple are also appropriate for trekking and other adventure activities. Hence apart from the history enthusiasts, the temple and its surroundings are also loved by tourists who are into adventure stuff. 

Old Manali

The new Manali is where active tourism and activities related to tourism take place. But Old Manali is all about cultures, traditions, vintage history, and so on. The apple orchards found in the location are the main attractions of the place. It is the river of Manalsu that makes a demarcation between the territories of Old and New Manali.

Old Manali

Since Old Manali is kind of an off-beat destination, you can expect less crowd in the location. Moreover, it is also much more hygienic and ordered with New Manali. The Eucalyptus trees growing as thick jungles in the location are also quite a beautiful visual to see.

The roads and passages in the place are also calming and will give us some sort of internal pleasure. The Kullu river and the lush green hills are also perfect to give you an exotic experience in the location. 

Manali Sanctuary

If you are fascinated by the wildlife and biodiversity of the hill station of Manali, the Manali Sanctuary is your place to go. The location of the sanctuary is near the center of Manali town at just a distance of 2km.

Manali Sanctuary

The sanctuary is quite vast with a total area of 3000 hectares. Lush greens and snowy mountain terrains make this place a beautiful marvel of nature. The vibrant birds found in the sanctuary have always been an attraction to bird watchers and casual tourists.

The flora and fauna of the location are also worth visiting to understand the diverse biodiversity of the mountains of Manali. The sanctuary got its title in 1954 from an act to protect wild animals and Punjab birds. You can also enjoy camping and trekking in the sanctuary. 

Van Vihar National Park

The magnificence of the woods finds its true impression in the location of the Van Vihar National Park. Many wild animals, creatures, birds, and exotic biodiversity enjoy their natural habitat in the national park. The park is filled with trees creating a jungle-like feel all around. If you are in the bus stand of Manali, the Van Vihar National Park is just 750m away. You can also find the famous Tibetan market nearby the National Park.

Van Vihar National Park

The deodar trees found plenty in the national park make the best romantic ambiance perfect for couples to spend time. Apart from tourists, natives are also frequent visitors to the park. The fresh air and the rejuvenating atmosphere of the park are loved by all.

There is also a man-made lake inside the park often filled with tourists visiting the location. 

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery

Visually enchanting, this monastery is quite famous among the tourists who come to the location. 1960 is the year in which the monastery was constructed. Tibetan refugees who came to India are behind the construction of the monastery. Now, this has become one of the most prominent Buddhist pilgrim centers in the Indian subcontinent.

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery

A lot of pilgrims from Tibet, Spiti, Nepal, and Kinnaur are found visiting the monastery around the year. Apart from the Buddhist pilgrims, casual tourists also visit the place to experience the life and culture inside the monastery and also to enjoy the architecture and design of the construction.

The mural paintings found extensively in the location are one of the signature features of the monastery attracting tourists and artists. There are also spaces allotted for the visitors to meditate inside the monastery. 

Beas River

This is the major river flowing through the hilly town of Manali. The origin of the river is the Himalayas on the central side of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The flowing route distance of the Beas river is around 470km. The end of the Beas river is the river of Sutlej in the state of Punjab in India.

Beas River

The river Beas has got significant historical prominence due to the conquests of Alexander the Great that happened in the 326BC on the banks of its easternmost sides. Some of the locals give sacred attributions to the river.

Thus people are found worshipping the river from its banks. In Sanskrit, the river of Beas is known as Vipasha or Bipasha. The river of Beas has also got a dam in it known as the Pong Dam or the Beas Dam. 

Manali Bazaar

This is a cultural landmark in the hill station of Manali. Since it is one of the popular markets in this tourist destination, you can enjoy street shopping in the location. There are a lot of souvenirs to select from. You can also find a lot of gifting options for your loved ones in the location.

Manali Bazaar

The handicrafts and art of the market show the craftsmanship and talent of the locals in the hill town of Manali. Most of the handicrafts that can be purchased from the market are made using the locally available raw materials of the town. Thus it becomes much more exotic and a signature object of Manali.

You can also support these unrecognized talents and artists of the town by purchasing some goods from them. This will also never disappoint you in terms of quality and beauty. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek

This is a high-altitude lake that can be visited during your Manali vacation. The trekking experience would be a great enchanting intersection of lush greens and chilling snow. Moreover, you can also meet certain exotic wildlife on the trek. There are high chances for the trek to become challenging if you are choosing the months of monsoon for your visit.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

You can also enjoy the beauty of the milky cascades of waterfalls and also take a dip in its base pool. The nature walk possible in the location is extremely rejuvenating and hence worth experiencing. The Bhrigu lake is also connected with the legend of a sage hence assuming several spiritual regards. It is believed that the banks of the lake were the place where the sage meditated. Many people consider the lake sacred and pay due respects. 

River Rafting & Paragliding In Manali

River rafting is a popular tourist activity in Manali and there is no need to wait for the perfect season to do the activity. Throughout the year, river rafting services are active in the place. However, to prioritize personal safety, try not to indulge in the activity during the peak of the monsoon months. July to September are the months in which high currents are found in the rivers of the town.

River Rafting & Paragliding In Manali

The landscape and the terrains of the topography of Manali and the picturesque views possible from the river banks are perfect for the best river rafting experience. When it comes to paragliding, the Himalayan sky would seduce you to indulge in the breathtaking activity. The activity would give you a view of Manali town from the perspective of a high-flying bird. 

Igloo Stay In Manali 

Have you ever got wondered about the stays made of ice called Igloos in your science textbooks? This ice stays which are quite popular in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe is now possible in the Indian subcontinent too. The stay in Igloo is a one-of-a-kind experience in your Manali vacation.

Igloo Stay In Manali 

This stay would only be possible during the winter times of the year when there is heavy snowfall in the region. There are options to stay in an Igloo or just to pay a visit during the morning hours of the day. There are provisions for food and recreation near the Igloo stays.

If you are planning to stay in the location with your kids, keep in handy the precautions to prevent all the possible infections that can be caused due to extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Best Time To Visit Manali:

The perfect time to visit Manali is March to June.

How To Reach Manali?

Nearest airport: Kullu-Manali Airport

Nearest railway station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station (JDNX)


On account of the rising popularity of tourists to the location and the flourishing tourism here, this has become a must-visit location in India. Plan your Manali vacation in such a way as to experience the spiritual, natural, adventure, romantic and commercial side of the place. 

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