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Assam: Explore The Beauty Of Wildlife And Tea Plantations!



Assam Explore The Beauty Of Wildlife And Tea Plantations!

Assam, the land of wonders, is the best place to know the amusing biodiversity of mother India. There are different tourist places in Assam. These places improve the state as just more than a standard tourist attraction. They add attractiveness to the place.

A place that is co-prevailing with nature will always feel and look attractive. In that case, Assam is no exemption. It is a place that no one should skip visiting at least once in their lifetime.

Know the location more so that you can visit these places with some familiarity. Know more about the edifying backdrop of the state and the biodiversity that exists. Assam is one place where you will be able to see dissimilar sets of biodiversity and that is a foremost pulling aspect of the tourists to the country. Below we have listed a few best places to visit in Assam.

With Bhramaputra rolling down with its primeval water, and the aromatic scents of the tea fields, Assam is one of the best tourist destinations. It is one of the foremost contributors to the field of Tourism in India.

Waiting to be discovered, this state is one of the Seven Sisters of India. With a region with so different places to discover, anyone will have a doubt about where to begin. So, this article will deliver you a defined answer to it. So here are the topmost tourist places in Assam that should never be skipped.

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Well-known for its culture, mosques, tombs, gardens, and most prominently – its tea plantations, Jorhat is a culturally and commercially imperative city in the state of Assam. The headquarters of Jorhat district, this city is also better known as the tea capital of India. It is situated at a distance of nearly 305 Km from Guwahati and approximately 138 Km from Dibrugarh. 

  • Jorhat
  • Jorhat

The attractive, commercial, cultural, and inventive city of Jorhat is the second largest in Assam. Tea plantations are the major agricultural areas across the city which also take the shape of a tourist attraction carrying its simple natural charm. There are as several as 135 tea gardens in Jorhat.


Guwahati is one of the most prevalent tourist destinations in the state of Assam and one of the best places to visit in Assam. This city is located on the banks of the enormous Brahmaputra River and is the gateway to the different wonders of the northeastern part of the country. This city is also an accurate entry point to the state of Arunachal Pradesh.


Therefore, this is also one of the best places to visit in Assam, if you are looking for some escapades in the neighboring state of Arunachal. You can explore the different beautiful hill stations in the state, visit the tea gardens, or shop for Assam handicrafts. There are different places in the city that you can visit while discovering the eclectic culture and amusing history of Assam.

Assam State Museum is a great place to visit if you are attentive to learning more about the cultural heritage of the state. Bihu is one of the most prevalent festivals in Assam. You can visit this festival to observe the colorful celebration.

If you are looking for some fun throughout your trip, you can visit the Mango Festival, where you will get the chance to taste pleasant mangoes. Guwahati is the doorway of the northeast and if you are planning to arrive in Guwahati you shall also book the best resort in Guwahati for your family.


If you are a nature devotee, then in no way should you miss visiting Tinsukia. Better known for attractive villages and lush wildlife sanctuaries, it is a haven for individuals who just want to disconnect from the world and form a joining with Mother Nature for a few days.


If you love to discover little hamlets and villages and don’t mind going into refugee for a few days, then it is one of the best places to visit in Assam.


Celebrated for tea production, Dibrugarh is another city in India, that is all about lush pastures and carefree wildlife. If you are longing to escape the mundane work life, visit this city of love, one of the best places to visit in Assam in July.


When in Dibrugarh, don’t overlook discovering the only rainforest in Assam, Dehing Patkai. Besides proposing panoramic sights of the flora and fauna like orchids, you can come to see an overabundance of wildlife species. You would also be greeted with beautiful sights of outstanding butterflies and tweeting birds.


Newly exposed Bogamati is an attractive spot perfect for picnics that lies at the mouth of river ‘Barnadi’ on the foothills of the Indo-Bhutan border, in the Baksa district, Assam. Inducted by Emanuel Muchahary, MLA of Tumulpur, about six years ago, the unexplored, scenic view of the mountains generates a serene getaway for travelers, couples, and families alike.

  • Bogamati
  • Bogamati

‘Bogamati’ denotes a white river in Assamese and originates its name from the vast deposits of white sand and stone on the banks of the river.  The place is populated by Bodos, Assamese, and Nepalese and is better known for its betel plantations and tea gardens.

The locals depend completely on tourism in the area for their livelihood. The Dawraijhar Eco-Tourism Society is accountable for maintaining the cleanliness of the destination and the safety of the tourists.


Abounding archeological sites, bottomless mythological connection, and attractiveness that can woo any nature lover make Tezpur one of the prevalent points of tourist interest in Assam. Located in the Sonitpur district, Tezpur is situated on the bank of the River Brahmaputra.


The city is often named the City of Eternal Romance as it recounts the love story of Usha (King Baana’s Daughter) and Anirudha (Grandson of Lord Krishna). The picturesque beauty of Tezpur has been improved by the surrounding mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, the straggling tea gardens, the speedily flowing Brahmaputra, and the northern backdrop of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, which honestly make the city ever so idealistic. Tezpur can be an idyllic honeymoon destination in Assam, the kind that will intensify the power of Love.


Sonitpur is an imposing district in the state of Assam in India. The name Sonitpur means ‘City of Blood’. Sonitpur area deceits of the fields between the foothills of the Himalayas and the valley of the Brahmaputra which figures its southern border.


It is also home to numerous normal attractiveness and wildlife hotspots with numerous such wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks located in and around Sonitpur. Sonitpur is a must-visit destination if you want to elude from the energetic city life and be enclosed by evergreen parks, age-old temples, archeological wrecks, and much more.

The timberlands of the Sonitpur district are semi-evergreen forests, sodden deciduous woodlands, and bamboo forests, with hydrophytes in the wetlands. 

The Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Nameri and Orang National Park, and Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary are fascinating tourist destinations in Sonitpur. The Rock Garden, Bamuni Pahar, and the District Museum are other places you can discover in Sonitpur.


Away from the deafening noises of cities, Karimganj, situated at a distance of 313 Km from Guwahati, is a small lethargic town of Assam steeped in the attractiveness of nature. Karimganj is the major city and administrative headquarter in the district.


Located in the southernmost part of the state, the region majorly comprises wetlands and farms for which it is well known as one of the foremost agricultural districts in Assam. It is an imperative center of trade and commerce with imperative resources that it exports to different states in India. 

With a thick cover of trees, forest products are a very imperative means of resource for the livelihood of the individuals, Karimganj has a strong pool of culture linked with local tribes, languages, and traditions that are special to their place of origin.


Formerly better known as Nowgaon, The city of Nagaon is situated in Assam situated 121 kilometers east of Guwahati. Nagaon in Assam happens to be a delightful place that is adorned with some extravagant scenes, lush forests, and waterways. 


Being home to a thousand diversities of flora and fauna and a better-known wildlife sanctuary, it attracts different adventure lovers from all over the globe. It is very much well-known among wildlife enthusiasts for being the home to the popular Kaziranga national park.

Tourists love to spend time here to cosset in wildlife trails and spend time watching different migratory as well as resident birds. Nagaon is also known to propose amazing adventure experiences to tourists. The river port in Brahmaputra permits tourists to be part of different adventure sports such as boating, angling, and cruising.


Geographically, Silchar is the second largest town in Assam sharing its border with Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur, and Barai Hills. It is an attractiveness in itself, enclosed by magnificent landscapes, river Barak flows through the region, which adds more charm to this attractive place.


The enjoyable weather and serene atmosphere fascinate thousands of tourists to enjoy a peaceful respite. Silchar is also a resource center for rice, tea, and several other agricultural products. One can observe the distinct culture of this small town after visiting here. 


Dispur is the attractive capital of Assam packed with scenic views, unique traditions, and amusing tribal culture. Avowed as Assam’s capital in 1973, the city houses some of the imperative buildings of the state such as the Assam Secretariat, State Emergency Operations Center, and State Assembly House.

  • Dispur
  • Dispur

Dotted with different Hindu temples, one can observe the distinctive culture of the state. Dispur is also famed as a tea auction market and is located on the outer skirts of Guwahati at a mere distance of nearly 10 km. Augmented in flora and fauna and adorned with attractive weather throughout the year, visit Dispur for a faultless vacation.


Well-known as the Oil City of Assam, this town houses the oldest refinery in India. Crude oil was exposed here during the late 19th century. It is a primary source for hovering the economic status of the Tinsukia district.


It is also better known for its golf courses which are traces left by British colonialism. Dolls made of wax and outmoded textiles are also found. Tourists can find accommodation in Italian-style architectural apartments and guest houses.

There is an exciting story as to how the town got its name. It is supposed that it is resultant of the phrase “dig-boy-dig” as said by the English to the laborers digging for crude oil. It can be seen from lush green tea gardens that the town nestles cozily in the lap of Mother Nature, quite unaffected by the complete industrial scenario.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is one of the feelings of pride in India. Kaziranga is the destination where nature unwinds its primeval form in millions of hues, wildlife roams fearlessly, and the human body and nature encounter together.

Kaziranga National Park

The national park is commonly prevalent for its dense and tall elephant grasses mingled with the small swamplands which are left behind by the withdrawing floodwaters of the river Brahmaputra. In addition to forests and grasses, this fascinating park involves abundant cover of water hyacinths, water lilies, and lotus bringing an astonishing scenario to the surroundings. Kaziranga national park is famous for its one-horned rhinoceros.

Manas National Park

Manas National Park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, an Elephant Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve around Assam. The only tiger reserve in Assam and also well-known for the rare golden langur and the red panda, Manas is one of the great-kept national parks in India.

  • Manas National Park
  • Manas National Park

Manas is identified not only for its rich biodiversity but also for its remarkable scenery and natural landscape which involves a variety of forested hills, alluvial grasslands, and tropical evergreen forests. It’s home to India’s second-major tiger population. It is also prevalent in its population of Wild water buffalo.

Majuli Island

Majuli is the World’s prime River Island and settlement of Vaishnavite monasteries. Majuli River Island is one of the best tourist places to visit in Assam for artistic explorers. Majuli has been the cultural center and the beginning of the Assamese civilization for the past 500 years.

One of the satras in Assam conserves antiques such as weapons, utensils, jewelry, and other items of cultural consequence. Do not forget to observe the exercise of Mask Making for Bhaona, the traditional operas, which describe stories from Hindu mythology. You can effortlessly explore the island and relish the scenic beauty around.

Best Time To Visit Assam

To visit Assam, October to April are the best months. While Assam sweats in the sweltering heat during summer, the state experiences great rainfall and humidity throughout Monsoon. During October to April, when the weather is enjoyable with sunny days and cool nights, the rainfall is modest, and the paddy fields look resplendent, is the best time to visit Assam.

How To Reach Assam? 

By Air: The marketable city of Guwahati is well-linked with the rest of India by air and land. The Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is located at Borjar, 20 km away from the city. Helicopter services functioned from Guwahati to Shillong, Tura, Naharlagun, and Tawang. The city is linked with the other foremost cities of India by different airlines.

Once a week, Air India functions as a direct flight between Guwahati and Bangkok. Indian airlines, Sahara, Jet, Kingfisher, and Indigo function regular flights to Guwahati. There are unvarying flights to other cities such as Jorhat, Lakhimpur, Tezpur, and Dibrugarh also.

By Train: North Eastern Railway zone of the Indian Railways is a beautiful railway connection between Guwahati and the rest of the country. Guwahati Junction is the headquarter of the zone.

By Bus: The Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) situated at the outskirts, carries connectivity with other regions of the Northeast with unvarying buses for the foremost cities and tourist destinations of the neighboring states. Guwahati is also well-linked by road with the rest of the country. National Highway 31 and 37 are the two road contacts to Guwahati. Guwahati is well linked with the rest of the State by ASTC services and different private transport systems.


Assam, one of India’s most prevalent holiday destinations, should be on everyone’s travel bucket list they want to see diverse cultures, views, and, of course, wilderness all in one location. Book your adventure tour with the popular service provider and relish the adventure of your lifetime.

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