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Gurgaon: Explore The City Of Million Dreams!



Gurgaon Explore The City Of Million Dreams!

The City of a Million Dreams Gurgaon has some of the topmost and fun locations to visit and has entertainment hubs. The city is called after Dronacharya, who was the guru of Kaurava and Pandava in Mahabharata. The city of dreams has something for everyone, from bird sanctuaries, and astonishing museums to art and history fans, pubs and bars for partygoers, and sports cloisters for adventure admirers.

Gurgaon has long been better known as a center for a delightful destination of North Indian food. Gurgaon is the place to content your taste buds and refill your soul, with age-old eateries preserving history and culture and trendy hotspots trying to bridge the difference between traditional and international food. In this article, we have mentioned a few best places to visit in Gurgaon.

The tourist lures in Gurgaon involve resorts and restaurants with antique architecture that speak of India’s bygone period.

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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

One of the most prevalent weekend getaways nearby Gurgaon, New Delhi, Noida, and Faridabad, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is situated nearly 40 km away from the landmark Dhaula Kuan in Delhi.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

A favorite amongst hikers, nature admirers, and bird-watching fanatics, the bird sanctuary has been professed a National Park by the state government. This is also one of the best places to visit in Gurgaon. While the insight and natural beauty of the park are unbelievable, there are measures being taken in order to confirm better sustainability and vegetation. 

Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake is the main lake reservoir that is situated in the state of Haryana, Earlier it was just a stone, and earthen dam that was built by the British but now it has emerged as a prevalent picnic spot that is flanked by individuals from Delhi and other close by locations. The location has a peaceful as well as a calm vibe.

Damdama Lake

It accepts more than 190 species of both migratory and innate birds. During the monsoons, the water level intensifies here. There is no entry fee of any type and you can visit Damdama Lake whenever you want to. This lake is also an attractive places to visit in Gurgaon.

Kingdom of Dreams

At Kingdom of Dreams, in Sector-29, Gurugram, a first of its kind in live entertainment has been built up for the entire nation. The entertainment center was inducted by Haryana Chief Minister on 29th January 2010.

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams Opera Theater It is an exclusive cultural center in itself In this Opera theater, one can have glimpses of European countries, involving Paris, America, and England, in one location.

There is a cultural lane where foretastes of dissimilar traditions, food & dresses of several states of India are presented. The food of Indian States is also attended by tourists After Mumbai  Gurugram the country is a well-known tourist destination.

Cyber Hub

One of the most stimulating sites to visit in Gurgaon is the Cyber Hub. It is an enormous retail space featuring a diversity of shopping places and high-end cafes. Other lures involve Smash and different other pubs. We have added cyber hub also to our list of best places to visit in Gurgaon.

Cyber Hub

There are different family-friendly lures that you may take your kids to. Visit this restaurant for some appetizing multi-cuisine dishes or shop for something exclusive. It features a rooftop terrace and an astonishing auditorium, and a world-class design.

This location’s ambiance makes it one of the most fascinating locations. It is perfect for young individuals in Gurgaon to socialize and hold parties.

Farrukh Nagar Fort

Farrukh Nagar Fort was established in 1732 by Faujdar Khan who attended as a Governor to Emperor Farrukhsiyar. The town was popular for its salt trade till the British put a ban on it during the early 1900s.

Farrukh Nagar Fort

The rich cultural heritage of the town can be evaluated by the existence of historically significant monuments such as the Jama Masjid, the Sheesh Mahal, Sethani ki Chattri, different Havelis, and the Sultanpur National Park which make it a popular tourist destination.

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park of Aravalli comprises over 170 bird and animal species and more than 150 plant species. The Aravalli Biodiversity Park covers 1.54 square kilometers and is situated 21 kilometers from the city center of Gurgaon. It is one of the most thought-provoking places to visit in Gurgaon.

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

The Aravalli Biodiversity Park was formed to restore and preserve the desert’s vegetation ecologically. The park was undone on World Environment Day in June 2010, after the Supreme Court debarred stone mining in the place.

Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum is India’s very first transport museum that is situated at Tauru nearby Manesar in Gurgaon. The museum presents the history behind the fruition of human transportation. The beautiful museum is open from 10 AM to 7 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

Heritage Transport Museum

There is a massive display of all modes of transport from the British era to the modern duration. There are fundamentally 12 collections that are on display such as pre-automated transportation, railways, automobile gallery, aviation, maritime, etc. Each assortment is decorated attractively in sync with the era it depicts.

Ambience Mall

Who doesn’t want to head to a well-laid shopping center for some entertaining shopping times? We all do! If that is what you want, head straight to the Ambience mall in Gurugram for an entertaining day. The well-equipped mall is great, well-designed, and has a lively atmosphere. There are different shopping and dining establishments. The mall is a prodigious place to spend a few hours.

Ambience Mall

In fact, it’s an eccentric destination for lone travelers! A prodigious place to shop for both high and low budgets, with an assorted assortment of stores.

If you want to substitute personal self-care supplies and store up exhilarating stuff for future outings, then the astonishing Ambience mall is where you should head to!! Also, it is a good food stop that can stimulate a foodie with its great variety of food options!


A picturesque little village flourishing in Gurgaon, Manesar is paving its way towards becoming one of the fastest-rising industrial hubs of India. Being very nearby to Delhi, Manesar is also seeing a growth of education centers along with institutes of national significance. 


Camp Mustang and Flyboy Air Safari are great for the more adventurous ones, while the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary has enchanted the fascination of nature lovers for years now. The tired little town of Manesar will leave a spot on you with its rustic feel clubbed with modern amenities and natural attractiveness.

Mata Sheetala Devi Temple

Mata Sheetala is a Hindu goddess broadly worshipped in North India, Nepal, West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan as the pox-goddess. Mata Sheetala Devi is the Goddess of sores, ghouls, pustules, and diseases in Hindu mythology.

Mata Sheetala Devi Temple

The temple is prevalent for its festival in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar i.e. during March and April.

Best Time To Visit Gurgaon 

Winter Season: Lots of travelers arrive here in the frigid season. The temperature gets down to 10°C. The enjoyable and warm weather condition lures travelers from all across the world. January experiences dense fog, which may be problematic for a tourist to discover this region.

Excluding these dense fogs, the region is a great destination for winter holidays. Winter season lasts here till March and starts in October.

Summer Season: Gurgaon experiences the harsh season throughout summer during the months from March to June. The temperature used to grow up to 40°C at this time.  

The place lures travelers here throughout summer leading the falls in hotel costs and all. Summers are not a suggested time to discover this region owing to the hot and dry conditions of the weather.

Monsoon Season: Monsoon has enjoyable and warm weather conditions in this place. The temperature holds a variety of 20°C throughout the monsoon. The region obtains average showers in the duration of monsoon that begins from July to September end So that you can discover Gurgaon with its scenic attractiveness.

The city obtains an average amount of rain cascades like 797.3 mm in monsoon. Deceptively monsoon is considered the offseason here, so tourists can make great deals with hotels and packages. From July to September, monsoon passes through this region.

How To Reach? 

By Flight: If you forecast to take the flight to Gurgaon, you should be fully mindful that there is no airport. The closest airport to Gurgaon is Indira Gandhi International Airport around Delhi, 28 kilometers away. This airport has direct flights to the foremost cities around India and the world. As a result, you can fly to the airport of Delhi from any main city.

By Train: Gurgaon has a small railway station that links it to a few foremost cities from a few railways. Trains functioned by Indian Railways can conveniently transport you from the foremost cities in India. New Delhi Railway Station and Nizamuddin Railway Station are the closest railway stations. Taxis and cabs are accessible outside the railway station to take you to the tourist lures of Gurgaon.

By Road: Even though Gurgaon is well linked by road to the foremost cities and towns throughout India, travelers can visit this city utilizing various bus services. There are also luxuries, big AC sleepers accessible in Gurgaon for tourists, relying on their needs.


Gurugram is a fascinating place to head to anytime. You won’t get uninterested, that is a promise. Rather, the never-ending activities and adventure sports can make you want to hurry back here for another holiday, so forecast one today only!

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