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Explore Top Tourist Destinations & Hill Stations Near Pune!



Explore Top Tourist Destinations & Hill Stations Near Pune!

A city that is speedily becoming a favored destination for both businesses and adolescents, Pune is both cosmopolitan and traditional. Of course, it’s not just the culture, but the closeness to different hill stations nearby Pune that is making it a favored tourist destination. Whether it is historical sites or summer getaways, this Indian city has much to propose to its guests.

Hill stations near Pune in the Western Ghats are home to the most picturesque and enormously brilliant hill retreats in India. The rolling green slopes are sprinkled with brooks and water cascades that can strengthen even the most judicious traveler. Lonavala and Matheran are better known as weekend getaways, but there are several others that are value visiting.

To assist you plan your next vacation to the best hill stations near Pune, you must visit, we have chosen a few favorite hill stations in Pune for you with comprehensive details on the weather forecast and the best time to visit Pune.

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Best Places To Visit Near Pune


Lonavala, nearly 65 km away is one of the closest hill stations to Pune. If your eyes have almost become stoned to the sights of the urban cityscape, then the green blanket will confidently soothe them. Situated in closeness, Lonavala is one of the best hill stations near Pune within 100 km.

Lonavala-Hill Stations Near Pune

It assertions of scenic nature, crowned with captivating waterfalls, dense timber lands, and paradisiac valleys. Apart from it, you can find the traditional sweet, ‘Chikki,’ to munch on, not to forget the better-known new groundnuts and jaggery.


Situated at a distance of nearly 65 km from Pune, the attractively planned city of Lavasa is enclosed by the royal Western Ghats. The city is built in the Mulshi Valley and covers a rambling 25,000 acres.

Lavasa-Hill Stations Near Pune

With such enthralling views of hills, valleys, and lakes, the city has attained immense popularity among dissimilar types of travelers. The attractiveness of this privately planned city lies in the unified blend of spectacular infrastructure and the enchanting beauty of nature.

Here, you will find dissimilar topographical dissimilarities such as the lofty Sahyadri range, attractive rivers, and beautiful valleys.


Huddled amidst the Sahyadri range on the Western Ghats, Matheran is a cozy petite hill station that stands at an altitude of 2600 feet above sea level, and is just 100 kilometers away from Mumbai, making it a great weekend getaway.

Matheran-Hill Stations Near Pune

With its name accurately translating to “overhead forest”, Matheran is the minimum hill station in India but is tremendously popular in terms of tourists looking for a petite trip amid remarkable vistas and serenity.

Matheran is one of the very few places around the world that do not permit any vehicles at all, so the moment you step into this petite town, you will be transported back to a peaceful old-world era of red-soiled roads, automobile-free pathways, and lavish green hills all across.

The cold breeze and the fresh air barren of pollution are reason enough for travelers to throng to Matheran all year round.


The uninjured beauty of nature relaxes your senses, preferably, from the exciting daily schedules of urban life.

Karjat-Hill Stations Near Pune

Being situated 180 kilometers away from the city of Pune, Karjat is not fairly famous among noteworthy tourists yet but that won’t keep us from commending it and saying it is one of the most beautiful hill stations near Pune Maharashtra.

The massive stretch of abundant greenery, emphasized by the cold climatic conditions and sufficient adventure opportunities, can attend as the picture-perfect holiday destination to forecast next. If you end up bounding here with your family and friends, then do not leave a scope behind to celebrate the picnic and adrenaline rush of river rafting.


Nestled in the attractive Western Ghats, tourist places in Mahabaleshwar will enthrall your imagination with their natural splendor. Mahabaleshwar is better known for its different rivers, wonderful cascades, and majestic peaks.

Mahabaleshwar-Hill Stations Near Pune

The city entails ancient temples, boarding schools, filled and plush green dense forest, waterfalls, hills, and valleys that will take your breath away on your visit. The city is absolutely among the most sought-after weekend getaways from metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Pune.

Once, a summer capital of Bombay throughout the British Raj, the city has a British effect in its architecture. It is a very prevalent hill station that proposes a plethora of tourist activities and lures avid travelers and nature lovers.

Also, since it’s a perfect location for all, you’ll find lots of fun and sports activities for kids and adults, different restaurants, and even boating opportunities in the gleaming waters of Venna Lake. Having wonderful weather throughout the year, it can be visited at any time, fortunately.


Igatpuri is a gorgeous hill town in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. Nearly 136 km from Mumbai, and 250 km from Pune, it is one of the topmost hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the most prevalent weekend getaways nearby Mumbai as well as Pune.

Igatpuri-Hill Stations Near Pune

At a height of 1900 feet in the Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a treat for the eyes as this delightful hill station is decorated with beautiful temples, picturesque old forts, an enjoyable climate, majestic mountains, and impressive scenery.

This picturesque hill town looks even more attractive during the monsoon season with gushing waterfalls, impressive lakes, mist, and lush greenery.

Although little in size, the places to visit in Igatpuri are several. While admirers of history will have the time of their lives discovering the ancient forts of Tringalwadi and Avandha, nature admirers can spend a calming time in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary or the Vihigaon waterfalls.

The little town is also tremendously well known as the home to the world’s largest meditation center, the Vipassana Academy, which functions as a wellness retreat.


Stemming its name from the five hills neighboring it, Panchgani is a popular hill station nearby Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, well-known for its different sunset and sunrise points and picturesque valley view.

Panchgani-Hill Stations Near Pune

Situated at an elevation of 1,334 mts, Panchgani is also better known as Paachgani as the 5 hills that form the Sahyadri mountain ranges propose Panchgani its name.

The attractive backdrop of hills on one side and coastal plains on the other makes for an astonishing view. During the British era, the location was treated as a summer resort and hence different colonial-period establishments can be seen here. 


Snuggled in the foothills of the Sahyadri Ranges, Khandala features some attractive lake views, pouring waterfalls, and a green stretch of valleys. Owing to its closeness to Pune, only 71 kilometers, Khandala has become a sightseer hotspot for several past years.

Khandala-Hill Stations Near Pune

If you happen to hop on throughout the chilly winters, you can grasp the enthralling view of the snow-covered mountains. Khandala is, in fact, one of the great honeymoon places nearby Pune.

The natural loveliness of Khandala blooms to its zenith and discovers a magical charm throughout the monsoons. Its winding waterfalls and glittering lakes attributes to the royal look and impressive ambiance.


Bhandardara, a hill station settled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, has all the nature’s sanctifications a place can get. The lush greenery, the humble waterfalls, and the enclosed high mountains make for a great holiday spot for city dwellers.

Bhandardara-Hill Stations Near Pune

Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Bhandardara is nearly 117 km. from Mumbai and is conveniently accessible through roadways.

This little village is packed with different attractions coupled with the serenity of nature that it makes for an audacious weekend to run away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

There are different trekking and climbing places in the Sahyadri ranges where you can savor an adrenaline rush. Bhandardara also has different resorts where one can celebrate the all-encompassing views and just relax with their loved ones.

The beautiful hill station proposes a soothing environment with a cool climate during the year where you can refresh yourself.

Bhandardara is a small village where travelers are in for a treat as they are enclosed by mountains and enthralled by gurgling waterfalls away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The place is a delightful respite when you are looking for a revitalizing weekend getaway nearby the city of Mumbai.

Malshej Ghat

Nature admirers tend to go Ga-Ga over this place, situated 138 kilometers from Pune. One of the best hill stations nearby Pune in winter, Malshej Ghat is well-merged with the natural wonders of the place, which involves scenic sky-high waterfalls, raised slopes, and enthralling locations.

Malshej Ghat-Hill Stations Near Pune

Especially during the winters, the Harishchandragad area is fairly famous among trekkers owing to its attractive trekking trails and steep slope regions. Upon visit, celebrate by watching the birds by the enormous dams, and doing some electrifying activities, without partaking in any perils.

Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Ghat is a mountain pass that is located between Tamhini and Mulshi. The Tamhini hill station is one of the most prevalent destinations in Maharashtra. There are different places to visit here.

Tamhini Ghat-Hill Stations Near Pune

Many individuals who live in the city might want to come here for a weekend owing to there being different things to do. The surrounding is very attractive. There are lakes, forests, and different waterfalls.

Sitting in the Western Ghats and getting calmed as you go uppermost, this place is a good mix of natural attractiveness mixed with towns and villages well-linked by roads. This place becomes more attractive during the monsoons.

When it rains, the ground is green and brown hills enclosed it. Watching the natural world here is a treat. Tourism to Tamhini Ghat is not complete without discovering the Mulshi Dam backwaters and going on a river rafting journey.


Satara is a city situated near the convergence of the Krishna river and its tributary. It is a richly historical site in Maharashtra and a great hill stations near Pune to spend at least a weekend.

Satara-Hill Stations Near Pune

The name of the hill station is stimulated by the 7 hills surrounding the place. One of the best things to involve in Satara is camping, nature walking, and approving the natural abode.

Best Time To Visit Pune

Pune is mesmerizing in both Monsoons and Winters, therefore the months from July to February are the best time to visit this rambling city of Maharashtra. The weather remains cool and pleasantly calm.

The month of December is a cheerful time when the city hosts the well-known Sawai Gandharva Sangeeth Mahotsav which fascinates Indian classical music lovers from all over the country. However, it’s best to evade summers as the weather is torrid and could limit your travel plans.

How To Reach Pune? 

By Road: Pune enjoys outstanding connectivity with neighboring cities and towns through a well-upheld network of roads. Mumbai (140 km), Aurangabad (215 km), and Bijapur (275 km) all are well-connected to Pune by a number of state and roadways buses.

Those driving from Mumbai necessity to take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway route, which takes scarcely 2 to 3 hours to cover a distance of nearly 150 km.

By Train: Pune Junction railway station links the city with all the major Indian destinations. There are different mail/express trains and superfast trains associating the city with numerous Indian destinations in the south, north, and west. Some of the prominent trains functioning to/from Mumbai are Deccan Queen and Shatabdi Express, which take nearly three-and-a-half hours around to reach Pune.

By Air: Pune is well linked through domestic airlines with the whole country. The airport situated at Lohgaon has presently acquired the status of an international airport and is being cast off to carry domestic as well as international traffic.

Lohegaon Airport or Pune Airport is an international airport, situated 15 km away from Pune city center. Visitors can benefit from taxi and local bus services from outside the airport to arrive at their destination.


These are some of the best hill stations to visit nearby Pune. All these hill stations cited above can lure you to their attractive views, adventure activities, and sightseeing. Once you visit these attractive hill stations, you will come back with a reinvigorated mind and positive vibes.

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