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Sikkim: Enjoy The Magical Beauty Of The Eastern Himalayas!



Sikkim Enjoy The Magical Beauty Of The Eastern Himalayas!

Sikkim belongs to the northeastern region of the Indian territory. The significance of the state comes in its proximity to neighboring countries such as Bhutan and Nepal. Portions of the Himalayan landscape are also a peculiar feature of the state.

Moreover, it has also got the “highest Indian mountain” known as the Kanchenjunga. Apart from that there are a couple of beautiful glaciers, refreshing alpine meadows, and delightful varieties of wildflower blooms in the state of Sikkim making it an all-rounder vacation experience.

The hilltops found in the state of Sikkim are mostly perfect to quench your thirst for adventure. Some of the hilltops have also got monasteries on them testifying to the religious inclination of the place.

Sikkim is not a commercially buzzing tourist location even if there are a lot of adventure activities and experiences in the state. Tranquility is the signature vibe hitting the place and some of the best places to visit in Sikkim are listed below. 

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Nathula Pass

This picturesque mountain pass is a must-visit destination and also an experience you should explore on a vacation in Sikkim. Nathula Pass belongs to the Dongkya Range which is part of the mighty Himalayas. This spot is also one of the best places to visit in Sikkim

Nathula Pass

This pass is not only situated in the state of Sikkim but its several extensions can also be seen in the state of West Bengal. The elevation of the pass of Nathula is calculated to be 4310m from the sea level.

There are only a total of three open trade borders in the political borders of India and China. One among the three is located in the Nathula Pass region making it significant in the trade and commercial aspect too. 

Yumthang Valley Of Flowers

Yumthang is a beautiful valley you can visit on your trip to Sikkim. It is something that will excite the soft corners of your heart in the best way possible. You can also visit a flower sanctuary in the location which is quite scenic and pleasant in every nook and corner.

Yumthang Valley Of Flowers

Hot springs are the major specialties seen in the location of the sanctuary. Hot springs have always been a subject of attraction to visitors to the location.

Pastures for grazing and their relaxing ambiance would also make you fall for the place if you are someone who is inclined to the serene side of your trip. From our idea of view, we have marked Yumthang Valley also one of the best places to visit in Sikkim.

This valley is located at a high altitude of 3700m from the sea level. February to June would be the ideal time of the year to experience and explore the best out of the location. 

Tsomgo Lake

Tsongmo lake is the other name by which this lake is known in certain regions. Several locals are also seen calling this lake by the name, Changgu. It is a lake in the state of Sikkim provided by the glaciers in the region.

Tsomgo Lake

It belongs to the eastern side of the state. You need to travel an average of 40km from Gangtok, the capital city of the state of Sikkim to reach the location of this lake. Just like most of the tourist attractions found in the state of Sikkim, this Tsomgo Lake is also located at a higher elevation of 3753m from the sea level.

The locals inhabiting the surroundings of the lake consider the Tsomgo lake quite sacred and pay due respects to the same. Such mythological significances are also accentuating the tourism importance of the lake. 


This is a typical rustic hilly village you can spot in the city of Sikkim. However, it has gained a higher prominence over time on account of the flourishing tourism of the place. The village is close to the border of India and Tibet.


The presence of the river of Lachung also makes this place geographically distinct and quite picturesque to explore. You can also visit a monastery by visiting this village.

The Lachung monastery was found in the location of the village has its period of construction during the 19th century. The village is quite abundant on the agricultural side with a lot of apple orchards all around. 

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

So this is exclusively for those who are serious about accomplishing the trek and definitely not for the casual tourists out there. If you are interested to trek the Kanchenjunga Base Camp, make sure you can spare a total of 11 days and 10 nights for the same.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

The elevation of this “highest Indian peak” is calculated to be 8586m from the sea level. The difficulty levels in trekking this peak is undoubtedly the highest in the territory. Moreover, this peak is also the third highest when it comes the entire peaks in the world.

Even though the challenges involved have a greater intensity, the experience and delight you will get from the same would be worth it for sure. You would be required to travel a distance of 61.7km from Gangtok in order to reach the destination of the base camp. 

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake in the state of Sikkim is famous for being a high-altitude lake. It is not only one of the lakes with a greater elevation in the territory of India but also in the world. 5430m is calculated as the elevation of the lake of Gurudongmar.

Gurudongmar Lake

You can spot the lake in the Mangan district region of the state of Sikkim. It is a part of the mighty Himalayan ranges found in the territory of the state. The lake has also got some mythological significance and people belonging to many sects and communities are seen visiting the location to pay their due respects.

Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs are the ones mostly found in the region. It has also got a larger shore length of 5.34km. 

Green Lake Sikkim

Green Lake is one of the most scenic places to visit in Sikkim. The picturesque location is on account of its unique backdrop with the mountain of Kanchenjunga. This lake is provided by the glacier known by the name, of Zemu.

Green Lake Sikkim

It is situated at an elevation of around 500m. If you love to play with snow and would like to indulge in the joy and thrill of a snowy landscape, a trip to the lake and its surroundings will definitely interest you. This lake is also the best places to visit in Sikkim

The elevation of the lake is measured as 1437m from the sea level. The surroundings of Green Lake are also an ideal viewpoint to witness the majestic view of a couple of Himalayan peaks. Summer months are the best to spend your time in the location. 


It is a mountain pass located in the Gyalshing district in the state of Sikkim. It is also a part of the Himalayan ranges found in the state. You can get to see the pride and prestigious view of the Kanchenjunga from this mountain pass.

  • Goechala
  • Goechala

This is one of the major reasons why a lot of tourists are traveling to this mountain pass when they are on a Sikkim vacation. You will be able to see the southeastern side of the peak when you are in the location.

Base camps for mountaineers aspiring to conquer the Kanchenjunga mountain are also seen in the surroundings of the pass. 4940m is the measured elevation of Goechala peak in Sikkim. However, reaching the viewpoint in the pass where you can see the visual of Kanchenjunga can be quite difficult. 


If you would like to explore something historically significant in the state of Sikkim, the town of Yuksom would be an ideal location to travel in your Sikkim visit. This village can be seen in the district of West Sikkim in the state.


During the times when the state of Sikkim was a kingdom, this village was its capital. The year of establishment of the village as per the historical records available is 1642AD. Even though this is an inhabited area in the state of Sikkim, the elevation of the place is quite higher with a measurement of 1780m.

The snow-laden landscape of this village is quite admired by the tourists visiting the location. This village sets the chance to indulge in the fun of snow by getting touched by the authentic rustic vibes of the place. 


Another town you can visit on your trip to Sikkim. This town gains its popularity from being a spiritual destination in the state of Sikkim. Both the locals and tourists are equally found in the location of the town in search of several spiritual benefits.


There is also a monastery in the town of Pelling which you should not miss out on if you are particular about exploring the cultural pulses of the place. This monastery is known by the name, Buddhist Sanga Choling Monastery.

The majestic mountain views possible from the location of the monastery push every kind of tourist to visit the monastery. The paintings and sculptures you can find in the territory of the monastery can also be regarded as quite aesthetic. 

Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek monastery can also be understood by the name Dharma Chakra Center. Reaching the location of the monastery can be quite easy since it is near Gangtok, the capital city of the state of Sikkim. Karma Kagyu is the name of the sect that can be found managing and maintaining the monastery with prominence.

Rumtek Monastery

There are two respected religious personas under the founder title of the monastery. They are Karmapa Lama 9 and Wangchuk Dorje. It was in the year 1966, that the monastery got inaugurated. This monastery stands first in the largest category taking into consideration all the other Buddhist monasteries found in the state of Sikkim.

The Golden Stupa found in the destination is something that is considered the most sacred in the surroundings of the monastery since the relics of the 16th Karmapa are contained in it. 


Another spectacular hamlet you must visit when traveling to the territory of Sikkim. There are a lot of local pronunciations variants for the hamlet and some among them are Jhuluk and Jaluk. 9400 feet is measured as the elevation of this beautiful hilltop village.


The richness of the lower Himalayas can be seen in the vegetation and biodiversity that are particular to this region. In order to reach this village, you need to travel to the district of Pakyong in the state of Sikkim.

After reaching the district center you should hit the Ronglis subdivision areas to finally reach the destination of Zuluk. This is kind of an offbeat destination you can visit in the territory of Sikkim. 


If you are interested to explore the authentic Tibetan side of India, this place should fall necessarily into your Sikkim itinerary. Here you will be able to enjoy the Tibetan culture, lifestyle, and traditions of the locals who are living abiding by it.


This town is also located at an elevation of around 8000 feet. The flora and fauna of this location are also quite rich and impressive accompanied by a vibrant landscape. This place has also got some charismatic viewpoints belonging to the Himalayan Ranges.

For those who are planning a Sikkim vacation purely for a nature retreat, this location is an inevitable destination. If you wish to see the snowy side of this rich landscape, plan your visit for the winter months. 

Yume Samdong

Another charismatic valley you can visit on your trip to Sikkim. This valley is located near the river of Lachung. From the center of Yumthang town, you need to travel a distance of 15km in order to reach the destination. 4272m is the altitude measurement of this valley.

Yume Samdong

You won’t be able to find roads from the location any further. The snowy landscape of this place will give you a kind of mystic experience, especially during the winter months of the year. If you would like to indulge in the feeling of a fresh cool breeze and serene blue sky, this place can satisfy you the most on the trip.

The place is also quite sensitive in a political aspect since the Indo-China border is close to the location of the valley. 

Zemu Glacier

This can be regarded as one of the most beauteous natural attractions you can find in the territory of the state of Sikkim after the peak of Kanchenjunga. Considering the ranges of the Eastern Himalayas, this is the largest glacier in the group. Its 26km of length itself is sufficient to prove its magnificence and pride before the tourists planning to visit the location.

Zemu Glacier

This glacier is found in the base regions of mount Kanchenjunga and this is also something adding to the majestic beauty of the glacier. It can be seen on the eastern side of the Kanchenjunga mountain.

Peace seekers and spirituality buffs are found in large numbers in the surroundings of the glacier. One of the rivers that take its origin from the glacier of Zemu is the river of Teesta. 

Sikkim Himalayan National Park

The eastern side of the Himalayas in the Indian subcontinent and the vegetation and biodiversity particular to the region are encapsulated in the Sikkim Himalayan National Park. It has also got the Khangchendzonga Biosphere reserve and 7 wildlife sanctuaries inside it.

  • Sikkim Himalayan National Park
  • Sikkim Himalayan National Park

This proves the abundance of biodiversity you can explore by visiting the Sikkim Himalayan National Park during your visit to the state. You can also halt at a handful of locations that are viewpoints found in the park.

The government and the authorized departments have been giving due importance to the park in order to conserve the bunch of species that are treasured inside its areas. Moreover, the landscape of the park is also quite impressive with terrains, valleys and a lot more grabbing the attraction of the tourists. 

Best Time To Visit Sikkim

September- first half of December & March-May

How To Reach Sikkim?

Nearest airport: Bagdogra Airport

Nearest railway station: Jalpaiguri (NJP)


Nature and a deep Buddhist spiritual impression define your trip to Sikkim. Adventure and wildlife exploration would also accompany. 

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