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Top 10 Places To Hangout In Tezu



Top 10 Places To Hangout In Tezu

Tezu is the most sophisticated of the cities in the North Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Geographically it has got the fifth position in size in relation to other cities and towns of the state. Even when enjoying the regard of the most developed town, the natural landscapes and richness in its biodiversity make this town unique and an ideal example of sustainable development.

The fruit orchards of the town serve to be its major source of income and thus contributing to the agricultural significance of the city. The clear untouched lakes of the city are particular of most of the lakes in the North Eastern states of the country, which in turn makes the environmental enthusiasts fall for the city.

The thick and mysterious woods of the town are also worth exploring for their matchless nature experience. Tezu is also renowned and admired for its pilgrimage prominence. Every year, both domestic and international tourists are found in the popular tourist locations of the city to pay customary offerings, get rid of their sins, and pray for the fulfillment of their desires. Followers of Hinduism are mostly found in the city for pilgrimage purposes. 

The town of Tezu is packed with tourist destinations that are often seen crowded with swarms of tourists around the year. Adventure enthusiasts are quite interested to visit the North Eastern towns of the country since they provide a better experience on the soothing lap of nature. And Tezu is not an exemption from that. Moreover, there are a lot of hamlets in the hilly landscape of Tezu.

These quaint hamlets can impress almost all categories of tourists visiting the town by offering a rejuvenating experience. Moreover, you can easily get mingled with the locals of the town since they are quite amiable and welcome tourists with all their hearts. A peaceful co-existence of people belonging to all sects, communities, and races is seen here.

A trip to Tezu will also give you the opportunity to closely interact and experience the nuances of Tibetan culture and traditions. Hence the Tezu holiday can be international without actually crossing boundaries. Tezu gets ready in its best colors during the New Year and Christmas times of the year. The below-given are some of the best tourist destinations in Tezu. Check them out and plan your trip accordingly. 

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Places To Look Out In Tezu

1. Glow Lake

Though Glow Lake is a lake situated inside the Kamlang Sanctuary of Tezu, the lake has got a greater fan base than the sanctuary. You need to get into trekking to reach this lake that captivates every heart. If you are planning to visit this unforgettable destination, remember to spare at least a full day in your itinerary for the lake and sanctuary since it can take around 5 hours and more to complete the trek in one direction only.

About Glow Lake

You can choose any month from October to April to visit the lake and take part in the adventure activities set in the nearby areas. The way to the lake is filled with rich biodiversity and wildlife that will wake up the nature lover inside you.

The organisms that you might have only seen in the pages of your science texts like leopard cats, civets, flying squirrels, and wild boars will roam freely in front of you and indulge in their daily routines. You can also see elephants and squirrels on your way to Glow Lake. 

2. Parasuram Kund

In the pilgrimage map of Tezu, Parasuram Kund is an inevitable location. Flocks of Hindu devotes across the globe are seen here around the year to pay their respects. The Kund is located in the Mishmi plateau region. Nearby the Kund, the Lohit river flows peacefully making it a naturally captivating location too.

The surroundings of the Kund are full of dense forests and the areas belong to the Kamlang reserve. The Kund is named after the sage of Parashuram. There is also a legend explaining the formation of Parasuram Kund associated with the sage. The festive season of this pilgrimage spot is during the month of January on the eve of Makar Sankranti.

About Parasuram Kund

The occasion is celebrated in the name of Prasuram Kund Mela. Pilgrims from Nepal come to the location in large groups during the festival season of the shrine. Dipping themselves in the holy river of Lohit is considered to be sacred by the pilgrims. Usually, the river is seen crowded during the Kund Mela to practice the custom. 

3. Tezu Botanical Garden 

In an area of 23 hectares, you will get to see a variety of plant and herb species including those that are extremely rare. Some exotic varieties of plant species are also preserved in the Botanical garden. If you would like to know and feel the hidden pulses of nature in the form of attractive flora and fauna, a visit to the Tezu Botanical Garden is something you must not avoid at any cost.

About Tezu Botanical Garden 

Reaching the location of the garden is not that difficult. Anybody can easily get into the spot and there are a lot of public transportation facilities that will help you access the location. Moreover, the location of the Botanical Garden is in proximity to many other tourist locations in the territory of Tezu. Chaglagam, Hawa Camp, Tezu park, and D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary are some of them.

You can visit the park almost every year. But for a pleasing climate, you are advised to visit the garden during the months from October to March. You can skip the month of January if you are concerned about comfort and not fond of the chilling weather.

4. Chaglagam 

Unlike all the above-mentioned locations in Tezu, Chaglagam is neither a natural getaway nor a pilgrim location. The location of Chaglagam is renowned for its agricultural splendor and prosperity. The major crop grown in the soil of Chaglagam is Cardamom. The Cardamom of Chaglagam is gradually growing into a brand even in the international markets.

About Chaglagam 

The farms produce the crop in surplus quantities so that they can easily carry out trade in the national markets and export it to foreign markets as well. The urbanization and developments of Tezu are the most visible in these areas. Since the cultivation of Cardamom requires good shade, the population of the area comprising a majority of farmers is keen on planting trees that will give proper shade to their crops.

Hence, farming here has become sustainable and friendly to nature. You can also enjoy a serene and stunning view of the Dalai and Lohit river flowing through the valleys of this high-altitude territory of Chaglagam. 

5. Hawai And Hayuliang

When the local term “Mashimi” get translated into English, it gives the meaning of “pond”. The location is also on a high altitude hilly side of Tezu. People usually visit the place to enjoy the extremely cold weather that is particular to the location. If you are also interested in experiencing the vibes of different cultures and traditions, this place is a must-visit destination.

The tourist attraction in the place is a bridge where they indulge themselves in clicking photos and hanging out freely. Solo travelers are also found in large numbers in the location wandering peacefully and enjoying leisure. The bridge is constructed over the river of Lohit, a major river body in Tezu.

Abuot Hawai And Hayuliang

The bridge also provides panoramic views of many fields and farms nearby. Apart from the cash crop of cardamom, Tezu has also got extensive fields for fruits like pineapple, kiwi, oranges, bajra, maize, and many more. The meaning of the place “Hayuliang” is “place of my liquor”. Scenic viewpoints are the specialty of the location. You will get to see the best views of the rivers like Dalai and Lohit from the location.

6. Hawa Camp

Hawa camp is a nearby location if you have plans to visit Hayuliang. For sunset and sunrise lovers, Hawa camp is a usual hangout spot. The Lohit valley of Tezu becomes magnificent from the Hawa camp. Family groups are also seen in plenty in the camp side to spend a picnic day. The population is quite less in the camp areas in relation to the other parts of Tezu.

About Hawa Camp

Viewpoints are also extensive in the location of Hawa camp. An eye-catching view of the quaint valley of Mashimi is something you should not miss out on during the Hawa camp visit. Wildlife photographers are the other category of tourists visiting the location of Hawa camp. Nature lovers can indulge in the matchless tranquillity the place has to offer.

The place is also a paradise for much exotic flora and fauna. Instagrammable spots are countless in the location attracting photo maniacs to visit the camp. You can easily hire and book cabs from the town center of Tezu to reach the Hawa camp location. 

7. D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary 

For an environmental enthusiast or a scholar in rare wildlife and biodiversity, the D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary can be a favorite destination in the entire territory of Tezu. A 13km drive from Pasighat will help you reach the location of the Sanctuary. Tigers and Leopards are found in plenty in the sanctuary.

Hence the sanctuary is home to the magnificence and royal family of the woods. Many endangered species are also preserved with absolute care in the sanctuary. This includes animals and organisms like Hoolock Gibbon, Takin, Red Panda, Capped Langur, and Slow Lories.

About D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary 

Wild elephants, Hog deer, and wild buffaloes are the other animals inviting tourists’ attraction to the sanctuary of D’Ering Memorial. Apart from the human tourists, many migratory birds are also the usual sight of the sanctuary. The resident birds seen in the sanctuary can also excite any nature lover with their varieties. The location of the sanctuary on the border of the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is also another peculiar feature of the place. 

8. Walong

Known for being the cantonment town in the city of Tezu. Since it is positioned on the easternmost side of India, the town is the first to wake up in the entire nation with the fresh rays of the sun. It was also the venue for the Sino-Indian war that happened during the year 1962. Commemorating the war and the war soldiers who lost their lives in the war field, many memorials can be seen in the location.

Such memorials can be seen in abundance when you travel to the northern side from the place called Kibithu in Walong. Walong is also known for its challenging pilgrimage destinations.The Hindu temples are found in a place called “Helmet top” in the town. It is quite tricky to travel to the location and finally access the temples.

About Walong

You can also witness a hot water spring in the town of Walong. The spring is visited by tourists and some believe in the magical and divine properties of the spring. Even though Walong is mentioned as a tourist destination in association with Tezu, the geographical location of the town of Walong is quite distant from the place. 

9. Kibithoo

Kibithoo’s territorial location itself is quite significant since it stands on the Line of Control. This small village borders the nations of Myanmar and China. Hence the positioning of the village is often referred to as being in a tri-junction. The entry of the river of Lohit to the territory of India also happens in the village of Kibithoo.

About Kibithoo

It is the Brahmaputra river that splits into its tributary getting named as Lohit river. Owing to the presence of the India-China border, the place is always under surveillance and has high political significance. The village is in a high-altitude region upon the hills of Mashimi. But Dong valley is the exact place where the village of Kibithoo is situated.

Kibithoo also gets the prominence of being the last inhabited area in Eastern India. Sikh Life Infantry soldiers are deployed in the Line of Control, areas of Kibithoo village. A bridge of foot suspension by the Indian army is a political marvel in this natural village. Certain sides of the village are highly prone to natural calamities like landslides. 

10. Dong

The village of Dong is located at the convergence point of the rivers like Sati and Lohit. This is also a high-altitude hillside village. The tri-junction of India, Myanmar, and China is also in proximity to the village just like the village of Kibithoo. The scenic natural beauty of the village is remarkable in every sense.

Photoshoots and wildlife photography are some of the common tourist activities held in the place. Adventure activities are also available in the location if you are seeking something to spike up your thrill and excitement on the trip to Tezu. Trekking is the most important among them.

About Dong

You can trek to various locations in Dong and reach mesmerizing viewpoints that will let you realize the efforts you took for the moment were worthy in every sense. Plan early and witness the magical sunrise you will get at the viewpoints in Dong. Summer months are the most appropriate to trek to Dong. You can also consider the fall months of September and October to visit the location. 

How To Reach Tezu?

Nearest airport: Tezu Airport

Nearest railway station: Tinsukia Railway Station (NTSK)

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