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10 Best Tourist Destinations In Thiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu!



10 Best Tourist Destinations In Thiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu!

Thiruchirappalli is one of the ancient cities in the southern side of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The presence of the Kaveri and Kollidam rivers could be the possible reason for the development of a distinctive culture in the city. The city is also crucial concerning Hindu pilgrimage. A couple of popular temples with outstanding architecture and design are some of the remarkable features making the city a favorite for a lot of tourists across the world.

The city is also vast in its geographical area enjoying 4th position in size among all the cities in Tamil Nadu. Many dynasties have also had their presence in the city and the Chola dynasty is one among them. There are also many institutions and organizations of national importance situated in the city. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are some of them.

The most peculiar and exciting feature of the city is that traditions and sophistication can be identified separately in the city in its best and apt formations. The Rock Fort present in the city has a pivotal role in shaping an impressive cultural identity for the city. Scholars, artists, and leaders who were born and brought up in the city are now enjoying reputed and pioneering positions in their respective domains.

If you would like to tour this intellectually enlightened, culturally rich, and architecturally outstanding city, here are the places we would recommend you to take a visit. 

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Kallanai Dam 

Kallanai Dam is built across the city’s major water source, the Kaveri river. The dam is just 15km away from the center of the city. The size of the dam is quite large which is excellent concerning the time it was constructed. The dam can be now 2000 years old. Even now it functions perfectly well and there is no other dam in the whole of India that is functional even after 2000 years of its construction. Many engineering scholars and professionals are continuously having research and studies to learn from the techniques and strategies behind the construction to get it adapted to modern-day projects. Grand Anicut is the other name of the Kallanai dam.

Kallanai Dam 

The dam is the major water source for almost all of the households across the city. The picturesque natural views surrounding the dam are also quite delightful and perfect to indulge in. Rough stones are the major raw material used for the construction of the dam. The dam and its nearby areas are also an ideal picnic spot if you are visiting the location for a peaceful family or friends’ getaway. You can also choose the place for the mesmerizing sunsets. The government is now taking action to support tourism in the location by building a kids’ park and many other facilities. 

Railway Museum 

The Thiruchirappalli Railway Museum is a recent construction by the government to enhance the experience of the tourists visiting the city. It was on 18th February 2014 that the Southern Railway General Manager, Rakesh Misra made opened the museum to the public. A track for the toy train is the major attraction of the museum.

Railway Museum 

The museum was constructed as a part of the 150th-anniversary celebration of the South Indian Railway. The cultural heritage of the South Indian Railway is a major marvel to witness inside the museum. The outdoors and indoors of the museum are both adorned with exhibits that will help us understand the progress and growth the railway has undergone over the years.

The conditions and functional methods of the railway during colonial rule would also be interesting things to watch. The museum has also got collections of photographs, paintings, magazines, and other artifacts that will take us to the older days of the railway. 

Erumbeeswarar Temple

An important pilgrimage location in the city of Thiruchirappalli. The temple is devoted to its main deity, Lord Shiva. Hindus across the nation are found taking a pilgrimage to the temple around the year. The location of the temple is on the top of a hill. This positioning enhances its view and magnificence.

Erumbeeswarar Temple

You have to take the steps built on the hill to reach the shrine. These steps are made of granite stones which speaks out the grandeur of this hilltop temple. “Malai Kovil” and “Hill Temple” are the other names attributed to the temple by the locals owing to its positioning on the top of a hill.

Dravidian architecture is the most exciting aesthetic factor of the temple. Its power and detailing can be seen in every nook and corner of the temple. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of an anthill in the temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva wanted other gods in the form of ants to come and worship him and hence he himself took the form of an anthill to fulfill the wish. In the local language, the word “Erumb” means ant, and “eeswarar” means lord. That is the reason why the temple came to be known as Erumbeeswarar temple. 

Pachamalai Hills

Pachamalai Hills is an extended hilly part of the Eastern Ghats. Kallar and Sweata Nadi are the two main rivers having flowing routes through the hills. You have to travel 80km from the Thiruchirappalli town center to reach the location of the Pachamalai Hills. This is a perfect location for a tranquil getaway and enjoying lush greens and getting immersed in the lullaby of nature. Forest patches found on the hill in several regions are a spectacular view to watch from a distance.

Pachamalai Hills

The soil found in the valleys of the hill is mostly clayey. This would be your favorite destination in Thiruchirappalli if you are interested to explore nature and its wonders the most. Adventure lovers can also find satisfaction, joy, and thrill in the location since many hiking opportunities are also available here. If you are a biodiversity enthusiast, this is a place where you will get free entry into the pharmacy of nature.

The Pachamalai Hills and its surrounding are blessed with flourishing medicinal plants and herbs prescribed in the texts of Ayurveda. Unlike other hills or mountain ranges, no peaks can be found in the Pachamalai Hill ranges. Rounded tops are the distinctiveness of the hills attracting excitement. 

St. Joseph’s Church 

One of the most charmingly captivating churches in the nation. The church was built during the early years of colonial rule in the country. 1792 is the building year of the church. Hence the church is also quite ancient and has a significant colonial heritage to its credit. Schwartz is the man who ordered the construction of the church. The purpose of the church was to convert people of South India to Christianity in masses.

St. Joseph’s Church 

Teppakulam is the exact location of the church in the city of Thiruchirappalli. A lot of historical events and protests have taken place in the Manigaurd Gate nearby the church during the British Raj and the struggle for Indian Independence. There is also a college nearby the church of the same name.

Local devotees, pilgrim tourists, and other tourists are found in the location alike. Photography and other similar tourist activities are rampant in the location. You can also get into the church if you are also interested in feeling the colonial glory and grandeur in its architecture, design, and art. Apart from religion, the church is a place where you will be able to find a subtle integration of socio-cultural pulses of the times. The church is also spotlessly clean and well-maintained. 

Ranganathaswamy Temple 

A top-rated tourist destination in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. This is also one of the most visited pilgrim destinations in the state. Like most of the temples and temple complexes in the city of Thiruchirappalli, the Ranganathaswamy temple is also built with Dravidian architecture. Lord Vishnu is the main deity of the temple.

Ranganathaswamy Temple 

The temple is spread over a vast area of 156 acres. The location of temple is on an island formed by the rivers, Kaveri and Kollidam. This ancient temple is dated back to the 2nd Century BC. Inscriptions and artifacts from the 10th CE are also found at the location of the temple.

Thiruvaranga Thirupathi is the other name of the temple. 21 towers with mind-blowing sculpted art show the superior artistic skills of the people of the times. 50 sub-shrines are indicative of the worship diversity the people observed during the period. There are also 9 pools that are considered sacred in the surroundings of the temple.

The golden dome present in the complex speaks about the luxe and splendid lifestyle of ancient times. In total, the temple is rich and synonymous with abundance and glory in every sense. Every year a festival is celebrated in the temple that will last up to 21 days and this is the time when the temple will acquire its most magnificence. 

Puliyancholai Falls

If you are a nature lover, this would be an inevitable location in your Thiruchirappalli trip. Tamarind groves that are seen in abundance near the falls are a peculiarity of the region. The stream, the forest patches, and the lush green ambiance make it a calming and cooling location to spend some peaceful hours on your vacation. The views and experience you will have from the location are sufficient enough to get a detox and fill you with fresh and positive energy powered by mother earth.

Puliyancholai Falls

If you love taking a dip in the chilling pure water of the stream and playing with its splashes, Puliyancholai falls would be a great option. A family group or a friend’s gang can make the most out of their trip if you can consider including this location in your Trichy itinerary. Trekking has also got provisions in the location making it ideal for adventure seekers and young-spirited tourists.

The location of the falls is also ideal if you wish to move away from the hustling city tourism. Since there is also a Shiva temple nearby, pilgrim trekking is also common in the location during the season. 

Vayalur Murugan Temple 

This is another Hindu pilgrim destination in the city of Thiruchirappalli. The deity of worship in the temple is Lord Murugan, the beloved son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi. The temple just like other temples dedicated to Lord Murugan is also situated amidst a mesmerizing natural environment. Coconut groves and paddy fields near the temple are indicative of its agricultural abundance and fertility.

Vayalur Murugan Temple 

Lord Shiva is also worshipped in the temple as a sub-deity in the name of Agnishwarar. Nearby the temple, a sacred pond is also found and is known as “Shakti Tirtham”. It is believed that Lord Murugan himself created the pond using his weapon called Sulayudham. You can reach the location of the temple just by traveling 9km from the city center of Trichy.

A bunch of inscriptions and carvings have been found at the location of the temple by many researchers. These inscriptions have got due religious and socio-cultural significance and hence are preserved with care for future references and as a religious treasure. A lot many offerings are also given to the temple, especially by the female devotees of Lord Murugan. The mention of this temple can be found in many ancient Tamil literatures which enhances the significance of the same. 

Jambukeshwara Temple

Another notable pilgrim destination is the tourist map of Trichy. This temple has been a haven for people who are quite excited about learning the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Hinduism. The temple and the surroundings were once the capital of the Vaishnava dynasty. The river Kaveri flows near the temple along with its major tributary, Kollidam. The construction credits of the temple go to the Chola king, Kochenga Chola.

Jambukeshwara Temple

According to ancient beliefs, the universe is made up of five elements and this temple is dedicated to the water element among them. Hence the idol of worship in the temple would always be surrounded by water. This idol is specifically known as ‘Appu Linga’. The inscriptions belonging to the period of Cholas are among the precious historic artifact found in the temple. Monolithic stone pillars are another attraction for history enthusiasts visiting the temple. Car festival is one of the seasons of the Jambukeshwara temple. 

A lot of pilgrims, historians, researchers, tourists, and others are seen visiting the temple during the festival. Panchaprakara is another festive event happening in the temple with all the similar celeb mood of the former. You can have a rich cultural experience during these times. 

Rock Fort Temple 

This is one of the important landmarks of the city of Trichy. If you are planning a visit to it, this is somewhere you must go to know the real pulse of the city. The city can be seen magnanimously from the top of the fort and this is a view you should not miss. The Dravidian architecture is expressed in this Rock Fort temple with all the artistic brilliance and design supremacy.

Rock Fort Temple 

The height of the rock is 273 feet and this itself is suggestive of the efforts and dedication required to complete the fort and temple complex upon it during a time when technology was at its lowest. The Rock Fort Temple is not just the brilliance and contribution of just one dynasty.

The historical studies conducted at the location reveal the active participation of the Chola, Pallava, and Nayaka dynasties in the construction and finishing of this legendary fort. The fort has also significant role during colonial times and the reign of the Vijayanagar empire. The development of the city of Trichy as a commercial center is also accredited to the presence of this rock fort in the location. A lot of tourists from across the world are seen visiting the rock fort to feel and imbibe a major sign of the culture and tradition of the country. 

How To Reach Thiruchirappalli?

Nearest airport: Trichy Airport 

Nearest railway station: Thiruchirappalli Junction Railway Station (TPJ)

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