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Tuljapur: A Travel Plan To Pilgrimage Town Of Maharashtra!



Tuljapur A Travel Plan To Pilgrimage Town Of Maharashtra!

In the state of Maharashtra, India, Tuljapur is a prevalent pilgrimage town. The town is located around the district of Osmanabad of the state. Earlier it was better known as Chinchpur, the land of tamarind trees as it literally means.

This holy place is prevalent in the Tulja Bhavani Temple. The temple is devoted to Goddess Bhawani, one of the Goddess Durga’s forms. The Goddess is supposed to have been the family deity of the Bhosales throughout the region.

The beautiful temple is one of the steep descending slopes of the Bala Ghat range. Tuljapur town bustles with activities and visitors throng the place for the Tulja Bhavani fair throughout the Navaratri in honor of the Goddess. 

Apart from the Tulja Bhavani temple, this small town is also prevalent in other places such as Chintamani, Ghat Shila Temple, Bharathi Buwa mutt, etc. The fort of Naldrug and the Dharashiv caves close by are worthwhile visiting.

This pious town comes alive with fairs and carnivals throughout Navratri and carries feasts to the onlookers’ eyes. This is an accurate place to relax and rejuvenate the mind. 

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A great town around southern Maharashtra, Tuljapur is a district-level municipality and the foremost transportation spot of the district. There are more than 30,000 individuals living in the town, and it is an emerging community, that speaks the Marathi Language.

The town is popular with its old and ancient temple, the Tulja Bhavani Temple, constructed during the 13th century. 

Climatic Conditions

Tuljapur is the warmest month with the highest average high temperature in May. The month with the lowest average high temperature during December.

The month with the uppermost average low temperature during May. The coldest month is December with 17.6 degrees C. 

Places To Visit In Tuljapur

GhatShila Temple

The GhatShila Temple is an ancient rock temple, dedicated to Lord Rama and located in the city of Tuljapur, this beautiful temple has an interesting mythological adage behind it. It is supposed that Lord Rama passed through these huge rocks along with his brother Lakshman, around the mountains to search for Goddess Sita – his beautiful and beloved wife.

GhatShila Temple

It is supposed that he was directed by Goddess Tulja Bhawami toward Lanka, the place where Sita was abducted to. This beautiful temple consistently sees worshippers thronging the locality to propose their prayers and seek blessing from Lord Rama. 

Dhakte Bhavani

Away from the bustle of the crowds, this beautiful temple is located which hosts the idol of Mahishasurmardini Bhavani recovered from Rama Vithoba Mali Field. A visit to this astonishing temple must be paid for in order to finish the pilgrimage successfully.

A more minuscule variety of the same goddess, Goddess Tulja Bhawani, can be witnessed here. It is appealing that a Muslim guy was the one to explore the idol in this location. 


In the area immediately adjacent to the Tiljapur Bhawani Temple, Chintamani can be witnessed. It is meant to be a proposal to the Goddess Chintamani, who is supposed by her devotees to guide them in making the appropriate decision at the appropriate duration.


In addition, Chintamani is supposed to be a goddess who assists in analyzing what is correct and wrong. She guides individuals to move on to the right trail. Individuals throng in massive numbers on Tuesdays, full moon days, and Sundays to fill their eyes with the procession of the goddess. 

Paapnashi Teerth

In Tuljapur, the Papanashi Teerth is one of the most noteworthy water tanks. Paapnashi accurately translates to ‘water destroying sins’ and the location is credited with assisting devotees to wash off their sins.

Paapnashi Teerth

This teerth tank is located outside the Tulja Bhawani Temple, nearly 500 m away near the circuit house. This beautiful tank goes back to different centuries and is covered in stone. Different individuals take a dip in this water daily, to purge themselves of their sins.

Best Time To Visit Tuljapur

To visit Tuljapur, January and February is the best time with favorable and pleasant weather. The temperature rotates across the average minimum temperature is 12 degrees Celsius to the average supreme temperature being 32 degrees Celsius.

Round the duration of two months, the average temperature varies near 22 degrees Celsius, principally. The atmosphere is cordial and quite desirable for a long day sightseeing around the city without getting upset about the humidity.

With April being the slightest humid month and September being the steamiest among all, January stands in the middle path proposing a polite environment for its travelers.

How To Reach Tuljapur? 

By Road: There are different state-owned and private buses that strand between Tuljapur and different cities. Pune is nearly 290 km away by road, while Mumbai is approximately 440 km away. There are superior arrangements for pilgrims as well who visit this destination solely to pursue the blessings of Tulja Bhawani Mata.

By Train: The Sholapur Railway Station is the closest railway station to Tuljapur, and deceits on the South-Central Railway Line. It is well associated with all foremost cities within and outside the state of Maharashtra. The Sholapur Railway Station is located nearly 45 km away from Tuljapur.

By Air: The Lohegaon Airport in Pune is the nearest foremost domestic airport to Tuljapur, at a distance of nearly 300 km. There are cabs accessible from the airport to assist you to arrive at Tuljapur at an average fare of nearly Rs. 2000. The Chattrapati Shivaji Airport is the nearest International Airport in Mumbai. Both massive airports are linked to all other cities and towns within India via unvarying domestic flights.

Food and Accommodation

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You can get both chicken and mutton biryani at this great eatery. Also, for your stay, you can find different options easily. 

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