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Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful Spots and Activities To Explore In Mandi



Beautiful Spots and Activities to Explore in Mandi

A culturally rich and historically momentous town, Mandi is territorially situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The civilization and the magnificent history of this town are indebted to the river Beas that flows through it. The place is also renowned as the meditation spot chosen by the admired sage, Mandva.

Unlike other historically significant towns in India, Mandi city has not failed in preserving and maintaining its heritage charm over the years. The shrines made using high-quality stones and the subtle aesthetic cravings on them have always been something close to the heart of the tourists visiting the city. Moreover, the colonial architecture and the Indian royal constructions are quite impressive in the city.

The temples like Triloknath, Panchvaktra, Bhoothnath, and Shyamakali are notable pilgrim destinations as well as a marvel in art and design. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with all the grandeur and colors in the city during the months of February or March according to the Hindu religious calendar.

Street fairs, exhibitions, cultural programs, sports, etc. will be conducted widely during this time of the year. The outstandingly calming green blanket of the Mandi environment is also worth experiencing during the visit. The city lies in the northwest direction of Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. The following are the strongly recommended destinations and activities you can consider adding to your Mandi itinerary. 

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Rewalsar Lake

In local terms, the lake is also signified by the name “Tso Pema”. Even though the lake has its position in the mountains of Mandi, the altitude range of the lake is regarded as mid-average. Buddhist monasteries surrounding the lake speak loud of its spiritual significance other than the mesmerizing charm of the flowing water.

About Rewalsar Lake

You can also find a number of worship centers for Hindus and Sikhs nearby the lake. Delicious Tibetan cuisine makes this place something inevitable for foodies. The wildlife is also exciting and absolutely peculiar to the geography. Reed islands floating over the water in the lake is an ecstatic view that will please your heart and eyes.

The great Indian scholar Padmasambhava is said to have taken a flight to Tibet from the shores of lake, Rewalsar.  His divine and magical powers are also admired and worshipped by the locals and the tourists visiting the lake. The reed islands are considered sacred since they are believed to be the embodiment of the saint, Padmasambhava.

A visit to Rewalsar lake is something that you should not skip if you love experiencing the true tranquil vibes from the lap of the Himachal mountains. The holy bath in the Rewalsar lake on the eve of Baisakhi is also famous among the Mandi pilgrims. 


Basically a rural village on the outskirts of Mandi. But the significance of the place in the tourism sector is soaring day by day. The village is set on the shores of the Sutlej river. Rafting is one of the most-loved water sports in the river. Religiously, the hot sulfur spring of the Tattapani lake is believed to possess the power to cure ailments like joint pain, skin diseases stress, fatigue, and so on.The Shiva Cave in Tattapani is also a favorite spot for tourists visiting the place.

About Tattapani

Pilgrims are usually quite particular about visiting this miraculous cave to get their wishes fulfilled. Activities like paragliding, skiing, and Zorbing are also waiting for you in the village of Tattapani if your eyes are seeking something sporty and thrilling. Usual hilltop adventure activities like trekking and camping are also common in Mandi. Mahunag, a temple devoted to the “great snake” is yet another pilgrim spot you can visit in Tattapani.

The temple gives you that ancient heritage and mythical vibes on your visit. Apart from all these exciting things, you can do at Tattapani, picnics, and family getaways are also possible in the location. The view of the Sutlej river with its calming flow can make your picnic much more relaxing and refreshing. 

Sunder Nagar

Another small town in the territory of Mandi. The government has brought together the waters of the rivers, Beas and Sutlej, and made an artificial lake in the location. This artificial lake holds the title of “Asia’s Biggest Hydel Project”, “the Beas-Sutlej hydroelectric project”. The project satisfies the 25% irrigation requirements of the plains of Northern India.

About Sunder Nagar

The pride and repute of the town of Sunder Nagar have soared beyond expectations with the installation of the project in the location. The shrines of Mahamaya and Sukhdev Vatika are the pilgrim attractions in the location. The temple for Sukhdev Vatika is built on the popular belief that the saint mediated in the hills back in history.

As a part of the temple of Sukhdev Vatika a colorful and vibrant garden is set appropriate to click photos. A cave inside this temple is also a pilgrim attraction since it is a path to reach the holy location of Haridwar. If you would love a stroll in between the sky-kissing trees, Sunder Nagar gives you the epitome of exhilaration.

The link colony of Beas-Sutlej is the biggest in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place also has the regard of once being the location for Mandi prison. The scenic sights and natural elegance of the place are also significant when taking a trip to Sunder Nagar. 

Kamrunag lake gets bloomed in front of the visitors like a delightful dream in between Balh valley and the Dhauladhar range. Transport facilities are limited in the area. You need to take an adventurous walk through the rock boulders and steep mountain ranges to reach the lake. It may take you an average of 3-4 hours to reach the exact location.

Kamrunag Lake

Like most of the destinations in Mandi, the Kamrunag lake has also got its pilgrimage significance with the Dev Kamrunag temple in its proximity. King Yaksha is the deity in the temple, worshipped in the name “Dev kamrunag”. The king has got a major mention in the holy book of Mahabharata.

About Kamrunag Lake

It is said that the Pandava clan had paid devotional respects to the king. The jungly deodar trees are another peculiar feature of the environment surrounding Kamrunag lake. Pilgrims practice dropping their valuables like silver and gold coins in the Kamrunag lake so as to get their wishes fulfilled.

Thus over the years, the river has become a flowing treasure. The abundant biodiversity and the natural marvels in the location continue to stimulate the interests of tourists other than pilgrims to the nearby areas of the lake. The oval shape of the lake is also a factor of excitement for the tourists who come over. 

Prashar Lake trek

Trek to the altitude of 8960 feet and experience the feeling of conquering the whole universe altogether in your hands. Even though the foot count can put you under suspicion, the trek is regarded as beginner friendly with moderate difficulty levels. Baggi is the base camp you should get in contact with to get started with the trek.

About Prashar Lake trek

Enjoy the positive and refreshing panoramic views from the lake to fill yourself with positive spirits and excitement before beginning the trek. The floating island in the crystal clear water of the lake is also something worth watching before getting on the trek. Various agencies offer trekking services at rates below 3k (approximately).

This can also vary according to the seasons. The Prashar Rishi Temple constructed by adapting the Pagoda style designs is something interesting to both pilgrims and other tourists alike. If you are a lover of soul-filling scenic views, the trek would be an unforgettable experience for you since the Pir Panjal, Kinnaur, and Dhauladhar mountain ranges are waiting up above to feast your heart.

The lake’s positioning in the Kullu valley also makes it quite famous and branded among popular tourist interests. If you are planning to go out for the trek, make sure you get the company of a friendly and supportive guide who is ready to give you that full-fledged trekking experience in the place.


Unlike the other heritage villages in Mandi, Barot is an artificially made one. It was purposefully created to aid the Shanan Hydel Project, yet another hydroelectric project, undertaken by the government of Himachal Pradesh. The credits for the project entirely go to the British government which was ruling the country during those days. This dates back to the 1920s. However, accessibility to the village was not eased by the authorities.

About Barot

It was in 1975, that the government made available a proper road transportation facility to the village. Pine forests that are seen abundantly in the location are a framing that nature has blessed the village with. The landscapes are also quite eye-catching and seem like we are watching a Bollywood movie song back in the 80s and the 90s. The mighty hilltops clad with snow during the winters and vibrant greens during the summer add powerful prime to this village.

Numerous rivulets moisturizing the soils and soul of the village give enchantment to the location with all its sense. Rajgundha and Lohardi are the highly preferred locations by tourists on their Barot visit. The Trout Fish Farm in Barot is also significant in terms of the revenue generated from tourism. An annual Angling Meet conducted here attracts numerous tourists as well as locals to the place. 

Pandoh Dam

This dam is a part of the Beas hydroelectric project by the government of Himachal Pradesh. But now the dam is a popular tourist destination in Mandi. It was the Punjab government that took the initiative to build the dam in the year 1957. Later the plan had to undergo several alterations and revisions to finally get approval from the departments.

About Pandoh Dam

In the year 1977, the dam became a reality with the commission. The proximity of the location to the celebrated tourist destination of Manali makes it quite crowded most of the time in a year. The dam is also a great spot to click photos that are worthy to post on social media handles on account of the mind-blowing backgrounds. If you are keen on enjoying the sight of flowing water in the dam, try planning your trip according to the seasons.

Aquatic birds enjoying the pristine dam water is a sight that will steal the soft corners of your heart. In the lower beds of the dam, there are arrangements for rafting to keep the tourists engaged and make tourism lively and happening. The nearby areas offer facilities to camp along with your loved ones in the serenity of the lush green nature. 

Shopping In Mandi

The handicraft mastery of the locals in Mandi has always been fascinating to the international tourists visiting the location. Their products are quite distinctive and rich in expressing their specific culture and beliefs. The silver jewelry of Mandi has transformed itself into a brand. The products you buy from the local Mandi markets can build a mini Mandi in a corner of your house spreading those authentic cultural vibes over a long wavelength.

Shopping in mandi

Sunkan Garden Shopping Complex, New Sarika Shopping Complex, Indira Shopping Complex, and RCM Shopping Point are some of the market joints you can consider shopping from Mandi. In relation to other tourist destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the marketplaces of Mandi is quite budget-friendly and you can buy the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

You can also try experimenting with your bargaining skills to earn a better deal. However, try paying due respect and honor to the real artists of Mandi for their talent and hard work. Rugs and carpets in the Mandi market are reviewed as long-lasting by many buyers. Art pieces using stone and metal are also some of the fast-moving goods here. Leather sandals made by Mandi artists have many times entered the fashion industry as the hottest trend of the season. 


With innumerable freshwater lakes in the location, Mandi has got ample opportunities for fishing. The aquatic wealth of Mandi has been a major source of income for the local population of the town. Now, it has also started exciting tourists. So that the people could provide fishing as a fun activity for the tourists. This has helped them earn a decent source of additional income.

fishing in mandi

The fishes in the lakes, springs, rivulets, and dams of Mandi are exotic and sometimes the most delicious. Rather than big agencies or service providers, you will be accompanied by the locals on the fishing tours in Mandi. Hence this is also a golden opportunity to interact with the locals of the town, understand their culture, and lifestyle, and many interesting and amazing facts about life in Mandi. As per many reviews, the locals are quite friendly and help you enjoy the activity with much lesser interventions and imposed limitations.

If your Mandi trip is particular about trying fishing tours, schedule your trip during the summer and spring seasons to ensure an appropriate fishing climate. Barot dam can be your ideal destination to indulge in fishing in Mandi. Nearby the dam, you can see a lot of like-minded people enjoying fishing in the company of the locals and having fun and saving their lifelong durable Mandi memories. 

How To Reach Mandi 

Nearest airport: Kullu Airport at Bhuntar

Nearest railway station: Kiratpur Sahib Railway Station (KART)

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