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Explore The Stunning Views Of Igatpuri!



Explore The Stunning Views Of Igatpuri!

Igatpuri is a very prevalent weekend destination from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Nasik. Thanks to its hypnotizing attractiveness and the undulating grassy knolls, Igatpuri has fascinated tourists for a long time.

The spectacular landscape of Igatpuri, particularly in monsoon has turned different into poets. Did you know that the Vipassana Institute of Meditation in Igatpuri is also the largest in the world? It is therefore one of the most imperative places to visit in Igatpuri.

What also makes Igatpuri prevalent is the plenty of adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, and waterfall rappelling that adventure fanatics can do here for a nominal price. The immediacy of metro cities such as Mumbai also adds to the admiration of Igatpuri.

The historical hill forts, old temples, iconic treks, sky-kissing mountains, roaring waterfalls, outstanding views, lack of urbanization, and rich local culture are what Igatpuri is so well-known for. The fresh air and good food only add to the list of causes why Igatpuri is so well-known! This is why Igatpuri tourism is loved by several.

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Vaitarna Dam

Situated on the Vaitarna river, the Vaitarna dam was constructed during the early few years of the year 1950. It is the principal source of water and electricity for individuals living in the foremost parts of Mumbai city. The dam holds inordinate value as it is the first gravity dam of its kind and is one of the prevalent places to visit in Igatpuri.

Vaitarna Dam

With western ghats in the background, the dam becomes an inordinate picnic spot for tourists; particularly for residents of nearby cities such as Pune, Mumbai, and Nashik. The best time to be here is in the months of June to mid-September as the rains hasten the beauty of this spot spinning it into a green carpet.

Kalsubai Peak

Mt. Kalsubai is popular for being the highest peak of the Sahyadri ranges and one of the most prevalent places to visit in Igatpuri. The peak is better known for proposing breathtaking views of the grand mountains in Bhandardara. The Kalsubai Peak is better known as the Everest of Maharashtra due to the fact that it is the highest peak in the complete state.

Kalsubai Peak

The peak also proposes a chance to trek and discover the peak in the most audacious way. The trek, however, is tricky and quite problematic, and even experienced trekkers might have some trouble making their way to the top. For those who do not wish to trek, there are also man-made stairs to arrive at the peak.

Vihigaon Waterfall

Vihigaon Waterfall, a periodic waterfall situated 13.5 kilometers from Igatpuri, is a prevalent weekend getaway destination from Mumbai and Nashik. It is concerned as one of the great herbal falls in Maharashtra’s Vihigaon village, which is a segment of the Thane district.

Vihigaon Waterfall

Vihigaon is mainly a monsoon waterfall that falls from 120 feet height into a pool. Mountaineering through the dark, foggy woods on the route to the waterfall enables seeing some uncommon birds. Throughout the monsoon, when every tree and foliage is at its best, you may face the peril of falling when abseiling among them. For individuals who want to travel and stay here for as long as possible, this destination is great. Do you realize that? This waterfall was highlighted in the Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahrukh Khan film Asoka. Completely, this area carries the most fantastic weekend getaway destination. This is one of the lures in Igatpuri where you may discover the area and learn about the Adivasi culture.

Tringalwadi Fort

Behind the Ghatandevi Temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort, located at a height of 3000 ft above sea level. The height of the fort proposes a scenic view of the Konkan and Nashik routes. Supposed to have been constructed during the 10th century, the fort lures trekkers and hikers.

Tringalwadi Fort

The topmost of the Tringalwadi Fort looks similar to a turban and overlooks the complete mountain range. A Hanuman temple is situated at the foot of the hill next to Tringalwadi Lake. The Talegaon Lake shaped by a small dam is situated a few kilometers away from the area.

Bhatsa River Valley

Located just before entering Igatpuri from Mumbai, the Bhatsa River Valley lies in the basin of the royal Bhatsa River. The end of the Thal Ghat, this place is rich in attractive vegetation and attractive rock formations. A prevalent tourist spot, it is popular for the trekking trail and the viewpoint that affords an all-encompassing view of the Bhatsa river and the surrounding valleys. 

Bhatsa River Valley

Camel Valley

A few kilometers ahead of the Bhatsa river valley, lies the Camel Valley on the very right side. On the other side are the waterfalls that are the foremost lure of this destination. The Five Waterfalls where five dissimilar water sources fall one below the other is a must-visit. It can even be seen from the Railway Station.

Camel Valley

Additionally, this place is heaven for photography fanatics as it carries an enthralling landscape view. The clouds throughout the monsoon touch the mountains and propose a soothing experience. You can breathe in all the brightness of nature here.

Ghatandevi Mandir

Ghatandevi Mandir is a temple enthusiastic to Ghatan Devi – the protector of hills. The temple is situated in a stunning valley with the grand peaks of Harihar, Durvar Utvad, and Trimbak forming an outstanding backdrop. The nonviolent environment here has made the Mandir a prevalent attraction and has involved it in the list of places to visit in Igatpuri.

Ghatandevi Mandir

Behind the beautiful temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort which can also be visited on the same day for some more adventure and exploration. Local trains from Mumbai go up to Kasara and from Kasara, amenities of shared auto rickshaws and taxis are accessible.

Vipassana International Academy

Igatpuri is home to the universe’s largest meditation center – Vipassana Institute, which makes it a must on your list of locations to visit in Igatpuri. Here, residential courses are held throughout that keep fascinating travelers from not just India but from around the globe. The high point of the academy is that the food, accommodation, and meditation instructions are carried out free of cost to all. Several daily trains and buses call at Igatpuri from nearby cities such as Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune that enable daily visitors, and tourists to take a walk here and learn about the different services and courses accessible at the institute.

Vipassana International Academy

In addition, it can seem problematic for some individuals but It brings balance and peace inside one’s body. A lot of individuals visit this place to find their inner selves and to get in touch with it. This place is also better known as Dhamma Giri. It proposes a lot of courses that one can elect for.

Karoli Ghat

On a rainy day, with your dear ones, a long drive is the best-ever thing you can go for. Karoli Ghat is the best place to go to make your drive the best you can appreciate for a lifetime. Amid Kasara range, located in Western Ghat, has its air soaked with the spouting sound of fountains and echos of the birds’ chirps.

Karoli Ghat

Witnessing a beautiful carpet of dissimilar shades of green makes the mind renounce the chatter of every day’s stressors to a feeling of prodigious bliss. For those whose hearts lie in trekking, it proposes a challenging trek and demands highly underwent challenges. It also proposes a view of a replica of Konkan Kada from Harish Chandragad. Karoli Ghat aids as a pass from Konkan to the Deccan Plateau.

Amruteshwar Temple

The attractive temple of Amruteshwar carved out of stone, is enthusiastic to Lord Shiva. It lies in the little village of Ratanwadi and can be loomed from Igatpuri via the Bhandardara dam. It is one of the 12 temples constructed in 900 AD by King Jhang.

Amruteshwar Temple

Talegaon Lake

Talegaon lake is a beautiful spot built near the dam from where one can rejoice in the attractive views of the hilly region. It is a silent spot, only majorly popular amongst local residents of Igatpuri and neighboring regions. A site is a great place for somebody looking to set up a private camping tent under the sky.

It makes for a place that brings you neighboring to nature – there is a lake, there are mountains, there will be a hundred stars, and is one of the prevalent places to visit in Igatpuri.

Talegaon Lake

Avandha Fort

Balanced at an altitude of 4300 feet, lies the Avandha Fort in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats. From rock-cut caves to five big ponds along the way is what makes it an astonishing place for trekking. The trek begins from the Kadwa and Girwadi colony.

Avandha Fort

Avandha Fort has appeared as a new fascinating tourist spot in the last few years. Although, a considerable amount of fitness is demanded to complete the trek. From atop you can get to see some other eminent places such as the Aad Fort, Patta Fort, and Mhasoba mountain.

Madangad Mountain

Madangad Mountain deceits in the Kalsubai Range and is well-known for its fort. The mountain is at a height of nearly 4700 feet and is supposed to be one of the most thrilling adventures across the Sahyadri mountain range. Arriving here demands ropes as the forest becomes dense and the rock patches are tough to climb on; particularly during the monsoon.

Madangad Mountain

On your trip here, you can also visit Madangad fort which is situated on this mountain and can be arrived by climbing a steep rock face of 20 meters. In addition, Madangad mountain can be conveniently spotted on the Mumbai-Nashik highway and is one of the prevalent Igatpuri tourist places.

Best Time to Visit Igatpuri

The best time to visit Igatpuri is throughout the monsoons (June to March) and winters (November – December). Throughout the monsoons, the flowers are in full bloom and the rambling meadows are a brighter shade of green, while in winter lgatpuri proposes many activities for the ones looking for adventure. Summers are scorching and should preferably be circumvented.

How to Reach Igatpuri? 

BY AIR: Nashik Airport is the nearest airport. Every week, there is a single flight between Pune and Igatpuri. The distance between Nashik Airport and Igatpuri is nearly 67 km. You can book a Nashik Airport Taxi to Igatpuri and reach there in nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes

BY TRAIN: Igatpuri Railway Station is the closest railhead. It is well-linked to all the foremost cities of India.

BY ROAD: Different buses run from Mumbai to go to Igatpuri. In addition, one can also take a private bus to Shahapur which is nearly 37 km away from Igatpuri. The frequency of buses to Shahpur is more than that of those to Igatpuri. It takes close to 2 hours to arrive at Igatpuri from Mumbai by road.


These are a few more things that you can do at Igatpuri if you have 3-4 days in your hand. If you are visiting the destination only for the weekend then you can visit local locations such as the fort, dam, temples, and camel valley.

Igatpuri is a place that proposes different options for different individuals. As for me, we breathed in the freshness of our surroundings and displayed gratitude to God for generating nature so beautiful. We spoke to the local individuals and celebrates tea with them. We spoke to the priest in the temple and got to know its history of it. We spoke to the boatman and he told us stories about the lake and the fort.

In addition, sunrise at the lake and sunrise at the Kalsubai Peak took your breath away and reminded you of your childhood dream. You would believe us when you also visit the place and its tranquility eliminates all the stress and strain from your mind and body.

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