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Kolad: Explore The Whitewater Rafting Location Of Maharashtra!



Kolad Explore The Whitewater Rafting Location Of Maharashtra!

Kolad is to Maharashtra, Rishikesh is to Uttarakhand, Coorg to Karnataka, and Ladakh to Jammu and Kashmir.  The place is among the finest whitewater rafting locations in Maharashtra. Better known for its waterfalls and quest activities, Kolad is located in the Sahyadri mountain vary in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. A drowsy hamlet, Kolad attained prominence after it was exposed by trekkers and the folks in Maharashtra exposed the joy of rafting in their own backyard. 

Well-known for its craggy topography, the trekking trails in Kolad propose varying degrees of trouble levels. Trekking in Kolad throughout the monsoon season adds a superior charm as the landscape remains protected under a green carpet. 

Kundalika river is one of the major attractions of Kolad. The Kuda caves, Tamhini falls and Bhira dam is some more places to visit. Besides river rafting, there are lots of other quest activities such as river zip line crossing, kayaking, and canoeing. Equestrian ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), paragliding, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and waterfall rappelling are some of the activities that only tremendously passionate adventure seekers opt for.

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Kundalika River

A slight river flows through the town from the hills of Sahyadri and flows straight to the Arabian Sea. The waters are pure and have enough flow in them to pledge the best river rafting in Maharashtra. With one of the few spots proposing the sport, river rafting in Kolad has attained a lot of sports for its exclusivity. The rafting likely has also given rise to lodges, resorts, and other recreational spots across the Kundalika river.

Kundalika River

Bhira Dam

It is situated on the river Kundalika and is prevalently known as the Tata Powerhouse Dam. Apart from the fact that it assists to create electricity for the local individuals of the village, the Bhira dam is quite prevalent amongst adventure seekers too. You can also cosset in activities such as water rafting as the river flow is pretty decent, making you have the best experience. Individuals also visit this place to do boating or just spend some time clicking images and celebrating the calming sound of water flowing.

Bhira Dam

Dholwal Dam

Just about 20 km from the village of Kolad, this dam, and the surrounding area promise stunning scenic beauty. Presently, it has become a prevalent picnic spot and a weekend escapade, thanks to the tranquility and quietude, coupled with the bright weather. You can celebrate rafting and boating too.

Dholwal Dam

Individuals visit this place to chill for a while amidst nature and it has become one of the most peaceable places to visit in Kolad. It is a prevalent site amongst nature lovers as they are persuaded by the sound of gushing waters and greenery across.

Kolad Museum

If you are a lover of arts and crafts, then Kolad Museum will verify to be one of the most astounding places to visit in Kolad. Here, you can spend time sauntering around and appreciating the sculptures of birds, humans, and dissimilar shapes that are stunningly carved out of bamboo and different kinds of wood. This place is also better known as the Kolad’s Kashta Shilpa and houses the work of the most brilliant Ramesh Ghone.

Kolad Museum

Kuda Caves

The Kuda caves are one of the best places to visit in Kolad, if not the finest. You discover somewhere nearly 26 Buddhist rock-cut caves which are small, simple, and tortuously excavated in the first century B.C. History devotees and archaeologists will like the stupa, the inscriptions, the releases, and the guardian elephant.

Kuda Caves

The delightful architecture is an unseen gem of the place. Being extremely old, you will learn the first Buddhist teachings which is all the more reason to visit this sporadic place.

Sukeli Waterfalls

With birds peeping, water flowing, and dense forest in the circumstantial, Sukeli waterfalls is situated nearly 7 km away from Kolad Village. It is a haven for both nature lovers and quest seekers. Individuals come here to have a calming time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The frightening water, the cool breeze, and the lush green valleys all across, also make this lake a fascinating boating destination.

Sukeli Waterfalls

Immerse in the enjoyable sunshine that falls upon the lake and spend some eminence time with your loved ones. You can also check out other lures in close proximity- the Kundalika river, the Tala Fort, and the Korigarh Fort. The place also proposes many activities such as rappelling and trekking which are perfect choices to have a fun time with your friends.

Ghosala Fort

Standing among the Revdanda and the Salav Creeks, is a fort better known for its architecture and design. There are two beautiful temples and a dargah in the fort complex as well. Prisons, stores, parapets, and chambers can be seen inside the fort.

Ghosala Fort

Avchitgad Fort

It is a well-known attraction and one of the most visited locations in Kolad. It is a hill fort which is located in Roha town of Raigad district and is enclosed by Sahyadri mountain ranges. Individuals go on the Avchitgad fort trek that goes through lush green forests making it a valuable experience for the trekkers. It is extensively famous for its attractive architecture and the amazing history that is linked with it.

Avchitgad Fort

Sutarwadi Lake

Sutarwadi Lake is a primeval lake in Kolad with attractive surroundings and a picturesque atmosphere. It is an accurate destination for bird watchers. Watching the sun reflected on the calm waters is an attractive sight to behold while here.

Sutarwadi Lake

Tala Fort

It is situated at a distance of 18 km south of Roha town and is also better known as Talagad fort. It stands at an altitude of 10000 ft and is located on a narrow hill enclosed by thick and robust walls. It is a short trek that is suitable for beginners and is very easy to climb and proposes some of the best views once you make it to the top. It is one of the most favorite places to visit in Kolad by tourists and requests from hundreds of history devotees every year.

Tala Fort

Best Time to Visit Kolad

Monsoons (June to October): The complete Konkan belt is sanctified with heavy rain throughout the monsoons and this is the best time to visit Kolad for white water river rafting as the water levels in the river are high and the presents get sturdier which makes rafting even more exhilarating and enjoyable.

Also, during this period, the complete Sahaydri range comes alive and the whole region is full of waterfalls one can celebrate trekking through the waterfalls and lush greenery, for more escapade seekers they can indulge in adventurous activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, and many others.

Monsoons are also a perfect time in Kolad to esteem a wide variety of flora and fauna; hear the strident of the birds chirping or see colorful butterflies at work.

Winters (November to February): These are also tremendously good months to visit Kolad as the weather throughout this time is enjoyably cool and relaxed. Tourists can celebrate rafting, and other adventure activities or spend time calming and visiting lures in and around Kolad. As night falls it gets a bit chilly this is a great time to celebrate a barbeque or light a campfire and have a good time with your buddies.

Summers (March to May): Throughout summer the climate is hotter throughout the day, but this still does not affect white water rafting activity owing to the rafting taking place in the morning at nearly 8:00 a.m. and ending by 11:00 a.m. So, in no way are tourists exaggerated by the summer heat and this is perfect for tourists who are on a one-day trip. But this is a perfect time also for tourists who desire lesser crowds and would like to relax, relish, and experience Kolad all by themselves or with their partners.

How to Reach Kolad? 

Mumbai, situated 120 km away, is the adjoining major city that links Kolad to the rest of the country. The most prevalent way of reaching Kolad from Mumbai is by taxi or self-drive car. The route from Mumbai to Kolad is picturesque and pleasurable. One can also select for bus from Mumbai to Ratnagiri and get down at Kolad, which falls on the manner.  Kolad has its own railway station which is linked to Mumbai and other foremost cities. The closest foremost airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai.


There are different places to visit nearby Kolad for a Weekend Getaway. There are a few Buddhist caves that can be trekked to discover like Kuda caves and Thanale caves; a must-visit for trekkers who are looking for some uncharted places. There are some unseen waterfalls in deep forests such as Devkund are to be trekked to reach the spot. There are some captivating forts, you won’t be disenchanted to trek to such as Raigad fort, Avchitgad fort, Ghosalagad fort, and Talagad fort are some note worth treks. These trek’s trouble level usually ranges between easy to medium level.

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