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A Travel Guide To Mysore: The City Of Palaces!



A Travel Guide To Mysore: The City Of Palaces!

This formerly royal town is now located in the state of Karnataka in the Southwestern region of the country. During the royal reign, Mysore was the capital city. It was during the period 1399 to 1947.

The splendidness of the city is beyond any verbal description. In particular, the Mysore palace gives the best grand understanding of the wealth of the dynasty as well as the people here. Wodeyar is the dynasty that ruled Mysore during the early days.

But the palace is a mixture of art with styles and adaptations from Hindu, Rajput, Gothic, and Islam styles. Marketplaces that are centuries-old express the urbanization that came into the city years ago.

The city of Mysore was a prominent center of trade for different types of merchandise such as silk, spices, and sandalwood. Heritage, culture, and the festive seasons are the most exciting about this South Indian city. Here are some places which will give you a clear insight into the city of Mysore. 

Table of Contents

Brindavan Gardens

A terrace garden located in the city of Mysore. Tourists often regard this place as the “best terrace garden in the world”. Brindavan Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Mysore. The mesmerizing views and feel one can have from the place are something making the place so special and worth visiting. You need to travel a distance of 12km from the city center of Mysore to reach the location of Brindavan Gardens.

  • Brindavan Gardens
  • Brindavan Gardens

The fountains placed at different sites of the garden give that perfect relaxing and ornamental vibe making you fall in love with this place. The Botanical Park found inside the garden is also such a good experience if you are interested in plants, biodiversity, and so on. Moreover, boating services are also available in the garden making it a location to spend time peacefully and pleasurably.

The symmetric designs used to build the garden have always been a topic of study for architects and designers. 

Mysore Palace

If you do not know what opulence means, get it understood visually with just a single visit to this royal residence in the city of Mysore. Indo-Saracenic architecture is the distinctive feature of this construction. The palace is breathtakingly beautiful and luxurious from every angle. Amba Vilas Palace is the other name of the castle especially popular among the natives of the place.

Mysore Palace

The palace was the official residence of the people belonging to the Mysore Royal Family during the earlier days. 1912 is the year in which the construction of this palace began. The construction began so as to accommodate the 24th king of the dynasty of Wodeyar. Among all the palaces seen in India, the best Palace to visit in Mysore occupies the category of the largest one.

Even though the construction began for a single ruler, many alterations and improvisations are brought into the construction by many rulers and their generations. Many tourists including locals and foreigners are found extensively roaming the palace and its surroundings around the year.

Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery And Auditorium 

This palace and the art gallery associated with has got a lot to tell about the history and heritage of the city of Mysore. This palace is where the royal family members of the Mysore dynasty stayed for a while for the renovation and related activities that were once happening inside the Mysore palace.

Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery And Auditorium 

Such an extensive renovation was required for the palace of Mysore when there was a fire that caught the structure. Even though the purpose of the palace was temporary, the beauty and elegance of the palace make it stand out. Hence this is regarded as one of the indelible contributions made by the Wodeyar dynasty during their period of reign in the city.

The art gallery was not a part of the palace during the early years. It was after the decline of the dynasties that the government took action to transform the palace into a complex for a stunning art gallery. 

Karanji Lake

One of the lakes in Mysore attracts flocks of tourists around the year. The lake is also a favorite spot for lovers of biodiversity and nature enthusiasts. The surroundings of the lake have also got a national park and an aviary side by side. Considering the Indian subcontinent, this aviary has a walk-through making it the biggest in India.

Karanji Lake

Fountain lake is the other name of this picturesque location. Moreover, the surroundings of the lake can also give you the picnic experience along with your family or loved ones. Packed food and water are also permitted in the surroundings to attract picnickers to the location. You can also have access to a coffee shop nearby helping young people chill for a while in the location.

A wide variety of bird species will entertain you during the visit to the lake. You can also spot a waterfall in the location of the lake. A lot of butterflies are found in plenty in the location making it the best place to visit Mysore.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

For all those who are excited about the bird varieties in the South Indian region, the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit location. Srirangapatna is where you should go for this sanctuary experience. In the case of size, it is the largest in the entire state of Karnataka.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

The river Kaveri and the islands associated with the river make the sanctuary more attractive in terms of tourism. There are a total of six lands in the bird sanctuary connected to the river. The breathtaking scenery and the vibes of the location make it quite wondrous among all the other tourist locations of the city.

The vegetation found in the place makes a lot of academicians and researchers visit the place to collect data about the same. Moreover, the beauty of the place makes it a pretty good location to take photographs. 

Nagarahole National Park

This is yet another spot in Mysore if you are excited about the wildlife and biodiversity in the state of Karnataka. The geographical positioning of the national park is between the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu and the Plateau of Mysore. 640 sq. km. is the total area of the national park.

  • Nagarahole National Park
  • Nagarahole National Park

The variety and abundance of wildlife in the national park are quite amusing and perfect if you are fond of animals, birds, and organisms. Nature in its most unadulterated form can be seen and experienced in the national park.  The national park is also known as the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve.

Since the tiger population in the country is dangerously falling, the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve is an attempt by the government and the forest and wildlife department of the government to revive the same. Moreover, a happy group of Asiatic elephants can also be spotted in the location of the national park enjoying a carefree life in their natural habitat. 

Folklore Museum Mysore

If the heritage and culture of South India in general and Mysore, in particular, is your concern, then the Folklore Museum, Mysore is not a place to miss. There are a total of 6500 artifacts in the museum. Apart from heritage, culture, and traditions, you can also visit this place if you have a taste for literature, music, drama, craft, and so on. 1968 is the year in which the museum was established.

Folklore Museum Mysore

The folklore and heritage of Mysore and its evolution to date would be precisely showcased in this museum. Dolls and puppets were the major elements of Karnataka tradition and something that can be seen plenty in the venue of their celebrations and festivals.

The religious beliefs and customs of the locals of Mysore are also presented in their best form inside this museum. The agricultural life of the people of Mysore also shows up in the visit to this place. This is a perfect location to get territorially enlightened in your Mysore holiday. 

Lalitha Mahal

As understood from the name of the location, the place Lalitha Mahal is a palace building in the city of Mysore. A former Maharaja who ruled the city of Mysore is behind the construction of this palace.

Lalitha Mahal

The palace unlike all other palaces was not constructed to accommodate the kings or the royal family members of the city but to provide a home to the Viceroy of India. The Viceroy was a government official who had an England nationality. It happened during colonial rule in India. For the then Maharaja of Mysore, the Viceroy of India was the most special and reputed guest he could ever have.

That is why he took special efforts to build such an amazing structure for his guest. The palace is located in the lower valleys of the Chamundi Hills of Mysore. The vintage vibes and the uncompromised luxury in the palace have helped the government turn the palace into a heritage hotel now. 


This is a heritage town located in the heritage city of Mysore. The village is situated on the river bank of Kavery. You need to travel an average of 45km to reach the village from the city center of Mysore.


A lot of temples present in the village make the place special and privileged in the city of Mysore. But these temples cannot be enjoyed in their fullest glory since they are now under the earth in a buried form. It is estimated that there are around 30 temples in the village. This is also a pilgrimage center for the believers of Hinduism on account of the presence of these temples.

The mesmerizing views and landscape of the village are also quite popular among tourists especially those who are lovers of nature. Lord Shiva is the most worshipped deity in the village of Talakad. The festive seasons make the place much more crowded with tourists. One such event is Panchalinga Darshana and which is held once every 12 years. 

Chamundi Hills

You need to travel a distance of 13km from Mysore to the East to reach the location of the scenic Chamundi Hills. Even though the name of the place has “hills” in it, this is not particularly a location to enjoy the natural beauty of Mysore. More than the natural landscape, the hills are known for their pilgrimage purposes.

Chamundi Hills

There is a temple located on the peak of these hills in which the main deity of worship is Chamundeshwari. The temple is thus located at an elevation of 1060 meters. The titular deity worshipped by the Royal family of Mysore was Chamundeshwari hence making the place much more regionally important. Mahishasura Mardini is the other name of Chamundeshwari.

The deity got this name since she succeeded in killing the demon Mahishasur who had the head of a buffalo. Apart from such spiritual prominence, the hills are also popular since Krishnaraja a king who belonged to the Wodeyar dynasty built statues of himself and his three wives in the location. 

Railway Museum

If you are coming to the city of Mysore by train to enjoy a grand vacation, this Railway Museum should not be missed. It is quite near to the railway station of Mysore and won’t take much of your time inside it.

Railway Museum

You can make arrangements to keep your baggage either inside the cloakroom of the railway station or inside the hotel room you have booked and take a relaxing stroll to the location of this rail museum. 1979 is the year in which the Railway Museum of Mysore was constructed. This is the second museum constructed by the railway department of India after the one that is located in New Delhi.

The museum has an extensive collection of photographs taking you to the milestone achievements of the Indian railway. Moreover, a collection of different locomotive train engines is also exhibited here. 

Shivanasamudra Falls

This waterfall is located in the major river in the city of Mysore, Kaveri. The best time of the year to visit the waterfalls is during the monsoon months. The picturesque views of the waterfalls attract people to visit the falls, click photographs, and indulge in the natural beauty of the landscape there.

Shivanasamudra Falls

There are a total of two waterfalls here. Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukki are the two of them. Apart from the natural provisions in the location, the falls are also facilitated with descent viewing decks by the government. The location of these waterfalls is also well-maintained by the authorities.

The rock cliffs, the lush green and the milky cascades can treat a nature photographer with the best ever treats possible. If you are searching for a calming location in the city of Mysore with some healing stroke of nature, this is a destination you should not skip at any cost. Public and private means of transport are all available at the location. 

Bandipur National Park

In the case of beauty, this is the national park in the topmost position in the country. The maintenance of the national park is also worth mentioning and appreciating. The proximity of the Western Ghats makes the location of the national park quite impressive naturally.

Bandipur National Park

Mysore Ooty National Highway is the proper location of the national park. The national park comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.  During the period of royal reign, the area of the park was used by the members of the dynasty for hunting. The tiger population in the national park is also rich and significant in the wildlife records of the country. 

Best time to visit Mysore:

October to February

How To Reach Mysore 

Nearest Airport: Bengaluru International Airport

Nearest railway station: Mysore Junction (MYS)


A place best for lovers of history, art, culture, and spirituality. Most welcome to those who are curious about the richness of the biodiversity and vegetation of South India. Nature lovers will get obsessed for sure on their visit to this place. 

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