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Must Visit Destination In Hyderabad: Capital City Of Telangana



Must Visit Destination In Hyderabad Capital City Of Telangana

Hyderabad is the captivating capital city of the South Indian state of Telangana. The technology industry is the most blooming and flourishing business sector in the city. The restaurant sector is also growing into international conventions and standards these days. Apart from the modern-day developments and sophistication, the city is also famous for its historical importance and landmarks that describe them. In the earlier days, the city was the major center of trade and commerce.

Mostly luxury goods like diamonds and pearls were used to trade. Mosques in the city are also quite popular including the iconic Charminar. In the case of geographical area, the city is the largest in the whole state of Telangana. Nizams were the royal people who played a major part in transforming Hyderabad into a glorious state. The monuments present in the city are best for people who can enjoy art or learn history. Some of the best destinations which can give you irreplaceable Hyderabad memories are given below:

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Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City

Do you watch movies often? No matter if you are a movie buff or an occasional watcher of good movies you will fall in love with this place. The Bollywood audience will find this pace extremely relatable and can cherish the memorable moments in their favorite cinemas. Ramoji Rao is the founder of film city. The year of establishment of the film city is 1991. The location of site is outside the city of Hyderabad even though it is easily accessible through multiple means of transport.

The area of the film city is over 2500 acres. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized this place with the title “World’s Largest Film Studio Complex”. Even if the film city is occupied by 20 movie units, it can go perfectly functional. Toy train rides through this spectacular location are one of the best activities you can enjoy on the visit. The gardens and floral blooms of the gardens of the city can also be a refreshing sight to watch. 

Char Minar

Char Minar

Right from the early years, Charminar has been a famous tourist attraction in the city of Hyderabad. This is a spectacular mosque in the city. Sultan Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah is the man behind the idea of this mosque. 1591 is the year of its construction. The mosque is built in a captivating square shape. The four pillars of the mosque are often talked about and famous among the tourists visiting the location.

Bhagmati is the wife of the Sultan who constructed this wonder. It was in her loving memory of her that Sultan conceptualized these four pillars of the mosque. But this reason is only a suspicion and proper evidence justifying the construction of the structure is not available or discovered by historians. Some also raise the assumption that the mosque could be built as a means to eliminate the epidemic of Plague that challenged human lives consequentially during those times. 

Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort

During the 14th Century, a kingdom got flourished in the city of Hyderabad. The reign of the kingdom lasted up to the 16th century. And the fort of Golconda was the capital of the kingdom. 1351 AD is shown as the exact year of construction of the fort. It was in the year 1681 that the fort got ruined for certain reasons. Now to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions of the fort, the Government of India has assigned the Archaeological Survey of India to look after and maintain the fort and its premises.

Palace ruins and mosques can be discovered in the interiors of the fort. An excellent viewpoint can be spotted from the location of the fort. It gives an aerial view of the city of Hyderabad as well as other royal and magnificent buildings nearby. If you have watched the movie, “Wanted” starring Salman Khan, you can also find some shots of the movie located here. The granite hill on which the fort of Golconda is located also accentuates its beauty. 

B M Birla Science Museum 

B M Birla Science Museum 

As its name suggests, this is a museum of science that attracts and excites adults and kids simultaneously. A visit to this museum will stimulate your thirst to explore more scientific facts and stories. The purpose of the establishment of the museum was also to propagate scientific knowledge among the commons. That is why the BirlaScience Museum is built in such a way to interact with people in order to give them comprehensible information about science and technology.

Originally at the time of construction of the museum, it only had a phase 1. And it was in the year 1990 that a second phase got opened. If you have an interest in science and science subjects, you will fall more for it with this visit. Even if you don’t have such interests, you will start developing some after the visit. The activities made available in the museum integrated with fun will always make the visit super engaging. 

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake

This lake in the city of Hyderabad is not just a popular tourist attraction. Apart from this, it has also got the title of being the “largest artificial lake in Asia”. Quli Qutub Shah is the man behind the commissioning of such a giant artificial lake. The year of commissioning was 1563. For spiritual lovers visiting the city of Hyderabad, there is something to be enjoyed in the location of Hussain Sagar Lake. It is the monolithic stone statue of Lord Buddha.

In relation to these kinds of Lord Buddha statues in the world, this statue in Hyderabad is the highest. Tank Bund is the other name of the lake. The construction of this artificial lake has also helped in providing a major tributary to the river of Musi. A dam of length 3km is also constructed across the lake and this is also a popular tourist attraction of the site.

Qutub Shahi Tombs

Qutub Shahi Tombs

These tombs in the city of Hyderabad are monuments commemorating the Golconda kings who lost their lives over time. These tombs have proved their durability and strength over the years after surviving attempts of destruction that are both man-made and natural. You can reach the location of these tombs within a one km distance from the location of Golconda fort. The architectural excellence portrayed in the construction of these tomb structures is praiseworthy and challenges modern-day art and artists.

While considering the year of construction of these tombs, they are the oldest structures or monuments of history found in the entire city of Hyderabad. A platform of higher elevation is one of the peculiar features making these tombs a bit more special and attractive. Hindu, Persian, and Pathan styles of architecture are found in these tombs to date by historians. Ornamentation by white stucco and grey granite is also distinctive about these tomb structures. 

Purani Haveli 

Purani Haveli 

If you wish to explore the cultural and heritage side of the city in its full-fledged format, Purani Haveli is a must-visit location in the city of Hyderabad. Art and the craftsmanship behind them will excite you about the trip to this place. The Haveli was constructed as a residence for Mir Momen. But later the construction transformed into a place of tourist attraction. The Haveli showcase the past glory and pride of Hyderabad and its royal families.

The art and artifacts belonging to those times have helped in forming a museum, supporting people build historical knowledge about the past days of the city of Hyderabad. If you are a history lover, you will get indelible memories and insights from this place for sure. The “longest wardrobe in the world” is also owned by this Purani Haveli of Hyderabad. The building format of the wardrobe is in two levels and is quite attractive for anybody visiting the place. Some parts of Haveli now function as educational institutions of repute in the city. 

Snow World

Snow World

It is an amusement park in Hyderabad city. Ocean Park Multi-Tech Limited is the company behind the development and construction of this snow-themed amusement park. The company has also made a resort with the same name and theme. If you would like to enjoy a fun time in the park and also stay in the resort, the combination would be a matchless experience in the place. The resort is a magnificently huge construction of 17,000 sq. feet.

The authorities have also recognized the park as the “first snow-themed park of India”. Lower Tank Bund Road is where you can find the park in the city. You can also take the help of the landmark, Indira Park when you come to visit the park. Also, consider visiting the park during your visit to the popular Hussain Sagar Lake. If you are visiting Hyderabad during the summer months of the year, this park experience would be the best to chill you. 

Lumbini Park

Lumbini Park

This park has been on the tourist map of Hyderabad for a very long period. Hyderabad Urban Development Authority was the one who was assigned the task of constructing the park. The construction happened in the year 1994. Even though the major purpose of the park is amusement you can also visit the park for relaxing and rejuvenating since there are also sufficient provisions for the same. Even though the park is an extremely modern and sophisticated construction, it has got some historic and spiritual connections with it.

The name “Lumbini” indicates the birthplace of the historical or spiritual figure, Siddhartha or Lord Buddha. It was as a part of the Buddha Purnima Project of the government that the park has been constructed by the government. Over the years, the park has also undergone a renaming in 2006. Now the park is known as T Ajnaiah Lumbini Park. Even after the renaming people love to call this park by its original name. 

Shri Jagannath Temple 

Shri Jagannath Temple 

A Hindu pilgrimage center in Hyderabad. The temple is maintained and managed by the Kalinga Cultural Trust. The temple has got several strict ideologies upon which it is run. They are the ideals of equity, sanctity, discipline, and hygiene. If you are a peace-seeker, you must definitely visit the place. The spiritual and divine vibes of the place would delight you in every sense. Moreover, the architecture and design concepts expressed in the construction of the temple are quite exemplary.

The surroundings of the temple are the best to induce the maximum positive energy into you. Thus with the visit, you will be rejuvenated and revived in the best possible manner. The date of the consecration of the temple is in the year 2009. The close resemblance with the Puri Jagannath Temple is often mentioned along with the reviews of the place. Banjara Hills road is the exact location to search if you are planning to visit the temple.

Paigah Tombs

Paigah Tombs

These tombs found in the city of Hyderabad becomes an attraction for tourists since it is situated in a vast area of 30-40 acres. The 18th century can be the time of origin of these tombs. These tombs are also praised for their brilliant architecture by tourists, historians, and archaeologists. Indo-Saracenic architecture is another prominent feature of the tomb complex. Meanwhile, the tombs are built in a different form integrating Asaf Jah and Rajputani architectural styles.

White marble is the major material of construction used for the tombs. These tombs are quite close to the landmark of the city of Hyderabad, Charminar. Santosh Nagar is the location to search on maps to reach the tombs. Geometric patterns and designs found in the tombs and the complex are analyzed as perfect and exotic. The mosaic tile work incorporated in the construction is the other best feature of the structure. The Jali work found here is also a distinctive feature of the Islamic style of buildings. 

Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid

This is a popular Muslim pilgrim destination in Hyderabad. The commissioning year of the mosque is 1614. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah is the one who took great efforts for the construction of the mosque. It took so many years the completion the construction. 1694 is the exact year of completion of this marvel. Thus this mosque has become the most important center of heritage in the city of Hyderabad.

Charminar is also close to the location of the mosque. Moreover, there are other many heritage constructions nearby making it easy to visit all of them. 10000 people is the max capacity of the mosque clearly indicating its spaciousness and grandeur. The façade of the mosque is quite impressive by its beauty and perfection. But the most important thing to be noted is that consider visiting the mosque only if you are a follower of Islam since there is a restriction for the followers of other religions. 

Taramati Baradari

Taramati Baradari

Ibrahimbagh is the location in which Taramati Baradari is situated in Hyderabad. If you have plans to visit the fort of Golconda, the place is just outside of it. The music hall of the structure with 12 entrances is one of the attractive elements of the fort. This hall was used as an auditorium during the early days. The positioning of the monument comes on the top of a hill.

This peculiar positioning is done not to emphasize the beauty of the place or to bring the maximum attention but rather to avoid any sort of disturbances and irritations inside the monument. There is also an art gallery in the location which can be fascinating to the lovers of art, visiting the location. Moreover, these structures are also connected with many legends and stories which you will be able to enjoy during the visit. 

How To Reach Hyderabad

Nearest airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Nearest railway station: Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station (HYB)


Perfect holiday choice for those who are looking for history, heritage, art, and spirituality. 


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