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Best Places To Visit In Jaisalmer, “The Golden City” Of India



Best places to visit in Jaisalmer, "The Golden city" Of India

Widely known as the “Golden City”, Jaisalmer is a royal fort town situated in Rajasthan, a state in the North-western region of India. During medieval times, the city of Jaisalmer was the center of trade and commerce. The majority of the city’s landscape is desert. The forts and castles located in the city are made up of honey sandstone. These are the two factors that give the city a golden touch everywhere and anywhere we see, giving it the title name of “Jaisalmer”.

The presence of the Jain population and their aesthetic worship centers are some other tourist attractions of the city. The lakes of the city are also beautiful and magnificent feasting the excitement of international and domestic tourists on their vacation. The desert landscape of the town makes possible leisurely camel rides here. Hence this has also become an engaging tourist activity you can indulge and have fun in the location.

Camping in the deserts and enjoying the natural beauty of the night sky with the brightest stars is also loved by tourists coming to Jaisalmer. Just like the GCC nations, you can also enjoy a jeep safari in the sand dunes of the town. Now, let’s have a look into the major tourist destinations in the location, you can add to your plans while visiting the place. 

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Places To Visit In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

If you have been excited by the majestic forts and constructions in the “Arabian Nights”, the fort of Jaisalmer can satisfy you more than enough. The size of the fort has made it stand amongst the largest ones in the world. Most of the Jaisalmer tourists are keen on visiting the fort during their visit to the city.

About Jaisalmer Fort

Most probably, the vacation plans to Jaisalmer start with an intention to pay a visit to this royal marvel standing with pride in the heart of the city. The fort has become an internationally known landmark of the city, taking its name to a greater height. Jaisalmer fort is not just a fort but this is an inclusive complex having amenities like museums, restaurants, accommodations, art shops, and a lot more. 

Longewala War Memorial 

The place is known for being the memorial for the historic event of the battle of Longewala dating back to the year 1971. The battle was fought between the countries, India and Pakistan. We have also got a movie depicting the events and causes of the battle in the name, “Border”. The memorial and the museum are located in the place where the battle took place then.

About Longewala War Memorial 

The maintenance responsibility of the museum and memorial is completely assigned to the Indian Army. With a travel of 30km from Ramgarh, you can reach the location of Longewala War Memorial. A visit to the memorial will give you the real vibes of the battle, the atrocities, and the violence that happened during the same.

The memorial is also a tribute to the brave and devoted Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defend national security and save the lives of millions of innocents in the country. Entry to the memorial and museum is possible only during the weekends, that is on Saturdays and Sundays. There are also time restrictions for entry which usually begins from noon until midnight. 

Kothari’s Patwaon-Ki-Haveli

This marvel in art and architecture in the land of Jaisalmer is also known in the name of Patwa Haveli. The crafty skills of the designers and artists who would have been involved in the construction of the Haveli are absolutely impressive. The construction won’t give you any clue as to the ideas behind it so a similar recreation is nearly impossible.

About Kothari’s Patwaon-ki-Haveli

The Haveli has also got a museum to commemorate the history and cultural significance of the place. You can also enjoy stunning views from many of the spots in the fort, testifying to the golden glam of the city of Jaisalmer. According to history, the construction duration of the fort marks to be 55 years.

Guwan Chand Patwa is the man behind the idea of the Haveli. He was an affluent trader in the city during the early 17th century. He decided to construct the Haveli as a means to exhibit his wealth and pride to the people. Such interesting historical facts also make this Haveli worth visiting once in your lifetime. 

Gadisar Sagar Lake

This tourist attraction of Jaisalmer is situated in the interiors of the city. The lake serves the purpose of an oasis in the desert landscape of the town. During the older days, the people of Jaisalmer suffered from drought and water scarcity around the year due to the dry weather which was prominent in the city.

About Gadsisar Sagar Lake

The Gadsisar Sagar Lake was a rescue from such issues and provided the people with water for their crops, domestic use as well as commercial purposes. The lake was made as per the order of the then-king of the city, Raja Rawal Jaisal. Hence the lake is not a natural formation but artificially made.However, people quench their thirst and have relief from the dry weather with the water in the reservoir.

A fort is also located adjacent to the lake, making it a picturesque location in every sense. If you visit the lake during the golden hours of the day, you can undoubtedly enjoy the mesmerizing views of the lake. Gadsisar Sagar Lake is a perfect location to make your family getaway an unforgettable memory. 

Bada Bagh

Being a royal town, the glorious past of the city is quite remarkable. Bada Bagh is a complex where you get into those pride and glory in a picturesque location. Basically, this is a garden complex in the city of Jaisalmer. A bunch of cenotaphs commemorating the legendary personas of the city is the specialty of Bada Bagh.

About Bada Bagh

The accessibility of the location of Bada Bagh can be the easiest with just a travel of 6km from the town center. The translated meaning of the name of the place Bada Bagh is a big garden. People of Rajasthan and domestic tourists always foster an admiring feeling toward the royal family members of the state, particularly towards their Rajput kings.

The cenotaphs in the garden have memories and important credentials of those kings and family members of 600 years. Being placed on the top of a hill and the entry facilitated through the bottom of the hill, Bada Bagh is also a naturally exciting location for tourists. 

Desert National Park 

In this category of national parks, the Desert National Park of Jaisalmer occupies the first position in size with a 3162 km area. The park starts from Jaisalmer and extends up to the border of India and Pakistan. Even if the landscape of the city is quite dry and hot, a lot of wildlife and rare flora and fauna are the specialties of the region.

About Desert National Park 

Nature lovers and biodiversity enthusiasts are regular visitors to the national park. Desert cats, camels, Bengal Fox, desert fox wolves, and Chinkara peculiar to the desert landscape are the celebrity creatures in the park. The Blackbuck is also one among them. The desert ecosystem provides the organisms with their natural habitat and preserves their population.

Salty lake bottoms of the national park are also home to a variety of aquatic wealth specific to the region. The desert plants are also exciting providing environmental abundance to the park’s surroundings. Adventure enthusiasts will be satisfied by taking a trip to the park with an exciting jeep safari. 

The Thar Heritage Museum 

L Narayan Khatri is the man behind the establishment of the Thar Heritage Museum of Jaisalmer. The museum is home to many treasured historical and cultural significance of the city. L Narayan Khatri was basically an academic scholar who researched the intricate and hidden facts and truths behind the folklore of the city. The museum excites your historical craving to know more about Jaisalmer and also about the state of Rajasthan.

About The Thar Heritage Museum 

It will inspire you to learn about the mastery of the craftsmen of Jaisalmer who could create outstandingly beautiful forts and castles with exemplary art, design, and architecture. The visit to the museum is also a walk through the rich royal heritage and culture of the people of the state. The fossils and artifacts found in the city will amuse you with their sophistication and style.

The musical instruments throw light upon the recreational activities of the people as well as the importance the culture gave to art and entertainment. You will also get an idea about their customary practices and traditions for death and birth by taking a stroll along the pathways of the museum. 

Maharaja’s Palace

You don’t need to plan a separate trip to the destination in order to visit the palace. The location of Maharaja’s palace is quite adjacent to the Jaisalmer fort making both visits in one go. Just like other constructions in Jaisalmer, the palace is also a center to witness the architectural virtuoso of the people of the town during the older days.

About Maharaja’s Palace

The detailing and artistic interpretations that can be attributed to every single carving on the pillars and structures of the palace are unlimited. The aristocracy and the degree of elite status enjoyed by the royal families and their members in the town become quite evident with these palaces, Haveli, and other constructions in the place.

The marble throne and royal bed used by the Maharaja of the palace have always excited tourists. Its grandeur and might are more than enough to challenge modern-day luxury constructions and stuff. The palace has a total of five storeys. If you climb up to the rooftop of the palace, you can enjoy the breathtaking views from there. 

Jaisalmer War Museum 

Since the battle of Longewala has got a significant political role in the history of Jaisalmer, memorials for the war have never been sufficient enough. The Jaisalmer War Museum is one among them. The soldiers who participated in the war are honored through the memorial. The courage and valor of the Indian Army are praised and admired here.

About Jaisalmer War Museum 

It was on the day of Indian Independence in 2015 that the government opened the museum to the public and started generating tourism revenue from it. This year was also the golden jubilee year of the Indo-Pak war of 1965.

The information display hall of the Jaisalmer War Museum is a gigantic room intended to educate and enlighten the visitors of the museum about the history of the war. There is also a shop to purchase souvenirs from the war museum. 

Kuldhara Abandoned Village

The village of Kuldhara of Jaisalmer is known as an “abandoned” or “ghost village” among tourists and locals. The popularity of the village is also because of the “haunted” tales and fables surrounding the village. The village has also acclaimed media publicity through such an identity. The narrow streets of the village accentuate the ghostly sensation when we walk through it.

About Kuldhara Abandoned Village

A lot of myths and folklore with a spooky touch and feel are rampant in the village. News also reports that many villagers are indulged in practicing paranormal activities in the place. This village is only 17km away from the city center of Jaisalmer. During the ancient days, the village was quite affluent and in its golden period. But now, the village is almost depleted and you can only witness the haunted glory of the streets.

The village has also got a crucial role in reinforcing the superstitious beliefs of the locals. People extensively do such activities and also make others take part in them either to make fools out of others and thereby have a livelihood or to reassure their own misconceptions. 

Jain Temples

The Jain temples of Jaisalmer are located nearby the Jaisalmer fort as a group. These are the places of worship for the believers of Jainism. The temples and temple complexes have due prominence in the tourist map of India. People visit the place not just with an intention of worship but to enjoy and observe the architectural brilliance embodied in these temples. The patterns of construction are also noteworthy in aesthetic and architectural aspects.

About Jain Temples

Carving detailing can be found in almost all the nooks and corners of the temples. Most of the parts are adorned using mirrors and artistic designs. Frescoes are another tourist attraction found in these temples. The period in history spanning from the 12th century to the 15th century is believed to be the construction time of these temples. Each of these temples is devoted to each Tirthankara in the Jain belief system.

Figures of animals and humans are another special type of carving found in these temple structures. Studies report that these carvings are an adaptation of the style of Dilwara temples. If you are interested to make a study on the historical significance of the temples, you can start your journey right from the location since it has also set up a decent library for the tourists who are interested in it. 


Jaisalmer is an ideal royal getaway in Rajasthan to enjoy with almost all types of tourist groups. You can come to the destination with your family, friends, or even as a couple. The city has everything you can experience from a royal fort town. You can engage in lively experiences and also invest in curious learning and growing.

Adventure enthusiasts also won’t be disappointed in visiting the town since the deserts with golden dunes are the perfect location to indulge in such activities. Jeep safari, camel rides, and quad biking will enhance your experience in this town by letting you ascend to the zenith of exhilaration and thrill.

Moreover, desert camping, temple visits, and a sneak peek at the culture and heritage are also some of the distinctive feelings that Jaisalmer could alone offer you in a single place. 

How To Reach Jaisalmer?

Nearest Airport: Jodhpur Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Jaisalmer (JSM)

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