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Explore The Best Places In Kanha, Madhya Pradesh!




Kanha is a less popular town located in the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh. The popularity of the town is solely acquired from the Tiger Reserve which is situated inside the territory. Even online sources recognize the town by its name of the same. A lot of international tourists are also seen in the location of the place to visit the Tiger Reserve. Tourism is one of the prominent means of livelihood in the area. When it comes to the state of Madhya Pradesh, the town of Kanha is situated in its central region. Academicians and research scholars are also largely found in the location of a visit to the Tiger Reserve to make content and gather research resources for their studies and experiments.

Apart from the national park, the climate and landscape of the town also attract a lot of tourists to spend some time in the surroundings and enjoy their vacation. If you are planning a Kanha vacation along with your friends and family, a wildlife safari would be one of the best options available here. College and university trips are also seen halting in the location of the town to experience the safaris and have some fun. Some of the inevitable locations in the Kanha region of Madhya Pradesh are listed below. 

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Kanha National Park

The prominence of the park is revealed when we come across the fact that it occupied the list of “best parks in Asia”. In the category of large mammals, a total of 22 species find their home in the national park. Among these 22 species, Royal Bengal Tigers are the ones enjoying the most reputed position and more privileges in the region. It is also regarded as the best in the Indian subcontinent when it comes to the Tiger Reserves in the region. 940 sq. km. is calculated as the area of the National Park.

Kanha National Park

There are a total of two wildlife sanctuaries inside the area of the National Park namely, Banjar and Hallon. 1955 is the year marking the establishment of the National Park. The park has also been effectively used for the conservation of a lot many endangered species and this increases the significance of the park in a national and international context as well. It was in the year, 1974, that the National Park was taken over by the Project Tiger Reserve. “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling has its plot in the Tiger Reserve of Kanha. The major species in the reserve other than tigers are leopards, jackals, hyenas, and many more. 


Mandla is a city as well as a district in proximity to Kanha in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The specialty of this city is its handicrafts and art. You can buy your choice from the main market of the city. If you are a lover of Indian street foods like Paw Bhaji and varieties of Chaat, you will fall in love with the stroll through the lanes of this market city. You can also have some other varieties like Phulki, Dhabeli, Dosha, and Kachodi. The city is also close to the mountain ranges of Satpura.


Most of the regions in the city are covered with dense forests and so if you are a nature lover, this is a must-visit city in the Kanha region. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers are also seen plenty in the city to enjoy their areas of interest. If you would like to take a walk through the mysteriously dense woods, this place would give you the best experience ever. The city is located at quite a higher elevation with an altitude measurement of around 1768 feet. You can also enjoy the magnificence of the river of Narmada when you are in the town of Mandla

Kanha Museum

Kanha Museum is an important landmark in the city of Kanha. It is located inside the National Park of Kanha. The Forest Department of the state of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for the management and maintenance of the museum.  If you are near the Kisli gate of the National Park, you will be able to spot the museum without much effort. The museum is open for visitors every day from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. If you are someone who is interested in Zoology, Botany, Wildlife, and the historical facts related to it, this visit would satisfy you more than enough. You can also gather info about the topography and geography of the place from the museum visit.

Kanha Museum

You will also get detailed info regarding the vegetation and the wildlife populace of the place. Skelton and fossils of certain exotic species are also exhibited inside the museum of Kanha. You do not require the help of any guide to visit and understand the details exhibited inside the museum. Hence make sure you do not fall for anything unnecessarily in the place. There are no restrictions for photography inside the museum so if you are someone looking for saving memories inside the museum, you are all set to go. 


Jabalpur is a rock city near the Kanha region in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is situated on the western side of the state. It is a kind of rural outskirts of the state so tourists usually miss out on the charisma and pride of the city. The city is located on a hilltop making its accessibility not that easy from the mainland region. A lot many forts and palace constructions can also be spotted in this region indicating the glorious royal past of this hilltop town. Madan Mahal fort is the major attraction of this rocking town. The year of construction of this fort gets marked as 1116.


This ancientness is sufficient enough to understand the rich heritage and power of the state. You can also visit a couple of pilgrim destinations in the city that belongs to the beliefs and customs of religions such as Hinduism and Jainism. The Central Rani Durgavati Museum is also another peculiarity of this rocky town. You will get the opportunity to enjoy a lot many aesthetic sculptures and forms in the town, especially in the museum. The beauty of the calm and cool Narmada river adds to the charm and elegance of the town. 


This is a pilgrim destination in the Kanha region where you can find and fulfill your interests if you are more towards the spiritual and meditative side of your vacation. This unique location can be the ideal place if you would like to explore the heritage and culture of Kanha in particular and Madhya Pradesh in general. The mountain landscape and its majestic look and feel add to the prominence of this place in the itinerary of hill station lovers. The mountain ranges of Vindhya and Satpura make the place a must-visit destination if you would like to explore the major mountain ranges in the Indian subcontinent.


The beauty of Maikal Hills is also something that is worth experiencing in the territory of Amarkantak. The originating point of the major rivers like Narmada and Johila can also be seen from the location of this town. This town is located at an elevation of 1048m. “Theerthraj” is the other name of this town derived from the presence of a couple of Hindu pilgrim destinations in the city. The translated meaning of the name “Theerthraj” is “the king of pilgrimages”. Apart from the pilgrimages, you can also indulge in the beauty of nature and the climate in the town. 

Bamni Dadar

The evenings of your Kanha vacation would be the best if you could spend the time at the location of Bamni Dadar. During the latter golden hours of the day, the sky of Bamni Dadar would give you the most spectacular sights and visuals possible in the territory of Kanha. Tourists after visiting the National Park mostly move to the location of Bamni Dadar so that they can make their day well-spent in the Kanha vacation. You can also see a lot of exotic species while traveling to the place. So that if you are a wildlife enthusiast you will be overwhelmed with a trip to Bamni Dadar.

Bamni Dadar

The vegetation of the location is also quite impressive with its varieties and richness. October to December would be the best months to spend your vacation in the place. You can also go for an adrenaline-pumping jungle safari in the parking area. A lot of mesmerizing viewpoints are the other specialties of the place. The pride and prestigious landscape of the place will definitely make you fall for it if you have the skill to appreciate the beauty and vibes of mother nature. Since this is quite an engaging location, you can be with your friends, family, or a group to enjoy the most out of the vacation. 

Kawardha Palace

Even though it was a palace during its former days, the Kawardha Palace is now popular for being a splendid resort attracting premium tourists visiting the Kanha region both domestic and international. The year of establishment of the palace according to the historical records available is 1930. It was the king, Maharaj Dharamraj Singh who stood behind the conception and construction of the palace. The ownership of the then palace and the now resort belongs to the Royal Family of Kawardha.

Kawardha Palace

The architectural aesthetics and the design peculiarities make the palace stand out from the rest of the constructions and thus attract tourists, designers, and artists to visit the palace with an expression of awe. The palace is situated in a vast area of 11 acres. There are a lot many gardens inside the palace complex making the visit a vibrant one pleasing every human sense. Moreover, the surroundings of the temple are also quite distinctive with a lot of fields marking agricultural abundance, lush green woods, and also a temple. The marble stair of the palace is worth climbing to feel touched by the posh power of the royal family of Kawardha. 


Pachmarhi is a naturally spectacular location in the Kanha region. “Satpura ki Rani” is the nickname attributed to the place on account of the fascinating nature the place has been blessed with. Waterfalls are the best feature of the place attracting a lot of fun-loving tourists to the location. You can indulge in the water of the cascade pools, be playful with your fellow travelers and make the most out of the Pachmarhi trip. Moreover, taking a relaxing walk through the jungles near Pachmarhi is also highly recommended.


You can also come across a lot of exotic species and wild animals during such walks of woods exploration. The Satpura National Park is another attraction of the location where you can have a visit and enjoy the vibes. You can also explore a group of 5 caves in the place that has significant connections with Hindu mythology and the legend of Mahabharata. This is a high-altitude location with an elevation of about 1067m. You can also visit some Hindu pilgrim locations dedicated to Lord Shiva. Summer months of the year would be the best time to visit the location of Pachmarhi. This is on account of the favorable climate conditions experienced during these months. Moreover, there are a lot of viewpoints in the location. 

Bandhavgarh National Park

Another national park you can visit during your Kanha vacation. Just like many of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries discussed, the reputed species in the Bandhavgarh National Park are also the Royal Bengal Tigers. White Tigers, deers, and leopards are the other species attracting tourists to the location. You can explore and experience a distinctive vibe of grasslands, tropical forests, and Sal trees on the premises of this national park. Birdwatchers can also indulge in the beauty and charm of the bird variants found plenty in the surroundings of the park.

Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are interested in the history, heritage, and traditions of the national park region, the Bandhavgarh Fort near the national park is also a must-visit destination in the region. It was in the year 1968, that the national park got established in the state of Madhya Pradesh. October to March has been recorded as the peak season of the year in the National Park on account of the crowd experienced during these times. It is recommended not to visit the park during the monsoon months of the year on account of the adverse climatic conditions experienced during these months. Tala, Khitauli, and Magdhi are the three different zones of the Bandhavgarh National Park that you must visit. 

Panna National Park

The last in the list of National Parks you can visit on your trip to Kanha. The Panna National Park is located in the state of Madhya Pardesh in its two different districts namely, Panna and Chhatarpur. The total area of the park is calculated as 542 sq. km. The year of establishment of the National Park is 1982. The management responsibilities of the National Park are assigned to the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Royal Bengal Tigers are the major attraction of the park and the park itself is a part of Project Tiger introduced by the government of India to conserve the decreasing tiger population in the country.

Panna National Park

If you have time, you can also consider visiting the Khajuraho National Park which is only 30km away from the location of the Panna National Park. October to March is recorded as the ideal time period to visit the national park in pleasant climatic conditions. Safaris are also possible inside the national park making it an appropriate location for groups visiting the place. Night safaris are also available in the location making the visit a worthy one in every sense. 

How to reach Kanha?

Nearest airport: Nagpur Airport

Nearest railway station: Jabalpur Railway Station (JBP)


The best location for jungle safari lovers and wildlife enthusiasts planning to visit the state of Madhya Pradesh. Nature and biodiversity are the major attraction of the place. Best time to visit Kanha: April – May

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