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Planning A Trip To Mount Abu? Explore The Best Places In Mount Abu!



Planning A Trip To Mount Abu Explore The Best Places In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is located in the Sirohi District of Rajasthan and is the only hill station across the desert state of India. Perched attractively in the Aravallis Range of mountains, the altitude here is about 1230 meters above sea level. Also, the uppermost point in the Mount Abu area is the Guru Shikhar which is at 1722 meters above sea level. It is also one of the most prevalent places to visit in Mount Abu.

Though it’s an extensive height reaching Mount Abu is absolutely not as problematic as one may think. If you are planning a visit to Mount Abu from anywhere around India, you can book a flight to Udaipur which is the bordering domestic airport and if you are going to travel from any other country, then Ahmedabad is the closest airport. From Udaipur or Ahmedabad, you will require to travel to Mount Abu by road. You can either take a public transport bus or rent a cab for your onward road trip to Mount Abu. 

Since Mount Abu is the only hill station around this desert, the local individuals visit it a lot since it is one of the best manners to get away from the sweltering heat there. For the Hindus, Mount Abu controls extra important because according to imaginary tales, Sage Vashistha died over there. So, let’s take a look at the different flavors that Rajasthan’s only hill station has to propose.

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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The breathtaking Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary vaunts rich biodiversity which adds it to the list of must-visit places in the miniature hamlet. The sanctuary is one of the oldest parts of the Mount Abu Mountain ranges and is the origin of different sightseeing points with attractive views. It carried the status of a wildlife sanctuary in 1960 to preserve the flora and fauna of the complete region and is, hence, an imperative eco-tourism spot. It is a great place if you wish to observe the best wildlife in Rajasthan in its natural habitat combined with an electrifying experience.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread around a distance of 288 km, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary crosses different mountain highs from 300 m to 1722 m at Gurashikhar which is measured to be the uppermost peak in the Aravali ranges. The wildlife sanctuary involves eruptive rocks with great cavities resulting from the weathering effects of water and wind. Nature lovers and animal lovers will find this place soothing to their senses. Also, the picturesque views of the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and the tranquility that it proposes from the fast life of the city are worth it.

Dilwara Jain Temples

Dilwara Jain Temples are one of the premium Jain temples known the world over for their phenomenal design and beaming marble stone carvings. It is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu and seems to be a genuinely important temple from the outside yet every cloud has a silver coating. 

The temple inside vitrines the phenomenal work of human craftsmanship getting it done. These temples were constructed between the eleventh to thirteenth century AD and have sumptuous subtle elements of marble stone carvings, which are extraordinary and unmatched. This was done during a period when no vehicle or streets were reachable at a stature of 1200+ m across Mount Abu. 

Dilwara Jain Temples

Enormous pieces of marble stones were transported on elephant backs from the Arasoori Hills at Ambaji to this distant bumpy area of Mount Abu. Dilwara Temples are additionally a majority Jain journey fascination. Dilwara Jain Temple is one of the best Mount Abu tourist places.

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikar is the uppermost point in mount Abu and forms the uppermost point in the Aravalli Mountain range. The place is great to get an all-encompassing view of the whole region and is renowned for its temple of Guru Dattatreya an embodiment of the Hindu Deities Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva’ in one.

Guru Shikhar

While different wouldn’t find much in this place apart from the different temples and the astonishing views, it was quite natural for me to take out my faithful paperback and get lost in the tempting plot amidst the enchanting surroundings. Do not forget to pack food and beverages but, if possible, not any alcohol as the place is measured as sacred. 

Peace Park

The Brahma Kumaris Peace Park is both immaculate and tranquil; an aboriginal habitat where hush and enjoyment exist together. The regeneration center is settled among two tops of the Aravali slopes — Guru Shikhar and Achal Garh – which are major spots of the journey. The Peace Park is a desert spring of common brilliance around 8 kilometers from the Brahma Kumaris base camp in Mount Abu.

Peace Park

Part of the request for the spot is that it is lovingly administered by enthusiastic Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who get a kick out of appealing to an enormous number of voyagers consistently. Along with taking a directed visit around the recreation center, guests can watch a short video movie that highlights the inherent magnificence of the human soul and intriguing ideas recognized with Rajyoga contemplation. This beautiful temple is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu.

Nakki Lake

One of the most prevalent attractions in Mount Abu, Nakki Lake is an antique and sacred lake. According to Hindu mythology, the lake was dug out by the Gods by merely using their nails to attain shelter from the Demon Banshkhali, however many such mythological stories prevail leading to the generation of this lake. Nevertheless, the place is an inordinate spot for picnics with friends and family alike.

Nakki Lake

The lake is also popular as Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were engrossed here leading to the building of Gandhi Ghat, which is also a widespread monument positioned here. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and eateries located near the lake which propose some great local food at certainly cheap prices. 


The city of Jodhpur is prevalent for its jagged natural beauty. Its rocky landscape and desert plantations along with antique ruins of the historical forts and palaces generate an adventurous and mesmerizing ambiance for travelers. The city looks enchanting at night, with the forts lighting up the horizon and performers adding to the cultural vibrance of the city. The major attraction of this city is its royal forts and palaces. The complete city is built across the impressive structure of the Mehrangarh Fort.


The Umaid Bhavan Palace is the epitome of royal brilliance and another spectacular attraction that you can check out when you are visiting. The other architectural marvels involve the Jaswant Thada, the Ghanta Ghar or the Clock Tower, the Rao Jodha Rock Park, the Mandore Gardens, Phool Mahal – situated within the Chand Baori, the Mehrangarh Fort, and Osian Temples and Toorji ka Jhalra, to indication a few.

Jodhpur experiences semi-arid and equitably warm temperatures all during the year, which makes it perfect for winter travels. The city is also better known as the “Sun City” due to its sunny weather usual throughout the year. The weather experiences a shrill fluctuation with days that are hot and dry and cold nights. Rainfall is scant. The weather is most enjoyable from October to March, which is also the best time to celebrate and discover this wonderful city.

Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort is a 15th-century fort in Mount Abu that now lies in ruins. The ruined fort complex houses a gigantic gate named Hanumanpol, which served as the major entrance. There. is a well-known Shiva Temple (Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple) and Mandakini Lake inside the fort complex. Another foremost attraction is an enormous Nandi statue.

Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort was constructed during the Paramara dynasty and later modernized by Maharana Kumbha. There is a Jain temple inside the fort complex which was constructed in 1513. The fort is situated on top of a hill and demands an easy hike to reach.


Growing between the western Aravallis, Kumbhalgarh is a 15th-century Mewar fortress nearby Mount Abu. One of the most imperative citadels in the Mewar region, the wonderful fort was built by Rana Kumbha in 1500AD. Over time, Kumbhalgarh has served as a refuge to different prominent rulers in Mewar in times of strife, involving King Udai when his throne had been seized by Vikramaditya. It is also better known as the birthplace of the imaginary king Maharana Pratap. 


A selected UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient hill fort is better known for its marvelous architectural style, making it one of the most projecting places to visit near Mount Abu. The Fort’s massive compound is home to a wonderful array of temples and palaces, of which the Badal Mahal is most protruding.


Across the southernmost part of Rajasthan, Udaipur is enclosed by the Aravalli Range and is overflowing with natural beauty. It was set up in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the promising capital of the Mewar Kingdom. Udaipur is well-linked with other parts of India through airways, railways, and roadways.
Unlike other parts of Rajasthan, Udaipur is occupied with serenity. Away from the urban chaos, it is a blend of majestic beauty, elevated slopes, and attractive panorama. Udaipur is also better known as the “City of Lakes” owing to the presence of different interconnected natural lakes in and across the city. The “City of Lakes” is also intensely named the “White City” because the Rajput-style Palaces and Forts in Udaipur are made up of white marble. Moreover, houses and other edifices of the city are also dressed in white. 


Udaipur is well-known for its historic Rajput-era forts, striking lakes, grand palaces, architectural temples, galleries, museums, traditional festivals, and rich culture. The best places to visit in Udaipur which are must-haves in your route are Lake Pichola, City Palace, Ambrai Ghat, Eklingji Temple, Vintage Car Museum, Bada Mahal, and Shilgram.

Toad Rock

Situated south of Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, the Toad Rock is an immense rock piece that looks like a toad about to jump into the waters of the lake. Known as the mascot of Mount Abu, this is one of the most patronized points in the route of all visitors. To see the all-around beauty of the surrounding lake and greenish hilly regions you can climb up the rock and seizure the breathtaking scenery.

Toad Rock

The path to Toad Rock starts nearby Nakki Lake and involves climbing 250 steps to the top. The pathway is snuggled in lush greenery which makes for a calming walk, though some individuals might find it intimidating. The staircase is shattered in parts, so the climb is not suggested for old individuals and toddlers.


Situated 128 km from Mount Abu, it is a village snuggled on the banks of river Jawai. It is best amongst tourists for Jawai Dham, it is also better known for its temples such as Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple, the Abhinav Mahavir Dham, and the Dev Giri Temple. It is also a foremost hub for migratory birds, nearly 100 species of birds migrate here during the winter season.


Sunset Point

The sunset view on the Aravali Range is best witnessed from Sunset Point. This is one of the most visited places for all the tourists impending to Mount Abu. The sunset view was even presented in the Bollywood movie, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The enjoyable climate and the calming atmosphere across here would woo anyone.

Sunset Point


Chittorgarh city is situated in the southern part of Rajasthan on the Berach River. It is nearly 112 km from Udaipur and 182 km from Ajmer. The city of Chittorgarh once attended as the capital city of the Sisodia clan the Mewar Rajputs. Now it is the managerial city of the Chittorgarh District. The city is well-known for its tourism, culture, and heritage values.


Chittorgarh is an attractive holiday destination and has some of the most captivating attractions. The city is a gem trove of rich tales of valor and bravery, wars, victories, and defeats and all these have made a noteworthy imprint on the landscape of this delightful place.

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Sprawling around 180 kilometers, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is a safeguarded natural reserve in the Jessore Hills close to Mount Abu. The sanctuary was originally established to safeguard and conserve the common Indian sloth bear.

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Apart from its considerable populace of bears, the Sanctuary is also home to a number of resident species such as the civet cat, the wild boar, the striped fox, and hyenas. The Sanctuary is also better known for the attractive trees and flowers found here which play an imperative role in the conservation of the local ecosystems of Aravalli.

Best time to visit Mount Abu

November to June is the best time to visit Mount Abu as winter is the peak season. Summer begins in April and lasts until June and the temperature can go as high as 33°C. Monsoon in Mount Abu is also an upright time to visit as there’s lush green topography all across you and the rainy season makes for apt climatic situations to tour the hill station.

How to reach Mount Abu? 

By Air: Take a good flight to the Maharana Pratap Airport or Dabok Airport at Udaipur at a distance of 210 km from Mount Abu, or to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad which is nearly 221 km away from the same. Dabok Airport is linked to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, & Jaipur. Rent a cab/taxi from the airport to arrive at Mount Abu.

By Train: Take a train to Abu Road Railway Station which is the closest to Mount Abu and links the city with all the foremost railheads of the country.

By Road: Take one of the State Government-run buses that link Mount Abu to all the foremost neighboring cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, & Jaisalmer. Or merely drive all the way to Mount Abu which is linked to the cities via NH 8 and NH 14.


Mount Abu, being the only hill station in Rajasthan is patronized by tourists all year. It is a delightful retreat for sun-scorched inhabitants and travelers from other states. The lush green environments, the Rajasthani flavors, and the enormous amount of natural beauty will positively leave a mark. 

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