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Best Tourist Attractions And Activities To Do In Nizamabad



Best Tourist Attractions and Activities to do in Nizamabad

Have you ever visited a new place and felt astonished about it? For different visitors, it happens at Nizamabad. 

Nizamabad may not be as prevalent as other cities across India, but don’t let that fool you. It is a smaller place but a fascinating welcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places can discover at this hidden destination. 

You can schedule a few hours of a side trip here while traveling to Secunderabad or Hyderabad. Once you visit this city, you might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and lessen the stress at Nizamabad. 

Nizamabad is an ancient city ruled by several dynasties and therefore it has the influences of several cultures. Nizamabad proposes colourful surroundings to keep your spirits high on your holiday. Here are the topmost places to visit in Nizamabad that you would not want to slip on your tour. 

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Nizam Sagar Dam

This dam is a repository built crosswise over Manjira River, a tributary of River Godai, across the Nizamabad locale of Andhra Pradesh. This supply is the principal water wellspring of the twin urban communities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Established by Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan during the year 1923 by emptying nearly 40 towns, this Nizam Sagar Dam is one the greatest on the planet.

About Nizam Sagar Dam

Even though developed wholly for water system determination, the dam similarly goes nearly as a 3 km long interfacing span as it has a 14 feet broad street functioned crosswise over it links the close-by towns. The contiguous Nizam Sagar Lake adds brilliance to this place pulling in a lot of voyagers. 

A lovely garden is kept up adjoining the Nizam Sagar Dam and fills in as a most loved outing spot for the complete family. The best duration to visit the dam is amid the storm season when the dam is blasted and full is wholly open. 

Alisagar Deer Park

The accurate picnic getaway, Alisagar, is located nearly 13 km from Nizamabad. A sprawling 33 acres of garden, finishing with Flora, a deer park, and a lake, Alisagar, constructed by the Nizam of Hyderabad, is the place to spend an enjoyable day. 

About Alisagar Deer Park

A blissful stroll across the serene gardens with myriad flora on either side, the pleasant sight of the goldern-hued deer munching grass at deer park, and boating in the calm waters of the Alisagar lake will confidently leave you asking for more. This place is blessed with a historical touch as well for it is close to the prevalent Nizamabad Fort, which was constructed by the Rashtrakutas of the 10th century.

On top, there is a Quilla temple, enthusiastic to Lord which one can visit. Nearby, there is Sarangpur temple, positioned atop a hillock. Sarangpur temple is prevalent for the Ramnavam festival which draws devotees in large numbers. A trip to Alisagar is sure to be every minute worth spending. 

Ashok Sagar Lake

Yet another location that is synonymous with the town’s serenity, Ashoksagar, located nearly 7 km from Nizamabad, is another must-see for tourists. It is an eco-friendly traveling place, and the major attraction is the rock gardens here. Rocks, carved precisely and charmingly by Mother Nature herself, are a treat to the eyes.

About Ashok Sagar Lake

A 15ft tall statue of Goddess Saraswati, established in the middle of the lake, is a remarkable sight on a moonlit night.There is also a well-kept and managed children’s park which is a treat for the playing kids. The lake also has boating amenities. A landscape rock garden with a meandering path among the boulders delivers visitors with an extraordinary experience. 

Bada Pahad Dargah

Bada Pahad Dargah, also better known as Peddagutta, is a Muslim Pilgrimage site. The mosque was constructed in the remembrance of Saint Hazrar Syed Sadullah Hussain and is positioned on a hill near Jakora in the Nizamabad district’s Varni Mandal. Several Muslim and Hindu worshippers ascend the hill to pay their respects to Saint Sadullah Hussain Baba. Each year during September, the 3 yearly Ursu festival in Badapahad takes place.

About Bada Pahad Dargah

Every year, individuals from Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka attain for this event and celebration. Dargah is located among the hills of Varni and Chandur, and the site is also used for an enormous ropeway project. The ropeway will also serve as a type of transportation to and from the mosque.

In addition, the peak of the hill where Dargah is positioned has nearly 1000 stairs. Bada Pahad Dargah is positioned in Bada Pahad Hamlet, nearly 15 km from Varni and km from Nizamabad. Each year, thousands of devotees from nearby states and districts visit this famed Dargah, which is positioned on a Bada Pahad. 

Nizamabad Fort

Nizamabad Fort lies in the district of Nizamabad and has both religious and historical significance for the individuals of the region. Tourists have easy admittance to the Nizamabad Fort since it is positioned 200 km from the capital city of Hyderabad. This Fort also lies very close to the Maharashtra border and sees a lot of travelers influxes from that side as well. 

About Nizamabad Fort

This 10th-century fort stands majestically at the topmost of a small hill; the hill lies on the southwestern side of the town of Nizamabad. The kinds belonging to the Rashtraputha dynasty have been accredited with the construction of this robust citadel that inhabits a place of pride in the hearts of the individuals of the region. 

The fort stands tall at the majestic height of 300 m and is a fine example of the architecture and art of the times. Of course, with the alteration in rulers, the fort too relished several positive modifications both in style and structure. 

Dichpally Ramalayam

Dichpally Ramalayam is nealy 20 km from Nizamabad on the way to Hyderabad. The Dichpally Ramalayam temple was constructed during the 14th century by Kakatiya Kings and is one of the earliest temples around Nizamabad.

About Dichpally Ramalayam

The temple was made of white and black basalt stone, and it has the supreme architecture and workmanship of the goddesses, demons, animals, and Khajuraho-style sexual buildings. This old temple comprises astonishing sculptures with exquisite carvings on the ceilings, temple walls, entrance frames, and pillars. 

This temple has 105 stairs and a pedestrian tunnel that links it to Raghunadha Temple in Nizamabad’s city center. Thousands of worshippers attend the temple throughout the Sri Rama Navami celebration. Every year throughout the monsoons, the surroundings of the temple filled with water, providing the temple the appearance of an island. 

Quilla Temple

On the way up to the fort, there is an old jail. The jail was used by the Asaf Zahi Dynasty. The fort fascinates several travellers visiting Nizamabad. As the travellers go up, they can get a speedy look of the surrounding scenery and a view of the complete Nizamabad city. Ram Temple, which is also known as the Quilla Raghunathalayam, is very big and magnificent.

About Quilla Temple

Visitors can witness that the entrance of the temple is very alike to the entrance of the Quilla. The fort also homes spacious halls that are spread over nearly 3,900 sq. ft. The obsession of Lord Shri Rama is in the figure of Kurma. Based on the legends, this is the place where the supreme saint Maharshi Raghunatha Swami sat down for tapasya.

There is a very astonishing meditation hall where Raghunatha spends years meditating to attain salvation. The meditation hall has an exclusive system of ventilation which is the cause that the hall is always cool. The Quilla is also ornamented by an attractive and spacious kalyana mandapam. 

Pocharam Sanctuary

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is an attractive forest and characteristic life refuge disclosed 15 km 9.3 mi from Medak and 115 km from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The intersection is more than 130 square kilometers 50 sq mi, in the locales of Medak and Nizamabad, it was a part of pursuing ground of the Nizam that was an untamed life asylum in the mid-20th century.

About Pocharam Sanctuary

It is titled after the Pocharam lake, enclosed from the bunding of the Allair. The shelter has an ecotourism group of visitors. It is home to ious forms of feathered animals and warm-blooded creatures. The sanctuary is prearranged 100km from Nizamabad city. 

Ali Sagar Dam

Jankampet Hamlet is home to the Ali Sagar Reservoir. Yedlapally Mandal, positioned 2 km off the Nizamabad-Basar Road, is an attractive water reservoir with a sprawling garden introduced by the Nizam of Hyderabad.

The park spans 33 acres and is embellished with fountains and a brilliant richness of flowering plants, as well as a fascinating summer home with well-planned gardens, a hilltop guest house, and an island, making it a prevalent escape.

There is a deer park, water sports, and trekking amenities accessible as additional attractions at the site. Ali Sagar is a prevalent picnic site near Nizamabad. In the nutshell, Ali Sagar is a lovely and vibrant insight designed to fascinate picnickers from Nizamabad. 


The District of Sarangpur, nearly 8 km from Nizamabad, is prevalent for the Hanuman Temple. The establishment stone of the place of worship is accepted to be laid by the holy individual Samartha Ramadas, the master of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Sarangpur has been introduced by the state’s division of tourism introduced to suit many present-day courtesies. 

About Sarangapur

Parks and Inns are a couple among them. The old sanctuary of Hanuman is spread over an aggregate territory of 1400 sections of land and proposing the slope to the sanctuary, a couple of formative ventures are being done, involving another stop that is being functioned more than 10 segments of land. 

How To Reach Nizamabad? 

Backed by the ancient legacies of the several dynasties that ruled over this place, and the historical monuments that stand as experiences, Nizamabad welcomes visitors with a poised, stately demeanor. As you wander across the city, through its bustling neighbourhoods and the market locations, a warm sight of vivid cultures melting into a fascinating blend encounters your eyes. 

Today, positioned in the state of Telangana, Nizamabad is one of the most protruding cities in the state, in terms of trade and advancement. Several ancient temples can be found in Nizamabad, which are well-known for their religious consequence as well as aesthetic appeal. Prevalent places of worship involve the Neela Kantheswara Temple, Sri Raghunatha Temple, Khilla Ramalayam Temple, and Saraswathi temple, among others.

The Nizamabad Fort along with the Domakonda Fort histories the significance past of the city. You can get an indication of the city’s historical and cultural heritage at the Archeological and Heritage Museum positioned within the city. Public transport buses are cost-effective, if a little uncomfortable, means of traveling within the city. The bus services are accessible on all foremost routes, involving the imperative tourist destinations, and charge reasonable fares.

Auto-rickshaws can be addressed around the city for getting from one point to another. The most opportune and comfortable way of moving across Nizamabad, particularly for tourists, is by hiring a private vehicle or taxi through the several car rentals in the city. Avoid visiting Nizamabad during summer as the weather tends to be tremendously hot and is not appropriate for tourism.

To guarantee your safety, it is best not to venture out alone throughout the night as the streets tend to be isolated at this time.Additionally, the city is not well linked to other foremost cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Hyderabad at 140 km. You can conveniently get regular trains to Nizamabad from other foremost cities of the country. 


The district derived its name as Nizamabad (Nizam-a-abadi) from the Nizam of Hyderabad Asaf Jahi, VI who had ruled Deccan in the 18th century A.D. Originally, the district named was INDUR well-known to have originated in the name of kind Indradatta who had ruled this region in 5th Century A.D. 

Additionally, popularly well-known as the “City of Nizams”, Nizamabad is resultant of Nizam and Abad meaning “The Nizam of Hyderabad” and “Long Live” respectively. The city is an accurate example of co-existence with history, religion, and natural resources such as lakes and rivers.

Positioned further away from the coast, Nizamabad has a tropical climate with occasional rainfall and not as much of humidity. The superlative time to visit would be throughout winter from November to February.

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