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Himachal Pradesh

Bir Billing: Explore The Heaven Of Paragliding!



Bir Billing Explore The Heaven Of Paragliding!

Bir Billing is basically a rural geographical area situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Just imagine how much would be significant this place for it to stand out on the tourism map of India even being a rustic village. On reaching the state of Himachal Pradesh, you need to travel to the valley of Joginder Nagar to finally reach the destination of this spectacular village.

This village got its prominence by being the center for several adventure activities, particularly Paragliding. Moreover, many Tibetan refugees can also be seen in the location of this village inhabiting the place as a colony. This colony is also something that is worthy to visit to grasp the diverse cultural vibes of this place. Below we have mentioned a few best places to visit in Bir Billing.

Kangra is the district in Himachal Pradesh where you can spot this beautiful village of Bir Billing. Moreover, you can visit a couple of monasteries that distinctly mark this place with all its peculiar characteristics.

Thus it also becomes a pilgrim center for tourists across the world. Buddhist pilgrims from the neighboring countries are mostly found in the location of this village. Come, let’s discover what is more exciting in the village of Bir Billing and its surroundings. 

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Sherab Ling Monastery

The full name of Sherab Ling Monastery is found as The Paplung Sherab Ling Monastery. In the village of Bir Billing, you need to travel to the Keori region to find out about this monastery and pay a visit. This monastery belongs to the category of Eastern Tibetan Buddhist centers.

Sherab Ling Monastery

Believers visit the monastery so that they can have the opportunity to learn the depths of the religion, comprehend some philosophy, and also indulge in some contemplative routines like meditation. Along with that the monastery also teaches various kinds of arts and culture that are peculiar to the tradition of the religion of Buddhism.

Remember that this monastery has got a total of two structures, one old and the other new. You can get confused with these two structures especially when the distance between them is not that differentiable. The translated meaning of the word Paplung is “glorious union of study and practice”. This is also known as one of the best places to visit in Bir Billing.

This itself shows the significance of the monastery in leading people to a path of joy and intellect through practices and training. You will also be able to find a school building, a college, and a university structure inside the campus of the monastery testifying to its all-inclusiveness in the field of education. 

Bir Landing Site

For all those nature lovers out there, the rustic landscape of the village of Bir Billing has got a lot to offer you on the vacation. Bir Landing Site is one among them and also the one preferred by tourists the most. Tourists mostly flock to the location of this point with the intention to indulge in the most mesmerizing sunsets in the village. There is also a story or reason behind the name of this place.

Bir Landing Site

The name “Bir Landing Site” is derived from the fact that the paraglider pilots soon after completing their flights, used to land in this particular location. And this was one of the officially recognized spots for the same purpose. Even if you are fond of paragliding or not, you will not be disappointed with a visit to this place.

Spending some time doing nothing in the spacious location of the place can be quite joyous and also relaxing. Moreover, you can watch the paragliders enjoying their thrilling time during the flight. We recommend you try the activity since this is one of the trademark tourism activities for which the village of Bir Billing is known. Make sure you hit the location during the evening hours of the day so that you won’t be disturbed by the scorching sun during your visit. 

Chokling Monastery

Second entry to the list of monasteries you can explore in the territory of Bir Billing. The location of this Chokling Monastery is seen in the surrounding areas of the Tibetan colony discussed above. When it comes to popularity or tourist preference, the monastery of Chokling assumes the prime position.

Chokling Monastery

The base color of the monastery is white and it is also adorned with a lot of other bright and vibrant colors making its appearance strike the eyes and hearts of every tourist visiting the location. The statue of the Buddhist figure, Padmasambhava is the other main attraction of this place.

This statue marks the grandeur and pride of the monastery from the rest that is located in the areas of Bir Billing. Apart from the religious significance of the monastery and its aesthetic qualities, this is also a location in Bir Billing where you can go just to enjoy the views of the magnificent village landscape of the place.

The mountain views and also the lush greens visible from certain points in the monastery are quite breathtaking. These visuals have the capacity to be cherished in the mind of a visitor forever. 

Dharmalaya Institute

Even though this Dharmalaya Institute is an educational institute for religious studies and the art of living, it is also quite famous in the tourism aspects. In order to visit the institute, you are required to take an appointment beforehand. So make sure you do the necessary arrangements before hitting the location. Also, try to plan your visit before 3 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on Sundays.

Dharmalaya Institute

The institute won’t be open for tourists beyond the time schedule. The accessibility to the location is quite easy. There is only a distance of 3km from the Bir Billing center to reach the destination of the monastery. This is an absolutely eco-friendly campus inside which you will feel all that satvic vibes in its full essence.

You will also get the chance to indulge in soul-liberating wholesome experiences such as organic farming and also village development. Moreover, you can also see people taking courses from the institute on lifestyle arts such as yoga and meditation. You can choose your packages while taking an appointment to visit the institute.

There are shorter and long-term packages available according to your time and convenience. If you are looking for something drastically transformational to your soul and body, we recommend you opt for a longer package in the location. 

Tashi Jong

Tashi Jong is another worthwhile destination in your Bir Billing trip. Palampur is the exact location of this Buddhist monastery. From Palampur, you will be required to travel a distance of 15km to reach the destination of Tashi Jong monastery. The surroundings of the monastery can be found in an extremely rustic setup.

Tashi Jong

The geographical location between Paprola and Taragarh also adds to the natural charm of the outlook of this monastery. The Buddhist tradition of Drugpa Kagyu is being followed and practiced inside the monastery. Dongyu Nyima is the Khamtrul Rinpoche VIII who initiated this school of tradition in the religion of Buddhism.

The main temple of this monastery is worth visiting with a kind of deep spiritual vibes embracing you all around. Moreover, the stupa structure of Dongyu Nyima is also quite attractive and impressive on the visit to this location. Yamantak Retreat Center is another attraction inside the monastery complex. Tashi Jong is also marked as one of the best places to visit in Bir Billing.

However, you won’t be able to enter the premises of this center being a casual tourist. The carvings and paintings that can be seen all over the monastery are also something that will be enchanting on your trip to the place. 

Baijnath Temple

Apart from the Buddhist pilgrim centers that can be found extensively in the location of Bir Billing, you can also consider visiting the Hindu pilgrim destinations having national prominence in the place. Baijnath temple is one among them. The construction of the temple can be seen in Nagara-style architecture.

Baijnath Temple

This temple is also located in the district of Kangra in the state of Himachal Pradesh. According to the historical evidence and records available, this temple is built in the year 1204, which is the early 13th century. Unlike most of the temples, palaces, and forts in the Indian subcontinent that can be found built either by royal family members or by colonial officers, this temple is built by two Indian merchants.

Ahuka and Manyuka are the names of those merchants to whom the construction credit of this temple belongs. The main deity worshipped inside the temple of Baijnath in Bir Billing is the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.

Vaidyanath is the incarnated variant of Lord Shiva that is being worshipped inside the temple. “Lord of Physicians” is the other name or address by which this incarnation is known among the devotees of Lord Shiva. Makar Sankranti and Maha Shivaratri are two of the most auspicious events celebrated inside the temple. 

Bir Tea Factory

Moving slightly away from the religious side of Bir Billing, you can explore something different here. The Bir Tea Factory is one among them. The agricultural splendidness of the place of Bir Billing is the most expressive in tea cultivation. This is because of the highly favorable climate, soil, and topography of the region for growing tea.

Bir Tea Factory

You can also see a lot of rural folks in the village of Bir Billing depending upon the estates and their authorities for their livelihood. Thus these tea estates are the economical nerve of the population of the place. Apart from the estates, there is also Bir Cooperative Tea Factory Ltd which opens unlimited employment opportunities to people belonging to different age groups alike.

Taking a stroll through the estates and the factory would be something refreshing and also insightful if you are curious to learn and understand the processes happening inside. There are also options for you to buy authentic and fresh tea leaves from the location of the tea gardens.

There are not any entry restrictions or time schedules for you to visit the gardens and the factory. However, it would be better if you can visit and enjoy the sights of the location during the morning hours of the day. 

Deer Park Institute

For that cultural rejuvenation in your trip to the territory of Bir Billing, you can definitely opt for this destination while planning your itinerary. If you have interests in activities such as meditation and yoga, training for the same would be available in the location.

Deer Park Institute

Moreover, there are also several experts and intellects in spirituality who can give training sessions in philosophy. You can also get to learn about the arts and culture peculiar to the place and also try your hands at some of them if you wish.

Buddhism is one of the major religious emphases you can find in the location of this Deer Park Institute. According to your convenience, you can plan the trip to this institute. If you are in a hurry, you can just come and visit the sights and experiences of this place. Otherwise, you can also enroll in workshops teaching healing arts and spirituality.

It was in the year 2006 that the incorporation of Deer Park Institute happened in the place. You can also see a bunch of foreigners spending their spiritual retreats in the location of the institute. Moreover, the institute also offers academic programs for the students enrolled. 

Chowgan Tea Gardens

The favorable climatic conditions and topography for tea cultivation have resulted in the establishment and flourishing of a lot of many tea gardens in the territory of Bir Billing. So the second on the list get named Chowgan Tea Gardens. This tea garden is located on the southern side of the Lower Bir area.

Chowgan Tea Gardens

This region is one of the locations in Bir Billing having a dense population. The variants of tea grown in the garden of Chowgan itself are the major attraction of the place. It would be quite an interesting thing to see if you are not yet aware of the process.

Moreover, the landscape and climate of these tea terraces are also quite impressive with often mists and cool breezes. You will feel more connected to nature and its vibrance from the location of the tea garden. There are a lot of local women in the estates engaged in the work of plucking the tea leaves.

If you are lucky enough, you can go and click a picture with the friendlier ones among them. The entire region of the tea gardens is quite picturesque to click photos of your Bir Billing vacation. So make sure you are utilizing the visit the most. 

Drukpa Kagyu Monastery

So, while wrapping up the entire list of major destinations you can consider visiting in your trip to Bir Billing, let’s do it with the prominent experience you will be availing in the vacation; the Buddhist pilgrimage. Drukpa Kagyu Monastery is the final one on the list but the best places to visit in Bir Billing.

Drukpa Kagyu Monastery

This location becomes inevitable since it is often considered a landmark place in the territory of Bir Billing. This monastery is also nearby the Palampur region of Bir Billing. The man behind the establishment of this monastery is also the 8th Khamtru Rinpoche.

The magnificence and elegance of the monastery are the other things making it stand out from the rest of the constructions in the Bir Billing region. You can see a lot of inscriptions and carvings in the surroundings of the monastery making it a marvel that is worthy of visiting.

Moreover, the stone sculptors of the monastery are also quite popular among international as well as domestic tourists visiting the location. Most of the art portrayed in the walls and surroundings of the monastery is taken from the legends and tales of Buddhism. 

Bets Time To Visit Bir Billing

March to June 

How To Reach Bir Billing?

Nearest airport: Gaggal Airport

Nearest railway station: Ahju Railway Station (AHJU)


The best north Indian destination to experience the thrill and fun of adventure activities, especially Paragliding. You can also be soaked with the spiritual vibes of Buddhism and the art of living from the monasteries and training institutes found plenty in the location.

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