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Places To Visit In Leh, Ladakh – The Moon Land!



Places To Visit In Leh

What are the best places to visit in Leh, Ladakh— this question is controversial as every inch of Leh is as attractive as heaven. The images and videos of Leh leave individuals spellbound with its beauty. But believe us, Leh is more attractive than what you have discovered on the internet.

Geographically Leh is gigantic in the area and it had hundreds of tourist places worth visiting. But here we shall tell you about the foremost tourist attractions that you should not miss visiting. From its high-altitude attractive lakes to the world’s greatest mountain passes to ancient monasteries, unique Leh culture, and landscapes, Leh has everything to propose to visitors from India and abroad. Be it motorbiking or trekking fanatics, culture and religion lovers, admirers of attractive landscapes, high altitude blue water lakes, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, or winding roads, Leh has everything for everyone.

Since it takes different weeks to explore both the Leh and Kargil districts of Ladakh, this post is for those tourists who have a restricted time duration in hand and want to know more about the best places to visit in Leh. We have covered all the top tourist destinations of Leh in this post. We have written as much probable detail about each destination.

We shall keep updating this post with new tourist places to visit in Leh as and when they are opened for tourists. New details about the tourist places to visit in Leh will also be updated frequently.

Table of Contents

Given Below Are The Foremost Tourist Places To Visit In Leh, Ladakh

Nubra Valley

One of the most attractive parts of the moonscapes of Ladakh, Nubra Valley is a deep-cut gorge generated by the mutual effects of Shyok and Nubra (Siachen) rivers. A high-altitude cold desert, Nubra Valley is essentially an extension of the Tibetan Plateau (Qing-Zang Plateau) that begins in China and ranges up to Ladakh.

Nubra Valley

This valley in the plateau splits the Ladakh Range from the Karakoram Range. But more than anything, Nubra Valley is the most attractive region in all of Ladakh. Home to wonders such as the Diskit Monastery, Samstanling Gompa, Hunder Sand Dunes, Yarab Tso Lake, and the villages of Turtuk and Panamik.

Located nearly 160 km from Leh, the capital of Ladakh, Nubra Valley is an inordinate lure to all those who come here. The gateway to the higher reaches of the country, particularly Siachen, Nubra Valley has an oasis of a town in the heart, Diskit, making an inordinate place to stop you and reflect on the beauty around you. 

Pangong Lake

Heaven, Peacetime, Stillness, and Tranquillity at one location? An untouched place in Ladakh noticeable by subtle to high peaks around, crystal blue waters, and the huge growth catches the eye so much, so long as magic is happening right in front of the eyes. Pangong Lake, also better known as Pangong Tso, lies serenely at a breathtaking advancement of 14,270 feet.

About Pangong Lake

Fascinatingly, the lake is 12 km long and marks itself between the laps of India and China. Slightly, 60% of the portion is stretching into the neighboring nation and this enthuses every traveler to be here.

This attractive landscape location improves its beauty with the arrival of migrating birds every year and fascinates many travelers in search of adventure, photographs, bird-watching, and chilling experiences.

Khardungla Pass

Khardungla Pass is a gateway that way which leads to the Nubra and Shyok valleys and is one of the best tourist places in Ladakh. While this might not be an emblematic tourist attraction in Leh Ladakh, it is certainly among the must-visit places to visit in and across Leh Ladakh for escapade junkies. Managed by the Border Roads Organization, Kardung-la Pass is the gateway to the north and one of the most problematic yet thrilling passes to ride on.

About Khardungla Pass

Khardung La pass is an accurate getaway for adventure fanatics, peace seekers, and mountain biking aficionados. An Inner Line Permit is demanded by the tourists to enter the pass and travel through it. Owing to heavy rains and snowfall, the Khardung La pass remains shut from October to May.

Magnetic Hill

About Magnetic Hill

It is one of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh. The science behind the phenomenon is unidentified but it has been witnessed that if you leave your vehicle at the base of the hill with the brakes unlocked, it will begin moving uphill unhurriedly on its own. Magic? Definitely not. It’s merely the superpowers you get when you reach this place. This makes it really imperative to be involved in your list of places in Leh Ladakh!

Royal Leh Palace

Marking its place in one of the most arresting places to visit in Leh Ladakh, The Royal Leh Palace showcases the magnificence of the era gone by. The picturesque location of the structure adds up to its beauty. It stands, supervising the Ladakhi town, Leh, and was constructed back during the 16th century.

About Royal Leh Palace

The Palace is as high as a nine-story building and the upper floors are engaged by the royal families while the lesser ones were the storerooms and had stables for the animals. While on the top, you can enjoy the all-around views of the rustic Zanskar valley which differs from the clear blue skies.

Such views are a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul and invigorate as well. If history fascinates you then this is the accurate place for you as here you can observe the Chinese paintings which are nearly 450 years old and more such loveliness of the previous days.

Drass Valley

Get sunk in the wilderness, and have a frightening experience trying to grip a breath in Drass Valley. Popularly well known as the “Gateway to Ladakh”, it tops in the list of places to visit in Leh where you cannot click a bad image. The coldest inhabited place in the country delivers you with an experience of powerfully beautiful, stimulating, numbing, and freezing winters. 

About Drass Valley

The blunt and raw beauty of the barren brown mountains leaves you overwhelmed. The rugged landscape induces you to stand a little longer and regard the astonishing sight on the banks of the Drass River. Relish the hot water springs, and be a part of this picturesque beauty dancing upon you.

Alchi Monastery

Situated in the Alchi Village of Ladakh, Alchi Monastery is a composite of Buddist temples of which Alchi Monastery is the oldest and most celebrated. Cemented on flat ground dissimilar to other monasteries in Ladakh, the traditional architecture of the monastery is a reclusive complex that has 3 separate temples, better known as Dukhang, Sumstek, and the Temple of Manjushri.

About Alchi Monastery

Apart from the historical and cultural aspects, Alchi Monastery is also a place for adventure lovers. Rafting is a prevalent choice among individuals who visit this monastery because it is close to the Zaskar River, which is an added benefit for the rafters. The foundation of monastery was laid down in the 10th century by Rinchen Zangpo, a well-known Tibetan scholar.

Tso Moriri Lake

A twin to the prevalent Pangong Tso Lake, Tso Moriri Lake is a lesser-known lake situated in the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary. Its place contributes to the picturesque beauty of this lake. Barren hills with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop make the sight merely breathtaking.

About Tso Moriri Lake

The characteristic of being a “lesser-known” makes this place less packed so you can be sure of having a place to yourself at the lake. The open sky at Tso Moriri Lake makes it an accurate place for stars staring at night. Moriri Tso, also better known as a ‘Mountain Lake’ was avowed as a wetland reserve.

Different kinds of species involving the Brahmin duck, bare-headed goose, brown-headed gull, and the great-crested grebe are found here, along with Himalayan Hares that exist in large numbers. The peaks that border this lake are so high that they closed off this place from the outer world.


Frequently a stopover for people traveling towards Leh from Srinagar, Kargil is a sightseer hotspot that’s small enough to be discovered by wayfaring. located close to the line of control, Kargil is also an unpredictable region. However, apart from its magnificent past, Kargil is conferred with natural beauty and adventure.

About Kargil

Kargil has a war memorial which is the major attraction of the region. It is the home to the well-known Nun Kun Peaks and has outstanding potential for mountaineering and trekking. Kargil rests on the banks of River Suru and also proposes unique opportunities for river rafting. 

Sangam Point

Sangam is the convergence of Indus and Zanskar Rivers in Ladakh. It is situated 35km from Leh in Nimmu, on the Leh Srinagar highway. The two rivers can be distinctly seen meeting at this point. While the Indus River seems as shiny blue, the Zanskar River seems muddy green. It is a remarkable site to observe.

About Sangam Point

The flow of the two rivers at Sangam varies according to the season. While the Zanskar River is swollen and rapid during summer, the Indus River is calmer. In winter, Zanskar slows down and nearly freezes while the flow of the Indus is even lesser. The Indus is one of the lengthiest rivers in Asia and originates in Tibet. Zanskar River is molded in the Zanskar Valley region.

Lamayuru Monastery

Well-known as Tharpa Ling, the Lamayuru monastery is not only the oldest but one of the major monasteries in Leh. The monastery is situated at an altitude of 3,510 m and is amongst the most tranquil and peaceful Leh tourist places. Home to over 50 monks, it is a well-known ancient Buddhist shrine and belongs to the Red Hat Sect of Buddhism.

About Lamayuru Monastery

Ornamented with attractive wall paintings, thangkas, ancient murals, scriptures, and sculptures of Buddha and several other deities, this place amuses visitors with its attractive architecture and spiritual charisma. A cave called Naropa’s Cave is also situated nearby, which is another center of magnetism. Its annual festival “Yuru Kabgyat”, “Mask Dance” and different rituals like “Burning of Effigies”, also fascinate tourists from around the world.  

Shanti Stupa

The Shanti Stupa in Leh is a wonderful white-domed Buddhist monument situated atop a steep hilltop at a dizzying height of 11,841 feet. It is a spiritual place for the Buddhists as it controls the relics of Buddha, sanctified by the 14th Dalai Lama. It is also prevalent amongst tourists as it proposes a sweeping view of Leh and the neighboring Changspa village.

About Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa looks exceptionally attractive during the full moon night when it is naturally illumined by the moonlight. Shanti Stupa is an accurate getaway for both- those looking to gain peace from proposing prayers to God and those waiting to be mesmerized by nature’s astounding beauty.

Shey Monastery

One of the well-known holy places to visit in Leh Ladakh, the Shey Monastery is an essential part of the Palace Complex. Constructed in the 17th century under the reign of Ladakh’s king Deldan Namgyal, it attracts Buddhism followers from across the globe. However, the monastery carries an enormous religious significance; it is also celebrated for being one of the most attractive places in Leh.

About Shey Monastery

An enormous copper sculpture of the gilded Shakyamuni Buddha is the monastery’s prime magnetism for being the second-largest statue in Ladakh. Also, different magnificent illustrations, paintings, and attractive art pieces adorn the place making it truly creative. If you are planning your Leh trip in July or August, don’t skip visiting this amazing place and being part of annual festivals such as Shey Doo Lhoo and Shey Rupla.

Diskit Gompa

Also, better known as Deskit/ Diskit Gompa, the Diskit Monastery is the oldest and major monastery in Nubra valley. It controls a robust bond with the Tibetan myth. This holy site is supposed to have been the very residence of an anti-Buddhist Mongolian demon. Although this evil being was killed at different times close to the monastery, it always came back thriving. It is said that Diskit Monastery houses the crumbled head and hand of this demon.

About Diskit Gompa

This monastery also houses a school that is run in teamwork with an NGO called “The Tibet support group”. The school delivers computer facilities and also teaches Tibetan children science in the English language. Diskit Monastery is well-known for its festival “Dosmoche”, translating into the festival of the Scapegoat. Masked monk recitals articulating the power of good over the wicked are a typical sight throughout this celebration. It is said that this dance form eliminates bad luck.

Best Time To Visit Leh

The best time to visit Ladakh by bike or cab is throughout the month of June. The months from mid-September to mid-October are considered to be the best season to celebrate the spectacular beauty of the landscape of Ladakh and Leh. The month of March is measured to be the best time to visit Ladakh for an escapade trip. 

While the months from April to mid-May remain the highest season for Ladakh tourism. Throughout the months from August to December, it gets quite dangerous and risky to visit Ladakh as monsoons and winter take a toll on Ladakh throughout these months. Hotel, flights, and food may get classy during the peak season in Ladakh. If you are thinking to visit here throughout these months, book your tickets in advance. 

How To Reach Leh? 

Leh is situated in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. It has an airport and is linked by road to foremost places such as Chandigarh and Srinagar. The highways are shut owing to snow for the foremost part of the year. This is how to reach Leh:

By Air

Leh is well-linked with other imperative places in India. Unvarying flights link Leh with Delhi, Jammu, and Srinagar. The checking is a bit severe at Leh airport a military airport. One can get a taxi from the airport to the destination.

By Train

Kalka is the adjacent railway station to Leh. Buses or taxis can be rented to reach Manali via Shimla. There are unvarying taxis and bus services from Manali to Leh.

By Road

Driving to Leh is considered an adventure. Bus and taxis are regularly accessible to plan a road trip to Leh. The road trip/driving to Leh by bus, taxi or motorcycle, bikes, Jeep, and SUV which dissimilar travelers drive on to, will be a lifetime audacious experience for the travelers.


I know that this list is not enough to elucidate the beauty of Ladakh. There are other different beautiful places to visit in Ladakh. The places we cited come in the list of top places to visit in Ladakh. We hope this will definitely assist you in planning a delightful vacation in Ladakh.  Ladakh is a place one should absolutely visit if one truly wants to know the meaning of attractiveness and adventure.

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