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Explore The Indo-china Border: Places Near Pangong Lake!



Explore The Indo-china Border Places Near Pangong Lake!

Pangong Lake is a lake near the Himalayas and close to the Indo-China border. This lake and its premises are full of top-rated tourist destinations and around the year people across the globe are seen visiting the place for recreational activities, honeymoons, family and friends trips, and many more.

Due to this active tourism, varieties of accommodation options are also available near the location making it a perfect spot to hang out and spend one of the best Himalayan vacations in India. Planning a vacation to this area without much knowledge about its political and topographical peculiarities is not recommended since it may put you in unwanted trouble on the trip. Below we have mentioned a few lists of Places to visit near Pangong Lake.

Hence we have tried our best to fetch you the most credible info and specifications about each destination and experience that are popular near the location of Pangong Lake. There are also vehicle restrictions in the area to assure the political safety of the locations.

If you are someone who is facing breathing difficulties make sure you are not getting into zones that lack proper oxygen supply. There are a lot of spots near the lake that faces such an issue. It is suggested to spend a minimum of two days in the location of Pangong Lake so that you will able to cover most of the destinations and experiences in the location. 

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Pangong lake 

Pangong Lake is a significant waterbody spread across the countries such as India and China. The calculated elevation of the lake is measured at 4350m. This elevation has also given it the title of “highest saltwater lake in the world”. Thus this lake of India and China is also quite famous in the global context. 160km is the length measurement of Pangong Lake. This spot can be marked as one of the best places to visit near Pangong Lake.

Pangong lake 

The mountain ranges seen in the backdrop of the lake provide the best visuals for anybody visiting its surroundings. The majority portions of the lake are found in the territory of China than in India. Even though the color of the water of the lake seems to be blue and fresh, it’s quite salty and filled with unsafe minerals and salts.

Hence it is not recommended to taste the water of the lake. The geographical positioning of the lake is in a highly politically sensitive area so if you would like to visit the lake, you must take prior permission from the concerned authorities for the same.

If you are visiting the lake during the winter months of the year, you can see the water of the lake in a completely frozen form offering you the visual of an absolute Himalayan marvel.

Spangmik Village

You can spot this village on the southern shores of Pangong Lake. Lukung and Man are the nearby settlements of the village. If you are traveling to visit Pangong Lake, you can easily get into the location of the village. You don’t need to take separate permission to travel to the village.

Spangmik Village

This village is a bordering area between the countries of India and China. From Leh, you need to travel a total of 156km to reach the location of this village. Chang Chenmo mountains are the other topographical peculiarity making the village a remote gem in the surroundings of the Pangong Lake. Inside the territory of the village, you will be able to see an army check post. This is to restrict the entry of civilians to the border areas.

Even if the climate is not favorable during the winter months of the year, you can access the location of the village through the pass of Chang La. So that irrespective of the weather, this village will remain accessible around the year. A night stay in the Spangmik village is one of the most recommended activities that will fill you with moods of pleasure and refreshment. 

Khardung La Pass

One of the popular tourist destinations near Pangong Lake in particular and North India in general. This magnificent mountain pass is located in Ladakh, one of the Union Territories of India. You can spot this pass in the Ladakh Range area precisely to the north of the Leh region. The Khardung La Pass also connects the valleys such as Shyok River Valley and Indus River Valley.

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You can also access the valley of Nubra through this pass. For tourists who would like to visit the legendary Siachen Glacier on their trip, the Khardung La Pass would be a great convenience. The average elevation of this pass is measured to be 5359m. There is no motorable pass in the world with a higher elevation than the Khardung La Pass.

Thus this pass is also significant in such an international context. Tourists extensively click pictures from this location on their trip to the Leh and Ladakh regions since there are a lot of picturesque spots found on this route. If you would like to explore the distinctive experience of the pass, try to reach the destination before the late evening hours since the pass will remain closed after 5 PM. 

Thiksey Monastery

Proximity with China and the visible expressions of the Chinese culture make the surroundings of Pangong Lake a perfect destination for Buddhist pilgrimages. Thikse Gompa is the other name attributed to the monastery on account of its Tibetan style and designs. The Thiskey Monastery belongs to the Buddhist sect of Gelug.

  • Thiksey Monastery
  • Thiksey Monastery

The monastery is positioned on a hilltop adding much visual beauty to it. You need to travel a total of 19 km from Leh in order to reach the location of the monastery. When it comes to the entire Buddhist monasteries in the Central Ladakh region, this monastery is the largest.

The statue of Maitreya Buddha is also quite famous for the monastery. The elevation of this statue is calculated to be 49 feet tall. The lotus position of this Maitreya Buddha is also something that is admired and appreciated by the tourists visiting the location.

This statue is also regarded as a commemoration of the 14th Dalai Lama who visited the Thiksey Monastery in the year 1970. Accommodation facilities are also available in the Thiksey Monastery helping you get the opportunity to get close to the lifestyle and traditions of Buddhism. 

Hemis Monastery 

Another Buddhist monastery is found in the Himalayan region. Sengge Namgyal is the founding figure behind the establishment of this monastery. It is also situated in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. When it comes to the monasteries in India, the Hemis monastery is one of the most popular ones hence visiting the monastery on your trip to the Pangong Lake would be absolutely worthwhile.

Hemis Monastery 

The splendidness of the Hemis monastery is also much talked about. So even if you are not that fond of religion and the faiths associated, you can visit the location just to feel that awe in its construction and amenities. If you have that curiosity to learn more about the religion, and the history associated and to explore the artifacts, you can also visit the museum that functions as a part of the monastery.

If you have your kids along with you on the visit, this would be a much more knowledgeable trip since they will get a chance to see and understand a lot many fresh things and facts. Unfortunately, if you are looking forward to clicking your photographs during the visit or recording the pictures of the artifacts, you will not be able to do that since there are restrictions for photography in the place. 

Chang-Chenmo Mountain Range

This high-altitude mountain range near Pangong lake is situated at an elevation of 6536m. The Chang Chenmo Mountain range is located at the eastern end of this subrange. You can also see the Lanak Pass near it. This range is under the Chinese administration even though it belongs to the Kashmir region.

Chang-Chenmo Mountain Range

There are a total of 3 glaciers in the region making it a must-visit on your trip to the Pangong Lake region. This mountain range and its surroundings are areas of high political sensitivity. The disputes between the two countries viz. India and China over the border are still active and so not many civilian activities are promoted in this region.

This place has also got some political and historical significance even during colonial times. The valleys of the Chang Chenmo mountain ranges were the place where British officials engaged in hunting and other recreational activities.

If you are interested in wildlife, biodiversity, and vegetation that are expressive of the trans-Himalayan landscapes, you can also consider visiting the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary located nearby the Chang Chenmo Mountain Ranges. 

Enjoy The Sight Of Migratory Birds

Ladakh is a region in the Himalayas where we can find an unlimited variety of bird populations. From different studies and research carried out by Ornithologists and biodiversity enthusiasts a total of 225 bird species have been found from the location to date. Now there are a lot of digital facilities to record the count of bird species, particularly the migratory ones that flock to the region during the seasonal months of the year.

Enjoy The Sight Of Migratory Birds

Robins, Finches, and Redstarts are the popular categories that can be seen in the location. Their vibrance in colors as well as in their characteristics are absolutely awesome and would let you indulge in the visuals especially if you are close to nature and its behaviors.

According to your time of visits, you will be able to spot different varieties of migratory birds in the area. The surroundings of Pangong lake are perfect for the local and migratory birds to feed and breed upon. Brahimini Ducks are one of the most reputed bird species of the region during the summer months of the year. The wetlands and marshes found in various locations of the lake are also ideal for different varieties of migratory birds to find an appropriate habitat for their vacation. 

Army Cafeteria At Chang La Pass

When you venture out to go on for such adventures, particularly in high altitude places like the Pangong Lake, the food and drinks options would be relatively the least. So the only options available would be carrying some food and drinks along with you or getting satisfied with the minimal stalls and food outlets available around.

Army Cafeteria At Chang La Pass

But the Army Cafeteria at the Chang La Pass is one such location that exceeds your expectations and takes it to the next level. Apart from offering some cups of delicious hot tea and snacks, the location of the Army Cafeteria at the Chang La Pass location is quite a descent viewpoint where you can enjoy a couple of spectacular views.

The accessibility to the location is also decent with motorable roads. With snow on both sides of the road, the chilling weather, and some breathtaking views, the cafeteria offers the chance to sip your cup of hot tea.

This would be one of the most orgasmic feelings you will get from the trip to Pangong Lake and its surroundings. You can also visit the temple nearby the cafeteria if some spiritual vibes could add more delight and satisfaction to your trip. 

Spot The Rare Marmots

Pangong Tourism is also about spotting the rare Himalayan Marmots near the surroundings of the lake. Marmots are large squirrel species and the Himalayan Marmots are quite rarer among them. Unfortunately, these exotic species are now facing threats of extinction in the region.

Spot The Rare Marmots

Moreover, some tourists are also seen killing these innocent species just to have some fun during the vacation. We suggest you not engage in such kind of cruel activities on your trip. Observing their cute little motions and behaviors is just awesome and delightful.

If you are particular about seeing them and if you couldn’t spot them from the lake premises, you can visit the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary where they will be seen preserved. The Himalayan Marmots are also special since they have got the title of the “longest hibernating mammal in the world”.

Even if you do not harm these animals by any form of physical assault, feeding them with snacks like biscuits and nuts is also harmful as per the wildlife laws and norms. Hence the best thing to do to these innocent animals is just to watch them, indulge in their cuteness, and just move on. Marmots are usually seen living inside burrows. But the specialty of these Himalayan Marmots is that they live out of the burrows and love wandering freely among tourists. 

Ice Hockey And Skating 

Ice Hockey and Skating are two of the most-loved activities in the region of Pangong Lake. Both of these activities are perfect to do during the winter months of the year. During these months, the water of the lake will be in a frozen form and you can literally walk through the lake without drowning.

Ice Hockey And Skating 

Such a landscape provides the best setting to do ice hockey and skating in the lake. The dark blue-colored saltwater of the Pangong lake makes the experience much more picturesque and charismatic in every sense. So all you will get from the experience of skating and ice hockey in the location would be an aesthetic integration of nature and adventure at the same place.

Moreover, doing ice hockey and skating at an elevation of 14,270 feet is perfect to fill you with all the forceful flush of adrenaline. The clouds and the reflections of the same in the frozen water would be one of the wonderful experiences you can have from the locations of the lake. The safety measures taken by the agencies providing the ice hockey and skating services are guaranteed however, make sure you are experienced and secured enough before venturing out for the activities. 

Best Time To Visit Pangong Lake


How To Reach Pangong Lake?

Nearest airport: Srinagar International Airport

Nearest railway station: Kalka Railway Station (KLK)


An absolute paradise for hill station lovers with high-altitude lake passes, and so on. Buddhist pilgrimages, adventure activities, and nature indulgence are also possible in the location. 

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