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Palakkad: Explore The Land Of Palms And Paddy Fields!



Palakkad Explore The Land Of Palms And Paddy Fields!

Palakkad is primarily an agricultural city located in the southern state of Kerala in India. It is located in the district of the same name in the state. In the former days, this place is known by the name of Palghat. The city had been into recurrent battles and fights during the 18th century so it can also be regarded as a city of brave.

The Kalpathy river flowing through the city of Palakkad is considered sacred and the village that is formed nearby has got a lot of religious and spiritual regard concerning Hinduism. The Viswanatha Swamy Temple of Kalpathy is also quite popular in this aspect.

Moreover, this district is known as the “rice bowl” of the state of Kerala on account of its abundance in rice production and agriculture. The Malampuzha Dam found in the city is something that attracts a lot of tourists to the place around the year. You can also find a fort in the place having certain historical significance around.

The proximity to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu can also be seen in the mixed cultures expressive mostly in the border region. Some of the tourism-significant places to visit in Palakkad are listed below. 

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Malampuzha Dam And Garden

Malampuzha dam and garden are located in the portions of the Western Ghats region of Palakkad. Considering the regions of South India, this is the only garden that can be labeled as “rock-cut”. The ropeway is the other major tourist attraction found in the area.

  • Malampuzha Dam And Garden
  • Malampuzha Dam And Garden

People prefer getting into the ropeway to enjoy the scenic visuals from a mesmerizing aerial angle. This ropeway would enable you to enjoy the sights of the dam and the gardens in the best and most relaxed way possible. It will take you through the gardens, lake, and aquarium side of the dam.

Malampuzha is one of the most preferred tourist places to visit in Palakkad. Families are the major category of tourists found in the location. You can also have some light food and drinks from the outlets set up nearby. There is also a children’s park inside the garden area. 

Silent Valley National Park

This is also another tourist destination in the city of Palakkad with credits to the rich Western Ghats region. It is one of the best places to visit in Palakkad where you must go if you are a nature or biodiversity enthusiast. The wildlife you can see here will testify to the richness of biodiversity in the state of Kerala provided by the presence of the Western Ghats.

Silent Valley National Park

There are a lot of species in this National Park that are on the verge of extinction. Thus it also becomes a biodiversity hotspot under special protection. It is one of the richest rain forests that can be seen in the state of Kerala as still surviving. A lot of controversies, both political and environmental have taken place concerning this beautiful location.

The people of the city and all over India have fought to protect this forest from the proposed developmental activities of the government. The declaration of this forest as a National Park happened in the year 1984. However, the formal inauguration was done in 1985. 

Kollengode Palace

This palace will help you understand the royal past and culture that was prevalent in the city of Palakkad before or after colonial times. You can reach the location of the palace by traveling a distance of 26km from the Palakkad Railway Station. Kollengode Rajas was the royal family who was in the authority of the palace.

Kollengode Palace

A visit to this palace may take you around 2-3 hours on average. The derivation of the name of this palace is quite interesting and often talked about among the tourists visiting the place, both national and international. The word “Kollen” when translated to English refers to the community of blacksmiths.

This community was a prominent population in this particular area. Today, the palace is no more functional in its original aspects. However, active tourism is happening inside the palace since it now operates as a luxury hotel with the services of an Ayurvedic spa. Foreign tourists are quite obsessed with such treatments and they can be found in large numbers inside the palace. 

Kalpathy Temple

Kalpathy Temple is the above-mentioned temple attracting a lot of Hindu pilgrims to the location of Palakkad every year. This temple is situated on the banks of the river Kalpathy in Palakkad. The temple is also known by the name Sri Visalakshi Sametha Viswanatha Swamy Temple.

Kalpathy Temple

Kasi Viswanatha Swamy Temple and Kundukovil are the other names attributed to this landmark temple in the city. Kundukovil is the local address of the temple. Kalpathi Ratholsavam is one of the major attractions you can witness in this popular Hindu pilgrim destination.

This is an annual chariot festival conducted with great preparations in the temple. When considering the temple festivals in the entire state of Kerala, Kalpathy Ratholsavam achieves a prestigious position. The Hindu Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva are the main deities that are worshipped inside the temple.

The origin of the temple as per the opinions is shreds of evidence available get marked somewhere in the 15th century. This also throws light upon the ancientness of the temple. Lanes, which the Tamil Brahmins inhabit are also a cultural attraction you can find in the place. 


Attapadi is one of the controversial tribal Taluks that can be found in the entire state of Kerala. It is spread over a vast area of around 735 sq. km. As quite obvious, this Taluk has a majority landscape of inhabited forest region. Forest tribes are the major population found in this region.


Formerly, the Taluk of Attapadi was a part of the Taluk of Mannarkad in the district of Palakkad. Later on, to treat the people of Attapadi and also its resources with special care and attention, it was given a separate Taluk position in the year 2021. A lot of political controversies have been happening to surround the region concerning the welfare of the Adivasi tribes inhabiting the region.

This undernourished and less-privileged community is under the special supervision of the government so that they can advance the m to a better standard of living by providing them with free and better quality education, food, healthcare services, and a lot more. This is one of the locations in Palakkad that you should visit to realize the fortunes that you are being blessed with. 

Seethargundu Viewpoint

Another naturally mesmerizing places to visit in Palakkad. The presence of the Western Ghats in the region has made available a lot of scenic locations in this city.  And you can enjoy these visuals from a lot of destinations in the district. Seethargundu viewpoint is one such location in the city. This viewpoint is located on a cliff so viewing the scenery can also be a bit adventurous.

Seethargundu Viewpoint

Photographers are also seen in the location of this viewpoint in plenty. The surroundings are also blessed with the richness of nature with exotic biodiversity. You can also spot a lot of wild animals nearby the location. It is better not to interfere in their activities since it can be dangerous for both the animals and the tourists.

Apart from nature photographers, wildlife photographers are also seen in the location of this viewpoint waiting for such exotic wild animals to appear in their cameras. 

Pothundi Dam

This is another dam that you can visit on your trip to Palakkad. It is located in a village known by the same name in the city of Palakkad. It was in the 19th century that the dam got constructed in the village of Pothundi in Palakkad. Considering its year of establishment, it can be regarded as one of the oldest in entire India.

Pothundi Dam

The engineering of this dam is also often talked about and experts are still in their efforts to find out the secret tips behind its construction. The location of this dam is quite far away from the main city center of the district. There is a distance of 42km from Palakkad town to reach the destination of this dam.

The construction materials of the dam are found to be a mixture of jaggery and quick lime. The dam has got a total length of 1680m to it. It is a smaller one considering the dams of Malampuzha and Walayar found in the city. This dam is in route when you travel to the destination of Nelliyampathy from the main town of Palakkad. 

Nelliyampathy Hills

You can also have a relaxing hill station vacation in the district of Palakkad in the destination of Nelliyampathy Hills. It is a forest reserve that can be found in the city of Palakkad with a lot of exotic species and vegetation.

Nelliyampathy Hills

You will be required to travel through a lot of hairpin bends if you are planning to visit the location. So the journey to the location would be highly exciting and interesting with a lot of visuals and sceneries to see in between. On the western side of the Nelliyampathi Hills, you can spot Kesavan Para from where you can indulge in the visuals of the Western Ghats with all its beauty and pride.

The tea plantations of the area are also quite popular among the tourists visiting the location. This forest reserve is situated in a vast area of around The organic farming style of the region of Nelliyampathy and also its agricultural abundance of the crops like oranges are also quite popular. 

Dhoni Waterfalls

This was one of the off-beat destinations you can visit on your trip to Palakkad. But now its popularity is soaring and a relatively more tourist crowd can be found in the location. You can reach the destination of this waterfall from Palakkad town in just a distance of 12km.

Dhoni Waterfalls

The mountains covered with mist and also the forest landscape are something that makes the experience of the waterfalls region a rejuvenating one. The flora and fauna of the region are also quite beautiful attracting a lot of wildlife enthusiasts to the region. But remember to be cautious of the wild animals like elephants and tigers in the area.

If you are lucky enough, you may also see animals like deer wandering freely through the forest areas of the location. You can also go trekking if you are an adventure enthusiast visiting the location.

The trekking would be quite lively with the forest experience that is gonna accompany you throughout. Remember to get prior permission from the concerned authorities before venturing out for such treks. 

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Another destination in Palakkad for all the wildlife and biodiversity enthusiasts out there. This Tiger Reserve has also got the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in it. It is spread over a vast area of around 643.66 sq. km. Some parts of the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve can also be seen in the neighboring district of Thrissur.

  • Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
  • Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Moreover, you can also see the teak plantations in the sanctuary. This teak plantation has got a special feature that they are scientifically managed. If you wish to see the oldest and the tallest of the teak trees in the world, this is where you should come and visit.

As per recent calculations and records, there are a total of 28 tigers inhabiting the Tiger Reserve of Parambikulam. There is also a dam nearby the sanctuary known by the name, Parambikulam Dam. Kamarajar was the man behind the construction of this dam. Agricultural Irrigation was the major purpose behind the construction of the dam during that period. 

Palakkad Fort

This is one of the must-visit destinations and also a historically significant spot in the city of Palakkad. Accessibility to this destination is also quite easy since it is located in the city center itself. It was Sultan Hyder Ali who reconstructed the fort after he recaptured the fort in the year 1766 AD.

Palakkad Fort

This fort can be seen in its best condition and the authorities are also taking the greatest efforts to protect the fort in its best condition. There is also a lawn nearby the fort and this lawn is the stage for a lot of cultural and political events happening in the city of Palakkad. People visit the fort to be historically aware and enlightened and also to have a relaxing time inside.

Moreover, you can also visit the fort to click some of the most picturesque photographs of your Palakkad vacation. Tipu’s Fort is the other name by which the fort is popularly known among tourists. In the earlier days, Sultan Hyder Ali used this fort as his military base. Such facts also make the location quite worthwhile to visit. 

Mangalam Dam

The third one is the list of dams you can visit on your trip to Palakkad after the visits to the dams of Pothundi and Malampuzha. The dam is constructed across the main river of Mangalam flowing through the Palakkad district.

Mangalam Dam

The exact location of this dam comes in the river of Cherukunnappuzha, which is a tributary to the river of Mangalam. Just like the dam of Pothundi discussed above, this dam was also constructed for agriculture and irrigation of the region.

A canal system was also opened associated with the dam in the year 1966. This dam can be seen in the Taluk of Alathur in the district of Palakkad. The dam is situated amidst a lush green forest visiting a surreal experience for nature lovers and biodiversity enthusiasts out there. You can also get to see a lot of wild animals and organisms in the surroundings of the dam and river banks. 

Best Time To Visit Palakkad


How To Reach Palakkad?

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport

Nearest railway station: Palakkad Junction Railway Station (PGT)


A scenic getaway for your mind and body with history, name, spirituality, and wildlife accompanying you throughout. 

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